Aug 19th, 2012 publishUpdated   Aug 22nd, 2012, 6:32 pm

ZombiU is one of the most anticipated Wii U launch games — certainly the most anticipated third party launch game — and we have been getting more and more info about Ubisoft’s survival horror shooter lately. ZombiU was playable at GamesCom in Germany recently, and German site got a chance to play the game at the event. The gameplay video shows the ZombiU gameplay we’ve become familiar with, but it also shows what appears to be a hint of the Wii U notification system, possibly related to Miiverse. The two screen-caps below appear to be showing notifications from other players in-game. While the icon appears to look like a “trophy” on the first image, the second image clearly shows that it’s not — it’s a human head/placeholder for a user avatar. Check it out:

Wii U Notification

Wii U notification

Developers are free to include Miiverse in their games, and some of the features in Nintendo’s new social network include achievements (now called “Accomplishments“), a chat and messaging system, player profiles, a Twitter-like news feed, screenshots sharing, video chat, and more.

Source: YouTube (via GoNintendo)

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  • NoPUNintendo

    Now this is making me even more excited for the Wii U. I hope a lot of games are like this.

    • Pachter Jr.

      hi, Im sorry for all the things i said about nintendo. I was just jealous that all you guys were getting these great games and stuff. I shouldnt have been such a troll. sorry. i know that alot of you probably hate me and thats alright. i just want you to know i am going to get a wii u now and that nintendo is actually changing for the better. Long live Nintendo!!!

      • derp

        you could just change your name and nobody would know its you

      • Nintendude

        I have never, EVER seen a troll say this.

      • Grodus

        This is the truth for ALL nintendo trolls, ever, and most other trolls are also jealous. At least you proved it…

      • u mad bro

        Join us Pachter Jr. and together we will defeat the Sony Drones and X-bots bastards to rule the console wars. So ARE U IN?

        • CloudStrifeVII

          Actually, I like the competition between Nintendo and Sony because they are both awesome (but Nintendo is better, no contest). It’s Microsoft and Activision that need to die in gaming and we need to make sure Apple never comes into gaming.

        • BananaPwnz

          LONG LIVE NINTENDO!!!!

      • LazerK

        Not convinced.I’ve seen too many times before:trolls faking an apology then trolling again…

        • LaserK

          Sorry about my comment… I was just mad yesterday, my boyfriend dumped me. Just saying and I do apologize.

          • Non-Specific ActionFigure

            YOU’RE A GIRL?

      • ODB

        Pro troll is pro

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Rayman Legends is Wii U exclusive too which is why the Sony and Mircosoft fanboys are likely jealous.

  • Whoobin

    Looks like someone got infected.

  • Your Mom

    Cool now will there be mic compatible games?

    • Your Mom

      Off topic but who got a 3ds xl? Because it will fit well with the wii u. With both of them having the screens bigger then any Nintendo controller/handheld.

      • Shankovich

        I got one today it rocks! The pixels are noticeable which sucks but the huge screen makes up for it 😀

        • Your Mom

          Yeah so did I it’s freaking awesome especially with kid Icarus uprising!

        • TheBoldman67

          Yeah I know they should’ve included better specs in XL then normal. That way it could have a better resolution, meaning more pixels. (smaller pixels that make it clearer)

        • Christopher

          Don’t worry about the pixels because I’m sure they’ll soon optmise the games on the 3DS to work well with the new XL model

          • TheBoldman67

            I don’t have an XL, I have the standard 3DS, I just remember the same thing happened with the DSI. The DSI had screens that were a bit bigger than normal DS and it showed larger pixels and more blurry screens.

    • TheBoldman67

      There were on some on Wii, but only like a dozen. This time around with the Miiverse and large online service (much like a free Xbox Live) there sould be a LOT more voice chat compatable games. (perhaps even a party system that lets you talk to the others in your party no matter what game they’re playing)

    • IKNOW

      hey do you thinck the wii u will come with free hdmi cables!

      • Lazyboy88

        i think they have already confirmed that HDMI cables will be included when you buy the WiiU xD

    • AO1JMM

      There is a mic in the gamepad so I am very sure there will be support for it.

    • Mike

      Well, the Wii U gamepad has a built in mic that seems to even work across a living room. My guess is, yeah, there’ll be mic support.

