Nov 11th, 2012

Nintendo previously said that the Wii U achievements would be part of the gaming experience on the console, but according to one developer, the achievement system is much less integrated. 5th Cell, developers of Scribblenauts Unlimited say that the Wii U achievement system is not integrated system-wide like it is on competing consoles, and it’s up to developers to add achievements to their games.

The achievements are technically called “Wii U accomplishments“, and it’s up to developers whether they want to include them or not. There doesn’t seem to be a overall “leaderboards” or points comparison with other games either. Achievements have been hugely popular on the Xbox 360, which tend to give gamers are bit more incentive to play and replay the game, explore more, and try and beat some of the challenges.

Nintendo confirmed Wii U accomplishments back at E3 2012, where Reggie Fils-Aime actually said that the achievement system was “developer driven”. But we still expected some sort of system-wide integration of accomplishments from all games.

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  • albino donkey

    Thank GOD! I always hate people bragging about their meaningless achievement points.

    • Nko Sekirei

      i like to see some achievements for mario kart or something to see u got the most hits with the turtle shells or running people over after getting the lightning bolt that shrinks everyone

      • AKA-Link77

        Yah . . . even tho i dont play X-Box, bragging is annoying. But id still like to see some challenges and accomplishments on good games so they can higher replay value! 😉 😀

      • Mida

        Or an achievement for getting hit with 5 blue shells in one race or getting hit by blue shells on 10/10 of your races. Or something to make me feel better!!!

      • Darknut

        And there will be, just Nintendo doesnt FORCE every dev to make them for their game, so if it doesnt make sense, they wont have easy achievements which will inflate a meaningless overall score, Theyll be built into the games but wont be tracked as a universal system. Which honestly makes more sense than Microsofts approach.

    • Drew

      I know a couple ass holes like that they are complete dicks.

    • Nintedward

      Well you’re still gunna get that a bit on wiiu dude. ZombiU has achievment’s , I’ve seen them chiming away as I was playing. One even said I was Handsome.

      Anyhow. This means for games like Funky barn and ESPN sports connection, where let’s face it achievments are totaly irrelivant, there will be no achievments. Which is a good thing , because that would just be a waste of time.

      Miiverse sems perfect for achievments. EG: ”blah blah has stomped 1000 goombas” ”hey blah blah , how did you that”. So I hope for pretty much ALL the major games some achievments will be implemented as they are on ZombiU.

      • Alienfish

        You have a point with the Miiverse. As long as the accomplishments can connect to other people playing the same game then it should be okay, but I would still like to see some more integrated features coming from Nintendo. Cross game chat and gamer cards are just expected at this point. Hopefully Nintendo is planning to put these things out in the future and they just haven’t had the time to implement them yet.

        • Nintedward

          Yeh. The wiiu can be updated in virtualy anyway. You have to do that day 1 update to get all the online features. So things will come in the future :).

          A point I would like to make is. The vita has trophies , the 3DS does not. Does anybody really care about the abscence of trophys on 3DS?
          It hasn’t dictated the quality of games on 3ds and It wont on WiiU.

          BUT , the WiiU DOES HAVE achievments for the major games. A la ”Hardcore popular” games. Not funky barn etc…

          WiiUltima >>> xbox 1080 , ps5

          • Superstick

            Cool. Acheivements could be fun. But I don’t have much access to the internet so this kinda won’t really matter to me. But for all ya guys who got broadband internet get all the acheivements you can!!

          • Alienfish

            I still like the achievements because they give me some direction after I’ve beat the main story of a game and allow me to get a lot more out of it in a way that I can brag/talk about with my friends.

          • truestatic

            Actually, the 3DS has accomplishments. Just like the Wii U. It’s just that zero use is made of them by anybody for anything. They only appear in the preloaded Mii Plaza software. Seems like good reason to suspect that little use will be made of accomplishments on the Wii U too, which I’d prefer wasn’t the case.

        • Duhduo

          Microsoft own a patent on cross game chat. Nothing Nintendo can do.

          • Hero Of Time

            Then how come there was Wii Speak? Just eventually after Xbox crashes aboard the island like Atari and Sega once did, Wii U will automatically spring it up just to kick their asses for it, if not just to use the Mic. Plus, they are copying Wii U’s Gamepad, so what’s your point?

          • tddct

            Microsoft doesn’t own the patent for cross game chat, the Vita has it. Explain that one. Did Microsoft get generous all of a sudden and decide to share the feature with Sony? The PS3 doesn’t have it because of hardware limitations, and it’s anyone’s guess why Nintendo excluded it.

