Sep 18th, 2012

Last week we posted the new, Wii U branded Wiimote controller box, and the new Wii U Pro controller box. Today we got the packaging design for the rest of the lineup, including Nun-chucks, Microphone (for Sing Party), black Pro Controller, screen protector, and a bundle containing a Wiimote, Nun-chucks, and a Wii U sensor bar.

It looks like Nintendo will offer these in several colors — the Wii U branded Wiimote will be available in white, black, pink, and blue. The regular Wii U accessories will only be available in white or black. The re-branded accessories will carry the same price as the current ones found in stores, while the Pro Controller will retail for $50. It’s unclear how much Nintendo will charge for the GamePad screen protector, the charging stands, and the Wii U stylus. Not too much, hopefully.

Wii U accessory box gallery3>

Thanks to SortableShelf19 for the tip!

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  • Mac

    screen protect and black wii motion plus controller=all i need

    • Jetty

      Well said indeed.

      • NavyBlueYoshi

        DAT SCREEN PROTECTOR… (bites lip)
        In all seriousness tho, it’s really nice to see first party accessories taking off

    • revolution5268

      yeah that needs to be recommended to everyone, because getting another wii u pad will be not so easy, so wii u screen protector the way to go.

      • u mad bro

        The WiiU Pro controller is worth the $50.

  • Grodus

    Thats cool! It looks like all accesories are confirmed now.

  • Kahhhhyle

    Headset? OH Nintendo should just let us use any blu tooth headset like playstation does I hate those cheap Xbox headsets and the decent ones cost like 60$ please nintendo:)

    • Nintedward

      Try plugging your headphones into the wiiu and using the microphone on the gamepad !!!! then go ahead and challenge me for game where we will be using the pro controller or wii remote !

      • Kahhhhyle

        Well the thing is I have a relatively nice blu tooth headset that I use with my ps3. I was hoping to use it when I got an Xbox only to find it doesn’t work with Xbox(GAY). So I use the cheap mic that came with the Xbox. I’m just curious if I’ll be able to use my nice headset

      • Me

        Nice new icon of Reggie’s gameface

    • Melk


      There are two official headsets, both are bluetooth…so…

      • Kahhhhyle

        Does that mean we can use any blu tooth head sets or just the official Nintendo branded ones you think?

  • Chris

    All I need is a GamePad Accessory Set and a white Pro Controller and I’m good to go.

    • my name is GAMER

      head in hands so your against controller evolution and deliberately gimp your own experience

      get a wii remote plus dude drop the RETRO GAMER act its not core its OUTDATED theres a million a 1 different reasons to own a wiimote LOL at your multi player experiences

      i look forward to wiii remote owning you in cod classic paders MUST DIE lol

      so you wont enjoy wm+ games the pity of it (do u really play fps that way for real you do that) thats like fighting with a club vs a guy with a machine gun its CAVEMAN controls its the club or sharpened stone of controls wii remote is the atomic age of controls dude get with reality

      • NoPUNintendo

        What on earth are you going on about?

        • Walt

          Exactly… Some people need to work on grammar. Pro controller would be better suited for FPS. With Wiimote controls are different, like with pro you can push down analogs to run…

          • revolution5268

            for me in not use to that on the ps3 for some reason, to me i like the classic control pro that you don’t have to punch the analog stick down to run.
            i hope they have an option for that on black ops 2 for wii u.

      • Mac

        lol? you do know that the main reason why the wii u is getting fps is cayse of the pro controller right?

      • NightºƒCore

        lol a le “Annoying Gamer Kid”. GTFL man. People have their own preferences, kid. A 12 year old like you would never understand. Go and ask yer mom for some milo before you go and play COD with your “Wii Remote Plus”. And please, don’t start shouting “Hacker!” when you’ve been shot by a player using the Pro Controller 😛

  • Zelda

    Wiiudaily is the best site ever! Thank you for all the updates!

    • AKA-Link77

      who thumbs down that!?

      • tim

        whats next, they thumbs down a guy saying thanks!

      • NightºƒCore

        Them bastads! Kill dems!!!

  • Wils81

    I need that screen protector! o_o

  • Nintedward

    Wiiu . All aboard the hype train !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nintedward

      Cleaning cloth + screen protector ??? I will take at least 4 of those !

      • JumpMan

        gosh, why do people hate you so much? every time i see one of your posts it has at least 2 down-votes… he said nothing offensive!

        • Shankovich

          Because he’s f***ing annoying

          • Nintedward – leaving this website .

