Nov 5th, 2013


Just when we think they’ve finally gotten their ducks in a row, Nintendo goes and does something stupid. Like announcing the Wii Mini for the United States for $99, bundled with Mario Kart Wii. This is yet another stupid decision in a long train of stupid decisions that makes it hard to write about this announcement objectively. Here, I’ll try and save the rant for another time.

The Wii Mini will be available “by the middle of November” after a successful test launch in Canada and Europe. The press statement says the availability of the Wii Mini will differ some according to location, so it’s presumed that Nintendo will only be offering this option to certain markets, most likely with large populations.

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  • BrandonIsAGod

    Why? Ugh. People should be buying Wii U’s not Wii ‘s…

  • I’ll say what you said. This is a STUPID decision… They need to be focusing on the Wii U! Advertising, promoting, selling! Not spending time and resources trying to milk the Wii a little more. As a wholehearted Nintendo fan, I’m slightly disgusted. This seems like a purely money based decision, something I don’t see from them too often.


    • dad da

      this looks like something ms would come up when xbox one is about to die

    • Nate

      I think the most baffling thing about it is that regular Wii bundles have been going for about $120-130 regular price. Just last week you could get the blue Skylanders bundle at Target for only $100.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I was about to say the same thing. Nintendo of Japan was smart to remove the original Wii from production, and Nintendo of Europe already had the Wii Mini for a while now (I still think they should stop manufacturing it as well, but there the confusion is less likely to happen). But to release a new Wii model while the Wii U is finally seeing a raise in sales? Come one, NoA, we all know this isn’t going to end well.

      Nintendo has had a lot of trouble with the name of their console, and now they’re just adding more confusion on the minds of their consumers. They’ll just think the Wii U is a different version of the Wii Mini, and retailers will continue to do their stupid work by advertising it as a “wireless Wii” or the “there’s no difference between the Wii U and the Wii Mini”. What’s worse, the Wii Mini can’t connect to the internet, which means people will think the Wii U won’t be able to as well. You understand my point now, don’t you?

      • The Clockwork Being

        Well NoA had it in Canada for some while.

        • Daniel Carvalho

          That’s right: for a while. It came before Nintendo had that problem with making sure people understood that they had a new console on the market. They had for a while, they know it’ not a new videogame, and they saw the Wii U lanching at a different time.

          For USA, they still don’t know that the Wii U is a new console, and now Nintendo is releasing a “new” version for their Wii $200,00 cheaper than the actual new console. The mainstream media and consumers still don’t understand that the Wii U is a next-gen console, and Nintendo releasing that Wii mini at the most crucial time for the Wii u to raise in sales before the end of the fiscal year doesn’t help at all!

    • Gabe Hoffman

      You miss the point. Not everyone is made of money so this was likely intended for people who can’t really afford a new system

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Perhaps. However, this is not helping them sell Wii U’s by selling a product that has caused the so called confusion among consumers.

      • Lord Tywin

        I’m not sure why you’ve been downvoted greatly. I agree that the Wii Mini is for the frugal consumer not interested in a next-gen console, or for those who never had a proper introduction to the Wii. This release is comparable to the recently released 2DS, a low-cost, budget-friendly alternative to the 3DS, and the slim PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360.

        • Gabe Hoffman

          That was partially my point

      • Dáibhí wotshissurname

        Yes but now Nintendo are only obscuring more the console they need to promote – their brand new one!

    • Hulkamania

      if nintendo is doing this.. it makes me wonder if Nintendo is thinking to them selves that the Wii U is nothing but a sinking ship and they are trying to resell the original Wii as much as they can to make up for it. I would hate to think that way because I own a Wii U.

      • I love my Wii U, and can’t see them leaving it to die… but I have to wonder…

    • The Clockwork Being

      They should just have named the console Wii 2, NES 2 or something else. Something that would clear the freakin confusion. The PS4 and X1 won`t have the name problems. I do like the name Wii U(it sounds somewhat cool and better than X1) but we need to clear the confusion not contribute to it. And so far, with Nintendo having the Wii, Wii Mini and Wii U on the market it will be hard for the average consumer to tell the difference. Posted this before.

