Sep 26th, 2012

Nintendo is slowly starting its Wii U advertising campaign, and where else to start but in Japan? The below billboard was spotted in Japan just yesterday, which means… it has begun. It’s only matter of time before Nintendo expands the ad campaign to the rest of the world.

They did a pretty good job of promoting the Wii back in 2006. Remember the “Wii would like yo play” ads? We can imagine the new ones being “Wii Would like to play with U”. But we’ll leave that sort of stuff to Nintendo.

The good news is that Nintendo has started rolling out their ads. They have been shipping Wii U promo materials to retailers over the past month. Nintendo usually ramps up advertising about a month before a console launches, so by the end of October we should be seeing online ads, TV commercials, and of course, billboards.

Wii U ad


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  • Seth A Drekin

    “This, is for U.”

    • Nintyfan

      LOL! It’s a new language!!!!!!!!!!!! NinGlish!






      • 7upland

        you fail….

        • Nko Sekirei

          ur a bigger failer gtfo troll

        • Nintyfan

          So? U got a problem? Dont call me a fail, when you just failed. If you dont find something better to do than put people down, I suggest you leave here.

    • Raul

      Something about that sounds really cool… Like the “this” is really epic and is designed specifically and solely for the customer… I would like that alot…

      Simply put, it sounds epic.

    • John

      I see the blue elephant from Diddy Kong Racing 64

      • some gUy

        win, just win

      • xzxAndrosxzx

        its monster hunter

  • Nintedward.

    β€œWii Would like to play with U”. XD , made my day .

    ”wii love playing with U kids”

    • Nintedward.

      we take U money !

      • Firebro

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        • Grodus

          It’s true. He gets 30 likes, then 500 dislikes.

          • Nintedward.

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        • Nintedward.

          I agree , lol . My spam finger is posessed by a horrible demon .

          • WiiUsuck

            Man those are some lame adds as are you all. Posted from my Playstation 3 a true gamers system.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            @WiiUsuck, true gamers play on many different systems. If you only play PS3 then you’re missing out on the great titles on other systems. And if you’re trying to be a new troll here, piss off!

          • Novum Magus

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          • Nko Sekirei

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        • revolution5268

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      • NintendoGator

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        • Yodin

          WiiUsuck you are such a loser, i have a PS3 myself i also like my Wii and plus i am getting a Wii U as well.

          • WII U 4 LIFE

            WiiUsuck is nothing The wii u is a true gamers system and that is fact but this clown is looking for attention

        • NesToWiiU

          Wii need a talk because U seem to be out of shape from playing with phony.Wii just want to play with U.

        • Nintedward.

          Yeh ofcourse I have a pound sign on my keyboard πŸ˜› gota show that money to the lay day’s πŸ˜‰ .

          I have a dollar sign on mine aswell πŸ™‚

      • eli seth


  • darkfox

    Went to game stop today their Wii U section is right when you walk in hidden by cardboard cutouts od RE 6 you can barely see it.. I would think GS would be all over the Wii U since the next xb and ps will not support used games.

    • Grodus

      Mine has Wii U posters outside, and tons of Wii games are out. It’s even reccomended by employees, and you cant get too the counter to buy/sell games without seeing a couple over sized Nintendo Land boxes and a Wii U box stacked on one another. So, your GS sucks.

      • Grodus

        “… tons of *Wii games are out.”
        *Wii U games. You can see tons of Wii U games.

      • darkfox

        yeah guess so πŸ™

      • I need the Wii U!!!!!

        Off topic: Speaking of GS. I received the gameinformer issue with the giant Mario on the cover, in my mail today. I am not subscribbed to their magazine so I’m curious if anyone else received one. How did they know I love nintendo?

        • Naterman

          My GS has like 3 boxes of wii u’s as advertisement and Nintendo land

        • JumpMan

          did you recently get a PowerUp Rewards Plus card? your PURP card comes with a years subscription to GameInformer.

        • AnesthesiaGamer


  • NoPUNintendo

    Heck yes!

  • Raul

    This is gonna be so awesome!

