Dec 4th, 2013

If you’ve been having fun with bowling and tennis that have been released so far on the Nintendo eShop, you’re probably about to get a lot more excited. Today Nintendo uploaded the short video below to their Instagram page, showcasing a game of golf being played. The GamePad goes on the floor in this one, which we’ve seen previously with Wii Fit U. What do you think of the teaser?

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  • Lars Jansen

    Well honestly – from a Nintendo guy – this is just clumsy, and a kindda desperate attempt on justifying the wii u controller screen..

    Why would I put it on the floor, and use another controller to control the game I bought with my wii u controller.. Hmm :S

    • Daniel Carvalho

      Probably to control the direction the ball is going to. My guess is that the position the Wii Remote (Drive) is being swung compared to the place where the GamePad (Ball) is located at determine things like Speed, Curve, Trajectory, and so on. It’s not just an excuse to use the GamePad, but an actual functional gameplay mechanic.

      • Ducked

        Plus, it looks pretty cool..

      • victor

        That is what wii motion plus is for. this is just to look cool.

        • Daniel Carvalho

          Yes, if what I said comes out to be true, then it’s going to calculate all the needed stuff taking as basis the distance between the Gamepad and the Wii Motion Plus. We’re talking about Nintendo here, they don’t usually put some gameplay mechanic that is just for show.

    • Jeffery02

      I understand your point. I kind of agree, but at the same time I feel I should try it before I say it’s gimmicky or not. Nintendo may have done it will, but then again, maybe not. I’ll wait and see for myself.

    • Amsterdamsters

      Then there’s me, a “Nintendo guy” since 1985 that thinks it’s a great idea.

    • Levi Johansen

      There is no need to justify the screen anymore, the gamepad was justified long ago with ZombiU, Pikmin 3 and Game & Wario. Then it was re-justified with Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell Blacklist.

      The gamepad has a sensor bar and I’m sure this makes the game even more presice than before, like Justin Carlson pointed out.

      Being FORCED to put the controller on the floor does seem clumpsy though, I hope it’s optional to play without the gamepad…

    • FoxMulder900

      Well its not like you are going to swing your GamePad like a golf club, might as well put it to use elsewhere.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      The sensors could make it more precise than before.

      • My thoughts exactly. Better accuracy in lining up your swing.

    • lonewolf88

      wii U controller has a senor that communicates with the wii remote theres a big possability it makes it more accurate with a wii motion+ we won’t know until miyamoto shows it off himself though.

  • palomino blue

    This was a sweet tech demo when they showed it long before the Wii U launched but I don’t know if I want to play that way. let me post to Miiverse on the gamepad while waiting for opponents to bowl and I’d be really happy.

  • Tecpedz94

    As much as enjoyed the free trial im gonna wait for a package deal if they do release one. I wans’t really a fan of the golf one but i am waiting for boxing since that was really fun as well as baseball. The two that are out already are amusing too.

    • Justin Carlson

      I’m with you on waiting for a package deal.

  • Justin Carlson

    Wow, this could really add a level of precision to the golf game since the Game Pad has a built in sensor bar. You could track the Wii remote not only with gyros but with the IR sensors too!

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I thought of that as well, but as far as the comment section goes now, most people seem to think the Gamepad on the floor is just for show, with no practical use.

      • Wayne Beck

        Nah, I’d bet anything it takes the place of rotating the arrow with the D-Pad from the Original.

      • Fred

        They can think that, but they’ll just be wrong

      • GuardiansFan

        there is no way its just for show….as Justin mentioned it has a built in sensor bar and that means the wii u remote is able to communicate the same way it can already communicate with the main sensor bar…between these 2 devices the wii u is likely able to have very detailed view of the velocity/angle/etc of the swing

  • Seth S. Scott

    this is the one i want the most!

    • juancamiloarq

      It’s the best one, I’m hoping they will be releasing new courses as DLC.

      • lonewolf88

        hopes it free dlc with the unlimited pass.

      • bizzy gie

        Tennis and Boxing are the best. I’d like Golf more if it weren’t so tedious and slow-going with multiple people.

  • Vitor Samuel

    This is just stupid, focus on the games we want and forget these stupids gimmicks.

    • Levi Johansen

      You never heard the outcry when we got NintendoLand instead of a new Wii Sports game?

      We all expected to see a sports game, a Wii Fit game and a 3D Mario game right from the start.

      This is one of the reasons the sales were so low initially, followed by stale 3rd party support, and then practically no advertising.

      By releasing Super Mario 3D World, Wii Sports Club and Wii Fit U at the same time they are making a second launch and many people actually think the Wii U is a brand new thing released in 2013.

