Aug 17th, 2012 publishUpdated   Aug 22nd, 2012, 6:25 pm

Nintendo has previously confirmed that the Wii U will get achievements of sort through the new Miiverse online social network. But the company didn’t give any specifics or even a name for the achievements. Now according to a new rumor, the system will be called “Wii U Accomplishments”. The source is a development document from the upcoming Wii U racing game Project Cars, which is scheduled for release early next year. So far little is known about the accomplishments system, other than it will be integrated into Miiverse, as Nintendo unveiled at E3 2012.

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime commented on Wii U achievements back at E3, saying that it will be “developer driven”, and that Nintendo will not force developers to include it in their games. An achievement/accomplishment system greatly adds to a game’s replay value, offering points and rewards for completing certain tasks like finishing the game on different difficulty levels. It was originally popularized by the Xbox 360, and since then, Sony unveiled their own, “Trophy” system on the PS3. Even PCs have achievements of sorts: for example, Steam offers achievements in many games.

As for the “Wii U accomplishments” name, you can see the leaked document below, via the official Project Cars forums (registration required). There is of course a chance that the name is simply a placeholder title given by the developer. We’ll have to wait and see.

Wii U accomplishments

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  • Nintendude

    Am I the only one that expected them to be called accomplishments?

    • Nintendo is da best

      well its kinda obvious since street pass achievments are called accomplishments

  • John V.

    Accomplishments..? 😐
    And I thought I’d like Nintendo’s reward system more than Sony’s..

    • LazerK

      Its just a different way of calling it.I honestly don’t see the problem…

      • John V.

        It’s way too similar with the X360 achievements which I totally dislike.
        I mean, come on, they couldn’t come up with something better?

        As other people said, they could use something more creative.
        A user said they could be called Wii-ments, which would be very cool since Nintendo likes to create “new words”.
        Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo (big fan since GameBoy), but the term “accomplishments” sounds too cheap in my opinion.

        • BluChuChu

          Wii-ments… I can totally see that being turned into something sexual. I’m glad they went with accomplishments.

        • goginho

          yea ..I agree. It somehow doesn’t quite fit well with the whole Wii motif beside “Mii-Verse” and stuff like that. It sounds too serious.

        • LazerK

          I honesty don’t care what its called,as long as its there
          Medals,trophies,accomplishments,achievements or any other term you can think of,would,in this case,mean the same thing
          I’m more concerned about the “accomplishments” themselves than what they’re gonna be called as.I’d rather have most of them consist of something like “Survived a week in ZombiU” than “Collected 100 coins in less than 5 mins in NSMBU”

        • Ibiexplorer4

          Wii-ments? That sounds so…stupid.

          I think most people prefer “accomplishments”. Maybe it’s cheap, but at least it’s dignified.

        • NotYours

          Who really gives a flying fuck what they’re called? And since you “totally dislike” achievements, that must be because either: 1) you don’t own a 360 and thus don’t understand that even though you’re playing a video game it’s still nice to be rewarded for a job well done, no matter how menial and arbitrary it may be, or 2) You live, eat, shit and breathe PS3’s trophy system, which got news for you, achievements came first, and is in no way dissimilar (well except for the platinum trophy, I’ll give you that, but if I see 1000/1000 GS in my list that’s kind of like having a platinum trophy, just not as useless). In either case you’re a tool, and clearly you were not taught from an early age, that if you have nothing good to say, shut your fucking mouth. Oh and if “accomplishments” sounds too cheap for you, maybe you’d prefer they make up a word to assuage your insatiable need for it to be unique. How about this “Wii-only-did-this-because-everyone-else-is-doing-it-and-it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time-but-oh-no-we-have-angered-John-by-not-making-it-original-enough-ments.” Seriously man, you’re like the one guy out of a billion that would be given a gift and whine about it because everyone else had one just like it. It’s people like you, you fucking ingrate, that drive me absolutely bat shit nuts. Oh and by the way, whatever Nintendo comes up with for an achievement type system, whether left to the developers or Nintendo themselves, has to be way better then stamps. Seriously who came up with that shit.

  • Kirbo99

    That’s a mouthful. I prefer badges. 😀

    • Kamon

      Could have been called “wara wara points” xD

    • LazerK

      I like the sound of that.Maybe its due to my love for Pokemon haha

  • Thisguywiththesheep

    Awesome news.

  • bg

    Makes more sense

  • Ed

    Played WiiU 20 hours straight on launch day- 50 accomplishments points!

    • Ed

      Almost lost job because forgot to call out of work that day: -20 accomplishments points!

  • Super Sonic128

    Totally works for me!

  • Dan

    Hell yeah!!