    Just the other day at school I told my friends in wrestling that I preordered the Wii U and several sounded pretty excited with 3 or 4 saying they wanted one for Christmas!

    I told other friends and they said it looks really cool and they might get one.

    This is before advertising has even begun and people are stoked for it already! Imagine when Nintendo kicks off the full blown advertising probably starting in Mid October or late October… The Wii U is gonna be king of the next gen!

    • TheMaddMan

      Apparently your friends are better than my youth group friends.

  • Grodus

    Well, they need to warn potential buyers of this:


  • Dan

    I love those Wii would like to play commercials πŸ™‚

  • Bobsingh

    We would like to play… with U

  • Stenaven

    “Remember the β€œWii would like yo play” ads?”


    Lol, c’mon guys~

    • Shane

      Haha, I know, this was the most poorly writen article I’ve seen on here thus far.

  • ZombieGuns

    Check out the Pro Controller featured in the ad. Sure I think the gamepad is something special but i’m also a big fan of the Pro Controller.

  • Shane

    I liked the Comcast commercial where it showed the kid racing with the dad character online in their living rooms which turned into a Mario Kart level, and said “you get a Wii free” if you bundle internet with voice and TV for 2 years or something. That commercial was great, becuase they knew people wanted the Wii(few months after release), and it wasn’t directly connected by Nintendo to do that promotion.

    I agree with the “Wii would like to play with U” slogan though. I thought of this a while back no joke…

    • JumpMan

      it’s the obvious choice… maybe something more clever and not re-used… likeeeee… Will U play with Mii? IMA GENIUS!

  • CheckItNow12

    How about “U will be amazed?”

    • eli seth

      i like that or power to U,or the wii would like to play with u but thats all over the place how about wii+U = us that kind of sounds creepy though

    • NintendoGator

      How about…..”Wii will be amazed by U”……or……..”Wii would like to play again, but now with U”………..Out

  • LazerK

    I liked the phrase from the Wii U press conference a while back:
    “How U will play next”

    • Castamere

      I liked it, too, LazerK. I’m thinking that they just might stick with that. I think it’s also interesting how they placed emphasis on the Pro controller in that advertisement.

  • CSM0

    Wii U daily, you accidentally said “But we’ll that sort of stuff to Nintendo”. Just so you know.

    • Wii U Daily

      Fixed. Looks like the proof reading Gods haven’t been kind to us lately.

      • Castamere

        There are also two errors in the sixth line.

      • WII U 4 LIFE

        Your guy’s channel is so awesome please keep up the awesome work

  • Troll patroller with the controller

    After a long gaming session gaming with the super system that is wii u and eating bunches of junk food, u will have to hit the toilet and it will smell, pii u

    • Troll patrol.

      Where Troll patrol walks , he walks alone . Where troll patrol fight’s , he fights alone . Quote by Akuma from the street fighter alpha movie .

      • JumpMan

        i was thinking “Quest For Camelot”… it’s my big sisters fault!

  • Troll patroller with the pro controller

    I meant for name to be this in light of gaming on wii u and zapping trolls with my pro controller

  • Nintenjoe64

    I hope Foxconn arent making the Wii U. They just shut a plant down after 3000 workers got into a fight!

  • Xblade13

    “Wii will ‘U’nite”
    “Are U ready?”
    “Wii will, Wii will rock U!” πŸ˜€

    • MEJM

      Oh, so very bad, but I had to thumb you up. πŸ˜€

  • ineedawiiuNOW

    the last time i went to my gamestop, was about 2 months ago, lucky 4 me they just got wii u display boxes of nintendo land and new super mario bros u. that was not the closest one to me though.

  • Amtoj

    Wii are going to have fun with U?
    Wii Would like to play with U?
    Wii make them, U play them?
    Wii have games, and U have some too?

  • Neonridr

    As Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat would say..l

    “It Has Begun……!!”

  • Smurfman256

    β€œWii would like yo play”

    • theunknownhero

      How does everyone put pictures on the article posts. sorry so off topic i just really want to know.

      • JumpMan

        people say this site called Gravatar but i tried 3 times and it still won’t work! help Mii!

