Dec 10th, 2013

Wii U Father and Son

Online merchant Rakuten has boldly predicted that the Wii U will be a more popular gift for children this Christmas than the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

The company has based its prediction on an observed 75% spike in sales of the system in October as well as internal social media research that pairs Nintendo’s console with Apple’s iPad as the most talked about gifts for Christmas on Twitter.

The Wii U has been receiving its share of positive coverage recently; perhaps this claim is yet another sign of a brighter future for the struggling console.

One would be wise to take this analysis with a grain of salt, however, as every indication suggests heavy competition from both Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles. The PS4 managed to outsell the Wii U’s lifetime sales in the UK less than 48 hours.

Is the Wii U poised for a comeback this holiday season or destined for defeat? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

[Via MCV]


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  • rp17

    See Nintendo, it pays to advertise. Now you just need to do it more!

    • seriously, look at this spike in sales after this huge advertising push…

  • Gameonfool

    Lots of talk but no action

    • NintenScience


    • Rick van der Linde

      How is “75% spike in sales of the system in October” no action?

      • Gameonfool

        Wow 75% increase of no consoles being sold. Nintendo can’t compete with the real boys. Why do you think they don’t add just that little more power and sell for a slightly higher price, because they scared people are not going to buy their consoles. They must be great if many people ain’t willing to part with their cash.

        • Rick van der Linde

          Nintendo is always going in different directions and they are scared? And why is everybody always crying about power, there aren’t even any games at the moment on the PS4/X1 that are worthy being called next gen.

          Don’t get me wrong, I’ll get a PS4 when games like Destiny/The Division are out, but I prefer my Wii U at the moment.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    I hope nintendo or Wii U daily will report after christmas how well the Wii U have done in the holiday season. At now we just have to wait and see!

    • If they report it, we’ll relay it šŸ˜‰

    • Veries Seals

      I just normally hit VG Charts for a more accurate number of consoles and games sold. To be honest. Even if the PS4 or Xbox One sells 2 to 3 million consoles the Wii U still has them by another Million and a half. There is no reason at this point for developers to continue to ignore the Wii U with the install base argument. technically we have the highest selling Next Gen Console right now, with 4.5 million Wii U owners and more coming on the scene. I think after christmas we will be at about 5 million strong.

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        I really hope so, maybe when the Wii U sells much better there will be more 3rd party support.

        • DragonSilths

          Till EA gets over themselves and joins Nintendo most western 3rd parts wont join Nintendo without EA joining unfortunately.

        • Elem187

          I’ve been buying Nintendo systems since the NES. They will never get the same treatment as Sony and. Microsoft when it comes to third parties. Time to get over that,

          Besides, Nintendo’s first party output is better than anything third parties have done in decades.

      • Declan Kerr

        By Christmas, the install base should be 5 million. When Nintendo released the next sales report after E3, It was 4.1 million, So with the increased rate of consoles sold, it will well and truly hit the mark if its hit 4.5 million by now.

  • Really good article! Great job, Javier!

    • Javier Smith


    • Veries Seals

      Agreed. Now that is news!

  • Well that’s some seriously good news.
    Mario sells Nintendo systems.

    • Declan Kerr

      Yeah, I bought Wii U at launch, and I didn’t have much problems during the Game drought…You just have to find the right games and play them. Lego City Undercover got me through until Wind Waker HD. And I’m going to buy 3D World today. Nintendo has a goin line-up for next year to-MK 8, SSB4, “X”.

  • D.M.T

    The PS4 is a great console but it makes no sense to buy a PS4 anytime soon because it has no games worth playing. I still cannot believe that Gran Turismo 6 is a PS3 exclusive and not a PS4 exclusive. What was Sony thinking?

    No comment about the Xbox One. It’s just a console that i won’t buy because I simply do not trust Microsoft.

    Wii U is not everyone’s favorite console, as a matter of fact its one of the most hated consoles for no reason whatsoever but it’s the console people should buy this Christmas.

    • Nintedward

      Indeedy! Ever since I got my PS4 I have just grown more attached to my Wiiu, The only thing I am playing on it is AC4 and its pretty good on PS4 but I could of easily got it on wiiu. Killzone is a bad game…. And Fifa 14 is good but only for local multiplayer when friends and family come over.