          • HappyCamper

            patents are crippling technology development for too long…

      • Madmagican

        Sounds pretty good or at least until the inevitable people come along and start comparing and bragging; competition is always nice as long as it’s nothing too extreme

    • Rage quit

      Out of statement I got the wii-u reservation card for it to come out excited 7 days left I’m hanging on tight

    • dr scoobie

      sounds good.
      this way we dont get forced trophies like.
      picked up an apple
      opened a door.
      played the game,
      completed the game.
      heres a trophie

    • Scott

      Sounds to me like you just like crying!! Why wouldnt you want a reward to show how far youve got in a game? Are you scared cuz you never have any??

    • BubbleMan v2

      Didn’t we already know this? I only skimmed, but I didn’t see an ounce of new information in this article. Still, the “acomplishments” should be cool, and add incentive to do some of the weirder things a game has to offer that normally only a small amount of people would spend time on.

  • Mass Effect fan

    Bad news number 10 hahahahaha

    • NintendoMan :D

      There just achievements. They only cause people to brag.

      • Kahhhhyle

        They’re also considered a standard feature its a mistake not to include them

        • UTalltheWay

          I completely agree. It`s a bad move by Nintendo, considering all the “Hardcore” gamers their trying to pull in. Hopefully, Nintendo implements a system-wide achievement/trophy system in the future.

        • BubbleMan v2

          Not necessarily, while they are becoming popular with recent games, some great games of the current generation still lack trophies/achievements. The Elder Scrolls III Oblivion is one example, along with numerous others. Obviously it should be encouraged though, as it gives incentive to do EVERYTHING in the game. Get the most playtime for your money right?

    • Kahhhhyle

      Ignore the down votes mass effect fan. Nintendo is giving people too many stupid reasons to write off their console. I’m sure Nintendo will add system wide accomplishments in the future just like Sony did the with ps3

    • dr scoobie

      i have no idea what you are saying
      but im guessing its bad because of the 60 down votes.

      bad new number 10?
      was it the tenth news item of the day or something?

  • D2K

    Basically this is saying that developers are not handcuffed to HAVE to integrate achievements into their games. No loss there.

    Personally I feel that the whole achievements thing is for those whom obsess over being the best at everything, or have way too much time on their hands.

    If I can’t use those achievements to purchase something or unlock features in a game, what is the point? I don’t need an achievement system to be motivated to explore every aspect pf a game that I paid $50-$60 dollars for.

    I say score yet another win for Nintendo for NOT following a popular trend and doing things that actually make sense.

    • eli

      i agree and disagree i would like them in most of the games because i won’t be
      buying much games(i don’t have much money) so to keep me playing i’d like acievments but yes you are perfectly right

    • Thegiursea

      I actually like achievements. I find having the little thing pop-up in the left hand corner to be quite rewarding.

      It’s one of those things.

      • D2K

        There is something for everyone. I’m just glad Nintendo recognized it for what it was. An accessory, not a necessity.

    • Kahhhhyle

      Actually it doesn’t make any sense at all. You don’t want achievements? Fine don’t go for them. I want them. Sony originally left it up to developers to include trophies or not and that’s what I forsaw Nintendo doing. Following the trend is fine when it’s something good.

      • D2K

        I think it is painfully obvious the I do NOT care about achievements from my statement. Everyone else figured as much. Don’t know what your comment was supposed to accomplish other than making argument that isn’t there simply because my point of view conflicts with yours. I guess shame on me for thinking I can have a opinion of my own. That’s fine.

        And yeah, It’s never a good idea to let developers make up their own minds. It’s always makes perfect sense to FORCE them to do things because that CLEARLY has worked like gangbusters in the past for Nintendo (i.e. using cartridges for the N64, no online and 1.5 GB disc for the GameCube, etc.)

        You basically derailed your own argument by bringing up the fact that Sony did this first. If…..

        “following the trend is fine as long as it is something good”

        … YOU say, then Nintendo apparently feels that a universal achievement system is NOT something good. Otherwise they would have done it.

        The whole point is that the system is there to use if people choose to use it and it is not being forced on anyone. The same way that online voice chat is not universal but available to studios that want to use it. The same way Nintendo is not forcing you to pay an extra 100-200 dollars for a console with a internal HDD. Even though purchasing an HDD with a much higher capacity would cost LESS than the internal HDD, or a Nintendo-brand HDD, people whined about that too because Nintendo took the pacifier out of the babies mouths.

        It’s amazing to me how a company that has been painted as a “kiddie-company” gets so much flak for treating adults LIKE adults which it’s what people have complained about them NOT doing. People don’t know what they want anymore.

        • Kahhhhyle

          I never said shame on you for having your own opinion. That’s why I said if you don’t care about achievements ignore them. But what about the millions of Xbox and ps3 uses that expect them.

          Second the developers already have to make achievements for the ps3 and Xbox so Nintendo isn’t forcing them to do anything really other then make their version equal.

