Sep 24th, 2013


A new Wii U deluxe bundle will be launching in Japan this fall, which includes two games. This bundle is called the Instant Play Family Premium Set and in addition to the 32GB Wii U, it will also come with a code to download New Super Mario Bros. U and Wii Party U. A MotionPlus Wii Remote is also included in the bundle. It will retail for 32,800 yen ($332) on October 31st.

The traditional price of the Wii U deluxe bundle in Japan is 31,500 yen ($318), making this a very good deal for those in Japan who haven’t yet picked up a Wii U. Currently there’s no word on whether this bundle will be seen in North America or Europe.

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  • comes with a black Wiimote? Lucky…

    • Raptok

      But is it a Gold Zelda Wiimote? No. Ha, I have one to take home.

      • I have one too o.0. I just always liked the idea of 4 different colored wiimotes

        • BIG Franky

          I have a red (super mario wii from a few years back), gold, white, pink, and blue…. soon to also have a black with wii party u…

          • Zakariyya Al-Quran

            I have 2 white and 2 black wii remotes ( basically for team games) with add on motion plus so i was thinking on selling the old ones for maybe 25 buck with the motionplus nd getting new builtin remotes that are ful black. ANyone want them?

        • ICHI

          me too! I have (wiimotes) Gold, Blue, Black and Pink! its a problem i’ve had since the N64 and my lucky gold pad. Had to buy 5 different gamecubes for ltd edition colours too! Red, gold, silver, green and the original purple, thank god my income is not quite so disposable these days πŸ™‚

          • wow o.o that’s dedication XD

          • ICHI

            More like obsession! I got my mint green tales of symphonia GC and gameboy player imported and when I went to pick it up there was a red Gundam one with a figurine and I bought that too :-). Holy poop I may have had an Orange GC at one point and I know I owned a black one, but I traded it, so possibly owned 6 over the course of its lifetime!

  • interesting to note that the White Wii U is now 32GB.

    • Yep!

      • Basic is starting to get phased out it seems

    • palomino blue

      Did anyone buy the basic because they really wanted white? My white Wii and remotes have really started to yellow over the last 6 years. I don’t personally see a reason to sell white deluxe models (Unless they had a surplus of white shells they can’t do anything with because the basic sold so poorly).

      • Elitepwnsface

        I bought one because i wanted white. I have to many black consoles.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          What are you trying to say?!

        • Leo


          • Elitepwnsface

            I was expecting the lines of slave owner. Haha just kidding.

      • Mark

        I bought basic solely because I love the color white; that’s why I’m actually jealous of Japan because they got a white deluxe model.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Have a white, soley because I couldnt convince my girlfriend that we needed the black one…

          • Arthur Jarret

            You should have told her it was bigger.

            (I really liked the puns I used to be able to make with the small harddrive size of the white version…)

          • Magnus Eriksson

            I knew it! Nintendo is a bunch of racist scumbags! Well, at least its understandable that they didnt produce a yellow console , with only 4 GB. That would be too obvious and self hating…

      • Jack5221

        Bought a white Wii U because the 32g model was sold out everywhere.

    • Noah Hood

      Interesting. I didn’t notice that in the picture until you pointed it out! o:

    • ICHI

      The white 32gb was announced for Japan a while back. Its also a bit of a deal as didnt Japanese Wii U’s not come with a sensor bar so you had to buy that remote + sensorbar pack?

    • Arthur Jarret

      It makes sense, how are they going to bundle it with download codes if the downloads won’t even fit the memory available after system installation?

      Really, I think download codes are ruining bundles (not just Nintendo’s). But as a collector, this does keep the ‘wish I waited for a bundle’ factor down to a minimum.

      • how are they ruining bundles?

        • Arthur Jarret

          Bundles used to be cool – getting a gamecube with not only a boxed windwaker, but also a cool collectable bonus disc with Ocarina of time and Master quest.

          Or a bundle with mario kart and a four-game zelda compilation not available in stores.

          Or they actually went the extra mile: such as the N64 Pikachu edition, Famicom GBA SP etc.

          Nowadays, they get a single plastic part screened, slap a DLC version on it and call it a day. The collectability went out of the bundles.

          Still, good for my wallet.

          • meh. as long as I get the game with it I dont care too much. But it would be nice if it was included with a disc like nintendoland was

          • Arthur Jarret

            I’ve got an entire house to fill.