      You can call me crazy if you like but right now, my Wiiu feels 10 times more next gen than my PS4 does. It’s the Gamepad, Miiverse etc etc all feels very different from the previous gen… However, the PS4 feels like a PS3 with 1080p and a very comfortable controller..
      My brother brought CoD Ghosts pS4 over and it was terrible. We both prefer Blops 2 on Wiiu for its Dual screen multiplayer and off tv play.

      I’m sure a bit further down the line, the PS4 will have a lot under its hat graphically and will come into its own. But right now the Wiiu is so much of a better choice than PS4. Fact.

      • Veries Seals

        I agree. I added the Xbox One to my arsenal and it is a nice console as well, but the Wii U is like 50 times more fun! The games are just more imaginative on the Wii U. The way you play and how it is executed adds a new dimension on gaming. Nintendo is the most Next Gen of the the Next Gen. I am still with Nintendo for the win!

        • erich80

          I’m going for Wii U and PS4 for current generation. But I’ve been hearing so incredible positive buzz about XOne (for example, one guy at the cafeteria some days ago saying how easily it aggregates all his tech necessities in just one box, etc). Besides the line up titles, which are better than PS4 launch games… I confess that Microsoft is surprising me so far.

          • DragonSilths

            Positive buzz? I hear only bad buzz. Being banned from XBL if your Kinect hears you swear in its video capture software or in your private Skype calls. It bricking, disc drives failing, no RROD yet lol. Xbox One just needs to R.I.P.

          • erich80

            Of course the issues you addressed cannot be neglected, but they are restricted to a very small percentage of the consoles in the market so far. Those people who own a XOne and are so far free of problems have been saying only amazing things of it.

          • Blarg

            Poor Nintendo fanboy…

          • DragonSilths

            Classic idiot. You don’t know what the term Fanboy means. A fanboy is a person who only buys 1 system, on plays 1 systems and bashes all others. In the 7th gen I was Wii and Xbox 360. For 7th Gen I am Wii U and PC. I bash Nintendo on all their bullshit and praise their good things. Though that very rarely happens anymore. I am a PC gamer and a Nintendo gamer. I am a Sony hater and that will never change. As for Xbox…I liked the 360 but to defend the Xbox One is to be a fanboy.

          • Blarg

            No, defending the Xbox One isn’t being a fanboy, it’s personal preference.

          • Elem187

            PS4 is bricking too

          • Guest

            I am in the same boat. I will definitely get one of the two (PS4 or X1) to supplement my Wii U but am having trouble deciding which. I love the PS4 as a system, but Microsoft has made sure to get a lot of exclusives that make the choice very difficult, such as Raiden in MGS5!

          • erich80

            I own a PS4 and, although it doesn’t have too many games available, it seems to be a great and very promising system. As of today, XOne has a better gaming library, but in the long run I believe Sony can turn things around and deliver great first party titles.

          • teknik1200

            Wii U and a PC makes a nice combo. Final Fantasy XIV is jaw dropping. There’s no way PS 4 will come close to matching it.

        • DragonSilths

          Xbox One is a console? Sir you have been lied to. Its an Entertainment System, a Multimedia System. It can play games yes, but it wasn’t built for the purpose of just playing games.

          • Earthworm Jim

            I’m pretty sure Nintendo’s first console was an Entertainment System…


            I enjoyed all the Sports and TV on the NES.

          • DragonSilths

            Yes, because ALL IT DID WAS PLAY GAMES. NOTHING MORE. Back then Entertainment was watching TV and Playing Video games nothing more. No twitter, no youtube, no facebook none of the usless crap that consoles don’t need.

      • D.M.T

        I couldn’t agree more. By the way, what’s your Nintendo Network ID? I wanna add you to my friend’s list

        • Nintedward

          xNintedwardx <— add away bro! NIntendo really need to up the friend list from 100 to like 1000. I'm on like 80 friends or something and there is still a few people I need to add.

          • Arthur Jarret

            It’s nice to stay in touch with some of the wiiUdaily faithfulls, tho’, like you and zorpix. I liked your 3DS collection topic today :D! Let’s do a DS game comparisson soon!

