May 19th, 2014


Japanese blog Sinobi has tweeted that a retail version of Wii Sports Club will be hitting Japan in July. The packaged version will come with golf, bowling, tennis, baseball and boxing. The first three sports are already available on the Nintendo eShop, so it’s likely the rest of the world will see the release of baseball and boxing in July as well.

There’s no telling if Nintendo will release a boxed version of the game elsewhere or if it’ll be part of a new Wii U bundle, but considering how well Wii Sports performed for the original Wii, we wouldn’t rule it out. Are you excited for the baseball and boxing games to be released?

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  • jjbredesen

    That is something they should do here to.

    Wii sports was the main selling point of the Wii, so i would imagine that it would sell a couple of Wii U’s, as a lot of people that the game is aimed at, do not check gaming sites etc. on a regular basis, so this would be a smart move, especially for Elders etc.

    • ScorpFrix

      also, japan is more family friendly/party games, they prefer those than cod etc.
      Look how well Wii Party U and Just dance is selling on wii u.

    • Roadkill409

      My grandpa, who is well into his 80’s, loved the Wii for Wii sports. he would brag about is perfect Wii bowling scores. I bet he would buy a new Wii U with a Wii Sports U bundle if he knew about it. And now he could beat me online.

  • palomino blue

    Ehhh. It’s fun enough to play these sports games online but I think they were right when they charged for individual sports. I only ever really liked bowling so I downloaded it. I don’t see many people I know paying full price for a retail copy of this, especially when we more than exhausted its novelty back in 2006.

    • They’ll still keep that model I’m sure. The boxed set is for Japan right now, but if it ever does come to the US or Europe, I’d say it would help increase visibility for the game. A lot of parents don’t realize there are online games you can buy on these systems that are child-suitable.

      • BIG Franky

        look for a boxed version to be included in a new Wii U model to be announced later this year. book it.

      • ScorpFrix

        hey ashley, where’s the new winner of the 2nd mk8 game?

      • Fred

        What? parents don’t realize that there are child-suitable games on Nintendo? You’re kidding right? My neighborhood is very family oriented and a lot of perents only buy nintendo because they know they can ALWAYS find high quality family friendly games

  • Cory Mosena

    I would love to see a boxed version. #1 reason, I would actually buy the games since they will not be tied to my console since they refuse to tie games to accounts still. #2 Exposure – how many copies of wii sports sold? Why wouldn’t you want a boxed copy of these games sitting on the shelf for people to see?

  • A SNES Day Off

    This article should be retitled “Nintendo Finally Comes to it’s Senses”.

  • darkcreap

    Um, I don’t know how well it will do. I see two reasons:

    1) I tried the first three sports during the free demo periods and I see nothing else new apart from improved movement tracking, updated graphics and online features. It seems to me that 10€/sport is overpriced. Especially since Wii Sports gives much of that functionality for a much lower price.
    2) The boom of the Wii is gone. See how Wii Fit U has performed. If you follow VGChartz, even knowing it is not a very reliable source, you will see that WiiFit U has performed poorly (like 300K at most). Even if VGChartz was undertracking it I highly doubt it has undertracked it so much given that its predecessors did like 20 million each. It clearly shows that Nintendo has lost contact with almost 20 million consumers. I don’t know where those went, but that they are not in the WiiU I can tell you for sure. I also doubt those 20 million went digital. Not even a significant fraction of those.

    No, sorry, I doubt any of those games will do well since they relied on a novelty appeal that the WiiU lacks vs the Wii. It seems to me that the WiiU audience is much more based on a traditional gamer profile. Wii Sports and Wii Fit U might be good to do some exercise and use it in social meetings, but is my humble impression that it is not the kind of game one plays alone at home usually.

  • Ducked

    This isn’t going to sell any Wii U’s. But they should still box it in North America

  • matt

    I’m surprised they didn’t just release wiiu with this in the 1st place it uses the gamepad well especially in golf as you can see from the cover on the game i just think the original did really well why wouldn’t you build on that ??

