Mar 22nd, 2013

Wii U

Last week we told you several major European retailers slashed the price of the Wii U basic model to try and clear out some inventory. This week, it looks like Best Buy in North America is doing the same thing, as the price has dropped from $299 down to $249. This discount is only for the basic model, as the Deluxe is still priced at $350.

In addition to the price slash on the basic model, there are also a few games on sale, including:

  • Assassin’s Creed 3 – $39.99
  • CoD: Black Ops 2 – $39.99
  • Ninja Gaiden: Razor’s Edge – $29.99

This is a pretty good chance to jump on the basic model if you’re still not a Wii U owner, especially with games like Lego City: Undercover and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate released this month.

[via Best Buy]

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  • John Andalora

    This will be a great test for the Wii U.
    I wonder how many people will actually buy it if the price lowers. If more people buy it, there’s an interesting step forward. If not, there’s gotta be some other reason why people aren’t buying it.

    • People aren’t buying,because right now the only games being released are third party ports,(which are good for people like me,who haven’t played them) and there aren’t any good 1st party games other than Super Luigi Bros’,and Ninty Land.

      • Not to mention baby games!

        • gobrowniesgo

          What baby game? Name one! There are a few party games but they are for everyone. by your thinking Little big planet is a baby game.

          • Legos, Nintendoland, Pikman, Rayman, Super Mario, Sonic, Avengers, Epic Mickey, Scribblenauts, ESPN, Sing Party, Rabbids Land, Funky Barn, Your Shape and way too many more!

          • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

            You forgot all the “bug boy games” I guess. Assassins creed 3 & 4, FIFA, 2K, Call if Duty, ZombiU, Need for Speed, Tekken, WATCHDOGS IS COMING TO WIIU, people need to calm the fuck down

          • No I did not because the baby games far outnumber the big boy games. Besides, those are all ports, nothing original.

          • gobrowniesgo

            I can see kiddy but not baby games. but the ports you speak of are way better on the U. lf you don’t believe me go grab Blops 2 or ME3 and try em.

          • WiiUltra

            Maybe when you grow up you will realize that those “baby games” are just as fun or more fun than the “big boy games”.

          • I never wrote that they were not fun, but they are marketed towards people who cannot even get a job! Image is everything, and if you people want Nintendo to keep that image up, then fine, but that image is why the Wii U fails.

    • Elem187

      I don’t think its a price issue. its a software issue… UK Retailers have already slashed the price unofficially and it hasn’t stirred interest. its purely a software problem.

      • Software and awareness. Bad software does not make people aware and once they become aware, the games are so bad it won’t matter. As usual, Nintendo’s horrible titles outweigh and good.

  • Nows a good time to pick up a Wii U I guess.

    • Tecpedz94

      No not the basic set its not worth it the deluxe is better.

      • Fred

        not now. get the basic for $250 Best buy is also sell Nintendo Land for $30 that’s $280 for $70 you can get an external hard drive with much more than 32GB so you’re better off and you still only spent $350

        • Denvy

          Don’t forget the cradle charger that comes with the deluxe. Pretty handy and worth 20

          • Fred

            Yes I like mine too, but it’s $20 so if you consider that you can still buy more than 32GB external hard drive for $50.

        • Tecpedz94

          Ya well do as you like but there are bundle sets with the deluxe that come with two games for now the choice is Zombie U and soon Monster hunter which also comes with nintendo land and the Pro controller for only $40 more and also it comes with the extra stuff the WiiU deluxe originally had.

          • Fred

            Now I can argue the $250 basic over the $350 Deluxe, but I can’t argue against the bundles as they come with 2 games and a Pro Controller

          • Fred

            Especially since they come with a digital copy of Nintendo Land (I wish mine came with a digital copy of Nintendo Land heck I wish i could trade all my discs for digital copies)

          • Tecpedz94

            Ya but do as you like i mean if you dont like the bundle game or dont think you need a pro controller that go with the other one but i didnt buy a WiiU yet im waiting for a good bundle or more games to release.

    • gobrowniesgo

      Yes it is. If you get it now thats more games you’ll be able to get later..

      • DemonRoach

        Neither is worth it. I’m sure a better version with a real hard drive will come out this year.

        • gobrowniesgo

          lt can use an external HDD..up to 2 TB at least..

          • DemonRoach

            Na, if they want us to download, they need to include a hard drive.

          • soo… why are you here?

  • ahaaaaahah the beginning of the end. RIP wii u

    • Revolution5268

      dumbass when the ps3 drop its price was it end of ps3? no

      • The PS3 was a system that many WANTED, but it was way too costly. It’s price cuts brought it down to near normal.