            (Of course, you may have read my ‘weekly collection update’ posts on fridays to see I get pretty crazy when it comes to buying games :P)

          • Nintedward

            Yep, you probably noticed I give your collection updates a yeah when I see them!

            It is good to add people you share opinions and tastes with on the good forums/sites like this one. And sometimes you end up becoming good pen pals with these peepz!

      • erich80

        I somewhat like Killzone, it’s been interesting so far. But, you know, that perception that games have become movies? I don’t think it is a caveat actually, but I tend to like simple games; it’s a personal taste.

        But it’s true when you say that Wii U keeps us falling in love with it. And like Reggie said on Saturday at VGX with regard to Wii U:


      • MetroidZero
      • DragonSilths

        There is only 2 things Wii U needs. If the 2 conditions are met then the Wii U will have no issues at all and it will be pure bliss.
        1: Party Chat – Or improved Wii U Chat where you can have it running in the background while playing games. So for example Mario Kart 8, on the gamepad in the top corner you see the small window from Wii U Chat that shows your friends face and you can talk via gamepad mic or headset.
        And that’s all Wii need lol.

        • Elem187

          Those 2 things will not affect sales one iota. People buy consoles for the exclusives. Nintendo only needs to do two things:
          1. Release more exclusives
          2. Release more exclusives

          • DragonSilths

            I’m not talking about sales. I don’t give a rats ass about sales. I am talking about what those who have a Wii U, need to have for the Wii U to be perfect.

      • bizzy gie

        I wouldn’t say Killzone is a bad game. It’s not STELLAR, but people are having a lot of fun with it. Especially the online.

        While I agree Wii U is the best next gen console out with the best games, it’s still in opinion technically. It can just be argued strongly with facts.

      • Fboogey

        Agree with everything you said Nintedward

    • Ducked

      I agree!

      PS4 is a great console, but there is no reason to buy it right now. The best games are far ahead. The Order 1886, Kingdom Hearts 3, Uncharted 4, Final Fantasy XV, and LittleBigPlanet 3 are one to two years away from releasing. Plus, it possible it could drop in price within the next year or two.

      Wii U proves that you should wait one year, it’s just not worth buying any console imho at launch.

      • DragonSilths

        N64…with Mario 64….

      • DarkLegacy

        I only brought a PS4, because of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III. However there is not a reason to buy a PS4 just yet when you’re favourite game is yet to be released. When the game is released then buy a PS4, that’s something I should’ve done when there were a lot of people at launch rushing to get one

        • Ducked


          • DarkLegacy

            This is the first time that I brought a PS4 on launch. I only brought a PS3 so that XV would be on it, until it was moved over to PS4 and KH3’s announcement on PS4 too

          • Ducked

            I’ll probably buy a PS4 next fall. Do you have any plans on buying a Wii U?

          • DarkLegacy

            Save up a bit of money, or buy it after I brought 2.5 HD Remix


        If there’s no reason to buy it, it isn’t a great console. Greatness is earned, not born (and in this case, it “Awaits… any good games”)

        For all anyone knows, all the games you mentioned could turn out to suck (nobody expected Sonic lost world to suck, and not many people are expecting the next final fantasy to NOT suck).

        • Ducked

          I doubt all the games I listed will suck. I didn’t expect Sonic Lost world to be a great game, the gameplay looked confused itself.

          Maybe Final Fantasy XV or The Order 1886 won’t turn out to be amazing games, but I’m sure they will still be good games. Kingdom Hearts III, LittleBigPlanet 3, Uncharted 4, should all be top notch games.

          • DarkLegacy

            I think Final Fantasy XV will turn out to be a good game, because of the gameplay.

            However, I think games like Kingdom Hearts III are going to be great games with good gameplay. And Kingdom Hearts III is something that everyone is excited for

          • Ducked

            Agreed, the new gameplay looks like a huge improvement. It does shy away from the classic JRPG controls, but it fits Final Fantasy. I hope Final Fantasy XV ends up being one of the greatest FF games, since that’s the only way we’re get a Final Fantasy VII remake.

