Nov 20th, 2012

The Wii U is in the hands of many, many gamers these days, but it’s also gotten its way to hardware hackers and tinkerers out there. The guys over at iFixit, famous for their in-depth teardowns of consumer hardware, did a teardown of the Wii U and published some beautiful photos of it. If you want a more technical teardown, AnandTech has their take on it, where they inspect the various components such as CPU, RAM, etc. You can find that one here.

Check out the iFixit gallery below, which includes a teardown of the Wii U console and the GamePad controller.

Source (iFixit)

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  • VezNetwork


    • ssb43dsFC 3007 8585 6950

      so are you…..

      • AKA-Link77

        i wonder who will be the first to COOK their Wii U. . . πŸ˜€

        • Nintendo Fan

          But will it blend?

        • Mr. Blobby

          well there was some crazy fool that stuck his one in a microwave. does that count?

      • LolWatTurtles

        11-20-12: ssb43dsFC 3007 8585 6950 Saw the first girl hes’s ever seen in his life and responded with “so are you… ..”

        • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

          screw u. ;D

          • LolWatTurtles

            Naw mang. ;D

      • VezNetwork

        uh.. Thanks.

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    • Robert

      lots of room inside game pad looks like a mini CPU and gpu can fit lol

  • offens1

    Does ifix it knows what cause the rattling sound now?

    9 days to go for europe (Netherlands) €339 premium

    • shroomforce

      For me it’s €326 (Belgium) =Þ

      • HyperSonicN1

        €364 for ZombiU console. Also SOMEONE ELSE FROM BELGIUM?

      • Ben

        Thank god for Collishop/Dreamland. πŸ˜€
        Got mine from there to. Are you on the forums? (add me on there so we can add on WiiU)

        • Ben

          I’m Ben Vangenechten

          • shroomforce

            Atisha =)

          • Finnishnintendofan

            In Finland: basic 330€, premium 380€ and zombiu bundle 420€

      • Borat

        ~ €376 for premium in Poland..

      • hikkerd

        me too but have to wait til next year

    • Jack

      Euros are that new world order money!

    • Nin_Stream

      Its the damn stylus and XYAB buttons. Sheesh. Gyro sensor abit to.

    • samuDC

      Haha Belgium price €326, at least where i buy it (dreamland)

    • JVAN

      Yes! I can’t see anything in the photos that looks loose, but a disassembly would be the easiest (not wisest) way to identify the rattle.

  • Cloudkill87

    SO what rattles in the controller do we know yet, or is it just the normal button rattle?

    Wonder how many hackers looked at this and though ‘I bet I can put a mod chip there or there’

    • Ryu No Hadouken

      I answered that in the forums

    • zaln

      don’t think you would wanna chip the gamepad

      • eli

        very true! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  • Link


    C’mon Nintendo.

    • XDLugia

      Geez, why are you voting this guy down? The console has been released in America and people should know what they are buying.

    • Yoyoyoshi

      Click that link dude…

      • Garic

        Very vague specs on the cpu, and gpu, if you actually click the link, no wait you did not, or else you would have known about the specs.

  • Master of Awesomeness

    It’s the stylus that rattles.

    • JumpMan

      no, i took the stylus out of mine and it still does it. gyro maybe?

  • Mano_Brown

    The rattle problem would bee fix ? Or discovered with that teardown?

  • D2K

    XYBA buttons cause the rattle.


    “So what rattles in the controller do we know yet”

    Its the bright red plastic item in the image with white letters that says:


  • U and Mii

    The thought of someone tearing a Wii U open like that makes me want to cry.

  • LazerK

    So while I’m sittin here WiiU-less probably until Christmas,others are taking the controller apart…..I know its their job but if that were my controller I’d be screaming “WTF ARE U DOIN!1!”
    But I have to say,the controller sure has some cool looking stuff in it

  • Borbo Paciugo

    Hey everyone! “Like” Operation Kunilliafall on Facebook if you want to see more JRPGs on the Wii U! And yeah, that’s an awesome name, Kunilliafall, keep that in mind!

  • stazkun

    Its like seeing a hot chick getting undressed O.O πŸ˜€ lol wii u

  • LordFenixNC

    Did they find the rattle? LOL

    I love the design its awesome… im still waiting on target to fix their mess up.