            Why put furniture in if you can fill your house with games?

            If the digital-only wave catches on because of these bundles, it’ll ruin my chances of filling every wall of the house with games… I already have one wall of the gameroom filled – but haven’t even started on the living room yet.

            I really don’t want to expand my retro collection to include crappy games because of digital sales becoming a better business model than retail…

            (I’ve got problems, lol…)

  • John Andalora

    Interesting concept, and I’m glad that they have that little bit on the side to show the differences between Wii and Wii U consoles. Wii U Party is also an interesting choice, showing how local multiplayer is a big part of the Wii U’s games.

    However, I’m not sure that Wii Party is a popular enough franchise to start giving it away with new sales. I’m not really sure that this is going to boost sales.

    • Mr. J

      Now after looking at the new zelda wii u I wish I had waited to buy one.

      • John Andalora

        I don’t. I’m not interested in the Wind Waker HD or the bundle. Played enough of it on the GameCube.

        Not that it’s bad. Just not for me.

        • Mr. J

          I’ve never played wind waker so I’m very excited.

          • John Andalora

            Well it is a good game. So it’s good to be excited.
            Hope you enjoy it!

      • Fred

        I don’t. I bought Wind Waker and I love it, but it doesn’t make me wish I would have waited. I’ve had too much fun the last 9 months

    • Fred

      Why not, Wii Party sold over 8 million copies couldn’t you consider that popular enough to get some brand recognition. Hard core gamers never bought it, but families did and most of them loved it according to the people I’ve talked to.

      • John Andalora

        New Super Mario Bros sold over 23 million on Wii, and the Wii U version sold just over 2 million. I heard most families loved NSMB as well. So that’s about 10% of the people who bought the old one.

        And even then, 8 million was pretty small for the Wii. There are multiple other franchises that sold better.

        • Fred

          You’re talking New Super Mario Bros, but this bundle ALSO includes New Super Mario Bros U so that’s kind of a frivolous point. However I could understand a Wii Fit U bundle (which who know maybe that will come once the game is released) since nintendo sold over 40 million Wii Fits (including the original and the Wii Fit Plus)

          • John Andalora

            Not trying to sound rude, but I don’t think you quite understand the argument.
            You are comparing the Wii sales to the expected Wii U sales, but what I’m saying is that the popularity of a past game on the new console might not turn out so well, especially if an even more popular game on the predecessor sold rather poorly.
            That’s the point I’m trying to make.

            As for Wii Fit, I’m not sure how that would do. I think more people would probably just go back to the old onr, seeing how people probably have Wiis and won’t see much of a difference between the two.

          • Fred

            You’re right, I don’t understand your argument or your points. I think this bundle will sell very well. You’ll have to try and re-explain it a little differently hopefully I’ll be able to follow where you’re going.

          • John Andalora

            Okay. Let me explain again.
            You stated that Wii Party has brand recognition and will be popular because of that. You stated that it had sold 8 million copies. So, if I have it correctly, you mean to state that because this was a popular game on the Wii, that should transfer to more sales of the game and this bundle for the Wii U.

            Here’s my counter to that point:

            New Super Mario Bros. on the Wii sold approximately 23 million copies. It has far more brand recognition than Wii Party, and got almost 3 times more sales. However, that didn’t translate to amazing sales of the sequel on the Wii U. The Wii U version sold only over 2 million.

            What I’m trying to say is that just because a franchise was extremely popular on the Wii, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be extremely popular on the Wii U. Considering that a much more popular franchise didn’t garner nearly as many sales as its predecessor, I don’t think that a less popular franchise is going to do a great deal for this bundle.

            Does that make sense? Tell me if there’s a point where I lost you.

          • Fred

            I understand that part. Of coarse neither game will sell as well as their wii version (at least until Wii U has a much bigger install base)
            However, the point of this is to entice people to buy a Wii U not get Wii U owners to buy a game. If people here in the US saw a Wii U plus 2 games they loved on Wii plus a controller for $70 LESS than the PS4 with no games it would sell. I hope they do it here too.

  • bizzy gie


    Everywhere else get these crazy deals.

    • Andy

      Seriously if you offer a bundle like that I will buy the Wii U over PS4 and X1.

  • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

    They’re also releasing a bundle with Mario, Party U AND Wii Fit U oO

    • ICHI

      And the fit meter.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Is this the part where I should be jealous?