            Again, agreed. Everyone seems to like Kingdom Hearts no matter what. Mostly because people like reliving there childhood in there favorite Disney movies. Plus, Birth by Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance gave KH3 a plot already.

          • DarkLegacy

            Yeah I think that XV will be one of the greatest FF games, even better than XIII. And that game would’ve been nearly in development 8 years. And hopefully it’s released next year, because that game has been in a longer development.

            And I found some reason on why KH3 is being developed. Mostly, we all know why KH3 couldn’t be developed, because SE were busy developing Versus XIII(aka XV). But KH3 was supposed to be announced in 2010, but the same thing happened again, they were still busy developing XV. So SE decided to bring spin offs like Birth By Sleep, Re: Coded, 358/2 Days and Dream Drop Distance. Some fans have had enough of playing the spin offs, so SE decided to announce KH3 to excite the fans so that they would get what they wanted.

            Seeing as how FFXV and KH3 aren’t appearing at Jump Festa on 21st December, we will more than likely get to see them at E3 next year

    • DragonSilths

      I was going to try to get a PS4 around February to play Destiny which I though was coming out around June…Turns out nope Destiny isn’t till September 9th 2014…so I have no interest in a PS4 till the Summer lol. Though I would still much rather have Destiny on Wii U or PC, cause its a waste of $400 just to get a PS4 for Destiny. I have no interest in KH3, or FF 15 which those aren’t even exclusives, but PS4 has nothing for me. Xbox One…well if it could make toast I might get it. But I already have a toaster so I have the better product already.

      • Elem187

        Why are people interested in destiny or titan fall. It looks like the same exact games we have already played for the last 7 years…. Another space Marine shooter

        • DragonSilths

          Agree with TitanFall. But Bungie are 1 of my favorite Developers. The only reason I got a 360 was Halo. 343i killed Halo with Halo 4, Bungie are great. They actually add something great to their games. I am sick of FPS games, hence why the only one I am getting is Destiny. But its a bit of an MMO plus the customization, story and everything looks amazing.

    • teknik1200

      My PC blows the PS4 outta the water. Wii U is the perfect accompaniment to a gaming rig.

    • val berger

      What Sony was thinking with GT6? Isn’t that obvious? PS3 has a userbase of over 70Mio units and the PS4 is somewhere below 5Mio. Of course they gain more money plus the PS4 doesn’t seem to need that game at launch, does it? games like this only get released at a point when the userbase is already big enough. Until then don’t expect real AAA titles to be released on that system.

    • geordan krahn

      Gran Tourismo 1: showcases the PSX’s capabilities
      Gran Tourismo 2: Pushes the consoles capabilities

      GT3: showcases PS2
      GT4: pushes PS2

      GT5: showcases PS3
      GT6: pushes PS3

      Sony uses the franchise to first off showcase what the console can do
      Toward the end of the consoles lifespan, they push its capabilities to prove just how powerful it can be.

      Ya sure, i’m disappointed GT6 is on pPS3, but look at the consistency, also take into consideration, they had been working on the game already for sometime, and to start from scratch on the PS4, would take some time. I’m sure within the next year they will announce GT7 for PS4. And besides, those of us waiting for content to show up for PS4, will have a top of the line PS3 driving simulator to play while we wait.

      By the way, has anyone seen the trailer for Gran Tourismo 6? Graphically looks like its on par with the new Forza.

      (Also consider the option of downloading the title on PS4)

  • Jon

    judging by the last few weeks of sale, I doubt it is destined for defeat. Over 100k Sales two weeks ago, the week after that, almost also 250k sales.

  • Michael DeVore

    Better real analysis from a company like Rakuten who’s responsible for selling goods than the propaganda attention seeking from Pachter.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      actually. Pachters analyses is in a different league than this. You shouldnt buy into something just because you like what you hear. Seek out the truth instead.

      • Michael DeVore

        Pachter is on record making stuff up to create publicity to get more clicks. The moment he admitted it his reputation as an analysis is out the window, but its kept him employed. Rakuten is only interested in selling product, and don’t really care if anyone reads their analysis. They just want to make money.