  • Nintendude


  • Eric

    that screen shot don’t seem legit. the resolution in that game was not that terrible when i played it at Wii U experience Chicago. Also that looks more like a PS3 trophy window. This must have been an old beta screenshot used for this shenanigance.

    • Random

      To me, it doesn’t even look like a screenshot, it looks like someone just took a picture with a bad camera

      • D2K

        There have been a lot of inconsistencies with ZombiU footage. Some footage looks great, some of it look like high-end regular XBOX quality. I also was at the Wii U Experience in Chicago and ‘in-person’ ZombiU looks great.

        I cannot stress enough on how smooth the frame rate is on the game. There were a couple of collision-detection issues that need to be ironed out, but other than that the game looks like it is ready for prime time.

        • Eric

          were you there at 7?

          • D2K

            Yes I was. I was with the GameStop crowd. I forget what I was wearing, but I was the guy that won the first Wii Fit U trampoline challenge. Won a plush Toad!

    • godiazul

      its real its from the new nintendomination video on youtube…. I noticed them there

    • godiazul

      you can check it out if you want great quality and only vid I have found with direct audio

  • Nintyfan95

    Wii U is shaping up nicely.

  • sonic bandicoot the plumber

    Anyone else think the environment looks amazing? I mean the lighting, sharing and textures all look sharp and smooth to me. The character models may not be as polished but I’m digging the environment

    • sonic bandicoot the plumber


      Also the miiverse looks pretty solid as well hopefully its implemented into many games. This is a huge step forward for Nintendo’s online functionality

  • AO1JMM

    “a chat and messaging system, player profiles, a Twitter-like news feed, screenshots sharing, video chat, and more.”

    That all sounds awesome. Cannot wait to play on the WiiU

  • gPadWatcher

    Now THIS is that we truly love to see. Ubisoft have done a hellacious job in developing ZombiU. Not only the 1080p graphics and asymmetric game play kick ass, but adding an accomplishment award system, Miiverse, voice chat, and more. Thanks to the Nintendo Network, our bodies and ammunition will be ready for Ubisoft’s survival horror title on the Wii U.

  • PiionU

    More shit for a kiddii and dust people toy.

    • Charmander

      How this for kids may I ask?

      • Shadriczo

        Their are fan-boy gamer trolls among us, so keep your eyes open, cause now they know that the Wii U is getting popular now-a-days so they’ll do nothing but thumbs down comments to get attention.

    • Shadriczo


      W. Wonka: You Lose! Good Day sir!

    • AwayToHit

      Successful troll rating: 1/10

      • Grodus

        More like -5…

  • Come at me bro

    I’m about to pee my pants waiting for the wii u!!!!!

    • DR. spankalot

      then i suppose… i’m about to pee on your pants, waiting for the wii u as well

      • DR. spankalot

        this is great 😛 i feel that the wii u is bringin the fans together already, good work nintendo 😀

        • DR. spankalot

          no pun intended :3

          • AwayToHit

            why the fuck are you replying to yourself? o_O Not gonna lie, kind of creepy.

          • DR. spankalot

            you dont know the half of it ^^

  • DR. spankalot

    i want to ask you…. yes you, typing on this site to tell me what you think a wiiu pad is going to cost?

    • Sammie

      Around $50-$100. My guess would be $75 and up.

      • Bravyoura

        That sounds about right but your lucky hear in the UK I’d expect to pay at least £60 thats about $110 but I’m used to it this is the same company which expects you to buy a seperate power adapter (£7) for the 3DSXL.

    • Grodus

      Um.. $60-80. Yeah. $60-80.

  • Gamer

    This is slowly becoming my Wii U game of choice. Question, when we are playing these wonderful games with the 1/2 former Sony and xbox fans that are also buying the Wii U, what will the drones and xbots be doing? Playing COD mad that only ten of them remain to curse out each other?

    • XDLugia

      Most Sony and Microsoft fanboys won’t buy a Wii U before a true next gen game comes out (a game with 8th gen graphics).. The most people buying it at launch would be Nintendo fans and casuals

      • Gamer

        Hello Wii U Runs all eighth gen Engines, Unreal4, frostbite2 ( in it’s sleep ), AnvilNext, CryEngine3, Square-Enix Luminous and any other with no drag. Also the Wii U is standard 1080 P visuals, 60 frames per second. Let’s not try to sugar coat things. The Wii U is the third eighth gen console after the 3DS and PSVita. Sony and ms fans are buying it, it’s the drones and xbots that will buy the Wii U later, like February.

