Dec 11th, 2012

Wii U homebrewThe Wii Homebrew Channel allows gamers to run games and software on the Wii that hasn’t been licensed or certified by Nintendo (like pirated games). Now according to the creators of the Homebrew Channel, it’s possible to run it on the Wii U. However, it won’t exactly run on the Wii U — it will run within the original Wii menu that’s used on the Wii U for backwards compatibility. The Homebrew channel runs on the Wii U just as it would on the Wii, which means no Wii U software is supported.

Now, if you wish to install something like this on your Wii U, you need to know that your warranty is void if you do so, and if anything breaks, you’re on your own. And we expect Nintendo to strike back with console firmware updates that block access to it.


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  • Captain Falcon

    I can play Project M on the Wii U!
    Just gotta get my Gamecube Controller ready and… oh.

    • xdlugia

      Isn’t it possible to play Project M with a Wii Remote? I went from GameCube controller to Wii Remote on Smash Bros., and now I just can’t get back.

      • Captain Falcon

        …Please… please tell me you’re trolling. Why on Earth would anyone prefer the Wiimote to the Gamecube controller for Smash Bros??

        • sam davis

          man that wiimote is just as fine as the gamecube controller. the problem is, people don’t take the time out to actually LEARN how to play with it

          • audie bowler

            round of applause for that man and a gold sticker with TRUE CORE GAMER printed on it in silver leaf !!!!!!! if only others in this world had basic commonsence….

          • Weraru

             I started on wiimote.

          • Ryan Vincenzetti

            we dont like change. usually…

          • Revolution5268

             Thank you^

          • clouds5

            Same thing with shooters. The wii mote offers more accurate and direct control than any gamepad with sticks controller… you’re actually targeting instead of pointing in a general direction and let autoaim do the rest.
            Just cannot understand why people would choose the gamepad for shooters when they could use the wiimote. Guess its because the wiimote is associated with casual gaming. Thats something those “hardcore” gamers would say: wii mote is for casualz cant be good.

        • TheLast

          Please stop complaining about the controllers used in SSB, just get used to others like many have since the original. When the 3DS version comes out there will be no no GameCube controllers, when the WiiU version comes out there will be no GameCube controllers. Just let it go, and sorry for my English.

          • Arthur Jarret

            If it isn’t on a N64 controller, it isn’t the right way to play smash bros!

          • Revolution5268

             Not really man people play it the way they are please.

        • Jamie Hardial

          i prefer the wiimote over the gamecube controller…

        • MadCrain

          I do 😛
          And Captain Falcon ¡FTW!
          The fuck are you doing here? xD

          • Captain Falcon

            Wii U Daily can be quite interesting sometimes 😐

          • MadCrain

            Don’t you feel like you’re cheating with David?

          • Captain Falcon

            Haha, not really. As of right now, I’m more focused with Wii U news and his blog centered on the Wii U doesn’t cover much news.

          • MadCrain

            Yeah that’s true, I remember seeing this blog like 2 months ago, they don’t kid around with the Daily crap xD

      • Anthony Tarantino

        I love playing with the Wii Remote. Makes the game much simpler. You only use 2 attack buttons and a shield/roll button. The Wii Remote can easily handle that.

  • I didn’t attempt to install Homebrew on my Wii until it stopped reading discs a few years after I got it and became useless. No way I’m going to try it on my Wii U.

    • Megan Allen

      ‘course not can’t install cios anyways’pappy may I mayI mayI say it! YES! NOOB
      sorry i had to

  • Hugh Ormond

    seems like a weird thing to advertise, unless their pointing out the risk

  • I guess no one will support this on Wii U. As this might lead up removing the Wii backward compatibility on Wii U by Nintendo. Please guys, just used this Homebrew Channel on your original Wii instead.

    • Myron Bernard

      Exactly. Wii’s are so cheap these days too. Don’t risk it on the $300 rig. If you wanna do this just buy an old wii off ebay and homebrew away.