  • Kenshin0011

    Good! Keep pushing Nintendo, the holiday drive is far from over

  • Agent721

    Hmmmmm…I hope this is true, but it seems doubtful to me. Hopefully, I’m dead wrong.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      I hope Im wrong too. But I cannot see any reasons for this prediction to come true. I admit that the new 3D Mario game is great and amazingly fun. But probably not enough. Nintendo still lacks the killer app needed. And there is no sign of it what so ever.

      • Kenshin0011

        What’s a better killer app on Xbox or ps4 at the moment?

        • Guest


        • Laud

          The sad thing is that people buy these consoles simply because of the hype. They participated in the game of hungry consumers and the only games they have on these consoles are probably the only games they ever play (COD, BF) and that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

          Nintendo fans expect a certain level of quality from games on their Nintendo systems where as the casual majority flock to the other consoles for social status ups.

          • Kenshin0011

            Exactly, hype and gamers led the ps4 and xbone to have a good LAUNCH. Though I think that sales will decline because of a lack of games in the first year. The wii u is in a position to pick up full steam because of its library of games so far and games that are coming in 2014 and its cheaper price

          • Laud

            Nintendo has until March before the XBONE and PS4 start picking up steam, after that it’ll be decided by who has better software which in my opinion is the Wii U but then again, everyone else has their own taste.

          • Kenshin0011

            Also don’t forget that several games for ps4 and xbone are going to also be available for ps3 and 360 in the first year. This will most definitely dampen sales

          • Coffee

            Wii u is basicly getting another opportunity to jump ahead of ps4 and xbone since both are having dry seasons until around summer ish 2014 by that time wii u will have smash bros and mario kart 8 and bayonetta 2

          • DragonSilths

            Its a shiny new box that’s why they wanted it at launch lol.

      • Coffee

        No killer app?

        Mario kart 8

        Bayonetta 2


        Smash bros

        SMT X fire emblem

        2014 is the year of Wii u

        • NintenScience

          Super Mario 3D World?

          • Coffee

            I was focusing on the 2014 lineup to show that Wii u is getting much better

        • Fred

          X. I want to know more about X. I want a target release date and I want to know if it’s really online co-op. Is there voice chat. How similar is it to Xenoblade?

        • DragonSilths

          Yoshi Land U, Zelda HD (Will be November 2014) also maybe Miyamoto’s new IP.

          • Coffee

            I thought zelda HD was a 2015 release, I think it will be too, they are just gonna show a trailer of the game at e3 2014 like they did with smash and mario kart 8 at this e3 and a spring 2015 is likely, man that is a long time šŸ™

          • DragonSilths

            Nope. Wont be 2015. They have been working on it since before the Wii U even released. Its been in the works for like 3 years now.

      • nexxus6

        By killer app, do you mean something related to naked ladies???

        • tronic307

          That would be killer fap.

      • Veries Seals

        Ok, just out of curiosity, would you be gracious to let us know what games are killer apps in your opinion so we can all know what you think a killer app is and what direction you would like to see the company court developers. The reason why I say that is because I have played many, many great games on the Wii U that added to the greatness of the platform. Don’t forget it is not Nintendo that is developing most of the games that you are bound to mention. Also lets take it into consideration that is not Nintendo that is not keeping us from having these games but the developers of those games themselves that decided not to give us meager Nintendo fans their vision and experiences that they allowed the other console owners to have. The Wii U is more than capable of running everything from crysis 3 to GTA 5, so it was not because of lack of power. It is lack of support from the developers who make the games and leave us out.

      • FutureFox

        Zelda U (when it releases) will be the hadoken of the videogaming industry.

      • Arthur Jarret

        What’re you talking about, Monster Hunter was released ages ago!
        If they had added metal music to the game, it would have been the greatest game ever made.

      • Elem187

        Let’s see… Market analysis research says ipad and Wii u blowing up twitter, and you, random troll on Internet claiming its false. Yeah I’m sorry but I’m going with market research here.

  • Colin Noller

    Wii u has a slow but steady stream of good games now zelda wind waker made nintendo sale jump by 685% so its not just mario now lol and yeah xbox a d sony even though more ppl have bought these because they are the powerhouses of console s will sell but they dont have alot of game presently and tge costs of these over xmas is too high for some ppl sadly nintendo have a dark horse here cheap load of games and virtual games library I have three in my home and we love it ^-^

  • Shut up and take my money!

