Dec 18th, 2013

Today’s Nintendo Direct revealed that golf–the third sport for Wii Sports Club–is now available to play today. If you’ve already used your 24 hour free trial, fear not! Nintendo has you covered and is offering an additional free trial in honor of the new game.

The trailer above showcases Wii Sports Club as a whole, meaning it includes the other sports as well. After the trial, you can buy a 24 hour pass for a sport for $.99. You can also buy unlimited play of a sport for $9.99 if you think you’ll keep coming back to it.

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  • Jon

    Payday tomorrow so tomorrow, I go golfing 😀

    (though, there is the 24 hour free trial…. so i can golf today :D)

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Golf today 🙂

  • Ducked

    Loving the game play added, I’ll add this to Bowling and Tennis 🙂

    • BIG Franky

      ME TOO…..

  • D.M.T

    I love fantasy/cartoonish games but when it comes to sport games I want them to be realistic. Let me know when there’s a realistic Golf game for Wii U, I’m not a fan of Wii Sports Club

    • BIG Franky

      depends on how you define realistic…. if you want your onscreen sprite to look like Tiger Woods, fine I get that…. but from a gameplay perspective, the EA games have NOTHING on this….. and that isn’t just my opinion, one of my best friends is a card carrying PGA Member and actually loves this game (the original)…

  • juancamiloarq

    Great! I thought this was gonna take longer 😀

  • Agent721

    I just got a $50 Wii e shop card…this is the first but, asking with NES remix!

  • Anybody wanna golf with me today? Right now, preferably? I’m really bad, but let’s get this on before my trial runs out!

    • Steven McDowell

      Let’s do this!

      • sorry, I got busy…:( Now my trial is over… maybe I’ll buy the day pass one day and offer again

    • YogiGRB


      • Trial is over 🙁

        • YogiGRB

          next time gadged, next time …… to the mad mobile madcat woehahahahaha

          • When baseball comes out…. you guys better be ready

  • hahahero

    Just got it. But haven’t gotten to golfing yet. Can’t stop playing NES REMIX!

  • Will (ishigum)

    Sweet! I’ll be on later.

  • Sdudyoy

    The game pad really adds to the Wii sports golfing experience, I wonder how I ever played without it!

    • YogiGRB

      Right 😀

  • YogiGRB

    Been .. waiting … for … this .. soo … long!
    I have played this every single day on my Wii since day one (also with some friends whom only played this when they came over). Finally it has arrived on the Ultra ……

    Muwahahahahaha (laugh’s evily and invites the old Wii golf crew over )

  • Robert Butters

    I was playing this last night and it is soooo good. Gunna buy it when I get home today. Best golf game out there

  • Kinhas

    how the hell am i going to play something online that has no oponents!
    i tried so many times and it just didnt find anyone to play with!
    or am i so special that my nintendo network has no one in it!