Jun 17th, 2012

Reggie Zombie Wii UThe Wii U was relatively successful at E3, with two dozen games showcased, and some new features revealed. But that’s just the “tip of the iceberg”, as Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime put it in an interview with The Globe And Mail. Reggie says that at E3 2012, “we wanted consumers and media to understand that what we’re showing at E3 is just the tip of the iceberg” adding, “We’re just beginning a steady stream of information about Wii U”.

Nintendo is rumored to be unveiling many more Wii U features over the coming months, not to mention the launch date and Wii U price as well. Instead of unveiling everything at E3, Nintendo has apparently chosen to spread out the news over the next few months, in order to maximize media coverage. We can certainly understand that, not to mention that Nintendo needs to keep its card close to its chest, as both Microsoft and Sony are always paying attention. Recently, they both announced competing technology to the Wii U GamePad after Nintendo first unveiled the tablet controller at E3 2011. It only took the competition one year to copy the Wii U technology this time, according to Nintendo.

Reggie also mentions in the interview that Nintendo is still working on how to market and promote the Wii U, and understands that the console with its innovative controller poses a challenge. He also doesn’t like the notion that Nintendo lost some of the hardcore audience with the Wii, saying there are plenty of hardcore Wii players and that Nintendo didn’t have the benefit of having big third party titles available, games like Skyrim and the best Call of Duty games. The Wii U however, is looking to change that, with Assassin’s Creed 3, ZombiU, Mass Effect 3, and other core titles coming to the console.

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  • Paul

    Bethesda needs to re-release Skyrim on the Wii U!

    • thomas

      No. Bethesda needs to release the next Elder Scrolls game on Wii U along side PS4 and Xbox 720. Nintendo really needs to make sure that this new system can handle the true, next-gen games. Otherwise, we are going to be left with yet another Nintendo system bereft of high-quailty third party games ala Mass Effect and Final Fantasy.

      Sorry Nintendo, I’ve supported you faithfully for about 20 years now, but I am not going to let another generation go by where I miss out on some truly groundbreaking games. I just don’t feel like wasting money on two systems anymore.

      • Poncho

        Wii U mad bro? And what are you talking about, ME3 is coming to the Wii U. I, for one, would loved Skyrim on the Wii U. It would make switching weapons a hell of a lot less of a burden. Hopefully if they do, it’ll have Dawngaurd.

        • thomas

          What I mean is it would be nice if the next iteration of said games came out on the Wii U alongside of the other systems. Nobody here can argue that Nintendo hasn’t had the best of the third party games since the days of the SNES, right? There have been some good ones, but the best of the best always ends up on the competition. I don’t want Mass Effect 3 and Arkham City a year and a half after they were released. I want the new, cutting edge games that the other systems are getting.

      • asofjlasj

        im beginning to think nintendo think about innovation and money more than they think about specs and full filling hardcore gamer needs in games…ill buy the wii u then i will sell it on craigslist after the xbox 720 or ps4 comes out with better graphics.

  • JC

    Reggie, you know what?, My body is ready for the wii u!!! Bring it on reggienator!!!

  • Hafid

    This is a great news !!!
    Nintendo’s Come back Will be good …
    We didnt see any game Like Zelda or Mario !
    I cant imagine What it Will be …

    • Wii Who

      Umm.. It showed Mario at E3…

      Anyways that fact aside. I really can’t wait to see what else Nintendo has instore for us. I’m already getting the Wii U and excited by several games.

      I just “Hope” to these games come to the Wii U some time in the future.
      Borderlands 2
      Watch Dogs

      Not to mention they are supporting micro-transactions so who knows what Free to Play games we may end up seeing on the Wii U?
      Guild Wars 2 (Maybe?)
      not to mention many more F2P games out there that may come to the wii u. It’s a plus for those who can’t afford games as much as others, so they can enjoy them.

      EA should be mentioning 2 more Wii U games coming up. (just hope they’re not sports games) I’ll stop here for now. Though I could keep going on about how great the Wii U will be.

  • Mrpaquito_95

    Do not forget in the competition that not only microsoft and sony copied the idea, although i’m not really sure, apple did as well with the airplay from ipod/ipad to TV.

    • markw1982

      Airplay has been out for a few years so if anything others copied apples idea

      • Ravyu

        Its not been there before 2008, when the console idea was made, so leave Nintendo out of this

  • Alienfish

    I’m just glad that the months to come won’t be cold and dry as far as information goes. I’ve got to have something to do while I wait for WiiU.

  • chupa-chup

    I am glad that Reggie is going to slowly release information to keep people excited and to keep the Wii U in the press. Sounds like a winning strategy, and it will also prevent Sony and MS from copying more ideas.

    • Wii Who

      Oh no, MS and Sony will still copy the Nintendo. It’ll just take them a bit more time to do it.

      • Chupa chup

        That’s what I meant. 😀

  • Pretzels

    Thanks for picking up the tab Nintendo. I was scared there for a little bit. Let us know next time gosh!