      • fedster

        i feel like the wii U sales will really spark once the ps4 and 720 come out. after people are disappointed after waiting for those consoles for so long, just for them to b some overpriced 20% better graphics machines(20% tops), they will c that the wii U is the aprropriate path

      • DonnyKD

        Pathetic troll is pathetic.

      • gPadWatcher

        That’s were you are completely wrong Loogie. Most people will be purchasing the Wii U in America and Japan this November and other countries the month after. You’ve failed to realize the Wii U title is rated M for Mature and the Wii U is also for hardcore gamers (as well as casuals). It’s not wise to use double standards and you know it.

        Get N or Get OUT!!!!!

      • ninjabake

        Doubt it. There are plenty of 360 and PS3 fans that are looking forward to getting one (myself included). LOL Lugia, you wonder why you always get thumbed down…you use your opinion as fact and you focus waaaaaay too much on the graphics and what others may think of the system. WHO CARES! If your having fun and enjoying the system chances are others with open minds will come over and try it and who knows they may like it, they may not its not that important. The Wii U is made for entertainment purposes, not a trophy possession that everyone HAS to like.

        I have friends that are Nintendo fans and don’t care for the Xbox 360 so they don’t wanna play it. They don’t hate it because its not Nintendo or because its graphics are better or anything of the sort. They don’t care for it because they don’t think their games are as fun and that’s their opinion. Do I get mad becuz they prefer wii over 360? No, because its not important lol

        If you’d worry more about what the system can offer and less about visuals, cosmetics, and what everyone else thinks of the system then you’d be able to enjoy it for all its worth.

        Social acceptance based on what vodeogames you play? Yeah that’s completely ridiculous, geeky, silly and childish.

      • olimar

        and to think your nickname is XDLugia…

      • 7Down

        Can you do anything else than complain about the graphics?

        • TheBoldman67

          Guys, guys, GUYS! He wasn’t bashing the Wii U he was just saying that Microsoft and Sony FANBOYS will not think the Wii U is next gen. After all, he said he was looking FORWARD to Wii U in another article.

      • Roy

        Ironic that you’re user name is XDLugia, even Lugia is a legendary Pokemon and Pokemon is from Nintendo/GameFreak.

        • Grodus

          Mabye he’s laghing at Lugia. You kow, XD?

  • AKA-Link77

    Thats OWSM but the quality or graphics (either 1,cant tell) seem a bit low on the Screen Shots… : /

    • nameucanthate

      thats because someone probably took them with a crappy camera

    • mtx123456

      These seem to be taken with a camera anyway, the first pic has the shadows of some people, the second one has the screen monitor edge visible.

    • gPadWatcher

      It’s because the quality of the video isn’t very good at all. The dude needs a higher quality camera than this clip on YT.

      • AKA-Link77

        oh okay….But DANG! wats with all the thumbs down… X {

  • Ledreppe

    They should change the words ‘most anticipated’ to ‘most over-hyped’, ’cause that’s what this game is. Anyway, I’m excited for this Miiverse feature, I’ve seen a similar in-game notification system on my brother’s PS3, I thought it was coll at the time and wished the Wii had it, now I’m gonna get it with the Wii U.

    • gPadWatcher

      U mad, Led (lead) for brains? ZombiU is not only the most anticipated title for the Wii U… but also the most talked about title for the Wii U. Don’t put the blame on Ubisoft just because they’re adding only better graphics during their pre-alpha stages, but adding new ways to enhance the overall game play including the accomplishment system, voice chat, using Miiverse social networking. Good day, sir.

  • DonnyKD

    That’s in-game notifications, not Miiverse or anything.

    There’s a man telling you what to do and where to go and the icon on the top right is your reminder.

  • theorangefish

    I PERSONALLY really start thinking that it’ll be weak. If I think about the expensive gamepad the small housing and the wanted low price I really can’t swallow the “VERY powerful” rumors . But then again if a company makes a device that has to produce 1080p60 graphics with space to go upwards WHILE actively streaming content to a second screen it has to be strong. Maybe decent but not powerful. To prevent that you guys and girls? hate me and want me to die this comment is not meant to be a troll post.