    Imagine the 32GB premium with this instead of NintendoLand i think they will announce this at E3 no more NintendoLand bundles just WiiSportsClub bundles and the other ones like Mariokart8/MonsterHunter/ZombiU/Justdance ect ect I’m just saying they should swap this for NintendoLand it’s a more appealing game as a bundle..

    • Fred

      Are you kidding I’d take Nintendo Land over this by a landslide!!!
      I already played Wii Sports a ton. Nintendo land was new and exciting. It’s a great game!

  • Roadkill409

    I would buy this, but not for the current prices of $10 each sport. Come on Nintendo, I understand that the controls are updated for a few of the sports which is nice, but the games still feel like the games I have been playing since 2006. Which is good because they are fun. Price is under $30 and then the online update might feel more worth it. And I agree with others, I won’t buy them digitally because I don’t like it being restricted to only one Wii U system. I like the convenience of digital, but not at the expense of freedom. I pick Freedom over convenience.

    • Fred

      How often do you take your games to someone else’s house? For me it’s very rare so I pick convenience over freedom.
      However I do agree that it’s hard to swallow $10/sport. So far I haven’t bought any of them, but I will buy boxing. I’m hoping they did it with a wii motion plus in each hand to really make it accurate.

      • Roadkill409

        If a person has multiple Wii U’s in their own home, then they would have to buy a version of the digital game for each system. The Wii U is not very expensive, especially used. Having multiple system in a home is not uncommon. And buying multiple games just to play it on a second system would add up quick. Anyway if the Wii U breaks and a new one needs to be bought, calling Nintendo to transfer the details is not as easy as popping in the disk.
        I agree, if you want only one sport, $10 is not the end of the world, but still, I wish it was about $5, then it would be much easier to swallow. Anyway, I wish they would go back to carts of old. The game and the saves would follow the game cartridge. Plus loading time would be zero. With gigabytes of data available on SD cards, I assume the price and storage issues of the past are not as big of an issue today.
        I was thinking of getting a second Wii U myself because I was disappointed to hear that Mario Kart 8 forced split screen even for two players. I love how Sonic Racing Transformed handles two players. One player uses the game pad and the other gets the full screen. It sounds silly, but it will be hard to go back to forced split screen for two players. I will be playing a lot of Mario Kart 8 so a 2nd Wii U might be nice to have.

        • Fred

          The interesting thing here is I buy most of my Wii U games digitally and after reading this I plan to continue, however I think I agree with everything you said.and it is making me second guess a few things.
          1-You mention having multiple Wii Us. I fully understand this as I own 2 3DS units and I don’t like buying digitally on that system for the same reason (I don’t want to be limited and I don’t want to buy 2 copies)
          2-Yes it is easier to just pop in disks if your Wii U breaks and you have to get a new one, but I’m more likely to have discs lost or broken as I have young kids and my console is up high, but the discs aren’t. Plus calling them isn’t that much harder.
          3-I had no plans of getting a second Wii U, but I didn’t realize I might be able to get one really cheap. Curse you now you have me considering it.
          4-As for the Mario Kart forcing Split screen. You have no idea how much this irritated me. My wife and I play together. We also played a lot of Sonic Racing and I loved that we didn’t have to do split screen. However, Everyone stops after Sonic Racing even though they’re far from the only Wii U games that does it. My wife and I play Tank Tank Tank and Castle Storm the same way plus I hear that Call of Duty also does it. 2-player is just leaps and bounds better without split screen so yes it would be nice to have a second Wii U to play 2 player without split screen. On Sonic Racing my wife and I would play online with my buddy and his wife and all 4 of us were playing using 2 machines and no split screen AWESOME!!!
          My Mario Kart Plan is to do the club nintendo survey and Miiverse to repeatedly ask for an update or DLC that allows 2-play split screen bypass.