        • Neonridr

          but it is working.. look, you have a little guy jumping over a barrel wearing cute red overalls.. hmm, that would make a great video game I think..

  • BananaPwnz

    How will U play next!?

  • Nick

    They’ve already had some promotional material with a new slogan “How U will play next”.

  • Zhenya

    *le wild ad appears

  • SteampunkJedi

    This is great news. Anyone that doesn’t know about the Wii U shall soon understand and buy one!

  • Joesatmoes

    why is it that it seems as if pro controller bigger than the wii u gamepad in the ad? i like it and all- especially gonna use it for FPS’s, but shouldnt the dude be holding the Wii U GamePad in his hands and the Pro Controller next to a Wiimote and Nunchuck or something
    of the sort? or is this just an add about the Pro controller?

    • Xblade13

      It’s an ad for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Apparrently, you can play using the Pro controller and simply prop the gamepad, using it as an information screen. They seem to be promoting this game, knowing it will guarantee huge sales in Japan.
      They’ll probably market COD BLOPS2 or Zombi U the same way in the West to entice Xbox/PS fans to buy a Wii U.

  • TheUNation

    Wii U — How U Will Play Next

  • Cubits

    Nintendo advertises new console with Monster Hunter, sells eight billion in Japan.

  • Shane

    How about “U ARe Mii, so let’s play” haha. just kidding… Or “Wii AR REDii, AR U?” “Wii would like to play U with a Mii”

  • Henry Anderson

    With love from Wii to U.

  • Elite

    anyone else notice the game that is on that ad!!! Isn’t that monster hunter rofl. Most loved game in japan. Still so excited for that game myself.

  • Jorge

    Omg, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in the image… SO EXCITED..

    Imagine what the gamepad can do for the game, like change the armor, view your missions and the information of the monsters.

    Sorry for my bad english im venezuelan ;d

  • Hatake86

    Nintendo Wii U Entertaiment System Now U Are Playing With

  • WiiUsuck

    I’m sorry everyone, I now know that the PS3 actually sucks compared to the Wii U.

    I’m sorry πŸ™

    • Madmagican

      thanks for coming to your senses

      • Nko Sekirei

        i dont buy wat this troll saying he probably lying to us to make himself look smarter

        • ZER0C00L

          Yeah no WII U IS GONNA SUCK for the most part maybe it will have three good solid games throughout it’s life. Posted from my ps3.

  • Chris

    Can’t wait, October is almost here meaning its almost Wii U time =3

  • Metroidslayer

    Is MH3 ultimate just a port in hd like Dragon Quest X or does it have remastered wii u graphics? I’ll get it either way but it would be great to see it in those new shiny visuals.

  • Metroidslayer

    Is MH3U a port in hd or is it being remastered in wii u graphics. I’ll get it either way but it would be great to see it in those shiny new visuals.

  • Novum Magus

    I love the colors they are using. Black and that Blue go very well together! Hey Wii U Daily, I really enjoy your site, but let’s have someone keeping tabs on the comment section. It seems like we have the occasional “I’m not interested in the Wii U but i’m such an inch-brained moron that I have to go to the site and waste something I’ll never get back (time) making fun of the system and it’s users by throwing baseless uniformed jabs at them”… I think the abbreviated term is trolls πŸ˜€ Comments have to be approved right? So why are these comments being approved? Cut their balls off before they can start trying to spread their worthless seed please. There are enough idiots in this world, let’s keep them off here. Real people come in peace to read about and celebrate the Wii U, daily, that is all we want to do

  • Leeroy

    Wii u play with me?

  • Madmagican

    Anybody know what the 12.8 on the Wii U ad means?

    • Xblade13

      It’s the date the Wii U comes out in Japan: December 8th. North America gets it first on 11/18, then PAL on 11/30, then Japan on 12/8. πŸ™‚

      • TACOMAN

        What I do not understand is why we go first. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it this way, but why do we get the Wii U first?

  • Derp

    Reggie stated the slogan to be “What will U play next?”, however I lost the source.