    • PiionU

      Yes it Will be weak ugly. The ps4 will feature wireless HDMI and supports UHD and it can produce Movie like graphics. Sfrew you Nbots.

      • AwayToHit

        Not a chance

        • TheBoldman67

          Sony fanboy in the house^

      • Nintendude

        Show me the link please.

      • Grodus

        If thi was true, it would be $7,642.83 anyway…


      • AO1JMM

        Keep dreaming loser!

      • ninjabake

        Source? Sounds more like a fanboy’s fantasy than reality. Think about how much that technology would cost. I’m not denying it sounds amazing but I doubt Sony of all companies would heavily invest in another super computer device and over-price it like they did with PS3.

        You gotta remember Sony is a business company I don’t think they’d be A-OK with being in last again or playing catch-up for the 2nd consecutive Gen, they’re most likely far more interested in what’s going to sell the best rather than what’s going to give them bragging rights for fanboys. Same could be said for all 3 companies. Its a business and they’re going to do what’s in their best interest. And if they learned anything from the struggling vital to the slow start of PS3 they’ll do what’s successful and wont invest in something super expensive with no guarantee of selling.

    • gPadWatcher

      Thumbs way, way, WAY down to you theorangefish. You don’t know what Nintendo’s new video game console can do.

      1) The Wii U Game Pad isn’t THAT expensive

      2) Third party developers are presenting Wii U titles in true native 1080p high definition and runs at 60 fps.

      3) The price of the Wii U system and games won’t be announced until the next Nintendo Direct presentation.

      4) Wii U is the most powerful game console on the planet. The launch titles are just a tip of the iceberg and the best is yet to come.

  • Gamecube forever

    If you read that window it says Buckingham does that mean they’re at Buckingham Palace?

    • Christopher

      Yes, I believe there is a part in the game where you have to go through Buckingham Palace which is what was shown in the new gameplay footage and these screenshots

  • SegaSonic27

    it would be cool if you could play as your mii i know it would look retarded but it would be funny

  • TopCat

    The images are NOT showing a notification system from the Wii U/Miiverse; the icons/text are part of a multiplayer game in ZombiU. Note the on the top image the text says

    “Castle Eye has been infected. Now the zombie of Caleb Patel is roaming in Buckingham Bunker.”

    This text is telling the user that what another player is doing, a bit like in the James Bond multiplayer games. User ‘Castle Eye’ was the person playing this game on that very TV, whilst ‘Caleb Patel’ was either someone with another Wii U gamepad playing the game, someone online or a temporary user name for the CPU.

  • Christopher

    I can’t wait for the Wii U now even more =3

    ZombiU is going to be my most played game on the Wii U for sure, next to Mass Effect 3 and Assassins Creed III =3

  • revolution5268

    the icon that looks like a “trophy” is actually a head.

  • me

    It’s surely taken with a camera. The second picture you can see it’s a TV, so therefore it was taken with a camera.

  • theorangefish

    Why are you trolling. There are people who like nintendo and look forward to the wii u. I want to tell you something

    FUCK YOU!!! Don’t hate us because you’re Mom want you to get a job. Have fun with a house sized 3000$ console. And by the way do you know that it’ll be luoder than your parents having …
    P.S. I forgot to say FUCK YOU!!

  • Daryusp07

    I can’t wait to post my 1 survivor full game gameplay on youtube, twitch, and others!!!

  • Andrew Sheehan

    Am I the only one who has payed enough attention to the trailers and gameplay videos to know that this so called “player notification” is just what is shown when you get infected and start over with a new random character and in fact has nothing to do with Miiverse?

    • godiazul

      When you get infected it turns red and it is not a simple notification because you have to start as a new character.

      These notifications are viewable in nintendomination’s most recent vid on youtube if you want to check it out. I too have seen a lot of videos on this game.

  • godiazul

    @Kyo Sasaki

    These notification do appear to be related to Miiverse for they tend to inform you when one of your friends zombies kills somelse.

    Nintendomination channel on youtube- Video: Zombi U direct audio exclusive