Jun 26th, 2014


Today marks the release of baseball and boxing for Wii Sports Club, the final two that round out the Wii Sports Club collection. If you’ve already used your previous trials for Wii Sports Club on tennis or bowling, don’t worry your trial has been reset and you’ll once again be able to use the trial.

Once you activate your trial this weekend, you’ll be able to access baseball, boxing, bowling, golf, and tennis for the remainder of the weekend before it expires. If you haven’t yet used the 24 hours trial Nintendo offers first time Wii Sports Club users, you’ll be able to stack the new trial with the old one.

A retail version of Wii Sports Club with all five games will launch on July 25 if you like the games and would prefer to have a hard copy instead of buying them piecemeal through the Nintendo eShop.

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  • RockieOllie

    if online is still bare bones I’m not entirely sure I’m interested.

    • nintendope

      This game gets old really fast online, is best to play it locally with your friends

      • of course it does. It’s like playing Mario Party online. The Wii + Wii Sports got popular because they changed the way people played videogames together in front of a TV. Online somehow fucks that whole concept up.

        • greengecko007

          Is there any competitive community for this game? It looks just as simple and barebones as the original Wii Sports. Not to imply that simple games aren’t fun, but there has to be some sort of competitive need to master the game’s mechanics in order for online multiplayer to thrive.

        • Andrew W Garttmeyer

          Except that they could have you playing as a 4 person team on your couch competing against other 4 person teams all over the world. Isn’t that how the typical bowling leagues go? How could they not think of adding this?

  • Nathan C.

    Not to be a hater…but the online really sucks. Wii Sports, out of all games, should not be lagging.

    • the onlin tenis is the one that sucks… i don’t have problems with the others.

      • Nathan C.

        Golf actually lagged for me along with Tennis. I’ve had no problems with Bowling.

    • Sdudyoy

      Odd, I never had trouble with lagging, but I do agree, online shouldn’t be laggy on this game.

  • MerryBlind .

    They really missed a great opportunity with this game. They should have made much better on Wii U.

    • SuperUltramagnus

      they should of made a sequel! and call it sportsU! with hd graphics! and have hockey and more sports!

      • MerryBlind .


      • Andrew W Garttmeyer

        AND let me play in a bowling tournament with 3 of my friends on my couch. 4 vs 4 bowling team tournaments. COME ON!

    • Ultrasyd

      They really did the minimum they could with this game indeed :/ So I bought Golf and that’s all. For the others, I still play Wii Sport and Wii Sport Resort, I see no big reason to upgrade.

  • Iflywright


  • bizzy gie


    My router is like 3 feet away from my Wii U!

    Why am I on ONE red bar when no one is on the Internet and 30mb/s Internet is RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! FIX THE CONNECTIVITY OR PUT A FREAKING LAN PORT IN YOUR CONSOLE Nintendo. You wanna put 120% in every video game and be all wise with values and morals and goals, but you can’t make good hardware to save your life. Why is there no digital optical port either?! I can’t use my $140 PX4s on this thing (rant for another time).

    This is HORRIBLE with time based games like tennis and baseball. Tennis was barely playable and the game disconnected after the second swing!


    LOSER! YOUR LEVEL 2 HAVIN’ AS* ONLY BEAT ME BECAUSE OF THAT STUTTER ON DEUCE. And what happen to all the proper Tennis terms. Zu is zero now? An what happened to “love”?

    You need two Wii motion plus controllers to box now? Really? I’m not even suppose to have one right now. And I have the old one that makes my Wiimote stupid long. Nintendo alienated everyone who bought early Wiis with early controllers.

    If I have Wiimote, I should be able to play. PERIOD!

    I ALWAYS use the Wiimote/nunchuk setup. What’s wrong with that? One-handed boxing? Is this some kind of joke? “I’ll just box with one hand and let the other one sit there like a moron.” Boxing is my top Wii sport that gives me the hardest work-out and that I take most seriously. My highest Wii Sport stats are in boxing which I can easily get in just a few hours.


    To believe I was really gonna spend money on this garbage!

  • Thedude

    Wow. Wii U users get a free game for two days

  • Jason

    Ugh, this is a DRM game. Not buying the boxed version whent it comes out.