    • Treebeard

      mess up?

      • LordFenixNC

        yes the target i reserved my Deluxe edition sold all their reserves of the games and consoles without holding a single one for any of the pre order customers… the Manager that was there blew me off… my gf called dropped the Fbomb and bam now WHEN/IF they get any she got $30 off on it… but its not to point really… I feel as a WHOLE they need a slap on the wrist cause you shouldnt offer a pre-order option if u have no intent on holding said products… oh i found out im not the only one seems well over 200+ people in the USA have had this happen at target… judging by the response i got from Target CS 1-800#…

        • LordFenixNC

          nice lil update i just got today…. they dont plan on getting anymore Wii-Us of any kind in ether store near me till Dec-Jan…. Why the heck offer a reserve if you are not going to reserve the damn copy…. this is total BS….

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    I am here, crazy for a Wii U (can’t buy it because we still don’t know when it comes out in Brazil), and those guys who already have one tear it down?!


    the rattle is the gyro inside the controller confirmed

  • Dan

    I havent felt the vibration function,, ima try it again on nintendo land

  • Dan

    Sony and microsoft is like” damn we gotta copy that gamepad thing again” at the same time they ask themselves,,, Why does nintendo keep changing things??? … The answer is this,,,, to keep games becoming stale,,,, How do you explain people kept buying mario and zelda?

  • John BR

    In my friend WiiU the rattle was all the things united, he removed the sytlus and pressed all the buttons at the same time so it stops rattling, try it πŸ™‚
    (Sorry for the ortographical errors i am in a kindle fire HD and I don’t get used his keyboard yet)

    • John BR

      Hey who see my name, yes I am from Brasil but my friend went to the united states to get his WiiU in the launch day

  • 08/15

    16 bit Ram is horrible and slow!

  • Max Lazy 10 / NNID: Max_Lazy_10

    Don’t you love biology class?

  • a educated gamer who doesnt take lies lightly

    an and techs tear down is horse crap the likely bandwidth for main ram is 28gb not 6.4 or 12.8 there a bunch of clowns

    • D2K

      I agree. It seemed like they were strategically trying to find anything tangible that they could exploit as being a weakness.

      Even if the RAM is slower and the CPU isn’t a Power7 but rather a PowerPC, if you have the memory, GPU, and CPU all in the same chip the latency would next to nothing which would negate the need for a beefier CPU and faster RAM. That probably why so many developers have raved about it.

      People are going to find developing for the Wii U fast, easy, and cheap. As the economy gets worse and worse, the Wii U and Ouya will look more and more attractive to 3rd parties holding out for Sony and Microsoft to show that they have.

      However those tear down still did not ascertain exactly what CPU it is (they assumed it was a PowerPC,) or how many cores it has. IBM stated that it was a ‘custom’ CPU based on the Power7 architecture so there would be not way of them knowing that by just looking at it. And they made darn sure they didn’t talk much about the GPU which they also don’t know what it is. If it is an ATI E6760 that is plenty good enough.

      Even if it is a 4870 that still is good enough. All of the rumored GPUs for the Wii U outclass the GPUs of the PS3 and 360 combined with room to spare.

      Even if Nintendo posted exactly what is in the Wii U it won’t matter. People are not interested in facts, others that complaints would not have gone this far. The same people complaining about the Wii U’s power or lack thereof are the same people whom think that it is Nintendo’s fault for people bricking their systems. Ignorance apparently is bliss.

  • PKMN trainer Red

    poor Wii U… what a short life!
    P.S I’m doing this on the Wii U internet browser… IRONY!!!

  • TheMan

    So whatΒ΄s causing the rattling?

    • andrewjcole

      The rattle is from the x, y, b, + and -, NintenJoe. I have one so I know.

  • NintenJoe

    Anyone notice that there are no vibration motors in there? My black gamepad has rumble. (even though it’s pretty weak) So even rumble is cut from the basic set? Those vibration motors could be the source of the “rattle” people have been hearing. Anyone have a white and black gamepad to test side by side?

    • andrewjcole

      The rattle is from the x, y, b, + and -, NintenJoe. I have one so I know.

  • morganneverstill