    • “We”?? Do you have multiple personalities? Just because you think it is stupid does not mean there are people out there that would enjoy this.

  • Robert Butters

    Give me one now please!

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    I hope the graphics are nice. Golf is the one I prefered with bowling. I tried tennis and bowling on Wii U… I was very disapointed by the lack of any visual improvement excepted HD. The same Mii without legs when you play the bowling :/
    For the moment I’ll keep on playing the Wii versions.

    • Wildman

      They won’t be anything super realistic of course. It will look like Wii Sports, just in HD with better textures and higher detail overall.

  • GameBoy1979

    I absolutely love golf & I love this concept! I think more people need to be a little more open-minded to stuff like this. I may be a minority by today’s standards & very old-school, but the thought of having a physical object to hold while I play the game, does more for me that swinging my arms in thin air like a complete moron when playing games through Kinect. It just makes things more tangible. But, as much fun as this looks & as much as I would like to see more developers use the GamePad in this way, I think people will still think of this as just a gimmick. Plus, I foresee replacement GamePad orders & repairs going through the roof after dozens of players lose their balance & accidentally stomp on their GamePad.

  • I’m interested to see if either Wii Sports Club Golf or the golfing in Wii Fit U comes out on top. The golfing in Wii Fit U had a clever use of the balance board and the gamepad, with the gamepad showing off your weight distribution throughout your swing. The downside, however, was that it seemed to entirely rely on the balance board regarding the distance of your shots. With this demo, accuracy seems to be a bigger factor. My guess is that golf in Wii Sports Club won’t be as “authentic” as it is in Wii Fit U, but it will probably provide a more entertaining experience.

    • ETeach

      Wii fit U actually told me I was swinging too hard, like I was using a real club. Very hard to adjust if you’ve played actual golf for years before jumping into the Wii fit U version XD

  • Duane Grondziak

    That’s right ladies and gentlemen. You saw it frist on reddit!

  • Adrian

    incorporating the second screen into this game is a huge mistake. It’s just an extra hassle, and honestly it makes my neck hurt.

    • Fred

      I’m guessing it uses the sensor bar to determining if you’re hitting it straight so I don’t think it’s a huge mistake. I think it’ll make golf (which was almost unplayable in wii Sports) a decent game here.

      • Adrian

        So…essentially it would be useless then? I actually enjoy golf and Frisbee gold on wii sports.

        • Fred

          How is determining if you’re swing straight and how fast you’re swinging useless?

          • Adrian

            Oh you mean the game pad’s sensor bar. I thought you meant the actual sensor bar.

          • Fred

            No I meant the game pad’s sensor bar. It’s about time it gets put to use

    • Triforcelightning

      Infant much?

      • Adrian


    • That means you are not working those muscles enough in you daily life. In real golf you look down at the ball to line up too right?

      • Adrian

        I played some of the pad on the floor games in Wii Party U and it was very uncomfortable, hard to see, and not great from a 6 ft vantage point. Yes in real golf you need to look down…but you also have the weight of the club, and the feeling of hitting the ball. Without emulating those things, I don’t see this as a good move.

    • ETeach

      I’m all for using the pad in new ways. Not enough devs have tried creative things with it yet, it’s mostly just a mirror of the TV :/

      • Adrian

        I agree, but this usage seems more like a hassle than creative. Who knows maybe I’ll try it out some day and like it.

  • Triforcelightning

    I can’t see the photo because Firefox is being a dick.

  • Veries Seals

    I love it. I have gotten into video game golf, because i can’t play real world golf, lol. It is so fun. I will definitely get this.

  • Ducked

    Finally! I’ve been looking forward to Golf on Wii U since E3 2011! Looking forward to this. Can’t wait to see Boxing and Baseball join Wii Sports Club too!

    • Daniel Carvalho

      Just hope they don’t stop at those four games and launch the Wii Sports Resort collection in HD as well. Loved Archery!

      • Ducked

        Actually five games, but I agree. But maybe it’s time to make a new Wii Sports game after this

        • ETeach

          or just keep releasing dlc in this one. No reason not to, when it’s all pay-to-play anyway :3

  • I like that gamepad use XD

  • Krzysztof

    Table tennis please

  • Michael Ocampo

    Hopefully they add brand new sports in when they’re done with the original five sports.

    • That would be most welcome. I am sure they will add some from the Wii Sports Resort Collection at the very least.

      • BIG Franky

        I’m really hoping for that… and it would seem to make the most sense.

  • capitalism1023

    Using the gamepad as a tee looks so badass. This is why I love Nintendo.