Wii U accessories will include everything from first party Wii U controller attachments like guns and steering wheels, to third party accessories like headsets, earphones, and charging stations, and more. Once Nintendo releases the final size specs of the Wii U and its controller, third party manufacturers will begin creating and announcing all sorts of accessories. Nintendo will onyl offer one model at launch, but the company is expected to offer more Wii U models later, bundled with different accessories.

Wii U accessories from Wii

Wii U Accessories
The Wii U will support accessories from the old Wii, such as the Wiimote controller, nunchucks, and even the Wii Balance Board. All of these accessories will be easily paired with the Wii U console via Bluetooth, just like on the regular Wii. It is unknown whether the Wii U will ship only with the Wii U tablet controller, or if a Wiimote and nunchuck attachment will be included as well.

Nintendo-made Wii U accessories

Wii U Accessories
Nintendo has already revealed two major Wii U accessories: a gun type accessory nicknamed Wii U Zapper where the Wii U controller is attached and works as a “sight”, and a Wii U controller dock that functions as a docking station to recharge the controller. Both of these accessories have already been patented by Nintendo and are likely to be available at launch. It is unknown whether they will be included as part of the console, or whether they will be sold separately. Some of the future accessories are expected to be packed together in Wii U bundles like Nintendo did with the original Wii.

Wii U Pro controller
Nintendo also offers the Wii U Pro controller, which is meant for those players who prefer a more classical approach to gameplay, instead of using the Wii U GamePad.

Nintendo will introduce new Wii U accessories as the console matures. One possible accessory is an advanced version of the Wii vitality sensor, and a new steering wheel “cradle” for the tablet controller. The vitality sensor is still in development at Nintendo, and the Wii U might be the perfect console for the new accessory.

Third party Wii U accessories

Third party manufacturers will reveal their lineups of Wii U accessories once the final specs have been released by Nintendo. The manufacturers will like bring everything from chargers, to docking stations, to gun attachments, and much more. It’s also expected that a lot of the current third party Wii accessories will work with the Wii U through firmware and software updates. Makers like Rocketfish, Mad Catz, and Nyko are all expected to have Wii U accessories such as their versions of the Wii U sensor bar ready once the new console launches in November 2012.

Wii U NFC accessories

The Wii U supports NFC technology built inside of the controller, which means all sorts of accessories and items with built in NFC chips will be able to communicate with the controller and games. Both Nintendo and third parties are expected to incorporate NFC tech into more expensive accessories. For more on this, check out our Wii U NFC page.

Games that use Wii U accessories

The following is a list of games that will use some of the accessories and controllers. Both confirmed and unconfirmed titles are listed.

  • Paulos

    Looks like the Wii U will have an actual physical motion tracker for Aliens: Colonial Marines by the look of the Wii U Zapper. The only way to play 🙂

  • Alex

    How many games will the wiiu pro controller support.

    • RbwNjaFurret

      Probably all games that don’t require you to have the screen, such Virtual Console games. Just a guess though.

    • Mr.Chimera573

      I would guess most multiplayer would allow you to use the pro controllers, and maybe some games like FPS’s would have it available.

    • Wii u crazer

      The wii u pro controller will support many games.

    • Michael

      I would like to know that too. I’m assuming all. When Battlefield 4 and possibly COD or any other FPS comes out on it, I would hope the controller works!

    • EPICGAMER111

      i think the normal game controller is better than the pro

      • bruce

        Did u see how they play the games with that thing? Your looking down at it every min or so wouldnt it get annoying?

      • Little Gamer

        The Gamepad is absolutely better than The Pro controller. But if you are talking about other console controller, well that’s your opinion.

    • Peter

      Almost ALL games designed on Wii U will work with all controllers. This is because though the controllers look so much different, the button layouts are very similar (except maybe that for wiimote and nunchuk). Only certain games like Zombiu will not use pro controller. But that is just because it requires the gamepad. BUT, if you are playing multiplayer it works with a pro controller. All games on the launch list have support for all controllers. So don’t worry about it. nintendo is requiring developers to post what each game works with so people don’t buy a game and have it not work. There will be no risk. If you buy a game and there is NO info on what controller it is for, it works with all.