  • M.R nintendo

    is better achievements

  • Neonridr

    Accomplishments sounds fine to me. Could have been a lot worse I guess.

    • derp


  • M.R nintendo

    I think that the wii u will launch in black friday

  • Mida

    A little wordy to be honest. I was hoping for something a little more creative

    • NintenDON’T

      Still more creative than Trophy or Achievement.

      • No One

        Not really they are all kind of bland

  • TurtlePowa


  • CSM0

    Not the most creative name, but it gets the job done.

  • afroninja

    cool idea

  • Diogo

    I hate those accomplishments like “beat the game on that difficult”, Its a terrible way to make you want to get them all. It’s a lot difficult to find a game that you would want to play twice or three times the same missions…

    • DR. spankalot

      diablo 3 :3

  • XDLugia

    I love achievements! I just passed 20000G!

    • Macarony64

      check my profile Macarony69 on xbox live

  • Rafkill44

    But this game was just for Wii U and PC, am i wrong??



  • Pachter Jr

    It’s going to be called Wii-ments. Because if we don’t sound like idiots saying it then Nintendo missed an opportunity to be fun and creative.

    • rafael

      hahaha i wish all nintendo critics were as funny as this 🙂
      These forums would be much more entertaining.

      • Epic 1

        I love Nintendo but for the funny thing is that your right. Come on people vote it up!!!!!!!!

    • Armytle

      That is an awesome name. I may be the only one, but when I hear “Wii-ments” I think of virtual Breath mints that our Miis would eat whenever we achieve one.

  • lick1nob

    “Accomplishment Hunters” I don’t know. lol

  • nintendoododo

    i made it! im first! FIIRST!!

    • YoGoUrT

      That’s an accomplishment ! 😀

    • Nintendude

      Please do not infect this site with that dreaded YouTube disease.

    • Captain Falcon is b0ss


      • DR. spankalot

        “eats palm”

    • CheckItNow12

      Who cares?

    • u mad bro

      dude really

    • DR. spankalot

      i like tea….. you don’t see me bragging about it

    • Domo

      What the hell is wrong with you? Your 22…. No where near 1st

  • GirlGamer

    Good 4 you

    • super Mushroom

      U showed Him!!!

  • GirlGamer

    everybody give nintendoodoodo’s comment a thumbs down! How DARE he say he’s first in a website only for Nintendo fans not babies who like it when they are first!

    • Epic 1

      It’s an act of age ism against babies! (sob) The horro.

  • super Mushroom

    Ya Man who cares. Just don’t Mess up Again or ull get more thumbs Down!!!

  • DerikGotro64

    I think its a cool idea its called “accomplishments” sounds professional. Good thing it wasn’t called “coins” or “mario hats”.

    If the Nintendo U is an “xbox 360 7yrs too late”, I say its great that it is cuz they are literally appealing to everybody like the 360, but a gen higher and add nintendo IPs.

  • Nintyfan

    Nah thumbs up for him!

  • dimoskid

    Well I’m 4th ^_^

  • 345weas

    Nice. Without achievements it would have sucked

    • nitro

      Achievements do not make a console great and not having them would not mean that it would have sucked. According to the logic that says a console must have achievements in order to be of any worth then the n64, snes, sega genesis, playstation, and many other consoles suck.

  • Mike Scitney

    A smart move on Nintendo’s part. I have always appreciated “achievement” systems in videogames. As noted in the article it can add replay value to a game, but it also acts as a log of accomplishments.I can not recall every game I have finished, but I can turn on my Xbox and Playstation and see it. My excitement builds for the Wii U daily. Holiday season can not come soon enough!

    • mr. shplooblah.

      lawlz. Wii U daily. you get it? cause it’s the na— eh, nevermind…

  • meowmeow

    I WAS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DR. spankalot

      stop it, with that cat talk.

  • AKA-Link77

    How ’bout cutting some of the word off like: Accomps or something that enphisizes “Wii” // “U”

  • Awesomeness

    Does it really matter? Thank you for the news, but I don’t really care for the name, as long as they are there 😀

  • XEIA

    it should have been called, WAIT FOR IT…


    • Bacon

      hahahah that would be awesome!

      • u mad bro


        • mr. shplooblah.

          oh mah gawd. yesh!!!! BACON FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Bacon

            ER MAH GERD where!?!?

    • Xeia

      its makes sense. It would be like Green 1-UP mushroom points/trophies, then when you get 1-UP points/Trophies it makes the green mushroom noise!

      • Xeno

        Send them an e-mail or a letter.

  • Hangman

    If your going for a creative Nintendo oriented sound they should be called hearts, and place them In the upper right hand of the screen

  • Grodus

    missed opportunity. should’a been stars.