  • Michael Mullins

    Unless Wii mode can gain access to the entirety of the Wii U’s internal hardware, rather than just what’s allocated for Wii emulation, this probably won’t be anything exciting. No emulation of more advanced systems than what the Wii could emulate, no clever fan uses of the Wii U GamePad, etc.

    • well he homebrew did install  with no issues but the are no application banners

  • Ryan House

    If only they could just make a USB adapter for the Gamecube Controller. Wii U has 4 USB ports.

  • audie bowler

    global user base wii remote and wii remote plus is like 200 million controllers thats many many many times more than classic pad classic pad pro ,pro pad and gamepad combined IT AINT ROCKET SCIENCE GAMES INDUSTRY IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

  • tronic307

    Just a warning: I have this installed on my Wii, and Nintendo has effectively orphaned my console. They will not repair it under any circumstances, even if HBC has been uninstalled (they can tell). Would you like that to happen to your shiny new Wii U?

    • Jonathan Baldwin

      This will ‘revirginize’ your Wii, removing all traces of homebrew. Just remember to remove Bootmii after. Unless Nintendo keeps a record of which Wiis have been hacked, they shouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

      But your point is valid, and even more so for Wii U, as there is currently no way to do the same with the new console.

  • I still have my 2006 launch Wii that works. Nintendo’s hardware is built to last unless you spill liquid on it, The Wii U has a low power System on a Chip so it should last if it stays in one spo and nothing is spilled on it..

  • Christopher Coonan

    The fact that my wii is soft-modded with homebrew and the USB Launcher is precisely why I won’t (nor can’t) trade in my Wii. I at least can play my Metroid Prime Trilogy and Bit.Trip Complete on the U.

  • Ah… Now time to texture hack Super Smash Bros Brawl once again like old times. Sadly, I wish I could do that hack where on basic brawl, you vote for a stage, holding a specific button… Instead, it takes you to homerun contest stage. But you can’t due to no Gamecube Controller ports… ;.;

  • Shane Gibbs

    I hate it when people associate Homebrew with Piracy. HOMEBREW IS NOT PRIACY! In fact, the HackMii Team is AGAINST piracy (

    So, I’m a pirate if I jailbreak my iPhone just to customize it? Or, when I jailbreak my Wii just to run custom mods? Nope.

    • Xera22xc

      i would say about 90% of users that install these ‘homebrew’ shizzle will use pirated games. thats the problem. there are that small percentage of people who use it for homebrew games, dev, etc.

      • Megan Allen


    • Megan Allen


  • DemonRoach

    I would love SNES9x on my wii u BABy.

    • Anthony Tarantino

      So you like pirating games? That’s illegal you know.

      • Jonathan Baldwin

        Not if you dump the ROMs yourself, from the original cartridges. But nobody does that.

      • Jonathan Baldwin

        Also, Public Domain ROMs are legal, but again, nobody uses those.

  • darkstar18

    Hey guy.Want the new Naruto game for the WII U??? Than sign my petition to make this happen!!!!

  • I hate the homebrew channel, always have.

  • Megan Allen

    this is REALLY old news

    • Megan Allen


  • Anthony Tarantino

    Yay, now more people can download games from torrent sites on their shiny new Wii U’s!


  • Who needs Wii System Transfer when you have WAD Manager? xD

  • NkoSekirei

    the good thing is that u cant use sd cards or usb sticks to use for wii u storage u gotta have to get hard drives to store memory

  • bob281

    nintendo dont do them selfs any favours they gotta be less restrictive with thier softwear you tube was working greate on wii u yesterday through the browser then some tw#t whent and patched it or something so much better than the app they give you could play back full hd on controller looked greate i really hope they start giving a bit more support for things like that and why no flash or iplayer the wii had both so it dont make sence to make wii u less suportive also no aac or avi playback on wii u would it realy kill them to let us playback mp4 of an sd card there is so much potential with the wii u they are just not makeing the effort for £300 you expect something

  • Jonathan Dogey

    i wouldnt play with anything homebrew if it voids the warranty.