      • RoboticLink

        What are you talking about? ZOMBIU IS PLAYABLE WITH THE PRO CONTROLLER. Get with it, old man.

        • Matt

          its only playable wit the pro conrtoller when playing multiplayer

    • Simon

      I think that the pro controller is going to fit most games. The thing with the gamepad (screen controller) is that you don’t have a lot of stuff on the screen, like map and maybe ammo etc depending on which game you are playing. 😛

    • Dave

      As far as I know the Pro Controller is supported with pretty much any game as of right now. The Game Pad offers more features for game play and use as a secondary screen. For Assassins Creed III for example, Game Pad is used for Eagle vision, over world maps, and switching weapons. Without the GamePad ACIII would function just as it would on any other system to my understanding. Although for online gaming you must use the GamePad since the Pro Controller doesn’t have a 1/8″ headphone jack…but that may change in the future.

  • Thepokemonmaster

    I’m just waiting for the wii u i hope it is going to come out soon 🙂

    • EPICGAMER111

      at least you are aloud to buy one

      • BATMAN2NE1

        How come ur not allowed 2 buy one? country law?

  • booss

    Going to buy two game pads ,a pro controller or two and i already have two Wii motion plus controllers.

    • joesatmoes

      I’d suggest if the games u want the pro controller on also include the ccp, stick to 1 wii U pro and your ccp

    • rizz509hammer

      gamepads will not be sold separately be retailers.. until early 2013

  • nintendon’t

    I remember when the Wii came out, the box set didn’t include a nunchuck which was necessary to play boxing on Wii Sports. I hope they include everything you need when the Wii U is released.

    • Joey

      Your Wii was not packaged properly. I’ve purchased 2 Wii consoles (1 got something spilled on it) and both came with a nunchuk…

      • Norm the Conqueror

        The launch Wiis didn’t.

        • LyingTuna

          I got my Wii at launch. It had a Wiimote and a nunchuk…

        • SweetCosmicPope

          My launch Wii came with remote and ‘chuck.

          • Camili

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        • sapd

          yes it did

    • zam

      it did include a nunchuck u probably got a preowned one

  • Loz fan

    I hope they come out with black wii u zapper.

  • Wii u crazer

    Wii u pro controller will be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • micks610

      It is awesome 😀
      I got it today 😀

  • Anonymous

    Release the accessories together!

    It’s annoying to buy crap so you can play one game.

  • 007 1/2

    Can I use my classic controller instead of the wii u pro?

    • Wii Enthusiast

      I’m pretty sure that they won’t be compatible. The Wii U Pro version will probably be more advanced and may function differently, since it is for a different consol. This is just a guess though. Sorry.

    • Jordan

      The Wii U gamepad’s joysticks can be pushed down like buttons and I would imagine the same would be true for the Wii U classic controller pro meaning your old on’s will probably not work on most Wii U games.

  • Sasuke23

    Does the wii u work with the original wii ?

    • LyingTuna

      It’s a new system. Your question makes no sense. Let me answer a question you probably meant to ask. Wii accessories work on wii u. As do its games. Wii u games are seperate. They work on the wii u and that’s it. The wii is not powerful enough to handle wii u games or the wii u GamePad.

  • Sasuke23


  • GirlGamer

    ITS EXPENSIVE. i mean buying the wii u which i predict will cost aroun 280 pounds (great britain) and then the wii remote that’ll cost around 20 pounds the wii balance board which costs around 80 pounds. total cost is 380 pounds. Why not just buy an ipad? Nintendo better make that piece of shít priced right or they wont make much money! maximum for the wii u console is 268

    • mtx123456

      268? That’s an odd number for a tech product…

      Anyway, how does that thing have ANYTHING to do with an iPad? Ok, its controller has a touchscreen, so has iPad. That’s about it.
      iPad is a tablet computer, a device that is like a laptop, but with crappier games, and is sleeker and is better sometimes.
      Wii U is a gaming console. Just like Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Xbox, PS2, NGC, Dreamcast and so on. It can play games like them. High-quality games. 3D games. All they have in common is a touchscreen.