        • People don’t want a Wii U ’cause they don’t know what it is yet. YET. At the end of 2013, let’s see what you’ll say…

          • If all they will bring are the games we expect, then nothing will change.

          • Dominic Coradazzi

            Clearly you don’t know what’s coming

          • Clearly I don’t. Please tell me. If it includes Zelda, Mario, Metroid or the usual, then don’t bother.

        • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

          You do not own a WiiU or else you would want it

  • nyjavi

    There’s no hype for this console right now. Nintendo needs to do something righttttttt noooooooow forget e3, they need games right now before is to late.

    • gobrowniesgo

      They are waiting for E3. And they will own it! There are games coming out before then just not the major ones..

      • How are they going to own it when we know what games they will talk about? MS will own it since they will talk about something we don’t know.

        • gobrowniesgo

          Zelda is the best franchise the industry has ever seen. and Nin is going to have a Playable demo. Also they will come fully loaded with announcements. MS n PS havta talk about thier systems more than games. Nintendo has it the other way around..

        • Neilandio

          Tell me where you got your cristal ball because I want one too…

  • Cerus98

    Wasn’t the Wii U way overpriced in Europe to begin with? So why all the article mentions over them “slashing” the price? My only gripe with Nintendo is the existence of the basic model at all. Why would anyone not realize that the deluxe is a FAR better deal with more space, more accessories and a game that automatically makes it a better deal all on its own for a mere $49 more?

    • Fred

      The basic is a better deal today. for $250 you the the basic they also have Nintendo Land on sale for $30 so $280. That’s a $70 difference and if it’s the 32GB you want I’m certain you can get an external hard drive with a lot more than 32GB for $70 so you’re even better off.

      • Fred

        If I didn’t already have a Deluxe I’d be going to best buy today to get a basic

      • Cerus98

        Since Best Buy is unofficially offering sale prices it really isn’t a valid argument against my original point. Several other retailers I checked are still selling the console and game at the original price. However it’s still a better deal to get the Deluxe even if shopping at BB. You’re forgetting the $19.99 cradle and stand which is a must have IMO and it doesn’t include the console feet to my knowledge either. Having extra storage built in also adds tremendous value. I’ve had countless HDDs fail over the years but never had a consoles storage medium fail – ever. External drives cost money too.

        To top it off – the Wii U uses flash memory which is faster and more reliable than a HDD. The Deluxe is STILL a better value.

        PS. My TV is black, my PS3, 360, A/V receiver, speakers and DVR are also all black. My Wii sticks out like a sore thumb but my Wii U blends right in. Reason enough right there to get the Deluxe model.

        • Fred

          It doesn’t matter if the flash storage is faster because an HDD is fast enough. How do I know? I have 8 games on my HDD (including NSMBU and NBA 2K13) and 4 on Wii U Discs and the HDD isn’t any slower and there’s no speed difference between the speed of loading on Wii U storage and HDD (I have had NSMBU on both)

    • bizzy gie

      I can’t believe you, as many Americans do, fall for that trick. It’s $49.99 or practically $50. When I see $whateverprice.99, I automatically round up ONE cent because that’s its true price especially with tax.

      • Cerus98

        Really? This is the point you choose to make? It’s actually $50 even but I was paraphrasing ya douchebag.

        Ps. Who said I was American? I certainly didn’t so why don’t you crawl back into that hole and piss off you racist piece of trash.

        • SilverDrake20

          American isn’t a race….

        • bizzy gie

          Whoa. Calm down. I’M American. I wasn’t trying to offend. I just noticed how many people round down 99¢ instead rounding up1¢. Just an observation. That’s all.

    • One word CHOICE. Google has two choices of chrome-book laptops, one made by Acer has a 4 hour battery life and boots up in less than 20 seconds and is about $199 dollars. The other chrome-book made by Samsung has about 7-8 hour battery life boots up in less than 10 seconds and is slightly better made and slightly faster than the cheaper model. Why anyone would not shell out $50 more dollars to get a better made faster version is beyond me. But having that option to choose makes it a little better for some.
      Do I think they should make just one model though? Yes, and they also should allow you to (if you buy the deluxe) be able to choose between black or white. Not that it really bothers me just would be cool to be able to choose

    • Gregory Edcius

      i payed 326 eu at launch for premium you do the math everything is too expensive here mine was still cheap the normal price was 350

    • Teem Four Tress Too

      Yeah, no matter what, who cares about the basic model? The Deluxe version is where its at. Why did nintendo even made the basic model? 8gb is just pointless.

      • Cerus98

        I’ve wondered that myself. I think multiple versions are silly to begin with but with so little price difference between the two when the deluxe is such a better value make no sense to me. Nintendo says the Wii U sells at a loss until one game is sold but I don’t recall them ever saying on which model. So is the deluxe underpriced or is the basic overpriced? I’d wager the deluxe is the one sold at a loss but who knows.