          Sony’s original stance for trophies, was that they were optional for the developers and very few took advantage of it, when Sony saw that was a reason for choosing an Xbox over ps3 they made it mandatory. I forsee a similar outcome with Nintendo’s system.

          Then you mention the wii u’s other huge flaws lol. The lack of voice chat is pathetic on an 8th gen console and will be a source for laughter among the xbox/ps fan boys. And Nintendo will almost surely make a larger hard drive wii u model with the release of the other 8th gen consoles, I’ve come to terms with that now.

          And btw the Devs need to do more work to include voice chat in their games rather then having the core os handle it like on the xbox

          And lastly people do know what they want, it’s just Nintendo is either ignoring that or so out of touch they don’t know what people want. Luckily 2 of their 3 problems are easily fixed through a software update and as I said Nintendo WILL make a larger capacity console down the line

          • D2K

            “You don’t want achievements? Fine don’t go for them.”

            Uh… did say this right? I mean, that sentence came in a post from the same handle you are using so I assume that it was you. I…..could be wrong. :/

            If it was not your intention to say shame on me for having my own opinion then what was the purpose of that comment? Do you even know what you are saying? However, the sentence that followed is the root of the matter.

            “I like them”

            And that is what this all comes down to. YOU like the achievements and YOU have been going up and down the board telling everyone that will listen that this is a bad decision for no tangible reason other than because it is not what YOU want. I’m sorry to inform you, but Nintendo doesn’t run their business based on what you or I want. They have been in business for over 100 years and in the video game business for over 40 years. I ‘think’ that they just might know a little bit more on how to govern their product than we do. They have 15 billion in the bank. How does your bank account look?

            “That’s why I said if you don’t care about achievements ignore them.”

            If I think Nintendo not making achievements mandatory is a GOOD thing, someone with any synapse firing in their brain would ascertain that I DON’T use them. I didn’t mean to imply that you had this ability. I apologize greatly for my assumption.

            You are the only person that has a problem with this, so let me be blunt.


            Now you can keep ignoring this if you wish to try and build a platform for a point that doesn’t exist. I just posted this so others can see what I’m dealing with here.

            ” But what about the millions of Xbox and ps3 uses that expect them. ”

            I say, they better get over it PDQ. First of all you are assuming that millions of 360 and PS3 goers are gonna buy Wii Us. There is a great number of people out there whom are so bias towards Nintendo they they will not buy a Wii U anyway. “In my humble opinion”, the vast majority of Wii U sales will go to the people that bought Wiis. Nintendo marks, casuals, and TRUE core gamers that buy every system because they are a “hardcore” gamer. That’s what a REAL hardcore gamer does. They buy everything, they play everything. Even if half of that audience buy Wii Us that is around 50 million consoles sold which would be a success considering the current economic conditions. If EVERYONE whom bought Wiis buys the Wii U then you are looking at 100 million consoles sold and that would put the Wii U in the top 6 best selling consoles of all time WITHOUT Sony or Microsoft marks buying nary system.

            You are also neglecting the fact that Nintendo never said they’re wouldn’t be any, they just aren’t forcing companies to use them. Having them in the game doesn’t bother me at all because I ignore them anyway (another reference.)

            And it’s not like it isn’t something that Nintendo couldn’t change later on if people made a big enough stink about it. How hard could it be to ad a little firmware update allowing for universal achievements? For all we know their may only be a couple of games that do not use achievements. Or, since most 3rd party companies are so used to doing it anyway, they might just go ahead and do it. Especially if it is a port. So you might not even lose the experience. Nintendo just took the handcuffs off gave developers a option to leave it out. What is so wrong with that? The way I see it everyone gets what they want except people whom are being obstinate and unreasonable.

            I’ll just call it like it is. You are basically a fanboy trying to be slick. Nobody cares that you get off on achievements. Nobody cares that in your narrow-mind if Nintendo doesn’t do things the way two companies that have lost billions of dollars in the past 7 years in their video game divisions alone, they are WRONG. Since truth, facts (and literacy) are irrelevant to you and the only thing that matters is your opinion, there is no need for this discussion to go any further.

          • Kahhhhyle

            Lemme put it this way. Having achievements can do no harm. For the people who don’t care about them, turn notifications off. For the people who do want them its a problem that it’s not a standard system wide feature. See my argument now? Tell my why Nintendo should not include them. One simple logical reason would suffice. But there isn’t one. It’s just another feature that other consoles haven that Nintendo’s won’t. And that’s the problem. Are people gonna walk into gamestop and say hey the wii u doesn’t have achievements I don’t want one? I doubt it. But they might say no achievements, no cross system chat, only 32 gigs? Eh ill buy an xbox for 200 instead… Lemme put it this way, Nintendo gains nothing by leaving features like this out, they can only lose potential customers. In that same way that YOU don’t gain anything from the lack of achievements, but the people who want them and myself loose something.