    • 007 1/2

      its supposed to be $300 idk how much that is in europe.

      • ICHIkatakuri

        About £190, though the original Wii kept to the exchange rate (sort of) it has pretty much been the only console to do it where as all other releases, the respective companies just put a £ sign in place of the $ one. I am really hoping Ninty doesn’t go back to that sort of behaviour. I’m totally in the dark as to how they priced the 3DS between the different regions, anyone know?

    • Fancy a Beer?

      Do you happen to read The Sun newspaper, by any chance?

  • Dalton

    the other wii was easy to use but my mother likes basic gaming so will it be to technical for her ?

    • AC

      most games will be compatible with the old Wii remote so it will most likely be ok for your mother. Also, Your Mother is going have to advance if she wants to continue with video games because as technology becomes more complex, consoles with have more complex controlers so she will have to adapt to new technology

  • theorangefish

    I hope the pro controller features rumble and gets a bit Gamecube like button array. That would provide better handling and less xbox look. I also hope the gamepad screen size drops to 5,2″ (sharper screen).

    • 007 1/2

      The game pad resolution is like 876×480 that is about 480p, the same as the original wii. The resolution won’t change, so y would u shrink the screen?

      • ncv144

        I think he means pixel density which does indeed make a sharper screen.

  • 7Down

    I wish the pro controller were exactly the same as Game Cube controller, but that looks fine as well I guess

    • theorangefish

      yes for me the GC pad was the most advanced pad ever. It had everything you needed from a handy shape to dual analog sticks. But it looks like that will never happen. Maybe we are lucky and someone can somehow use a wavebird (technically that should be possible) on the wii u (just like a few people used a N64 pad on a Wii).

  • Ibiexplorer4

    My only worry as far as accessories are concerned is how the Wii U Zapper fits the game pad. It seems far from practical and could slip off ver easily.

    Other than that, it seems that they should complement the system very well.

  • Crapcake

    Hey Wii u daily there’s a typo in the first paragraph:the word only is spelled onyl

    • ocarinaoftime

      and the word “spelled” is spelt <– like that, good sir.


    Would WII games work on the WII U

    • 007 1/2


  • Undecided

    I hope the pro controller comes with a wire connection. I’m tired of buying batteries. I bought a charging dock for my wiimotes and it doesn’t work properly..a real pain.

    • Kristian

      It wont need batteries, it’s just like the ps3 controller. Aka, you charge it via the console with a removeable cable 😉

    • 30yearsofnintendogaming

      undecided i had the same problem. i decided to get real batterys, i lost the battery cover, so its very uncomfortable. at least i have 2 other ones….. :c

  • Daryusp07

    Has anyone seen or heard anything about headsets?

    • 007 1/2

      yes it will b a third party accessory. It says it on the list on the wiiudaily homepage.

    • i hate you

      turtle beach NLa from game cost £40

  • ssb4

    the pro controller set up is bad for smash bros the GC controller was best. teh actual wii u pad is better for SSB4 than that pro.

  • 0soul

    If only the pro looked more like an enhanced ggc..

  • DragonChi

    I really want a Wireless Wii U Pro Controller. Though I don’t suspect that will be available until sometime in the foreseeable future.

    • ssb4


  • wieg9797

    I could care less about the Zapper or the Gamepad, I wanna get my hands on that WiiU Controller Pro, the first wireless gaming controller (Gaming: FPS, Skyrim!) from Nintendo! PS3 has met it’s match

    • Donnaclus

      I’m pretty sure the WaveBird GCN and Wii Remote were wireless.

  • TheBiggestNintendoFan

    I cant wait for these accessories to be released!! The one that im really excited about is the Pro controller!!

  • oOXMBXOo

    I Spent thousands, I mean thousands on the first WII, controllers, Wii fit 3rd party controllers, the works tons of games, I bought it all + the kitchen sink.

    Where is my WII today, boxed, put back collecting dust. The gameplay on most of the games was laggy slow and unresponsive even with all the bells and whistles.