  • Simon Stevens

    I’d be worried if it wasn’t a must have for kids, kids shouldn’t be playing mature games, though I was no saint as a kid, resident evil was my taboo back then :p, I always thought a good idea for Nintendo would be to have a N mobile eshop dedicated to the best the googeplay store had to offer in terms of apps and games, obviously it would be moderated by Nintendo for quality control but certainlywould of made some good competition for the tablet market given the gaming controls and the fact you’d see your games on the big screen, would have been something nice to have along side the retail and indie games, maybe they’ll do something like that in the future, I hope so, it makes sense for the gamepad, maybe when google make an an android tv/gaming system it’ll happen, at this point it just seems like an avenue that can boost sales to me.

    Unfortunately, the reality will be selfish parents buying ps4 and xbox1 this holiday for their kids, they’ll pretend it’s for the kids but we know, based on no kiddie games, it’s for themselves, but the casuals will certainly buy into it, I don’t think Iwata’s gonna get to that 9 million mark by March but if he gets about 6 n a half million, he should be happy, based on the wonder blunders he’s been pulling this year.

    • NintenScience

      As @magnus_eriksson:disqus pointed out in an earlier article, it is Censorship.

      • Simon Stevens

        I don’t read through all the comments on every single article so I wouldn’t know.

  • Jack5221

    Indeed it is a great christmas gift! I bought a Wii U for my sisters this christmas. Its been almost 2 years since I’ve seen them, Im making a surprise visit to them and my father and his side of the family. They already have a Wii, so this will be a very nice upgrade for them. I got Zelda WWHD for my sister since she loved Twilight Princess & Skyward Sword, and since my other sister loves anything with Mario in it, she’ll enjoy New Super Mario Bros + Super Luigi that already comes with the console.

    Besides the fact that its a great console, 300$ + two games is a REALLY good deal. I already know they’re going to love it. And with the Off tv play, my father and step mom will love that too, since everyone always wants to watch movies, sporting events, and other stuff on the biggest tv in the living room. I’ve mentioned this before in other comments but PS4 / One will go through a drought of games and low sales.

    A huge majority of their big system seller titles are not coming out until late 2014 / early 2015 while Nintendo’s big games are expected to release like wildfire next year, starting with Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. PS4 has infamous 2nd son coming out in March – looks good, but its only one game. Most of the other games are multi-platform. When Wii U was 1st released, sales were extremely strong and preorders were sold out. PS4 / One are basically like that, and will go the same route Wii U did all through out 2014, yet you won’t see people writing doom and gloom articles about them…

    As for Xbox One, I won’t buy it until Halo 5 comes out, and who the hell knows when that is. Plus, I’ve got GTA V, The Last of Us, BioShock and plenty of great story DLCs coming to those games. Zero incentive for me to upgrade my PS3 / 360. I will upgrade when they drop all support on PS3 / 360 which won’t happen very soon. And I know for a fact Im not the only one doing this. Wii U is a true upgrade to your Wii. Its already got a huge batch of awesome exclusive games.

    And that huge batch is only getting BIGGER and BETTER. Another thing I should mention… Wii U does not have a monthly fee to play online. Wii U does NOT have 200$ Microtransactions. (Looking at you Forza 5, GT 6) Wii U does have DLC, but they’re not 50$ skin packs or anything like that… Luigi U practically a full game 20$ digital / 30$ physical and then theres the awesome Pikmin 3 DLC. 1 Free level, only 2$ per level pack, one of them costing 5$.

    And one last thing… Lots of people hate on Nintendo because of their “gimmicks” yet they always fail to mention that you do NOT have to play with the gamepad. Even on the Wii, you were never forced to use motion controls. You had multiple options on how to play and what kind of controller you could use. If you’re looking for a nice Christmas gift, then BUY A WII U for someone you love! They’ll love it!

  • Kaihaku

    Nintendo is really the only name in family gaming right now. Sony and Microsoft have the “hardcore” market but neither of their consoles or the iPad offer local multiplayer gaming experiences that appeal to me, my wife, my kid, and my parents.

