Jun 12th, 2012

Wii U achievements
We previously reported that a Wii U achievement system was in works, and now Nintendo has confirmed just that: the Wii U will be getting an achievement system that offers developers to add them in their games. But unlike Microsoft on the Xbox 360, Nintendo won’t force developers to include achievements. Speaking to Kotaku, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said, “Once you start getting into game-specific achievements, that’s developer driven”. Fils-Aime pointed out that it’s not “their philosophy” to force developers to include Wii U achievements in their games, but they will have the option of doing so.

Nintendo has been reluctant to include achievements in their systems, arguing that Nintendo’s game designers “don’t tell gamers how play the game in order to get some reward”. Despite Nintendo’s opinions on in-game achievements, they have had a widespread acceptance on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3. Even PC games now have achievements via Steam and other services. Nintendo did add achievements into the 3DS, but they were rarely game based and mostly rewarded players who used the Street Pass feature. Nevertheless, it’s good to hear that Wii U achievements are a reality.

Reggie Fils-Aime also touched on the Wii U friend code system, saying it will be much simpler to use than previously. However, he pointed out that “friend codes” won’t be gone completely, only that it’ll be “a lot simpler” to use. The Wii’s friend code system was a truly awful way befriending someone online and playing with them, it’s good to see Nintendo changing this.

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  • Chris

    Sounds interesting, though I don’t really like collecting achievements but I’m sure some achievement hunters would be glad to hear this news if they were thinking about buying the Wii U system.

  • Death

    They’re just now completing the triforce?

    Damn you guys are slow. I’ve had it completed for a while now 😀

  • sizzly-s

    Why are Achievements such a big deal?

    • Akuago220

      To many 360/PS3/PC owners, it’s their belief that achievements are the only way a game can have absolute replayability… even those that give you so many achievements when you’re leisurely beating single-player mode. To me, achievements are nice, but they shouldn’t be the ONLY reason why you would want to go back to playing a game or striving for a better goal. I hope the rumors about achievements actually being more rewarding in-game is true, instead of just gloating rights to having more points/trophies than others.

      • fgsdfs

        Achievements do increase a game’s replayability. But it depends how it’s done.
        If it actually challenges the player to spend more time in the game and rewards them properly(in game items, etc), then the achievements are well done.

        Example:Red Dead Redemption

    • Poncho

      Replay value

    • Matt

      They aren’t but they’re nice to have. Obviously achievement whores are annoying it shouldn’t even be close to being your primary to play the game, and many achievements just boil down to do some repetitive task a butt load of times, but they do serve a nice purpose such as extra goals to complete. They can also serve as sort of proof towards certain accomplishments that others can see. I remember beating Left 4 Dead on the hardest difficulty on all four campaigns, it was incredibly hard and very rewarding to get the achievement. It would be something nice to have to be able to show. I really wish I had some sort of achievement for being the Perfect Run star on Grandmaster Galaxy in Mario Galaxy 2. Things like that would be nice

  • That british guy

    NO!!! I wanted trophies 🙁

    • Ricardo

      Trophies were just dumb, honestly. At least achievements go towards your gamescore.

      • Exynos

        What does gamerscore do? Trophies help you level up!. Honestly they are both just as useless and still amazing. When you earn an achievement or trophy (or both at the same time if you are playing a steam connected portal 2 on playstation 3) It is awesome. I love achievements on my xbox and steam and I love trophies on my PS3, and Vita…

  • swic11

    Well this makes working with Nintendo easier because they are not forcing developers to do it. This is exciting however, because many people feel more accomplished with a game having all of the achievements done.

  • dimsdale

    the reggie of courage the iwata of power & the Miyamoto wisdom

    • Matt

      For some reason I see Miyamoto being courage, but I think that’s because I just think of Link being the video game equivalent of Miyamoto

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      more like for me Reggie of Power, Iwata of Wisdom & Miyamoto Courage!

  • Hafid

    Love these guys !!!

  • Ricardo

    As long as achievements are only for the GAME, I’m fine with that. However, if the achievements go towards a “gamescore” like the Xbox 360, I’m going to be mad.

    I just hope the achievements are not ridiculously stupid. Achievements are something I do not like because the game is taunting me to do certain things that I do not want to do. I am not forced to do the tasks, but on the main menu of a game, if they have a “Achievement Section” I’m going to be mad because then I’ll feel like I didn’t complete the game. Achievements are, and will forever be redundant.

  • DerikGotro64

    Wonder what they gonna call them? How playstation has “trophies” and 360 has “achievements”…

    • Ricardo


    • Poncho

      Medals, or badges

    • Marq


    • XEIA


      • fgsdfs

        Agree with 1-Ups.

    • James Bowserman


    • Death

      triforces o_o

      • Your mom

        That is funny. But how about barrel rolls. (-_-)

  • sizzly-s

    I guess it only adds to the console if that is the main reason you play. I could care less either way. When I play my 360, I do not worry about achievements.

  • Paul

    please nintendo and the game developers make the achievments simple and easy as with the xbox 360 and ps3 its impossible to get a 100% on every game

    also offer extra dlc like a map or weapon etc if you have completed the story on shooter games

    hope its a game score similar to the 360

  • josh with the truth

    what is this a zelda Easter egg hunt come on stop dropping so many hints and just tell us

  • Pretzels

    We have to realize that Nintendo is shooting for the big gamers now. All of those Xbox and PS junkies live off of achievements and that is who they are trying to appeal to.

  • Jerm1234

    Nintendo should make it as though we can buy items with the points we earn after these achievements. Xbox’s gamerpoints are nonsense but Nintendo can have a standing advantage here. They should do it.

    • Anonymous

      You mean like buy virtual console games with the earned points we get?

      That would be amazing!

      • EPICGAMER20



    nintendo is rising alot why are people not scared i mean like if it does so well other consoles will be to expensive to buy!



  • Vollmernator

    What about call them Power Ups just like trophies
    Mushroom Would =Bronze
    Fire Flower Would=Silver
    Tanooki Tail Would =Gold
    and a Star Would = Platnium get all of the Other Power Up’s (All Achievments)

    That was my idea I thought