        Such a small internal storage amount in this day and age is odd even if you can use an external since that’s just another piece of hardware you have to buy and use. Non tech savvy people will have no clue what an external drive is or that you can even use one. There are more people who don’t even know how to turn a computer on let alone understand the real world differences in storage size. Everyone here understands it then some but we are the minority. Most people don’t even get on the Internet outside of checking email and social networking. They aren’t even aware that sites like this exist, their online world ends with yahoo and Facebook.

        Going with a two model system the basic should have had at least 25gigs and the deluxe at least 100. It would have widened the price gap and been a better indicator of cost vs features.

  • The Wii U is a done deal. This is a good lesson for Nintendo. Give the people what they want, not what you want!

    • Its not done yet but soon. Most likely after the new consoles come out. People will trade in their Wii u consoles, gamestop will get flooded with consoles they do not want because they cant sell, nintendo will continue to say that games are coming and be patient, A big fat mess.

      • gobrowniesgo

        Not even close to being done. Why can’t you grasp the fact that lf Nintendo goes all in early, they will not be able to compete. When E3 comes MS n PS will be Doomed! They won’t be able to compete with the 1st party Nin. games or the price of the console. Bottom line is Nin. has to compete.

        • I never saw anyone release a console a year early only to start promoting it when new systems of others come. It would be a sound strategy if the system were selling. Nintendo already went in early and failed. Nintendo’s usual and always expected in-house titles will not shock and amaze IF they come with the same old type of graphics we expect from Nintendo. They would have to do something totally different with an all-new look in order to change minds. They dug themselves a hole and now they are battling up hill.

          • You’re seeing it right now. Nintendo’s strategy is something like: a console for 2013, let’s “launch” it early in 2012, the fans will buy it and give us profit, and then on 2013 holidays, we’ll go strong on advertising and games.

          • Maybe, but if the graphics do not look beyond what the other two will bring, then Wii U is done.

          • gobrowniesgo

            you gotta remember that most Devs. don’t want to make that leap for just one console.

          • SilverDrake20

            Graphics don’t make a console, you must be 12 years old and not know what an SNES or Genesis is.

          • Graphics do make the console which is why the Wii U is not selling. You only hear Nintendo saying that graphics don’t make a console – not one else! Nintendo only started saying that when they were putting out the Wii with it’s Gamecube insides.

          • Joey Perez

            it actually happens every generation.. they announce its debut… then sell well for the holiday season.. then do nothing in promos until the next E3 and more games are available or developed. i dont know how old you are .. or how many systems you have seen come and go but if you pay attention im sure you would see this is the case, and again its no uphill battle the battle does not begin until the other two consoles release and nintendo starts to advertise and slash prices . who will win? probably Microsoft, but who will fail ? well if you consider any last gen consoles a failure it would be the one with the least sales right? nintendo was not that. ps3 was the fail last gen… in my eyes none failed all made money and all had their attributes and disadvantages … you seem to drink from a stream of hater aid sir… maybe though you are not being you unless you are cynical

      • SilverDrake20

        And if people trade them into Gamestop they’re complete tards because the TIV for a Wii U now is absolutely terrible.

    • gobrowniesgo

      Go buy or play one then you can talk all the shat you want. until then you have no clue what the U is all about..

      • DO you think that you will bully me into spending money on a Wii U to help sales? I am waiting on Xbox or PS4. If they come with a visibly improved GTA V – i’m all in! I have played a Wii U and it was nothing special…

        • gobrowniesgo

          No. all im saying is how can you bash something that you have no clue about. all you now is what is on paper. and it depends on what you played..

          • I did try it…

          • gobrowniesgo

            l know, l worded it wrong..thats what l meant with the first comment. and the last sentence was for your response..

    • Lazara the Last

      No, keep giving us what we need! And when we look at the games of the year lists, it’s clear that we do not know what we need. I’m not saying Cod and the other FPS games are bad, but it’s overflowing with them! If I want a gaming machine built of PC-parts, I’ll buy a PC, not a console that is going to be under powered in a few years.

      • OK, so why buy the Wii U if you did not want a console that will be under powered in ONE year?

        • [000]

          You missed the point. Even if that were the case, he said that power wasn’t something he was concerned about, and that if it was, he would game on PC.

          • That’s not what he wrote. He was saying that since the PS4 is full of PC parts, he could just a get a PC since the PS4 will be outdated or underpowered (except for the RAM of course) in a few years. MY point was then you are already behind the times buying the Wii U.