    • Fred

      I’m with you man. There’s a reason I bought a Wii U and it’s the fun local multiplayer (although I certainly won’t complain when X releases)

    • Declan Kerr

      Those Companies tried to get into a family market with their new consoles, but the price-tag is too big for that to be reasonable

      • Elem187

        Most analyst and gamers on the web can’t seem to grasp the idea that a larger segment of the market rather get an inexpensive system than a balls to the wall high end (lol, Nextgen is a dud here) system.

        The “core” gaming enthusiast market is A LOT smaller than they think they are…. The casuals and value gamer market on the other hand is MASSIVE.

  • This is good news. Im tired of hearing all the bad when it comes to WiiU.

  • Justagamer

    The Wii U is the best way! End of story!

  • Scott Duperree

    Only one Wii U was present at my local Walmart yesterday, a Zelda bundle and no Mario bundles available. All of the newer 1st party games were sold out, meaning Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, and Wind Waker.

  • Daniel Schwarz

    I’d be interested to know what the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales of the Wii U were in the US. I believe strong holiday sales this year is a must if the Wii U is going to be a commercial success.

  • X3Charlie

    I think it’ll make a comeback next holiday.

  • Nintenjoe82

    The Wii U is the best console I’ve ever owned, purely for the off-tv function. It’s a bold statement to make when the software library isn’t as good as it should be, but I think it has exceeded the Wii for getting my family playing and I know it has the record for ‘hours of play’ vs ‘time owned’. We had 4 generations playing Mario Chase last Xmas and I know my nephew and nieces are not going to let me do anything except play SM3DW which is what Nintendo need to be showing the world before this crucial sales period ends!

    I don’t fully trust this company’s findings because the older kids of my family already all want the gameless twins for xmas but it is good to see that Nintendo and a few people are beginning to push the Wii U a little.

    • C4

      I agree it’s somewhat better then the Wii (after 12 months) and that’s what makes it so puzzling it hasn’t gained more momentum and popularity yet (although reasons like higher price, badmarketing and game drought for months of course are explanations). I hope Nintendo takes the right decisions in the next years and makes it the best christmas gift for years to come šŸ™‚

      “gameless twins”
      They have the sports games (well at least NBA and football / soccer currently) and shooters people want though. Nintendo lacks in sports, racing and (exclusive) shooters at the moment. So if you’re into these genres the twins aren’t a bad choice. IMHO for me Wii U + PS4 (and portables) is the right choice for the next years of console gaming this gen.

      • Elem187

        Well he is correct. Not a single game on the sub-Nextgen twins (let’s be honest most games are missing the 1080p/60fps benchmark sony and MS fans assigned to Nextgen, in fact the Wii U has more 1080p/60fps games) has gotten over 8/10 on review scores unless you count the couple of Sony and Microsoft fan sites. .

        I only buy great games and a game that’s 7/10 is only a neat or “meh” game. Not enough to purchase an expensive box

    • Elem187

      Funny …. Gambles twins is a proper nam

  • Jared Garcia

    Launch sales are one thing, but the first year’s going to be rough. Nintendo cleared the hump and now they have the game train moving.

  • I am Error.

    Just stopping by to poke fun the publicity still.
    I’ve seen this one used many times, where the white, upscale family has one electronic device in their home: a Wii U =)
    Ben Stiller there on the right, happy kid who’s turned his back to the game without even pausing it, and Mom?! who isn’t even allowed to join them on the couch!

  • Eduardo

    I have an Xbox ONE just watching me play Wii U and 3ds all day… for the same reason the Wii U watched me play Wii and 360 this time last year… the GAMES!

  • Skelterz

    The Content the wii u has to offer as of now from the outside looking in is luxury compared to that off ps4 and X1 weve got a more diverse lineup ranging from survival horror to fps platforming to … hunting can’t get better than wii u at the moment.

  • mojack411

    Interesting observation that I didn’t expect. Like so many others have said already, the PS4 is a great console (not gonna say anything for XBone) but there’s no reason to get one quite yet. The WiiU is picking up steam and it’s great to see people taking notice of it now. Just the other day my friend asked me if the WiiU would be a good Xmas present and I said, “If you asked me this a year ago, then no. Bu today, YES!”

