Oct 1st, 2013

Wii Party U was one of the games featured during today’s Nintendo Direct, with two new mini-games making their appearance. In total the game will have 80 mini-games to be played with multiple people. The retail package of the game will ship with the horizontal stand for making use of tabletop baseball and tabletop foosball, but it also comes with a black Wii Motion Plus controller.

Will any of you be picking up this title after the new game reveals? Let us know in the comments below. Wii Party U is set to launch October 25th here in North America.

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  • Adrian

    8 multiplayer minigames? I thought this game would have like 80 multiplayer minigames? Darn, now I kind of regret pre-ordering it. Maybe I’ll cancel it actually.

    • Ian Woodall

      I think it should say 80. I wouldnt cancel just yet.

    • Tomtom

      Yeah if you watch the video it says 80+ games.

    • Petri

      Wii mote for 39.99€, when they usually goes for 49,99€.
      I would buy this game even if the game disc was replaced by naked picture of Reggie.

    • rp17

      That probably means 8 game modes, which share 80+ minigames.

      Or just a typo

    • Yeah should have been 80. Typo that’s my fault in the rush to get up all the news. Sorry about that!

      • Adrian

        Sorry for the late response, disqus seems to be broken on like all my comps. I’m lucky to get it to work now. After I watched the video I saw the 80+ mini games. Thanks for getting back to me though.

  • Cesar Barroso


  • Josiah Parsons

    WII U play would be cooler, but this will have to do.

    • rp17

      Most of Wii Play wasn’t that fun. But when I bought a Wii, it was just for that tank game.

  • preorder @ amazon.

  • Anyone who’s writing this game off is quite possibly missing an amazing experience. The first Wii Party was one of the BEST games on the Wii. I LOVED the trivia one where you had to guess what the one player was thinking

    • Ducked

      I agree, a lot people are overlooking this game. But I still want a Nintendo Land 2 with DLC and online mode.

      • I just want them to update Ninty land with metroid blast online. that’s the only one I really see benefiting from online. MAYBE animal crossing, but it’d be hard to work together and such. same with Mario

        • Ducked

          I’d like them to do online as well, but its been out for 10 months with 0 updates. And speaking of Animal Crossing, I’m hyped for a Wii U Animal Crossing game.

          • meh. I think one was enough for me. Unless I can transfer my town over 😀

          • Ducked

            That be a good feature. Who doesn’t want to play Animal Crossing with there friends in HD with the awesome Wii U gamepad.

    • Arthur Jarret

      I’m still traumatized by my 3-year old nephew and 5-year old niece forcing me to play that ‘hide & find the wii-remote’ game for an entire day… no way they’ll be able to mess up my room with the sequel… I won’t get it (by which I mean – it’ll be well hidden in a closet when they come to visit)

  • Guest

    I have always loved party games, tbh, nintendo land was really fun in multiplayer though in games like Zelda with a shared life kinda threw us off because my brother wasn’t the best at it. At the end it said Only on Wii U and I remembered the old wii commercials with the word Wii bowing down. Who else does?

  • Merrfn

    Dang, this looks awesome!

  • aldo2410

    If the games looks fun now, just wait until you can play it drunk with your drunk friends

  • Wiiluigi

    At first I was like meh. Then I saw all the Gamepad uses. I love games that use the Gamepad in new ways. That’s what it’s about right? Already reserved and waiting patiently.

  • Michael Ocampo

    The first time i saw this game i was actually kinda interested and now i’m really interested and the games seem to have so much variety in them. It’s so cool.

  • Linskarmo

    Looks pretty good, actually.