Feb 14th, 2013

During today’s Nintendo Direct, “Wii Street U” became available on the North American eShop. This free software powered by Google gives Wii U owners the ability to visit anywhere in the world via the gamepad. Think of it like “Google Earth” with the added ability to have a 360 degree view. Check out the trailer below. What will be your first destination?

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  • mappy4ever

    Should be a permanent free app. I don’t see a point in charging people for this.
    (I am speaking for people purchasing after the promotion)

  • Nintedward

    Nice!!  The 3DS has litteraly TOO MUCH games coming this year , not to mention those that have yet to be announced for release this year :S .

    Nintendo need to focus a little bit more on the Wiiu than the 3DS right now….  Both consoles are $%^&ing amazing though ^_^

  • Very cool i love this new map viewer

  • How long is it free for?

    • uPadWatcher

      Wii Street U will be free until March 31st.

  • Graham Wallace

    Just checked the UK store, it’s on there as well

  • Letha1Rage

    I get my wii u in one week and this better still be free or I will be pissed

  • WarioForever

    Limited time? F***. I’ll buy my Wii U on June…

  • val berger

    who the hell is gonna pay for this? It’s really nice, but c’mon, everybody nowadays owns a smartphone. Street U is a fun free App, but nothing more, I’d rather pay for real gaming software.

  • I downloaded in the EU eShop and it is great, works very well. I probably wont be using it much though.

  • Jef Dinsmore

    I have Google Earth on my desktop computer but really don’t look at it often. I got it to check damage from SuperStorm Sandy as it caused havoc at my favorite beach house.

    So I am not sure I did the app on Wii U even for free.

  • It’s pretty fun.  How many days until I never open it again though?  A great time killer kinda like the weather earth for the Wii.

  • Ford Crews

    While it’s cool, it’s control system stinks, and it needs virtual tours of the places, where it runs you around the attractions popping up boxes telling you about various things you are looking at.    It should also give you a directions option, so say you are going to vegas staying at the MGM and want to see how you would walk from there to Caesars Palace,  let you preview the path without having to manually painfully move down the streets.