            Also I meant no insult by my original comment when I said “fine don’t go for them” but I was trying to point out that if they ARE there it doesn’t affect you at all. But for the people who do want them its frustrating

    • Gabe Hoffman

      The way achievements will work on Wii U is similar to Steam since on Steam developers can decide whether or not they want to include achievements in their games.

      • Thhwhat

        This D2K guy is either a little kid or a troll.

        Just because you don’t like achievements doesn’t mean they should be removed altogether. Many people, such as I, like achievements and we should be able to choose whether we want them, or not.

  • dimoskid

    At least we will still have them, I’m sure that Nintendo will make Accomplishments for the first party games. And also most racing and platforming game should have them. I just wonder if Virtual Console and WiiUWare (I don’t know if that’s what it is really called) because I would love to see Nintendo add even more replay-ability to their older titles.

    • dimoskid

      Also, I like that their also won’t have to be accomplishments because some games really don’t need them and that the developers don’t have to worry about making them; letting the developers focus on the main game even more.

      • Hero Of Time

        To agree with you, I bet they will have lots of achievements for first party games, especially with WW. They might have some behind the scenes function too, like a 100% completion for getting all of the achievements as well as the in game attributes.

    • samuDC

      Of course nintendo won’t use accomplishments for theyre games. Why do you think they make them opptional, they are not planning to use them. This is a real bummer. I was really looking forward to earn some accomplishments in nintendo franchises like zelda.

  • Thrasher1X

    I don’t care but I cant see why they are not there

  • Stoppablemurph

    Well I always play games on PC and that’s how achievements are there. It’s really not a huge deal, but it is a little disappointing. Maybe something they’ll change later on in the system’s life.
    the xbox 360 has gone through like 5 major system updates since it was released.

    • jake

      Yeah, because it was an unfinished console.

  • WiiUlover

    Exactly 1 week until Wii U launch

  • Firebro

    I hate achievement whores anyways.

    • Poncho

      Everyone on this page is so thick. Not everyone who goes for achievements do it for bragging rights. Some people, like me and many others, go after them to play more of a game we liked, and for self gratification. I’m one of those people who like to 100% a game, and achievements give me more to do. I guess you could call us “achievement whores”, but it’s not such a bad thing.

  • Nintendonoob

    Too bad accomplishments dont give you E-shop points XD. But I really hope these achivements were pointless like some others on ps3 and X-box I hope you get stuff to use in the game.

  • NintenDon

    It’s a good thing. Developers can include accomplishments that actually mean something, instead of having to have them. Most of the “achievements” for 360 are pointless. Personally I have never seen them as an incentive to play, they just annoy me.

    • Kahhhhyle

      What about games like infamous 2 that read your trophies and give you bonuses for what you did in the first game

      • NintenDon

        What about them?

  • ssb4 3dsFC 3007 8585 6950

    I don’t obsess over games lke cod fanboys do so I’m still myself

  • nm_nintendo

    Not a big deal, it’s about the gameplay.. And nintendo has always been godlike in it.

  • Linskarmo

    I’ve never had achievements on a console before, so I don’t know if this news is good or bad. I think achievements are cool, but they’re not necessary for every game IMO.

  • NintendoMan :D

    lol awesome picture :P. Seriously though, I’m glad Nintendo is making the Wii U so free range for developers. They don’t HAVE to include achievements.

  • [000]

    I still don’t completely understand how all of this is going to work… We need to flash the Nintendo Direct symbol spotlight into the sky.

    • Hero Of Time

      No need, I can help you out.

      So Nintendo is trying to say that the games, whether they be first party, third party, or exclusive, could or could not have achievements in them. Say for a game like CoD, you will probably have the same achievements as Xbox would, but a renewal, like Batman: Armored Addition, would most likely have more to give. Nintendo games are also entitled to this way, so if an Animal Crossings game comes for Wii U, like Wii had and GameCube before it, you would get an achievement for playing on each day of the year.

      • [000]

        Thanks for the answer, and for defeating Ganon. Watch out for parallel worlds and creepy masks.

  • immallama

    I don’t think this was a bad move. Letting the developers make their own choices isn’t bad at all! I do feel most games will have accomplishments though. It’s a great way to give games a replay value. On the other hand… I think the video chat decisions Nintendo made weren’t the best… Hopefully people dont think of this as a bad thing.

    • Kahhhhyle

      It is a bad thing

      • immallama

        And how is that? Don’t reply saying it’s bad unless you have an actual reason.