            Shut up . I am through with the dorks like you on this website . Pull the buttplug out of your ass and loosen up a bit , maybe that way you may get your first girlfriend and be able to afford a wiiu .

          • Nintedward – leaving this website .

            I only ever say positive things about Nintendo , and that is annoying ????

            wow if everyone is like you , then I guess I will forget about this great site which is unfortunately dragged down by retards with no sense of humour like yourself .

            have fun .

          • NightºƒCore

            Aaah another 12 year old, “Annoying Gamer Kid” huh? Man, there’s millions of them here. Starting with the old, “You’re never gonna get a girlfriend” and “Good luck getting a girlfriend” thing huh? What next, gonna start cursing and calling people “Virgins!”? Let me explain for your small, 12 year old, inexperienced mind: Your bad grammar, hyping, raging, etc is why you ARE annoying. Cool your hot head kid, then come talk. There’s enough trolls, ragers, annoying gamer kids, hypers all over the internet. Oh and i wish you luck on your girlfriend hunt, Mr Nintendward (Damn, i feel sorry for her, maybe you’ll grow into a normal, non-hyper, person in the future. No promises you will though :P)

        • frank

          Not hating on nintendward, I honestly enjoy seeing his constant posts, but he speaks his mind without caring what others think, so if he rubs someone wrong once then they will see his posts and dislike them for who the poster is and not what the post is about. I have to say, thumbs this down if you want, but keep it up nintendward

        • BluChuChu

          Probably because they comment on every single article at least 10 times. They certainly have the right to voice their opinions and comments, but there is something called overkill.

          • NightºƒCore

            All i want is for him to calm down, check his grammar (forgive me for being such a grammar nazi xD) and to stop being so sensitive.

        • revolution5268

          lot of nintendo fanboys get mad at him for some reason, the fanboys makes the fans look insane.

    • Jetty

      Damn, you don’t have to leave a website. Every blog will have thumbs down. This is a site for Nintendo fans to talk and voice about Nintendo products. Overkill will be common with excitement. Regardless good luck.

      • Damiao

        seriously, people are hating on a guy for being super excited for the up coming Nintendo console…!? unless you’re a sony or micro fan then why all the hate!? I’m on this website everyday checking for updates and i can always count on Nintendward to make reading the comments and trackbacks a little more interesting.. we have two months left to wait people.. imagine a wiiUDaily without Nintendwards on going comments… *cue the crickets*

        • Jetty

          This is a great website. You hate to see it ruined by situations like this. Any and all Nintendo fans should be allowed here.

  • Jetty

    Looks great! I take it we’ll be seeing a blue and pink console next year?

    • JumpMan

      probably Pearl Pink (like the 3DS) and Wii U Blue (its own signature color!), or maybe just BL-U. lawlz i made up a werd.

      • Jetty

        H@LY SH!T!!! PROPS TO THE BL-U!!!!

  • ninjabake

    Looks very apple-esque but that’s not a bad thing

  • Bob Singh

    all i need is the screen protector.

    can’t let my gamepad get scratches

    • ZombieGuns

      Once i’ve held the gamepad in my hands and used it for a bit, i’ll decide if a screen protector is neccesary. It could be the gamepad screen is resilient enough on it’s own for one to be unneccesary.

      • Bobsingh

        still, cause we don’t know how much they’ll cost. they might be really expensive.

        • Super Paper Rye

          The kit with two styluses, one cleaning cloth and 2 screen protecters is 10 dollars. The only one thats in a kit thats included in this kit is the stylus. Other then that you need to get the kit, plus its handy nonetheless.

  • Mac

    lol i should be ghetto and get some plastic wrap and put it over the screen and then BAM!!!! screen protector 😀 lol

    • JumpMan


    • frank

      It works for shoes and toilets so why not this?

  • Jessie Guadarrama

    Im so depressed cuz i didnt get to pre order a Wii U!!! :'(

    • 007 1/2

      they have both models at walmart with a bundle.

      • Macarony64

        Walmart those thiefs

      • Jessie Guadarrama

        Online or in stores? 😀

        • Crapcake

          Online i got wii u deluxe Nsmbu and black pro controller

  • ssb4

    need that black pro controller and a screen protector!

  • Allon

    so….with the charging say’s ac adapter not included!????so will the wii u have it already???

    • JumpMan

      yeah the AC adapter is included with the Wii U console, that’s just to make it look purdeh and 3DS-esque.

    • Kahhhhyle

      I would assume it’s the same charger the game pad would use on its own

  • SortableShelf19

    Wow! My name is in an article!? I feel so good! Thanks Wii U Daily! =)

    • Mac

      oh cool i didn’t even notice that. congrats 😀

    • Bobsingh

      my bad what is your name?

      sorry for the above comment. i’m sorry

    • Bobsingh

      what is your name?

