Jul 5th, 2011 publishUpdated   Mar 31st, 2012, 8:03 am

ID Tech 5 Wii U
According to John Carmack, co-founder of Id Software, the Wii U is powerful enough for the brand new id Tech 5 engine. Speaking to IndustryGamers, Carmack said of Wii U,

“It should be a slam dunk to move over to Tech 5 games on there. We haven’t had that discussion yet as a company, but it seems technically like it’s a valid target, so I’m always happy to go ahead and get a new box in and see what it takes to bring it up and see the pros and cons of the choices they made. I think they probably made a fairly intelligent decision with the Wii U.”

Carmack is one of the top developers over the past 20 years in the videogame industry, and has worked on several of the Id Tech engines which pushed the limits of video game visuals. The newest engine, Id Tech 5, will power the upcoming Rage, due out later this year, and Doom 4. Carmack also commented on the new Wii U tablet, saying,

“I think there may be more good uses of that Wii U tablet than there are for the current generation with Kinect and Move.”

Carmack’s interview comes just days after Id Software parent company Bethesda said they were interested in bringing their games to the Wii U.

Getting support from the big engine makers is a big help for the Wii U, the Id Tech 5, Unreal Engine 3, and CryEngine 3 are all more or less confirmed for the Wii U, with CryEngine 3 already running on the console. This would give game developers not only more tools to work with, but also give them the ability to port existing games from other consoles to the Wii U.

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