Wii U accessories will include everything from first party Wii U controller attachments like guns and steering wheels, to third party accessories like headsets, earphones, and charging stations, and more. Once Nintendo releases the final size specs of the Wii U and its controller, third party manufacturers will begin creating and announcing all sorts of accessories. Nintendo will onyl offer one model at launch, but the company is expected to offer more Wii U models later, bundled with different accessories.

Wii U accessories from Wii

Wii U Accessories
The Wii U will support accessories from the old Wii, such as the Wiimote controller, nunchucks, and even the Wii Balance Board. All of these accessories will be easily paired with the Wii U console via Bluetooth, just like on the regular Wii. It is unknown whether the Wii U will ship only with the Wii U tablet controller, or if a Wiimote and nunchuck attachment will be included as well.

Nintendo-made Wii U accessories

Wii U Accessories
Nintendo has already revealed two major Wii U accessories: a gun type accessory nicknamed Wii U Zapper where the Wii U controller is attached and works as a “sight”, and a Wii U controller dock that functions as a docking station to recharge the controller. Both of these accessories have already been patented by Nintendo and are likely to be available at launch. It is unknown whether they will be included as part of the console, or whether they will be sold separately. Some of the future accessories are expected to be packed together in Wii U bundles like Nintendo did with the original Wii.

Wii U Pro controller
Nintendo also offers the Wii U Pro controller, which is meant for those players who prefer a more classical approach to gameplay, instead of using the Wii U GamePad.

Nintendo will introduce new Wii U accessories as the console matures. One possible accessory is an advanced version of the Wii vitality sensor, and a new steering wheel “cradle” for the tablet controller. The vitality sensor is still in development at Nintendo, and the Wii U might be the perfect console for the new accessory.

Third party Wii U accessories

Third party manufacturers will reveal their lineups of Wii U accessories once the final specs have been released by Nintendo. The manufacturers will like bring everything from chargers, to docking stations, to gun attachments, and much more. It’s also expected that a lot of the current third party Wii accessories will work with the Wii U through firmware and software updates. Makers like Rocketfish, Mad Catz, and Nyko are all expected to have Wii U accessories such as their versions of the Wii U sensor bar ready once the new console launches in November 2012.

Wii U NFC accessories

The Wii U supports NFC technology built inside of the controller, which means all sorts of accessories and items with built in NFC chips will be able to communicate with the controller and games. Both Nintendo and third parties are expected to incorporate NFC tech into more expensive accessories. For more on this, check out our Wii U NFC page.

Games that use Wii U accessories

The following is a list of games that will use some of the accessories and controllers. Both confirmed and unconfirmed titles are listed.