        • Kahhhhyle

          Its bad because it’s another feature that 7th gen consoles have and nintendos 8th gen console won’t have. Sony let developers make the choice with ps trophies and few actually did until they made it mandatory

          • immallama

            Hmmm, wait… Are you saying it’s bad simply because sony and microsoft made that decision? Herp derp 😛

  • HyrulianUtopia

    Oh well, I don’t care (Nintendo will include it in their games).

  • immallama

    Also, can anyone tell me how to get an icon? XD

    • HyrulianUtopia

      Go to and write your email address in the little slot, then you will receive an activation letter. Can’t really help you from now on.

      Hoped I helped!

      • immallama

        Thanks! 😛

  • Wii U #1

    Am i the only one who watched the wii u unboxing? im so stupid why couldnt i wait. the temptation. I CANT BELIEVE I GET MY WII U IN LESS THAN 6 DAYS OMGGGGGGG IM SO PSYCHED!

    • Nintedward

      I’ve watched 3 different unboxings now. But fear not, just because you have seen an unboxing does not mean your actual unboxing will be any less exciting.

      • LyingTuna

        I here you man. IGN’s was my favorite. The gamespot one sucked though… If I remember, they got confused with the GamePad cradle and stand. They just didn’t know what the stand for it could be… Of course, I just found out that my GameStop, which I preordered from, isn’t doing a midnight launch. Yeah. I will spend the extra 10 of waiting for the damn place to open watching unboxings…

        • Nintedward

          HAHA! extra 10 hours watching unboxings, Oh the agony!.
          Yeh all the channels I’m subbed to on youtube have been liking the unboxings they have been watching , SO i’ve seen a few now lol :P.

          I suppose it’s possible if you had never seen an unboxing it could be more enjoyable.But we’ve all seen the wiiu , it’s not like it’s some sort of suprise.
          The main feeling of unrivalled pleasure will be knowing that the wiiu you are going to remove from the box is yours !!!!

        • [000]

          “Yeah, it’s pretty straightforward.” You should have reserved your Wii U from Walmart. I think that may have been the fastest, easiest way to get a Wii U.

      • NintenDon

        True. Back in the day had played on and helped my friend unbox his N64. I still lost my s**t when I finally got to unbox my own!

        • Wii U #1

          THANK YOU! @lyingtuna thats exactly what i thought about the dude unboxing the wii u smh @nintendward thanks for clearing that up. i think your the most active and best user here at wiiudaily! thanks

  • Arsonist Monkey

    God, i hope it is part of the system!

  • Lazyboy88

    I think this is very nice, that the developers are not being forced to spend there time and money on acomplishments, i want them to spend there time and money on more importent things like the gameplay and length of the games and graphics too..

    • Nintendon’t

      Then again if it’s a multiplatform game it’s not like they’re spending more money since they can just port them over from Xbox/PS3

      • Lazyboy88

        Yeah your right about that, but you get what i’m saying xD

  • Unity

    This is starting to annoy me. You’re just recycling old news and wording it differently. We already knew this, it’s been said quite a number of times by many different gaming sites. If you don’t have new things to post, don’t post at all.

    Anyway, this isn’t anything new, as it’s basically what Sony have on the PS3 with trophies. Not every game has trophy support, and not all games need it, so it isn’t a big deal. I mean, come on, what could Scribblenauts give you? Or the games like Family Party or Funky Barn? Even Nintendo Land doesn’t need it. Achievement hunters may be disappointed, but it’s not like accomplishments will go towards anything besides a 30-second conversation with a friend saying “my gamerscore is higher than yours, ha.” It’s just like voice chat; we don’t need it in everything, just put it in the games that make sense to have it.

    • Hero Of Time

      Okay, first off, not everybody has an account on every single website. These people only check up on one site because the others have so much shovel ware to go through. Plus, so it is on another console, but it is a leap for Nintendo’s company, hence why the site is defined as Wii U Daily.

      If you do not respect this, go troll about on another site and leave us actual researchers of the system alone.

      • Unity

        You don’t need an account on the site to look at news, that’s a stupid thing to say. This site doesn’t have bad articles to scroll through? You’re deluded.

        I’m saying that this has been reported before, even by this site, and that posting the same article twice is a waste of time for the reader and the poster. I’m sure that many people will agree with me in saying that the articles on this website have been deteriorating in quality and timing, because you would think that a site called Wii U Daily would report news on the day that news is released, rather than days after other gaming sites that focus on every console. The site is not called Wii U Daily because it’s a leap for Nintendo, it’s called Wii U Daily because they’re supposed to have news about the console every day. Go figure.

        Had you actually read my comment, you would know that I am not a troll. Having negative opinions does not make me a troll, it makes me someone that can speak my mind. I’m not going to sit back like a mindless drone and not say anything when I have something to say to the OP. I am an avid researcher because I’d like to know as much as possible before my console arrives in 6 days. If you can’t appreciate that other people have different opinions than you, then you shouldn’t be on the internet. You might not like what you come across.