    • Keyser

      The saddest part is this would have been the greatest idea ever like 6 years ago! This lower priced version of the wii would be perfect for all the old people and casuals who just want to play bowling or Wii Fit, and don’t care about online or gamecube games, but NOOOOO, let’s wait until EVERYONE already has a Wii and launch it at the same time as our newest console just to confuse people! It makes no sense! This would have been perfect at the Wii’s launch, but now its just stupid.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      They have been putting more effort into Wii U marketing. Have you seen all the new bundles? The Mario 3D World Commercial, The fact that Nintendo is working with Jamie Anderson to promote Mario and Sonic. That all god marketing in my book

      • sure, but in a market where people are still confused as to what a wii is and what a Wii U is, this is the WRONG time to release a Wii mini. Especially with the tagline “Wii has a new look”

        • Gabe Hoffman

          The new look could be intended to help set Wii apart from Wii U I think part of the reason for confusion was that Wii U looked so similar to Wii.

    • Marcos Parreira

      Completely agree!!!!
      Now the confused people will think: “so yeah, the Wii U is just a new controller”

  • Squid

    I suppose it should be limited edition. ps2 has been selling until just a few months ago, so I don’t see a problem here.

    • Ducked

      I agree with you some, but this is more than likely going to confuse retailers and buyers again :/

  • CaesarGood

    Illuminati probably told them to do this stupid shit…

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Or maybe the jews? Or the freemasons? Or the government?

  • dad da

    what about xenoblades and wii bundle and they should focus more on the wii u the 3ds is doing great so that means they can focus on the wii u

  • This is dumb.. I could buy the original Wii for less than half price and I’d have the ability to play GameCube games and the internet connection. I don’t see this doing very well at all. Also, with this iteration of the Wii it seems as though Nintendo hates money.. Why not at least put an Ethernet port on there? That way I can download E-shop games and it seems a little more worth it.

  • kbarso

    Does Nintendo know that the Wii U can play Wii Games? Buy a Wii U play Wii and Wii U games. Duh!

  • I don’t see how this is entirely bad. From what I remember, the Wii Mini didn’t do so well in EU (somewhat decent in Canada, but still low). The interest obviously isn’t there. The Wii Mini is stripped of many features which made the OG and Family Wii models so appealing, and it looks different enough from the Wii U that it could potentially help clear up confusion for customers and retailers (so long as they don’t stock normal Wii units). If anything, if this is communicated properly, it could help sell more Wii U units.

    Personally, I think it is just Nintendo getting rid of their Wii Mini stock. I still don’t think this a good thing to bring over, but I don’t think the Wii Mini will cannibalize Wii U units as much as people believe it will.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I want to believe on what you said. If they only want to get rid of their stock, then maybe this was a smart decision. People may want to check out what a Wii Mini is and end up knowing about the Wii U. Unfortunately, consumers aren’t as smart as you and Nintendo think they are. The confusion is there, people still think the Wii U is just an accessory, retailers don’t know what is the difference between the Wii and Wii U, and the mainstream media helps generating more and more confusion. Nintendo has many obstacles to overcome regarding the Wii U, but instead, puts more and more obstacles on the track.

      I do hope I’m wrong, and that what you said will become true, but I just can’t see it happening. Let’s hope things turn out to a good ending.

  • Nintedward

    Looks like a set of bathroom scales…. sigh

    • MetroidZero


  • slade6alpha

    Did you hear about the Pottery Barn Mario 3D World thing… worse than this in terms of stupidity. Nintendo needs to fire their marketing department.

  • Jon

    ug…. the Wii mini for the price of a Wii…..essentially…and with Mario Kart, The online made Mario Kart Wii awesome and with the Wii mini with no online, it makes it stupid….. Why Nintendo? Just be done with a the Wii, move on. It is now like an overly attached girlfriend trying to cling on to whats left of his ending relationship…..

    At this stage in the Wii’s life span,The fact that they need to push the Wii U, this decision is worth than the decision to release the virtual boy.

  • Ducked

    – it can only play games locally
    – it cannot play GameCube games

    I don’t see how it would sell. Dumb choice by Nintendo, everyone already owns a Wii! Why give something to confuse customers? I don’t think this will effect the Wii U to much, but WHY NINTENDO?! WHY!?

  • Arthur Jarret

    Idiots. Then again, they made worse mistakes.

    VC trickle, cutting Wii’s VC titles, this offline-only excuse for a console, overpriced NES ‘classics’ like Tennis, Pinball and Urban Champions, hitting the self-destruct button on their swapnote function on 3DS over the possibility to send photos (an option that wasn’t even originally available in swapnote), overly focusing on 3DS development – leaving a now succesful platform overly spoilt for choice while leaving their latest platform with large gaps where no quality releases were coming, asking an update fee to upgrade vc from the wii version to a wii u version – while giving newcomers the same content for the original price (which basically seems like they’re milking their most loyal fans), lack of any proper marketing of their product, overpricing almost all digital versions of retail releases, refusing to bid for any platform exclusivity of third parties… pff – the list goes on and on.