    Before I make such an investment in this console again, this time I will wait, and wait and wait a little more to see the real reviews after millions of people spent some time in this and then decide whether I’ll buy it.

    I’m not saying the WII was crap, but for me it was not worth the time and money spent. I did have fun with it, however not as much as I thought I would.

    Besides I still play on all the other platforms of gaming consoles and PC and their are times when even the other’s let you down too.

    This time though I do think that Nintendo may be on a winner, I’m just waiting a little longer this time round.

    • Johnny Star

      If you didn’t like the original Wii so much, then why in the world would you keep spending tons of money on it? You my dear sir, have no logic!

      • Aeglos13

        He has a point. But, the game that redeemed it all for me was LoZ Skyward Sword. Sure, it has it’s flaws, but if you haven’t played it yet, try it out. And for your own sake, please buy a used copy. It is insanely expensive at retail price.

  • GirlGamer


    • Leroy Jenkins

      God bless you 🙂

    • achoo


  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    the zapper might not be final since it shows the prototype wii u gamepad. 🙁

  • asfd

    i do realize they using the snes style controller where the ABXY are at, but playing the game cube and wii and and xbox im so use to be pushing A knowing the fact that the A is really at a different spot kinda bothers me…

  • asfd

    this shit is cool

  • sapd

    wow the will u accessories look cool

  • mike


  • mike

    i want 1 i dont have 1

  • mike

  • mike


  • mike

    wiiu/portal 2 rocks

  • juan manuel

    my only concern is that de wii mote + nunchuk might be mandatory for some AAA games like Zelda or a third party game,mainly because in order to buy the wii u i’ll have to resell my wii with its controlers.

    I just hope the wii remotes gets a price drop so i can easily afford a new pair

    • uh iam pretty sure, actually 99% sure that you would use the gamepad for the new zelda games in the future not the wii remote

  • Jonah

    On a completely different topic… Why buy ZombiU if you can get Black Ops 2 with Zombies? Is there really a difference? Or is Nintendo just trying to make money off zombies?

    • dinkster

      ZombieU is survival horror. Black Ops 2 is generic cookie cutter shooter trying to make money off of zombies.

    • just because mario is in mario kart and mario party doesn’t mean its the same game. zombiu and cod bo 2 are two completely different games

  • Sevenn

    Just so you know there’s also apparently a first party Wii U Mic.



    (Scroll down a little on the second link)

  • This guy

    Xbox 260 controller + PS3 controller = Wii U pro controller.

    • Dillon Gordon

      i actually had a controller for nintendo wii that lookd kind of like that it was custom made tho…..besides no matter how they made it it wud of just looked like a ripoff to everyone anyway am i rite? cmon guys give nintendo a chance they where the ones that started controllers in superior nob form if you think about it n64 was at the head of the class before ps1 came along they jus want to catch up so they can bump head at the top of the leader board too….even tho they are up there it always seems that passin 3rd place was never a possibility…there trying there best 

      not alot of systems go international and stay there as long as theses 3. 

  • boo

    so happy it is out

  • Nico Lavalle

    I WANT IT!!!!

  • rabbit2828

    I have the Wii U and bundled it with extra controlers.  Is anyone else having problems syncing them?  I would pair the 4 extra controllers, but when I use the gamepad it cancels out the controllers.  Please any help on this!!!

    • Norman Wong

      I’ve paired 4 remotes without any problems.  They are only active if the game using them supports the number of controllers.


  • MR0402

    Bought the kids a Wii U as the Wii had died and we had plenty of Wii games.  Thoughts are  … HD looks excellent, and even the old Wii games in the standard resolution benefit from the HDMI connection rather that composite video, the kids love the 2nd screen on the new controller, the old Wii games/balance board/controllers work just fine, although when you select Wii it takes about 15 seconds to ‘reboot’ into a Wii compatibility mode.  New software is pricey but seems to be re-engineered for the 2nd screen which is good.  Overall, I’d say it was a good buy given the investment in the old software but if I was buying fresh I’d wait until I saw it take off in the market … things like the xbox seem a lot cheaper.

  • Tim Mavis

    can i use the Wii U pro controller for the Original Wii (the old one)?