        • NintenDon

          Stop being so pedantic.

  • Sobari

    Back in my day, we got our replay value from unlockable content and the game itself just being that good. Kids these days…

    • Lazyboy88

      Your comment is one of best of all time! I remember playing tekken 3 when i was little, and i would play tlearn my own moves(moves you couldn’t find in the combo list) but now they show all moves in that list and you don’t have a reason to play around with it anymore…

      • Lazyboy88

        To learn*

  • Ledreppe

    I don’t care for achievements, but I think they’re still important for those who want them.

  • Destructonation

    I hate it when people are so caught up in that achievement shit, and they go on and on when they get a hard one no one else can get. They think they’re so good and brag like immature little idiots.

  • nintendoododo

    I hope they make achievements to new super mario bros u.

  • ZeldaFreak4Life

    i love achievement systems. They extend the games life by a TON. It gives people reason to keep playing a game and it adds an extra challenge

  • Joesatmoes

    Hopefully all of Nintendo’s own games have them- as well as major third party titles. Especially the multiplats that have achievements on other systems

  • Grodus

    I assumed he meant that they were system wide, but not all games had them, anyway. I also don’t care.

  • Elite

    Kinda like steam. I prefer it this way. So much less of an addiction. I find Nintendo doing the right thing here.

  • marioravesto3d

    Am not bothered one bit unless it’s mario kart were you unlock trophys to get a kart or something else.I just want to play zombie u maybe leave me some clues guys,by the sounds of it I will need it.

  • TheImaj

    Not a big deal. We’ll see what developers do. At least they have the option.
    “How much time, Imaj…HOW MUCH TIME LEFT TIL LAUNCH???!!!”

    153 Hours
    9214 Minutes
    552848 Seconds!

    Can’t wait!

    • Nintedward

      The time it takes sony to sell 4000 ps vitas . 6 days.

      • TheImaj


  • Yamiryuu Zero

    I think it’s fine like this. Developers won’t be forced to put achievements, so it means the ones that will be there will have meaning, and won’t be a mere gimmick or half-assed achievements that is there just for the sake of it.

    • elbossmx

      There were so preety lame achievements on Xbox360 and PS3.
      Like “stage 1 completed”… “stage 2 completed”….lame!!
      If the developers use the Wii U accomplishments as they see feat, they will really be challenging, as they should.

  • Pokemonlp10

    As long as there is achievments for nessecary games, ill be fine.

  • WiiUlover

    If u go back to the very first thing on Wii u daily. I will welcome u go down read the comments I’m starting a countdown until Wii u launch if u want to join fell free to

    • WiiUlover

      I meant. It will welcome u

  • marioravesto3d

    Games like zombie u always going to have achievements the game is pretty big I would think quite alot to unlock.I remember the nes days just completing the game was regarded as they achievement.

  • Nitedward

    I once hated wii u and now I like it idk why!

  • RedRocBoy

    I hope in a future update they make the Accomplishments system wide. It would definitely give players who like that sort of thing more incentive to play games even more.

  • somebody in somewhere

    i dont care about achievements.

  • South America Guy

    6 DAYS?????
    299$ and 349$ consoles?????
    59.99$ games??????


    Look at the situation here in the STUPID BRAZIL I live.


    WHY THE HELL WAS I BORN HERE?I Don’t like this freaking hot,thief infested country.Don’t Like Brazilian Music,don’t like soccer,don’t like brazilian girls,don’t like brazilian weather,companies,greedy retailers who REMOVE ONLINE PASSES AND GAMES FROM CONSOLE BUNDLES TO SELL THEM SEPARETELY,brazilian people,brazilian government…



    The 3ds is 400$ here,the PS 3/Vita cost 700$ EACH.I was gonna buy a pc with 2GBRAM,500GBHD basic dual core processor and Win7 Starter for 400$,Can you guys imagine yourselves living in a place like this?My friend from Venezuela said “How can you people live here?Everything is so expensive.Why don’t you guys rebel against the government?”

    The Honda Civic you americans have IS FANTASTIC.Our is ok at best and costs ONLY 32.000 DOLLARS.


    Sorry about that,just felt like taking all this off my chest.Too bad I’m stuck here forever.Have Fun with your Wii U…While people here DREAM about getting a PS3 or XBOX360.

    • Nintedward

      Awww dude. Don’t be like that, all countries have their ups and downs. There is no such thing as a perfect country. You think USA is perfect Or any other country is perfect ? think again.

      Cheer up , don’t kill yourself and good luck finding some cheap games soon!

