May 20th, 2014


Hot on the heels of the Wii Sports Club boxed version yesterday, it looks like Wii Sports Club boxing and baseball will be released on the Wii U eShop on July 26 in Japan. This information comes from the official Wii Sports Club website, which advertises the set of both sports available for 1,000 yen, which is about $10 USD.

We still don’t have any release information about the boxed version for the rest of the world, or when the rest of the world will get the final two sports, but with Japan receiving them in July, we can likely expect to see them soon. It’s probably a detail that will be gone over either before E3, or during Nintendo’s digital presentation for E3.

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  • Thomas Vienna

    Can’t wait to try baseball! The concept hasn’t been released since the original unveiling of the Wii U.

  • jjbredesen

    Not sure if i like the fact that you have to buy each individual sport :/
    Should be like the orginal.

    • WT Herrod Jr.

      Or at least the option to buy all at a slight discount.

      I can kinda see the draw of not having to buy the tennis module if you don’t like tennis but… not sure I like the idea of a dozen transactions to have the full game.

    • Yeah, I can’t really imagine Nintendo having any success with this model as I really don’t see any point in buying this. 1. it’s just a HD remake of a game that would run on my WiiU in Wiimode and wouldn’t even look that much worse 2. Original Wiisports was one full pakage I never actively paid for as it has been part of the Wii package and 3. Digital Downloads aren’t woring out too good yet in general, so relying on that model would only work with something really fresh and surprising, not a revamp with some online-modes. Online modes are nice with hardcore games but not essential with something you play here and then with friends. And Wii Sports is one of the first games, people would associate with offline multiplayer, so Onlinestuff won’t be such a big thing here either. Many strange decisions made here, once more.

      • Keeper

        Point 1 is a common, and completely wrong, assumption of those who have not actually played Wii Sports Club. The gameplay is different, there are different modes of play, and the control scheme is much better.

        Using the extra accelerometer of MotionPlus (required), you can, for
        example, apply topspin or backspin to your tennis swing naturally,
        whereas in the original Wii Sports, you simply couldn’t apply topspin or
        backspin at all (and you could just wave the remote around in any direction to make your character swing). It’s as much of an update as any “(Series) (Sport) (Year)” annual sports game re-release ever is.

        “Online stuff won’t be such a big thing”… also quite wrong. I almost never play it offline, in fact! Few others seem to, also. Online is what makes it so much fun.

        • What I said is what the mainstream mass may think about the game. It’s nice if people who are into it think differently, but unlike the original Wii Sports, noone really cares about WSC as it’s just nothing new. Nothing that you would see someone playing anywhere thinking ‘hey, I wanna try that out’
          It’s more like ‘Ah, that Wii game was nice years ago. What? it’s WiiU? uhuh. meh. Nevermind.’

          • Keeper

            And that explains the complete and utter failure of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise… it’s just the same game over and over again… It’s not like they made any more after the second one tanked, right?

            Nope. People (not jaded “gamers”) think, “Oh, an updated version? Cool! Let’s try it out” (given that there’s a trial period of WSC).

          • So you’re assuming that Wii Sports Club is as successful as Wii Sports because the situation of the franchise is comparable to the situation of PGA Tour? Not so sure about that, but don’t have numbers either. The thing is that PGA tour never had the ambition to sell hardware, while Wii Sports did back in the days. Actually the Wii struggled quite a software-lacking launch as well but thanks to Wii Sports it didn’t matter as much. Not sure when Sports Club launched for the WiiU but I haven’t felt anything comparable about it ever since.

  • Nostalgic_Chaos

    Baseball should be pretty fun to play Online. And at times hilarious I’m sure.

    I’ll be sure to purchase it, although, by the time it comes out for Europe and America, I’ll be hammering away on Mario Kart 8. Probably wont be playing anything else other than that until Smash Bros 3DS hits the stores (apparently in late August).

  • I’m gonna need to see how you play boxing with a tablet, or even utilize it. I’m confused.
    Still, more boxing!

    • Wii Remote and Nunchuk, not really a tablet.

      • I know, but how is it utilized?

        • triplegamer3K .

          Probably not. 🙁
          Well,in the e3 2011 demo they showed some gamepad use for baseball.

        • Gamepad is being used for Golf, although in a kinda gimmicky and needless way. It’s not used for Bowling either as it wouldn’t really make any sense. although I could imagine a off-tv mode where you would through the ball in the direction of the gamepad which would show the Pins, but yeah, it’s a bit small for that.
          And as for boxing, I don’t see any use either and I don’t think it would be wise to force it to be used. It’s gonna be implemented somehow for showing scores, ringing the rounds and so for sure, but there won’t be any superfancy use. We shouldn’t forget that Wii Sports was never created with the Gamepad in mind, so Nintendo would have to create some totally new Wii Sports disciplines that really make use of the Gamepad like they created Wii Sports Resort around the Motion+. Maybe we are gonna see something like that at the E3, who knows. In general I’d say Nintendoland served that function quite well.

          • Javy G

            I think Wii Sports without the Gamepad is perfect. You don’t need it. Just focus on the gameplay. If they needed to utilize the Gamepad more, they should make NintendoLand 2 and put in some unused franchises. (Kirby, Starfox, Ness, etc.)

          • yeah I actually agree. Wii Sports was designed for the Wiimote, WS Resort for the Wii Motion Plus and Nintendoland for the Gamepad. Of course it doesn’t matter if you play Wii Sports now with a Wii Motion Plus Remote but forcing Gamepad support won’t fit to that franchise

          • So, really, they’re just offering the games on the new console, with new online and graphics, but not taking advantage of the gamepad. That’s fair, I suppose, seeing as Wii Fit U came out. A Wii Sports U might be good, but really, more Nintendoland fits much better.

          • Nintendo actually did that with quite some games. And the problem with Nintendoland is that, althoiugh it’s quite a great piece of software it’s just not a catalyst like Wii Sports was back in the days.

    • Mario

      The little girl wins! XD

    • anthony optimo

      Flawless Victory

  • Nintenjoe82

    Must be a global release…..

  • Hmm is it July or June 26th? In the header and article it says July, but in the subheader it says June 26th. Minor typo of just one letter but I’ll asume it’ll be July 26th. Sorry for pointing this out, my eye happened to fall on it. But it’s great news nonetheless.

    • Keeper

      It’s June 27th. You can see the date on the Japanese Wii Sports Club site.

  • Nintendo Of North Korea

    If only Nintendo listened to their fans, then we’d get what we really want!

    • Steve Jobs once said that they aren’t giving people what they want, they show them, what they want.

      You can think of Steve Jobs what you want, but I guess he was kinda successful in terms of leading a company. And I personally think that’s true. As soon as you become a company that can’t manage to do anything else than always coming after customer’s demands, you become obsolete. Sure, the truth lies, again, in between, but Nintendo wouldn’t have sold 100Mio consoles in the 7th console generation if they would’ve came after what their fans wanted. People back then wanted a Gamecube-style console done right that was able to compete against the competition technologically on par with PS360. Nintendo gave them the Wii and somehow it had an amazing impact. They tried it again with the WiiU and failed. Nintendo did quite some things wrong with the Wii too, but it didn’t matter because that console really stood out. WiiU might stand out but no one really knows in which way.

  • Nintendo Of North Korea

    If only they added some good sports

  • Iflywright

    I think It would be great if a realistic boxing game would come out for the wii u. I’d like to see more wii u games use the nunchuck and controller more. After all, it’s still a wii right?