Nov 8th, 2013

Wii Sports Club launched yesterday on the Nintendo eShop and if you haven’t set up SpotPass to download the title automatically for you, you’ll find it in the eShop. The launch trailer for the title is above, showing families having fun with tennis and bowling. The trailer specifically focuses on the HD graphics and online play featured in the game, so those familiar with Wii Sports will see the advantages of the upgraded title.

It’s a great introduction to Nintendo’s new Sports title and one we wouldn’t mind seeing on TV. What do you think?

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  • Will (ishigum)

    Bowling online is absolutely addictive. Played til 3am. Still undefeated. Only had1 disconnect right at 3am.

    • Justagamer

      Still have to beat me…LOL

    • kevin nun—-

      Since Wii U daily never puts my article tips, here we go! Apparantly there is a Luigi Bros arcade in Super Mario 3D World!

  • thedeciderU

    i would love to own a physical copy. what happens to these downloaded games years from now? physical media lasts. i recently invested in a few hundred nes, snes, and genesis games (also ps1, psp, 32x), and i have personally cleaned and polished every game before putting into the old hardware. every last one of them works with zero problems and they are over 20 years old, some almost 30. bah.

    • sd

      Dont worry nintendo will allow you to transfer all of your digital content to their next console. They will even allow it to work fully for a small fee.

      But seriously the only way to safeguard digital content on a console is the same as for physical content on a console. You need to keep that console.

      • thedeciderU

        good points. the thing that worries me as a buyer is that hard drives fail. the old hardware, while it can fail, at least won’t lose your games. and it’s great that you can transfer digital content to the next console, but for how many generations? and what if they stop making consoles? i guess in this regard i’m an old soul who likes his gaming shelves 🙂

        to be honest, i’m planning on flat out breaking down and buying the bowling pass haha! let’s see if i can make it until after the holidays before i spend the money (maybe it will be a gift).

        • sd

          The other option is to have a separate hard drive for each system and to use those as backup drives if possible. Personally I get rid of my games once I have completed them. The reason is that I struggle to spend enough time playing all of the new games that I buy and I don’t have enough time to replay ones I have already completed as well.

          I havnt looked at the bowling pass yet, but online could be fun, especially as on the Wii I was able to get perfect games and annoy people by setting unbeatable high scores. (you cant beat a perfect game 🙂 )

          • thedeciderU

            that’s a pretty good idea! bowling and tennis online sounds really fun. if i get it, i’ll let you know haha

  • hahahero

    Did anyone else contract wii tennis elbow last night. Woke up and mine was kinda sore. This is going to be an epidemic

    • dubYA


      I’m suffering Wii Bowling shoulder. X(

      • hahahero

        the feels brother, the feels

      • Jon

        yeah… my shoulder is sore from bowling….. brb, I gotta go play some 100 pin bowling now that I am awake 🙂

    • Sdudyoy

      Yeah, I played way too much yesterday, gladly I don’t have the full game, I don’t know how sore I would be if I had this for a week.

      • hahahero

        Yeah… I ended up purchasing both today. Ima have a giant fiddler crab right arm by the end of the month.

  • Rymaar

    Was that “What’s My Age Again?” by Blink 182?!

    • thedeciderU

      haha almost – good catch

  • kevin

    The uk commercial is 1000 times better.

    • dubYA

      Funnier sure, but much less informative.

  • kevin

    Disappointed in the wii sports club, expectec more for online. Ut nintendo is years behind the game when it comes to onlinel

    • Justagamer

      Well time to sell your Wii U and stick with the other two

    • dubYA

      I think it will get better with updates. Part of me thinks they rushed this game out for the holiday season. Think about it:

      – Only tennis and bowling are currently available
      – Tennis is often laggy
      – Friend matchmaking is very limited

      Apart from all that, the game is awesome (especially bowling!). It just seems a bit incomplete.

  • CaesarGood

    Man I downloaded the game only to find out that I can’t play without a Wii mote Plus, smh…

    • Sdudyoy

      It doesn’t make since to me on why the Wii U isn’t bundled with a Wii mote plus.

      • CaesarGood

        yea, and it doesn’t make sense to me that the Wii U comes with the Wii installed as an app or Wii Mode, that u can’t even use with the gamepad. I’m sittin here stuck, as I just bought A Link To The Past and no way to play it…

  • Marcus Larsson

    This could have been a console seller if it were a physical copy or bundle and it had more news and new techniques in playing.
    Now it’s just an hd wii sports.
    I’m starting to think that I bought my wii u a year early.

    • thedeciderU

      physical copy/bundle should be an option (although maybe it will be. missed this holiday season though). i agree with you on this point. sometimes i feel i bought mine a year early, but i looked at my games and i’ve actually had a lot of fun. i can’t say that all the games are super awesome, but the ones that i did enjoy, i really enjoyed and it was nice to enjoy the games when they were new for a change (most games i play these days are not).

    • Cyberus

      I’ve been playing Nintendo Land, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed, ZombiU, and New Super Mario Bros U since it came out, well into August, when the game drought ended. Along with tons of Virtual Console games and enjoying Miiverse

      I bought my Wii U right on time

  • Ducked


  • MrBrettster0212 .

    why is it 9.99 a sport, so stupid

    • Funkee Dynamite

      because some people want some of the sports but not all of them so they can pay for the ones they want only…. duh

      • Entropyguy

        Pretty much, yeah. I mean, $10 per game isn’t completely unfair. And the games are fun. Better than spending $50 for the whole package if all you want is one or two sports.

    • Jon

      would gladly pay $10 per sport instead of a few dollars and a monthly subscription to be able to play online like the other systems.

  • Alienfish

    I’ve played both sports now and I really like them, but they aren’t worth ten bucks apiece. I was expecting five per sport when I entered the eShop.

    • thedeciderU

      haha, but this is nintendo.

  • Nintendoplaystation

    If this was a free download when wii u was released it would have added much greater value to the pakage.

  • bizzy gie

    I should’ve saved my $20 instead of blowing it on food (Oreos and Mountain Dew the best though). I would love to kill you all in Tennis.

  • LevenThumps

    A very nice trailer. I also like how this trailer emphasized that this game was on WiiU more than the previous trailer did. I know that probably all the gamers dedicated enough to come to a news website know it’s for WiiU, but I’m sure people may still think it’s a Wii game since it looks very similar to the first one.

  • slade6alpha

    Add me guys! ID: Slade6alpha

  • Gregg

    Awesome. Time to be re-addicted to Wii Sports Bowling

  • YogiGRB

    Can’t …. wait …. for …. GOLF 😀

  • jhell

    the online is great

  • andrewjcole

    This needs to go on every channel. Who doesn’t love Wii Sports and Online?

  • Justagamer

    I love the bowling so bad..Online rocks

  • Merrfn

    The old people XD

  • Emily Horton

    I really want to play it, but my Wii U is busted! D:

    Oh yeah, and I’m in college and swamped with work.