May 9th, 2013


For those of you who’ve played around with Wii Street U since its initial release, you might want to update it and give it another go. An update for the service adds several new features, including the ability to take pictures of places you’ve visited and post them onto Miiverse. The following is a list of features newly available to the app:

  • Register places as favorites
  • Nine new recommended spots
  • Miiverse support
  • Take pictures and post to Miiverse
  • Tag pictures with thoughts
  • View pictures based on tags
  • Spoiler image to cover it up with a question mark

If you haven’t downloaded Wii Street U to check it out, you can still do so for free.

[via NeoGAF]

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  • D.M.T

    I’ve only used Wii Street U once because I didn’t like how my birthplace is not on Wii Street U but I will check it out again and take pictures.

  • Shaise Mughal

    Its amazing! Its just like a camera, but your not actually there. Imagine Wii street U + Panorama view! You could go anywhere!

  • Paul

    Hope kids don’t show ppl where they live lol

    • Javy G

      Which is exactly why I disabled the online feature on my son’s profile!

      • Congrats on being a smart parent 🙂

      • brawlnator

        or, just tell him what not to do, and im sure he’ll listen.

        • Sora Morp

          What he did was much better than just telling the child

    • Leorio

      Exactly.. I’ve seen kids on 3DS(colors 3D) posting pictures of themselves asking if they were pretty or something, asking for bfs/gfs.. and on Hatena for dsi it was pretty much the same thing. It’d be SO much worse if they were on google street and actually showed strangers where they live.. man.

      • Sidney Majurie

        OMG that’s scary. Thats why I put parental controls over internet usage on my kids 3DS. To go online he has to come through me first 😀

        • Zelly Jeffers

          I really wish more parents would do this.

          • Sidney Majurie

            There is a lot of things I wish more parents would do 😀

    • Nintenjoe82

      I was just thinking that.

      They could organise parties at people they don’t even know’s houses or the kid in their class they think is a douche’s.

    • You can see my house in
      Mushroom Kingdom

      • val berger

        damn, it would be the most awesome easter egg if nintendo would hide a mushroom kingdom to explore with wii street u somewhere on the ocean ;D

  • Christopher Smith

    Where do I download the update? I started the app and the update didn’t happen

  • Mario

    Yeah! P.S, I’m not gonna show strangers my house unless is a friend I know in real life.

  • Archiq09

    Put a hide and seek in this app
    it will be funny with friends xD

  • John Madsen

    see great you placed parental controls on the 3ds and even the wii u but there is a security hole you need to be aware of parents there is a third party page on youtube listed that shows people how to reset the parental controls on the 3ds and dsi and even the wii u by setting a differrent date and selecting i forgot my password then selecting dial 1800 number which gives you a code if you insert this code on this site it gives you the unlock key for your console for free so be careful

  • Petri

    Anyone elses Wii Street U extremely slow?
    Scrolling map is really slow, looking around with gamepad is ok though