Aug 19th, 2014


Nintendo has been on a roll lately with system updates for the Wii U, as the latest is the second update available in less than a month. This new version brings the system update number to 5.1.2 U and according to Nintendo, it brings further improvements and overall system stability.

Additional tweaks that enhance the user experience have been included as well. For the record, the last system update brought several changes to the Nintendo eShop, including the ability to navigate the eShop using several control methods instead of being forced to use the GamePad. This should be great news for fans of Super Smash Bros. when it launches, as most people will likely want to control the game solely with their GameCube or Pro controllers.

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  • Nintendo’s changelogs are typically the worst. But sometimes they’re super exciting. I’m just tired of reading “more stability”. Communicate what that means, Ninty.

    Or is that just a “me” thing?

    • palomino blue

      Agreed. I don’t think I’ve really ever experienced a lack of stability. What does it mean?

      • I’ve had it freeze and buzz a few times, but it hasn’t done that for a long while

    • Fred

      If they would actually make my system more stable it wouldn’t bother me. My Wii U freezes 2-3 times a week (roughly half the times I turn it on) and it’s annoying me more and MORE

      • Michael DeVore

        What do you have plugged in, and are you getting the USB message?

      • holy crap… that sounds like a “you problem”

        • Michael DeVore

          Not necessarily. I find the HuluPlus app to be highly unstable. When you have a USB device plugged in that isn’t thought a separate power supply it becomes more unstable. Then there are the psudo crashes where it’s just taking an app a long time to close, but eventually does close if you give it a minute or two. I only know those happen because I’m lazy and will let it wait for 5 minutes while I do something else.

    • They’re boring as hell to write about, too. 9 times out of 10, it’s system stability and further improvements and that’s all I have to say. What does that mean? No one but Nintendo knows.

      • Fred

        Are other people having Their Wii U’s freeze as often as I am or am I an outlier? It’s about every other time I use the system. I’m actually hoping it is just STABILITY fixes cause from my perspective the stability needs fixing

        • GermGerm

          Mine freezes all the freaking time.

          • PS4WiiURocks

            Mine never does since last year

        • Mine used to freeze frequently too! I don’t know what happened but it doesn’t freeze much now. But every now and then it happens, it’s very annoying.

          • David Oakley

            Mine was bricked over the weekend 🙁

        • I’ve actually had a hell of a lot of crashes on my wii u, but only during third party games. I assumed it was a sign of the low quality ports and the increasing disregard for quality control in big budget third party games in regard to bugs.

          • HotInEER

            Thankfully, I’ve never had that issue or anyone else I know with a Wii U.

        • great deku tree

          mine never freezes during games. the only time it ever freezes is if my internet connection suddenly crashes while I’m using the youtube app. when that does happen though it’s one hell of a pest as it then repeatedly crashes as soon as a turn my wii u back on over and over and over again.
          but like I said that’s only when my internet crashes while using the youtube app so that’s pretty rare.

        • companyoflosers

          i had that happen alot early on when the system had just come out. it happened with specific games though like for me personally it happened alot with assassin’s creed 3 or zombie U. apart from the occasional freeze from leaving the browser on and idle for a long time, it doesnt really happen to me anymore.

        • Jokin Gasco

          Mine works perfect for days without turning off

        • Ben Daluz

          Mine never ever freezes in any of the 40 odd games I’ve got (I’ve used it pretty much every day for a year). The only thing in this ballpark it does is that I’d say 50% of the time loading Mass Effect 3, it crashes and needs a hard reset but I put that down to ME3 as I’ve never seen anything remotely similar doing anything else

        • steveb944

          Check to see if it improves, if not go ahead and contact them.

          I used to have issues with COD but mainly due to having a long gaming period and the system just couldn’t handle all those hours. Recently it’s been fine with my MH3 sessions and everything else I throws at it.

        • Nate

          Mine hasn’t frozen since the few months following launch when the operating system was almost impossible to use. Now my Wii U runs great and haven’t had a crash in almost two years!

        • rp17

          When mine freezes it usually when I’m playing a third party game. It has never frozen when playing a Nintendo game. I don’t know what that means…

        • chris

          Only when closing Hulu for me.

        • sd

          Mine kept freezing, then it broke.

        • dorkgeniuz21

          It’s only happened to me while playing one of 2 games which are assasins creed 3 and batman 3 or whatever

      • andrewjcole

        Easier just to cut and paste this article next time. Change the date.

      • the Wii was the exact same way. They were always updating and it was just about jack crap

      • Andrew W Garttmeyer

        Seriously, maybe stop tweaking the damn thing and work on games!

    • Gootube Suck Ass

      Because Nintendo is unique, so unique that only members of Nintendo could understand!
      Unique as fuck!

    • Daniel Carvalho

      It’s getting really boring. I wonder about the need of those updates. They seem to do nothing at all!