    • TheOne


      Well, why don`t ya buy an imported console (american version)? If you do that, you could even use every usa-imported game. So whats the problem? You aren´t intended to buy a homeconsole from your country! It´s on you, to decide which version oft the WiiU (USA, Japan or European version) you will take. And please don`t forget: There are only 3 versions. Only 3 country-related models. So no big problem here for you, right? Just buy an american or an european one (europe = it includes australian games too) and you are lucky! So – get the WiiU and good luck doin` that!

    • AtomicFounder

      Bro, The 3ds here in antigua is like $900+ and the games are 145 if i remember clearly, and the ps3 and xbox 360 are both over $2000 and there games are $220, but i can see what you’re coming from, And i plan on importing a wii u next year.

  • Cryojin

    Yeah, better for devs who don’t feel the need to have achievements in their game.


    “they get a hard one no one else can get. They think they’re so good and brag like immature little idiots.”

    Sounds like you are whining cause you cant get it. And sound like a whining little idiot.

  • AwayToHit

    Thats a VERY good thing indeed. Couldn’t care less about stupid achievements -_-

  • derty

    ya pretty gay. It would b much better to have achievements on the console all together 🙂

  • toothpaste35

    How can there be party play with only one GamePad?

  • xWCARx

    Bad side, people brag too much about having more achievements than others. Good side, adds more re-playability and more of a challenge to get them all. So its a win-loss.

  • MasterRD

    Achievements should have been implemented by Nintendo, but they aren’t a huge deal. Nintendo could just as easily have a software update. I’m also a PC gamer though, and Ubisoft(though I love them) was kind of lazy with the achievements on Steam…

  • Grant Potter

    This isn’t really different from achievements on Steam. Some games have them, some don’t, and I like how more and more Nintendo gives freedom to third party developers.

  • zakalish

    If achievements are the only thing that influences a games replay value…its a shit game.

  • lev

    not that many people care about stuff like this like they use to that’s why Microsoft made that new thing with there achievements

  • Kris

    Old news is old!?
    Also, just to add something to the “thank god” comments: I hate people who hate achievements. It’s not about points, it’s about progress you can compare. Since games offer stats players compare them. There are tons of communities about highscores, speedruns, time attacks, etc. Achievements just make it easier to compare and see your friends’ progress in games. If you think others only care about points you probably care about them yourself.

  • Nintendofan4life

    Nintendo fail – Wii U Accomplishment unlocked!

  • Michael

    I like this. When a developer is forced to come up with achievements for their game, we end up with pointless things like “beat the game” or “play 5 rounds of multiplayer” It’s like, ok, thanks game, but its kind of sad when you consider it an achievement to actually like, you know…play your game. I also hate the achievements that give away secrets I would have much preferred to find on my own.


    I thought they already completed the triforce

  • Grunfindel

    Achievements are a waste of life. Back in my day, when you saw the credits roll, you started a new game. That in itself was an achievement and it was the only one you needed.

    • D2K

      Back in my day, achievements were how many times you ‘flipped” Super Mario Bros. Then, how fast’ you could flip SMB. My fastest time is 7 minutes.

    • UTalltheWay

      That`s your opinion.

  • Thatguywhoslappedyou

    ( If you don’t want to listen to my opinion please skip to the multiply periods to answer my question) Ok im getting sick of this every time there is something dissapointing comes on nintendo People seem to just always say Positive things ok I could of explained it wrong heres a example. Ok lets say the Wii U doesn’t support wii games people would just end up sayings “Oh this is next gen it doesn’t need it” Protecting it don’t get me wrong I love Wii U but im kind of getting tried of this defending stuff i use to do it but really im starting to see it as opinions…………….. Ok please answer this. By accomplishments do they mean only in game accomplishments to share INSIDE the game or if you get a accomplishment in a game it shows it on your profile saying what you have accomplishmed.

  • Djs

    Seriously ,ho cares aboute achevements in games. I go for the achevements of real life instead 🙂

  • ZuLuuuuuu

    I don’t like when cinematic games like F.E.A.R 3 put achievements into the game. You are watching a dramatic scene and suddenly an achievement pop up appears (and it is worse if it has a sound). It kills the whole atmosphere.

    But achievements in games like Mario might be cool.