          • METHical reality

            You can find PS3 games on PC .. but you cannot find NINTENDO games on PC .. that’s the difference my dear friend that’s the difference

          • You CAN find Nintendo games on PC in the form of emulators!

          • METHical reality

            that’s called stealing .. i don’t steal 🙁 .. anyways one question my dear friend .. why are you treating video games as if its a religion? you like something others like something else not a big deal no one is going to hell for that ( i hope ) .. you don’t like wii u then don’t waste your precious time arguing against it do something more productive .. for example i don’t like iphones .. but i don’t go on an iphone website to argue with people and tell them how awful i think of iphones .. i leave them in peace and i respect them what they like and so should you do with the wii u .. learn to respect what others like or believe in .. later

        • WiiUltra

          Why buy PS4 if its going to be under powered in one year? If you are so obssessed with power why buy any console? If you hate Nintendo, why spend so much time on WiiUDaily? If Wii U is done why is it still here? If Nintendo is done why are they still here?

          • Michael Jurado

            don’t worry ultra only newbs who can’t fix up their pc’s are in awe by the piece of shit that is ps4

        • Lazara the Last

          My point was that if you want something powerful, buy a PC. Consoles are supposed to give a gaming experience you can’t get on a PC, otherwise there would be no reason buying them.

          • You changed your point. Wii U is a done deal.

          • Michael Jurado

            my pc runs circles around the ps4 so i’m not even touching that system just like i didnt touch ps3 I agree with lazara the last although my pc out performs my wii u by miles it still cant do what the wii u can do so yeah a true gamer would get the wii u and not sony’s crap 😛

          • My PC is very powerful as well, but I like consoles because I hate having to install games and have to reinstall them when I have to reformat my drive. The Wii U offers NOTHING new or different. It is not a good companion to a PC.

  • The least nintendo could do is give us a nice library of virtual console gamea. All we are getting is cheap monthly nes titles. Granted, they are only 30 cents but they are just little nes arcade titles. Nothing to keep wii u owners busy at all.

  • Javy G

    Old news, Target, has been selling both Basic and Deluxe with a $50 dollar gift card since last month. Which is a better deal because they also had dropped some the prices for their games also at a buy 2 get the third game FREE deal. With a target discount from a friend, I bought the Deluxe with 3 games (which is 4 in total Nintendo Land included) at a price of $415. If you did your math right that’s $530 value.

    • gobrowniesgo

      True, but don’t forget thats for all games on any platform. not sure about the gift cards with other systems..

  • DemonRoach

    I really hope us early adopters get a program or something like the 3ds owners did.

    • gobrowniesgo

      Deluxe owners get 10% back on E-shop purchases

      • DemonRoach


        • gobrowniesgo

          and other stuff through Club Nintendo

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    Only the people who don’t own a WiiU shit on it. If you own onei guarantee you that you love the system.

    • You can love the system, but when no games (good ones) are coming, what have you spent your money on?

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Lego City is out, the game drought is at end so where are the ads to show people that this is a great product now with some great games?

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    I really don’t understand how selling 3million in 45 days is bad? So what sales have slowed down its not the holidays anymore people. Wanna compare numbers in the first year when PS3 and XBOX CAME OUT?

  • Gilbert Nicks

    I greatly enjoy the Wii-U… I do see some issue with the sales… but just have to give it time… allot of people in here seem to want to argue with each other over what is out now… or what will soon come out… But what you have to understand…. not everyone is going to be happy with any game line up… Heck if Nintendo got a exclusive on a WHOLE new IP with lets say Epic games or some other company… all that will happen is the same with bayanetta… they will be unhappy cause Nintendo is hogging it or what other BS people can throw out…. Nintendo has a issue yes… but it has nothing to do with Advertising… it has everything to do with their current image… everyone still sees them as a childs console… they forgot Nintendo didnt always release Kiddy/ E for everyone games…. but lets face it… E for Everyone sells better cause it reaches a bigger Demographic and it stuck with them… so just give them time… they have more T and M rated games than before i guess… and sure some are ports or being ported now to the other consoles… but who cares…. its a matter of performance.. and only time will tell how it will do…. (sadly most consumers dont care about that)

  • rysthof

    That sucks my buddy just bout the black one at bb yesterday.

  • InterTreble

    No more reasons not to have a Wii U. The rest is just cheeting…

  • Steve

    Nice. But I want the deluxe. The deluxe, plus 2 free games, for $300 is totally worth it for me. Please have this type of sale… Pleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee!

  • Cadrion

    Just for the record, my Wii U still hasn’t gotten any sort of red ring of death or any other hardware failure. Oh, and my gf’s Super Nintendo is still going strong. Just sayin.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Wait. it’s for this weekend?
    as in March 22 & 23?
    *runs off to Best Buy to blindly throw money at people*