  • SuperMonkeyBallforWiiU

    I just love the fact that for the years to come I can play nintendo franchises and
    third party games on the same system!

  • SanPharaoh

    The mass media has confirmed that the Wii U will be able to smoothly run games that use the: CryEngine 3, Frostbite 2, and the Unreal Engine 3…And the mass media has also confirmed that the Wii U will be able to run these engines better the PS360 with a higher frame rate. This sure sounded like good news to me and didn’t leave much room for doubt for the new console.

    Lo and behold “the haters” just had to try and rain on Nintendo’s parade with: “But can it run Frostbite 3, and CryEngine 4, and Unreal Engine 4 like the PS4, and XBOX 720 will undoubtedly be able to do?…that’s why the Wii U will fail, because engines that aren’t even available to developers and systems that have no specs available or even the slightest mention of a release date in sight will be even more powerful…watch”‘

    I can’t help but wonder what it is these people are trying to accomplish with statements like these. Are they Sony/Microsoft fanboys, shareholders, and or employees trying to instill doubt in the market to keep their monopoly on the publishers and developers, or perhaps Nintendo enthusiasts who are trolling to get more info out of Nintendo and their fans.

    The Wii U’s launch date is right around the corner. Reggie Fils-Aime said we only got “the tip of the iceberg” at this years E3, which can only mean…and I’m sort of speculating, that we are about to embark on one of Nintendos most epic console adventures. We might see the return of Majora’s Mask, Killer Instinct, F-Zero, Smash Bros., Baiten Katos, and hundreds of other epic titles.

    Also most of these fanboys forget that it was the NES that brought most of these games to the masses to begin with…Metal Gear, and Ninja Gaiden come to mind, and I’m sure there’s a ton more, but whatever.

    All I can do to keep calm while waiting for the Wii U is read these articles and write a few words. I believe Nintendo is going to hit a home run with the Wii U and the “hardcore gamer” and the casual alike will be thrilled with what next gen system can do.

    • SuperMonkeyBallforWiiU

      Very Very well said! The gaming industry needs more people like you.

    • Daemonrunner

      I love the term “hardcore gamer” and how it’s always tied to games that are either shooters or action titles and only play with a “standard” controller.

      I consider myself a “hardcore gamer” because I like to play all games no matter what genre or controller format.

      Isn’t someone who just loves to play games considered “hardcore”?

      Can’t wait for Wii U!

      • Britton

        I agree. I think sometimes people say “hardcore”, refering to ones who spend countless hours with a headset on, playing bloody violent games in their moms basement. In my opinion a true gamer has a larger library of games and will have no problem trying something new.

        • TheMaddMan

          A hardcore game is something that sufficiantly engages you and challenges your skills. In that classification, Zelda and Metroid would be considered hardcore.

  • Shankovich

    ^The new xbox being rumored around 300$ WITH a new kinect, and it’s confirmed to run Unreal 4?? If this rumor is pretty true, then the Wii U will have NO problem at all running it as well (considering the cost that’ll go into a new Kinect). Uhhh, I’d love to reply in a large post but I’m so tired right now lol. I really think (staying in-line with SanPharaoh) that Nintendo really just needs to focus on bringing back the franchises that haven’t shown up since GameCube…dare I say it, maybe even a Donkey Kong 64 rebirth, though I don’t think the world is ready for the epicness (Retro did Donkey Kong Returns…maybe they’re doing another O.o (I’m sure it’s Star Fox though)).

    As per the E3 conference, I really hope so Reggie lol, because we didn’t really see too many new things imo (loved Pikmin 3 though, that made me pretty happy :D). I don’t want to be picky, just saying that there weren’t even that many updates to stuff we knew, and some things were just plain gone (no Zelda HD man?? Or even a Metroid HD with new hardware show off?).

    However, I’m still pumped, ready to vault over people to pre-order the Wii U, and ready to probably drop my 3rd year of university with all the games coming out in Winter that I won’t be able to avoid –__–

    • Daemonrunner

      I agree. E3 was a tad disappointing with regards to 1st party projects.

      I foresee great things coming from Retro Studios. They have done some pretty awesome stuff with Nintendo IP’s so far. I was never much of a Star Fox fan, but I am sure they would do an amazing job with the franchise for fans.

      Personally, I would rather see Retro working on another Metroid title. Despite many people criticizing Metroid going into the first-person realm (at first anyways), Retro did the whole thing justice – and would work very will with the Wii U Gamepad. Of course, I wouldn’t complain if they went 3rd person (without a Samus nervous breakdown).

  • AwayToHit

    My reggie is body!

  • Jerm1234

    I really want to see
    Battlefield 3
    Black ops 2
    gta 5
    must i go on?

    • loko

      non li vedrai mai… forse lego GTA 6 😀 hahahahaha console da bambini e famiglie. altro che hard core

    • TheMaddMan

      Battlefield 3 and Black Ops 2 are on the Wii U

  • Death

    Metroid and zelda. That is all.

  • Wii U Suporter

    They need to put Elder Scrolls Online on Wii U and go from there with the next Elder Scrolls game.