  • david jarman

    I just high fived my pc and we both gave my wiiu a hug.
    (It’s about the happiness)

  • Random12multi

    Ipad is actually trending on Twitter?

  • MewThree28

    Hi guys, I’ve recently made my first NNID on 3DS yesterday and have used Miiverse quite a bit. I do not have a Wii U yet but will get one around Winter break. but as for Miiverse, I’m loving it so far but I have a couple of questions:

    Since we can’t send friend requests, does that mean we still use friend codes? (because they are still there). And how come i can only post in certain communities? Does it have to do with what games i’ve played?

    • Decker Shado

      For some reason, the Wii U communities are not searchable on the 3DS.. but that doesn’t mean they aren’t accessible.

      If you check the profile of a user who has posted between Wii U and 3DS communities, you can use the links to their posts to access whichever communities they have posted on. This is also a strategy that can be employed to post to region-specific communities from an unsupported region.

      Also, friend requests are available on the Wii U version, so I’m guessing they’re having to retro fit the friend system on Miiverse to support 3DS friend codes with a simple click, but it’s not ready quite yet.

  • Rinslowe

    Lets see shall we? Hopefully it will be….

  • Geekman

    Of course it is. Think about it: The PS4 has no interesting games for the holiday season, despite how good a console it is (and it IS good) The Xbox One has a better library by like 1 or 2 games, but it cost more than 8 copies of GTAV. The Wii U has a decent library, many good exclusives coming, as well as Reggies promise of a better pace of Wii U games next year. On top of all that, it’s cheaper. So it appeals to kids. (Obviously.) Hardcore Nintendo fans, and parents who don’t wanna spend almost 600 dollars.

    • Elem187

      Reggie’s promises mean nothing to me…. Just sayin”

      Didn’t he promise parity third party support (for the record I always knew he was blowing smoke with that lie, but I don’t expect Nintendo to ever have awesome third party support. Which is ok because I buy Ninty products to play Ninty games anyways)

  • Shaggyrastaman

    As it stands now, the Wii U sold nearly the same amount as the PS4 did last week in North America with a difference of only 5,000, so this prediction seems plausible.

    Wii U: 164,522
    PS4: 169,978

  • Cat42

    The PS4 may have beat the Wii U’s lifetime sales in 48 hours, but actually, lifetime sales of 201k is not that difficult to beat, and is not a true indicator of the market as a whole. As pointed out in the post below, Wii U sales in the US are comparable with PS4 sales in the week ending Nov 30th. Being two weeks after PS4 launch in the US, the hype factor is largely gone, so that gives a much more accurate gauge.

    Even here, in the UK, where Wii U advertising has been minimal, we’re now seeing a steady week-on-week increase in sales. It’s nothing fantastic, but it’s a step in the right direction. What the Wii U needs more than anything, though, is for people to stop twittering about it, and go out and buy it.

  • Elem187

    The PS4 managed to outsell the Wii Uā€™s lifetime sales in the UK less than 48 hours.”

    That’s not an accomplishment. There is only 200k Wii U’s in the UK. Nintendo has never been big in the UK, even the god tier SNES was eclipsed by Sega. I would certainly hope the ps4 would sell more than 200k systems in the UK, if it didn’t we should be writing Sony dooooomed articles.

  • geordan krahn

    Ive been saying this for a while. Nintendo released the console at the right time cause they knew content is what sells the console. Well now we have some excellent 1st party games to help us make that decision in the face of competition. I do however think it will be short-lived, as by the time NEXT year rolls around, the wii u will be forgotten(just like the wii when EVERYONE HAD TO HAVE ONE!
    Im sure the console will do well within the next year or so, but unless Nintendo gets 3rd party developers interested in this console, it may only see 1st party content.
    But who can argue with Super Mario 3d World, or Legend of Zelda Windwaker HD, I hope another Metroid is in the works, and the game were all waiting for.. SUPER SMASH BROS WII U(and 3DS)!!

  • Blazenwing

    Funny how you don’t see IGN reporting on this. *rolls eyes*