      • I’m sure they do something. As a developer myself, a lot of times you push like, one change and it fixes one thing that bothered maybe 5% of your userbase. The problem I have is their terrible updating of their changelog

        • Daniel Carvalho

          Maybe it’s problems that should have been fixed even before the console launched (like the slow Operational System, just in a smaller scale), and minor bugs that bricked some consoles. The reason they don’t tell that is because they would be saying they delivered an incomplete system.

          Of course, this is just my assumption. I can’t really think of something else they could be changing, nor a reason to not tell what they’re changing.

    • Rinslowe

      Well, “stability” is usually just patching known exploits when there’s no other information given in the change-logs. And that’s usually a good thing overall…
      As you said, if it’s something they can talk about, usually it gets a specific mention.

    • LordiMcKill

      Sony do similar stuff when they update their consoles and handhelds, it must be a Japanese thing.

      • eh… I think it’s one of two things
        1. Lazy devs who don’t feel like writing changelogs (which is very possible, in my experience

        2. They’re closing up security holes (to prevent modding, etc) that they don’t feel like broadcasting.

        My guess is it’s a bit of both

  • Did I miss something? What does the update actually do? Guess it just improves stability.

    • Fred

      well, hopefully it improves stability instead of just saying it does. I love my Wii U and don’t regret buying it, but it’s stability SUCKS

      • palomino blue

        If you lay it flat instead of standing it up on its side it’ll be more stable in your entertainment center.

        • Merry_Blind


        • Fred

          I’ve never stood it up on it’s side. Oh wait I get what you’re saying haha. I’m serious though. The biggest is closing Netflix. It freezes almost every time I close Netflix, but it sometimes freezes when I close other games too. I’ve gotten to the point where if I’m done playing I don’t go back to the main screen I just turn it off unless I”m going to play a different game then I hit home and cross my fingers

          • palomino blue

            I’ve actually had Netflix freeze a couple times but nothing else yet.

  • Is that why my Wii U updated last night at midnight when I tried to access the eShop?

  • Guest

    How do you update? I went to notifications the the lasted note was for update 5.1.0, or does the update happen automatically.

    • GermGerm

      It’s the second to last icon in the system settings menu

    • plwjr

      Go to the System Settings and go to the second last option and It will say “Update System”

    • Falcoxcalibur

      Just go to the eShop… it will update.

    • Chase U

      I have the same problem… I can’t find the new update on my Wii U anywhere… not under ANYTHING! The most recent one it says is 5.1.0

  • Coffee

    People take smash too seriously, I’m the only one who wants it as a fun game.

    • A – Kuma

      i play for fun and for glory

    • People take changelogs too seriously. I’m the only one who wants it as a fun game

  • Merry_Blind

    I’m surprised some people’s Wii U freeze often. Mine froze 2 times in total since I’ve bought it last Christmas. That’s better than my PS3. Meanwhile, my PC has never frozen in the 2 years I’ve had it. So much for the “consoles are so much more stable than PCs” argument.

    • Console can’t get viruses. Argument over.

      • Mason742

        Neither can cell phones or mac computers, oh wait… They can

      • Merry_Blind

        Well, you get viruses on a computer only when you download illegal stuff or when you go to porn sites. For the former, well that will teach you to pirate stuff, and for the latter, all you need is good protection (just like the real thing!) I have a free anti-virus, which has a ‘virtual desktop’ feature. Whatever happens in that virtual desktop disappears when you close it. Simple as that.

        • Doctors Tardis

          I really hope you aren’t being serious, any website can be a host for a virus.

          • Merry_Blind

            Well duh. What I meant is that the most common way of getting viruses is by visiting porn sites and downloading stuff from unsure sources. Sure WiiUDaily CAN have viruses, but it doesn’t.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Actually, I think every website no matter how “safe” it appears to be has viruses. For example, a while back my parents bought this anti virus program called “viper” and in order to instal it you have to disable any sort of anti virus program you have going. We did that and so my parents were reading the back of the program package. I got bored and decided to go to Serebii thinking it was perfectly safe….nope. Got a Trojan horse I think. We’ve taken care of it of course, but that was….very creepy.

            I never expected such a “kid friendly” looking site to have viruses. And no, I didn’t click on any advertisements.

          • It probably comes through the ads they have on the site, and not the site itself.

        • 2Макс2

          you will be suprised but sometimes you don’t have to download anything to get a virus. Read about “lovesan” for example. Anti-virus sw of course helps a lot in such cases.

      • companyoflosers

        technically they CAN but people who develop viruses are targeting pc, mac or phone platforms now so consoles are unaffected. if a virus was developed specifically for consoles, it would probably wreak quite a bit of havoc seeing as how consoles have very little security. but small chance of that. we have more personal information stored in other places so consoles arent worth attacking.