      • SortableShelf19

        Check at the bottom of the article…

        • Bobsingh

          oh! cool. never noticed that. i wish i could have my name there

  • 3dsguy

    This is the longest wait ever its killing me. Great accessories tho.

    • revolution5268

      dude im from the future and whatever you do don’t try to freezes yourself.

      • Dave w

        i get it!

  • wiiupoo

    prooooo controlleeeeerr!!!

  • Ledreppe

    I’ve ordered the pro controller (£32.99 from, and the Gamepad accessory kit (stylus, cleaning cloth and screen protector) for £7.99 from Amazon.

    By the way WiiU Daily, you were wondering what the price of the cradle and stand is, it’s £17.99 on Amazon, but I’m getting the premium pack which comes with all that anyway.

  • ineedawiiuNOW

    i need 2 remotes and a screen protector. maybe a pro controller, for 2d games i might wanna get

  • JP

    Anyone know if the regular wiimotes will work or only wiimote plus?

    • elbossmx

      I think the regular will work too. There’s a WiiUDaily post from some days ago that stated that although the Wii U supports the Wiimote plus, Nintendo won’t force developers to use it. That means that the old wiimote will still work. I hope it does for games like Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U, since I own four old Wiimotes.

      • revolution5268

        depends on some nintendo land games, some require wii motion plus.

  • kev

    Okay so the new Wii U branded wiimotes will work on both systems, just like a wiimote with motion +?

    • Kahhhhyle

      They’re actually the same remotes. The only thing that’s different is the box, it still says wii on the remote not wii u

  • Ninty1

    they all look nice
    i might get the Wii Remote+ and a Nunchuck probably 2-3 months after I get my Wii U

  • SteampunkJedi

    All I’ll need is the screen protector if the touch screen is like the DS’s and not the 3DS’s, which doesn’t scratch much at all. I’m hoping it’s like the second one, but I may get a screen protector just in case.

  • Jetty

    Dammit, now you have to pick up your pre-order and fight crowds for a pro controller.

  • Lusunup

    first thing everyone needs is screen protector, I wonder how much it will cost My guess would be 15 dollars.

    • Paul

      zavvi in the uk is doing a wii u gamepad accessory set for £9.99 / $16.25

      it included screen protector, wii u pen and screen wiper

  • Mazor775

    Can you use the old wii controllers on the wii u?

    • Kahhhhyle

      Lol yup. Def wiimotes and nunchucks I don’t think they’ve clarified classic controllers yet

      • Damiao

        classic controllers are confirmed on

        • Kahhhhyle

          There ya go Mazor. The only thing that won’t work with wii u is gamecube controllers… Which is admittedly disappointing

  • Kahhhhyle

    I just realized Nintendo is gonna clean un on controller sales. Wii-motes, game pads, pro controllers, nunchucks… Think there’s a chance Nintendo can drop the price of wii motes so we don’t all go broke heh

  • TheUNation

    I’m looking forward to purchase the screen protector for the Wii U’s GamePad. Good thing I don’t have to worry about the scratches on the screen.

  • steph

    is it just me or does the new pink wiiU remote look like a different shade of pink than the current pink wii motes available?

  • Paul

    id love to pick up the wii u pro controller in white on launch day but hmv only have the black version listed on there website… does anybody know if it will be launched on the same day as the console or later down the line ??

  • Super Paper Rye

    Guys… Sorry for advertising… but..
    Try out Tmart guys! I got two cheap Wiimote pluses, a wii motion plus cube thing and two nun chucks for $60 dollars! I did the math and I literally saved about 100 bucks or so. Try it if you don’t have Wii motion plus or that kind of shit.
    (Ugh, I feel like a loser. I just advertised… :(.)

  • Zak

    i wonder if they have a only white wii remote plus without anything only wii remote plus

  • Nintendude789

    All I need is a Pro Controller, and Game Pad Accesories, and a new Nunchuk (my baby bro boke one of my 2 epic Nunchuks)

  • meliza

    Instead of buying a Wii Controller with the motion plus inside can we just play with the regular motion plus that is in the outside.

  • Tim

    Assuming the Wii U has to run some sort of ‘Wii mode’ to play Wii games, VC games etc, are we going to have to hang on to our Wii classic controllers? The pro controller looks awesome for SNES games, 64 games etc, so I really hope they make it work.

  • Raymond

    Gimme 2 Pro Controllers and a screen protector and Im ready to go XD