  • iLikeWeYOU

    these comments are so epic! “we love not having them” “we love having them” “fanboy war!!!” “i’ll use my mastersword to stab your pipe” “one piece” freedom is born the day we live and peace is bread the second we rise the flower of life. bulbasaur pikatchu hunter mewtwo legend of zelda bla bla blacksheep…
    oh wait… i meant to say, I’m a gamer…not a fanboy 😛 why do i care about achievements/accomplishments if the games are what make a console. We can have so many add-ons to a console, but in the end, does it really make the console better? No! Yesterday was history tomorrow is a mystery but today, today is a gift thats why they call it present. An example, the playstation 3, does it have cross gaming chat? no! so is it worse than the xbox 360? no. The playstation 3 has better graphic capabilities than xbox 360 or wii… the xbox 360 has better online capabilities than the playstation 3 or wii… and the wii has better and longer lasting gameplay. No console is better than the other, every console has something that another one wont, and every console is a winner and a looser at the same time. When i was younger, I had a dream! that one day my pokemon snap , pokemon stadium and pokemon puzzle league games would get a sequel! I had a dream…today.

    Be a Gamer-/Not a fanboy

    Youtube: TheGuyWhoLies
    Facebook: Prince Kuchler
    Twitter: @1andOnlyPrince

    ps. this is like the biggest bullcr*p i’ve ever written!! haha

    Wii U ftw!!!!
    fuck sony!!!
    fuck microsoft!!!!

    im going to continue writing now, so it wont seem like im fanboying…

    bla bla blaksfgudsifkgjnds;lfkhs sklfudshf sdfkldsbf sdfksdbhf

    share the love, not the hate

    Be A Gamer

    Fanboy’s need to be eradicated

    Prince Kuchler

    The darkest mixed-race around

    bum chakalaka bum

  • Jioplip

    At the end of the day, with or without achievements, the people who will invest extra time in a game will do it, whether it’s a three-heart challenge in Zelda or a low-level run in an RPG, some people will bother, while others won’t.

  • trolol

    no wii u for me then screwyou nintendo giving false hope always bitches

    • immallama

      Coming from the guy who’s name is “trolol”

  • MACThree

    If the Wii U Accomplishments are all tied to one Mii, that would be the same as linking them to a gamertag or PSN ID. I’d be ok with that. Then the Mii becomes much more central to the entire Wii U experience.

    I do not want this Accomplishment system to be in-game only. This sort of thing has occurred before (Mega Man 9, Conduit 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy, WiiSports Resort) and it’s annoying because I want to show off all of my accomplishments in one place. Also, logging into an individual game to find and bring up a list of achievements/accomplishments/trophies/medals/etc. just doesn’t work very well because it’s easy to do in some games (Conduit 2) and a pain in others (WiiSports Resort).

  • PenguinGames

    What’ll probably happen is that Nintendo will include accomplishments in all their games and then the high quality third parties will as well.

    Mission accomplished. (If you catch my drift).

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Meh not too bothered about this, and I really like achievements/trophies – they add rewards, re-playability and extra incentive to play parts of a game you might not otherwise have tried. The fact that it isn’t a universal requirement like on PS3 + 360 doesn’t mean it won’t be supported at all. I think most developers will put achievements in their Wii U games because the achievements have been praised on current systems and they’ll be criticised if they leave them out. Also, multi-plat games will include them just like they do currently and if those games (CoD, Assassins’ Creed etc) come to Wii U, why would the devs cut them out if they’ve already made them? The only games that probably wont have achievements are small, casual games with which the general fanbase won’t care about achievements and re-playability so they can get away with that there. There seems to quite a backlash against Nintendo for not making the achievements system a requirement, I’ve heard some devs refused to remake old games for 360 and PS3 because they were being forced to throw in unnecessary trophies/achievements that game did fine without so perhaps something good will come for Wii U because of this. Like I said there’s no reason for devs to skip Wii U trophies/achievements except in a minority of games in which it wouldn’t matter anyway.

  • Dronch

    wasn’t this already established(im not sure…)

  • Matt

    I didn’t buy a 3ds and probably won’t buy a wii u now either because of the no accomplishments linked to profile thing. It’s not because I want to get a reward for completing a tutorial or for boomheadshotting 10 guys in a row. It’s because I like some kind of recognition for finishing a game. It wouldn’t even bother me if Nintendo didn’t include trophies for completing minor elements in game, but there should at least be some kind of system in place where a persons account/alias is linked to the games they have played/finished/completed. Maybe it’s the collector in me – but I get a good feeling logging into my playstation account and seeing the list of games I have completed and slowly growing the list over time. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and recognition, and actually gives me something to show for finishing a game. People can go on about it’s an electronic reward that doesn’t mean anything blah blah, but look around you! Everything is becoming digitalised. We don’t deal in gold coins and treasure anymore. Everything in life including currency is digital and it will just keep becoming more and more so. Why is a digital trophey no different to a real life trophy awarded 50 years ago? Nintendo – all I want is something to show for spending hours upon hours on completing your games. Again to the people that say – if your not playing for enjoyment don’t play it…. I say if I get the same satisfaction for playing a ps3 game and actually get something to show for it at the end.. why would i want to play nintendo? It’s a no brainier for me.