    • Shaise

      I wish I could get a Wii Remote plus in a deal! Furthermore, it comes with two games! And Wii Kareoke U!!!! Whos going to say no to that!

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Me. Cause I said no!!!

        • daniel is gay

          too bad your ugly mom didn’t say no when I unloaded my cumm canon in her mouth

    • fookyoo

      do not feed troll.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Do not feed those who can’t detect sarcasm. Now go find fook me.

    • daniel is gay

      yea,jealous that your mom sucked me off b4 you

  • Merrfn

    And this everybody, is how to move units.

    Finally Nintendo have there act together! Sell this bundle in the west and the Wii U is golden.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Pft. Just NSMBU and Wii Party U? Put 12 games in that bundle and it’ll sell more!

      • Merrfn

        No shit sherlock xD

        • Daniel Gonzalez


          • daniel is gay

            dan your a loser,and im pretty sure everyone that has ever met you,allready knows that..

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Awwwh…..a fan of mine. How cute. No pictures, no autographs. Sorry.

          • hahahero

            how petty

          • hahahero

            also homophobic. grow up. accept that you live in a larger community than yourself. this is not the way to counter someone with opposing ideas or demeanor. be a bit more constructive in your posts. people will think more highly of you.

  • Adrian

    That’s a great deal, although the digital downloads vs games in cases kind of bums me out. I like my cases.

    • fookyoo

      you are the worst kind of person.

      • Daniel Carvalho

        How does that make him the worst kind of people? He only stated his preferences, and to be fair, I too prefer the physical copy over digital.

      • 00EpicGamer00

        I don’t like digital copies either. Am I a bad person as well?

      • Adrian

        And you are an 8 year old. πŸ™‚

  • only god can judge me

    Great bundles yet I still like my zelda bundle better mainly because of the gold on the gamepad.

  • Aaron

    These are awesome bundles. I hope that it will help boast sales.

    • Leo

      If this doesn’t help boast sales then i don’t know what could do it.

  • pacheco90

    Still getting Wind waker HD bundle πŸ™‚

  • Drweirdo

    Two bundles were left out. The other two come with the same games, a free Wiimote, a sensor bar and Wii Karaoke U but these two come with Wii Fit U + a Pedometer but without the Wii Balance Board which is a bit useless.

  • therealruben1

    Why wont the bundles come with the actual disc instead of a download code?

    • Leo

      Because its cheaper?

      • daniel is gay

        how much is a disk that Nintendo buys in bulk? 5 cents

        • Jon

          it’s not just the disc (yeah, it’s disc, not disk) that costs, it is also the shipping

    • iamserious

      Yah. I’m a little bummed about that too. I wanted an actual disc of wind waker but I also want the wii U bundle. Decisions decisions.

    • Paul

      I have a feeling it’s because nintendo wants ppl to have to visit the Eshop and get used to it…as the Wii U will be making a good chunk off the Eshop

    • hahahero

      I second that question. I have some downloads, however, I’m still uneasy with it until they implement a system like xbox live which is linked to my account. I’ve been having to force shutdown A LOT as of late and we’ve had a crime wave in Atlanta (threat of having the unit stolen). I’d hate to lose that investment, as well as the wii purchases from the last generation.

  • NextChannelGames

    Since this is not on here….

    Shantae Half Genie Hero has been fully fund and well be coming to Wii U in Fall 2014 Also the gameplay work is you use tokens find in the game and use the gamepad to perform different dance moves to transform

    There is 9 days left to help support the game to reach its stretch goals like,
    * 500k Risky Mode: Play as Risky and defect your enemy Shantae!
    * 600K Bonus Chapter: Shantae Magic Carpet Race
    * 700k Costume Swap: Play Shantae in different costumes and each one with a different power from WayForwards other IP’s like Mighty Switch Force
    * 800k Bonus Chapter + New adventure: about Shantae being replace with a real genie, but things don’t seem right when something happens to the land
    * 900k Hero Mode: is you can play as RottyTops, Sky and Bolo!
    * 1m Bonus Chapter: The evil Nega-Shantae returns!
    * 1.1m unknown yet but seems to be voice acting
    * 1.2m Bonus Chapter
    * 1.3 unknown but looks like a tv?

  • Wiiluigi

    They should’ve made a blue or pink version and left the white as an 8g. It’s gonna be a good pick up for the new owners.