    But hey, they’ve got Pikmin, Zelda, F-zero, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Mario, Warioware, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Chibi-Robo, Punch-out, A boy and his blob, Smash bros, Waverace, 1080, Pilotwings, Starfox, Advance wars, Batallion wars, Fire emblem, X and the other 90% of franchises I’m forgetting… it’s pretty good compensation for their faults.

    Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to reading your rant, Ashley

  • palomino blue

    Terrible idea.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Nintendo, please let the Wii die, not the Wii U. Thanks.

  • Madmagican

    They’re literally stopping production of the Wii everywhere except in America – they’ve decided to release the Wii Mini in NA instead of ramping up the production and advertisement for the Wii U. WHY!??!

  • tronic307

    When Nintendo announced that they were ceasing Wii production, I thought that their brand confusion troubles might soon be over. This is the only move that could have hurt them on that front and it’s precisely the move they made.

    You’re hard to root for sometimes, Nintendo.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Considering they wanted to discontinue the Wii so that the Wii U would stand out more, this makes no sense to do. Nintendo, if you’re going to cease production in Japan and Europe, you might as well do so in North America too. This isn’t going to help Wii U’s exposure. Don’t know why Iwata thinks this is a good idea. I call this a blunder.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      Actually, the blame would go to Reggie, not Iwata. Reggie is the one responsible for the marketing on Americas.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Not exactly. Iwata is CEO of Nintendo of America now. Plus, Nintendo of America answers to Nintendo’s main headquarters in Kyoto, so that means this decision is theirs. Iwata is the blame, cause he’s the big cheese of the whole company. Reggie only does what he’s told, so I don’t put the blame on him.

        • Daniel Carvalho

          You’re right, I forgot about his “promotion”

  • iamserious

    Great another reason to ignore the Wii U!?! Has Nintendo really given up on it? Why would they discontinue Wii production in Japan then start this mess in the states?? The Wii mini with its flashy red color is going to seem like the new console to people. And I am not a fan of the Wii mini, it’s such a pointless endeavor. The Wii was lacking but this gimped version is just imo unnecessary.

  • Josiah Parsons

    Wow. What a great bundle.

  • Satoru Iwata

    Please understand, that people still love our Wii and are most excited to know that Wii Mini will be bundled with Mario Kart Wii for the low price of $99. This holiday, we are doing Wii Mini bundled with Super Mario Galaxy. I’m sure all Nintendo fans will be happy about this.

    Thank you for supporting Nintendo.

    • While I’m usually happy to see an increase in our older hardware market share, this has gone enough Iwata-San, we need to focus on the Wii U system. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the consumers won’t like this!

  • Gameonfool

    Sooner hey loose he wii brand altogether the better, for everyone. Goodbye wii

  • erich80

    $ 99.99 plus taxes is too much money for that red Wii remote.

  • Mario

    Mamma mia. Really Nintendo? Really?

  • Veries Seals

    I think we should all storm nintendo’s official pages. The official company page and the official wii u page and let them know that we don’t want this and they need to concentrate on the Wii U only in America. The 3DS does not need help, the 2D’s Does not need help and the Wii needs to go!

    • Justagamer


  • TehPostman

    This one hurts to see, the Wii has for the most part sold to everyone who is going to buy one, the Wii-U has been out for a year, there has already been confusion and I thought Nintendo made a smart move by removing the Wii from markets in Japan, the Wii-U can play Wii games and is where the company is trying to go, i don’t understand why they would make this move, i understand the PS2 was supported for a long time but in all honesty i think the Wii is something that they need to accept is the old person, it’s time for them to retire and live a happy life playing games it already knows for a few hours a day if that, i love the Wii-U and i would rather see Nintendo put more effort into that than trying to milk there old goat some more, Nintendo you had a good run with the Wii, but it is time to move forward and make something with the Wii-U.

  • The Clockwork Being

    This is one of the most stupidest ideas ever. SSelling a Wii Mini now. Well who want that for 100$ when there is no online, no VC and no Gamecube game. Give this a 70$ price tag or discontinue it. The later being the second option as the Wii U should be the priority. Way to shot yourselves in the foot Nintendo.