          Awesome points

          • Roadkill409

            LOL, I’m sorry to have planted that seed. 🙂
            But I agree with all your points. I cannot agree more that the convenience of digital copies is far and away better when I want to load up a game. I am truly split on the benefits of both. I dislike the idea of swapping disk when I could have all my games on a hard drive and I just select the one I want and play it. I wish there was a honest way to have both. I wish people were more honest and then maybe being able to load a game from a disk onto a local hard drive might be a reality. I have lost only one Wii game to the kids scratching the disk and I did not re-buy the game. So they now understand they have to treat the games nice. Luckily it was a game I did not care too much about.
            Because I know I like to play my old games, it is nice to be able to pop in the old cartridge and play some Contra, Street of Rage, or NHL 94 if I want. But I fear years from now when the servers are no longer “profitable” your source to get the games will be gone. I am ok with that risk for a $5 game, but a $60 game is harder for me. And if it’s locked to your Wii U (or in reality whatever system it might be) when your system breaks and you buy a new one on Ebay or at a garage sale, it won’t be as easy to play your games you paid for in the future.

            I will also do the Miiverse thing too. But if I had to guess I think it most likely has to do with limitations to Wii U’s system resources to the Gamepad. Otherwise why wouldn’t they have done it?
            But I would gladly take a slight hit on how pretty it looks to have the option for a second screen game play with two players. But if I really like the game, a 2nd Wii U might be in the near future. I played a lot of Mario Kart Wii, I am still play a lot of Sonic Racing Transformed (We just got 180 stars to unlock the “arcade mod”) and I know I will play a lot of Mario Kart 8. Nice graphics are nice, but fun is more important to me.

            Tank Tank Tank is really fun in short bursts. And we like 2 players, but I don’t understand why they decided to split the screen the way they did with 3 or more players. You can’t see anything!

            Happy Mario Karting! See you online

          • Fred

            You’re right about 3/4 players on Tank wow.

          • Roadkill409

            I understand that I won’t convince anyone that one is better than the other. To be honest, because both formats have their advantages and disadvantages. I did learn my lesson about selling games back after I sold Vay and Lunar: The Silver Star, on the Sega CD to buy Lunar: Eternal Blue. I just fear that some day I won’t have access to online purchased games once they decide to get rid of the service. Because I know there are games I would like to play today, some I still have, some I got rid of to Funcoland. I am sure I could get them again, but it is less fun to buy a game again if you already owned it once. But then again, who knows what the future will bring. Especially with products like the RetroN 5 coming out, I can still play my old games on newer hardware and they use modern connections. We all know that access to old games is available, but having the cartridge or disk is nice. And I fully understand how games on demand is super convenient. Look at Netflix or Amazon Video, I own none of the video, but I pay every month for the on demand ability. I just wish there was a honorable way to back up my games on a hard drive that Nintendo honored and made easy. I would do that in a flash!! There really must be a way to do that. That of course would not be mandatory or DRMed to death.

          • Fred

            You could download your Wii u games onto 2 external hard drives. They’ll both work for you as long as the Nintendo Network ID that originally downloaded them is the one you’re using when you plug in the hard drive. At least I think that’s how they set it up. Correct me if I’m wrong

          • Roadkill409

            That is actually a really good Idea. That should work. I know the Wii U will automatically format the hard drive you plug in to the Wii U format. I don’t think that it will know whether it has one or two hard drives that you downloaded the games to. I might give that a try. I have a few download only games. And anything that I got for a really good deal, i.e. DuckTales.
            Mario Kart is only a few days away, have fun! My Wii U name is Hikingguy.

  • audi lover

    all i want is more golf courses that’s all me and the lads are playing at mo and i regularly get -7 on the three 18 holes variants please Nintendo more more more

  • Fred

    I haven’t bought any of the Wii Sports club games yet, but I will buy boxing for sure (assuming it’s not somehow broken) I’m hoping they do it using 2 wii motion plus controllers!!!

  • steveb944

    YYYEEESSSS. Boxed version AND more sports. Please Nintendo bring it to the west so I can buy it.

  • TULFich

    I think if they are going to box this games, they should wait to package them with the resort ones so you could have 15 games in 1 sexy box, with online and stuff, but of course they won´t because they will still sell them sepparately!

  • David John Gifford

    please release it in australia

  • Elenora Tazia

    Back on Wii, it was a good game. My family really enjoyed it back then. I’m expecting something new here.