    • Michel

      Although stars would have been interesting as it fits with the Nintendo/Mario universe, it could be seen as childish as well, earning gold stars for a job well done. 🙂

  • King Boo

    There are already Accomplishments on the 3DS, for playing through the built-in game Find Mii, or collecting puzzle pieces.

  • rafael

    Finnaly i can become an accomplished person :/

  • Sikora

    I like “Trophies” better.

    • Sikora

      But, i’m still happy with it.

  • Michel

    Two things I`d like to see in this Accomplishments system:
    1) Don`t have it broken like the xbox where it shows 0/1000 gamer points achieved on every demo played. If it’s a demo, don’t list it in my accomplishments list.

    2) I’d like to see regular accomplishments. Beating the game on hard is an accomplishment, collecting 100/100 hidden packages is an accomplishment. Playing 100k online multiplayer matches is NOT an accomplishment, and playing 600 hours of online play is NOT an accomplishment.

    • Shane

      I agree with the online ones, but they try to get the people that only play online a chance at saying theyre good too. Maybe an accomplichment balance where it sees how you play and what goals they think you would enjoy? And there’s only a set amount of 50 or so achievements that are the max amount you can get, but there’s actually 100 that can possibly be generated? I think this would be alot better for those absurd achievements that will take years… I mean, some people like to play the same game for years, especially before achievements when you played the game just for the game. Still… I think randomly generated accomplishments based on how you play should be considered.

  • Gregory

    It’s not a bad name, It’s just that Achievements rolls off the tongue better than Accomplishments

  • Kirbymon123

    star points?? :/

  • Rob

    I always like the achievement system, but the name shouldn’t matter too much. If it’s a good system and works properly, then that alone would be perfect. I’ve always thought medals would be nice, and it wouldn’t be points based or color based like xbox and ps3, but just a simple reward to collect.

  • NintendoLover

    what’s up with people being pissed off at some guy getting the first comment who cares if he got the first comment what’s that gonna do?

  • mr. shplooblah.

    (-(-(-(-(-(- -)-)-)-)-)-)

    *whispers* the Chinese Mafia is watching you…

  • Dmonkeyman

    Miipoints would be a good name i think

  • AwayToHit

    Well they are called that on the 3DS (only for Mii Plaza though)

  • yep

    dont know why, but ribbons sound better to me, ya know the ones in pokemon you obtain.

    • Lazyboy88

      I like that too xD it sounds awesome, and it’s from pokemon so it can’t get better than that, but 1-UPs is great too IMO and it’s from there top selling game, i think both would work out fine..

  • Late

    I like the idea of 1-UP being the accomplishment and the soun is nice too! (1-up sound)

  • Macarony64

    what sound should be wen you get the accomplishment ? i vote 4 the sound of a new item in zelda

    • Skull Coin

      It should be the sound of whenever you get a skull coin from defeating those spiders.

  • Brandon

    They could do “accolades” like on goldeneye

  • Teh Boy

    I think they should use Play Coins, like they did on the 3ds. The more things you do the more play coins you get. Then you can use those Play Coins ingame!

  • zam

    they havent told us if they have a wii u shop channel yet or have they?

  • Arsonist Monkey

    I think they could have had all the game rewards as “Objective Complete: Insert Name of Scenario”. Once you complete 100% of the “Objectives” you get “Game Complete: Insert Game Name Here”. Or maybe, for example, if you manage to beat a boss, you complete an objective and win a point. If you beat it on Easy difficulty, the objective earns you 1 point. On Medium, you would get 2. On Hard, you would get 3. If you manage to complete a game 100%, you get about 10 points. The game would also give you a percentage of how much you have completed the game.

  • MultiMidgetkingjacob90

    trophies or what ever you wont to call them on Wii U that’s awesome i always liked getting the ones on the ps3 so hopefully it will work out on it

  • U-chievements?

    How about instead of “Acomplishment”, there’s “U-chievements? It’s unique and a nice blend.

    • Omastar^_^

      unique indeed ( :

  • Desimeitor

    Since the first time i played in a Ps3 and i saw the trophy i wanted that for nintendo’s consoles and finally it will be true!

  • Christian

    It makes sense. Streetpass Mii Plaza has trophies called ‘accomplishments’.

  • Aqua

    100th comment! yay!

  • Omastar^_^

    I like the idea of “Badges” its sounds great like if your okay with that name.

  • Donnaclus

    I sort of expected that with the 3DS update that improved StreetPass Mii Plaza. There was accomplishments.

  • Michael

    Why not something like “Stars”? It’s much, much easier to say, and it relates well to their mascot. Plus, it’d be fun to have the tune from Galaxy play when a Star is unlocked.

  • jonny

    Coins would of been better