    • Fuzzylittlebastard

      Mine has never frozen…

      • Never had an issue with freezing either? Maybe earlier models are more susceptible?

        • companyoflosers

          nothing to do with earlier models. i have a console from day 1 that it was available in the US and its fine now. ya it had freezing issues on third party games early on but that never happens anymore. the only tim it ever freezes now is if i fall asleep with the browser open and it is idle for a really long time. at that point a quick system reset is all it takes.

          • chris

            And remember, everyone, first you turn off the gamepad, then when you reset the console you hold down the power button on it for 4 seconds. Do not unplug it.

          • justjoined

            Wrong. I have 2 Wii U’s: One purchased on launch day, the other was the WW bundle from last year. Both consoles are up to date and I use both consoles equally. In my experience, the early model definitely freezes more. Take youtube and Wii street U for example: I have those same applications on both systems. They never freeze on my WW console, but they will occasionally freeze on my launch console. Also my launch day console will sometimes freeze when I go into settings or the Wii menu. I can’t remember the last time my WW console froze.

          • companyoflosers

            you cant say simply because your experience disagrees that i am wrong. simply because you have 2 wii u’s doesnt mean anything. there is always the possibility you recieved an inferiror unit but that is not evidence that all the early units were just as inferior, you are making an assumption that everyone is having the same experience you did which is not true as obviously pointed out in my last post. if all early units were less stable, id be having problems with mine but im am not so there is clearly some falseness to your assumptions. you can say your experience differs, but you cant say with certainty without testing all the early units that i am wrong.

          • justjoined

            Fair enough. But I would say my launch day unit is typical of most Wii Us in that It works smoothly most of the time, although it will freeze occasionally. (I probably wouldn’t notice the freezing as much if I didn’t have that second Wii U) And actually you gave a similar description to the behaviour of my launch day unit when you said it used to freeze a lot on 3rd party games but not so much anymore. You even acknowledged that it still freezes on the browser when left idle. I couldn’t be that specific if I were trying to describe a problematic scenario with my newer model. So all things being equal, I can at least say my newer model is more stable than your current one.

        • Fuzzylittlebastard

          Yeah, it seeems like most problems people have I never encounter.

        • Fuzzylittlebastard


    • Decker Shado

      My Wii U froze at most 5 times since I’ve had it. (bought it the week it launched) Mostly when it was new. My PC froze about 8 times a couple weeks ago.. PowerDirector was not liking some unkown trait of a 5 minute video I was trying to process. Ended up having to delete the project and rebuild the video (from the same assets) all over again. THEN it worked.

      The way I see it, stability issues are tied more to software than hardware.

      • PC’s are also a wider range of machines. Some might run perfectly for years, and some might have issues out of the box.

    • Ducked

      I’ve had my Wii U for nine months, and it hasn’t frozen yet.

      • Christian Schoff

        Since day one for me and no freezing or even lag.

  • GermGerm

    There is new music in the mii plaza like thing on tv when you turn on the console

    • Shota

      so the music is stability improvement? wtf nintendo

      • FoxMulder900

        It stabilizes my sanity, not having to hear that same thing over and over and over

        • Shota

          you dont have to hear it. just start a software or turn it off

          • marloc_x

            *slow clap* thanks for your input..

  • Justin Carlson

    I’ve never had first party games freeze, but I’ve had plenty of third party games lock up the system. Although it seems with each update it gets a little better.
    I also have the occasional black screen on the TV for about 2 seconds and then the image comes back. The game does not pause for the 2 seconds though. I think it’s an HDMI issue.

  • Falcoxcalibur

    People complaining about their Wii U’s freezing… wonder why.

    • Christian Schoff

      I’ve never heard anyone say their Wii U froze nor has mine ever.

      • sd

        My Wii U started playing up after the quick start update and this got worse after the last update. It kept freezing. Then 3 days after the last update it stopped working. I read that they overpowered the usb port with their last update and I had just bought skylanders, which plugged into the USB port. Maybe a coincident, guess I will never really know. Nintendo want me to spend $100+ (including postage) to look at it before giving me a firm repair price. Not happening so I just sold my gamepad. Looks like no more Wii U this gen for me.

  • CaesarGood

    why doesn’t Nintendo give us a real update. something where we can do more customization on our own system or how about wallpapers or screensaver from the different games we play that we can unlock?? Bring back Wii Vote Everybody votes whatever it was with a purpose. Anything other than stability and improvements, or at least explain specifically what they are.

    • I want a custom WaraWara plaza, kinda like the animal crossing one they had.

      Of course, now the plaza is basically obsolete because of the quick start menu

  • SolarShane13

    Actually the last system update was 5.1.1. The update that delivered the mentioned features was 5.1.0. Just a little FYI.

  • Milky Bacons

    So… yah… nothing really.