The Wii U Balance Board is an accessory to the Wii U console. The Balance Board is the same as the one used for the original Wii. So far only one game supports the accessory: Wii Fit U. The Wii U Balance Board is sold separately and usually retails for about $100, although third party Balance Boards can be found for half the price.

Wii U Balance Board features

Wii U balance board
The Wii U Balance Board resembles a common personal weight scale, and the person is expected to stand on the board while playing the game and performing exercises. The board features several pressure sensors and can detect whether a person stands on one or two legs, whether the person leans in any direction, etc. The board can also perform very accurate weight measurements and track players’ weight and data over a period of time. The Wii U Balance Board can be used with other Wii U Accessories, including the tablet controller and the Wiimote.

Players can both stand and sit on the Wii U Balance Board during play. For example, a Wii Fit U mini game features the player sitting on the board pretending to be in a bob sled. While the Wii U Balance Board is so far only compatible with Nintendo’s own Wii Fit game, third party developers are free to take advantage of the accessory and create their own games.

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  • God

    This is awesome so I can stay fit

  • Alejandro

    can I play wii fit plus on the wii U with the balance board ? because the article says that only wii fit U supports the balance board

  • Dave Harrop

    wii fit won’t run on my wii u. I only get cant read disc error.