  • blindtiger

    Dear Nintendo, please read the comments in this and other articles and pull the plug on this idea before it’s even released. wii u owners have suffered enough. Don’t set us back further.
    Sincerely, loyal customer since 1989

  • bizzy gie

    No internet. ‘Nuff said.

  • Archiq09

    It’s probably for sell the remainder of wii mini

  • Adam Porter


  • Gabe Hoffman

    For fucks sake people calm your jets. Think about it this way everyone owns a Wii and and original Wii you can likely buy for even cheaper these days. I made a thread on this. And someone explained that when you have multiple versions of a product people are more inclined to compare. So this may help Wii U or it may not. I just new this article was gonna be click bait. Stop overracting people and try to think!

  • Is_Mort

    NIntendo….end your Wii, the future is now………………..

  • Jeovany

    The wii mini such a dumb idea by nintendo to make a little extra money that will back fire in the end

  • Mj78

    LOL. LMFAO. I am in pain because I cannot BELIEVE that Nintendo are so intent on doing everything they can to make sure the Wii u ends up being a complete failure. No one knows what the hell the Wii u is and now sat next to it is a Wii mini which people will probably buy instead. It isn’t funny laughable, it is embarrassing. Absolute idiocy. Again.

  • Lord Tywin

    I don’t think this decision will have much of an impact on Wii U sales. When the PlayStation 3 was freshly released, Sony released the slim PlayStation 2 console. Although PS3 was just starting off, PS2 was still incredibly popular, as it had a huge library of games in existence compared to the PS3 at that time. Both consoles sold well ultimately.

  • CEObrainz

    Another stupid decision. Hopefully sales for the Wii U won’t be terribly hurt by this and Nintendo will realize no one wants this shit. A Wii without GameCube support, no online….might as well buy a used Wii off eBay for cheaper + games.

  • Jonathan Dogey

    Oh man, that Wii is so stripped of features, it should be $40. No online, wired or wifi, no gamecube, no virtual console, crappy build. Oy! Be a great collectors item though.

  • Kirbyomega

    Why is a price reduced Wii cheaper than a price reduced 3Ds?

  • starwars360

    Well I agreed with many here. It is better let stop production for Wii like they did in Japan. Why not whole rest of world and help Wii U stand out.

    Cannot wait for Super Mario 3D World so much. 🙂

  • fireheartis1

    I think the Wii Mini could turn out to be a good idea if Nintendo advertises the Wii U and let the Wii Mini be a silent release. That way people who can’t afford the Wii U can have something to buy for their kids who are just too young to understand what internet is and who just want to play games. If Nintendo spent the advertisement time solely on the Wii U and non on the Wii Mini it could just be a package for people who can’t afford the Wii U. You know like the SNES Mini was back in the N64 days.

  • lonewolf88

    terrible idea it will just make more confusion.

  • SleepySkullhead

    Kid: “I want a Wii U for Christmas!”
    Mom at store: “Wii Mini? Yeah, that’s it!”

  • David Berning III

    Um…why? This is completely idiotic. If retailers can’t differentiate the difference between Wii and Wii U then why sell them side by side for the holidays! Wii U is struggling and their main focus should be marketing the Wii U and not selling last-gen consoles…I love Nintendo but sometimes I just don’t understand their logic…

  • Stephen Davis


  • peeer

    “Just when we think they’ve finally gotten their ducks in a row, Nintendo goes and does something stupid. Like announcing the Wii Mini for the United States for $99, bundled with Mario Kart Wii. This is yet another stupid decision in a long train of stupid decisions that makes it hard to write about this announcement objectively. Here, I’ll try and save the rant for another time.”

    This is the reason why I don’t like this website. Why did you have to add your grain of salt to the news instead of keeping your opinion that we don’t want to hear to the opinion section of the site and keep it away from front page… ‘-_-

  • MujuraNoKamen

    I swear to god if this gets advertised and Wii U doesn’t I’ll fly to NoA’s offices and punch whoever is responsible in the face! Just when we thought eh brand confusion was on its way out, this shit happens! This make it look Wii U and Wii mini are different models of Wii like £DS, 2DS and 3DS XL. Why this? I bet it will make them some money, but do you know how else to make money Nintendo? I’ll tell you; get Wii U of the ground again, don’t make things worse.

  • bWov1

    Of all games to bundle with this, why Mario Kart — one of the few Wii games that does online multiplayer well?