Nov 17th, 2012

We manned up and scouted out nearby Walmarts around 9PM to see if we could get our hands on a Wii U right at the midnight launch. While we had already pre-ordered at GameStop, they’re not opening until 11AM, which caused quite a stir amongst GS pre-orderers.

Luckily, the second Walmart we visited had a line of 7 people and 11 consoles. Some people had been waiting since noon! Of course they only had 7 black premium Wii U editions so we got stuck with an 8GB white version, but we’ll be buying an external HD in the near future anyways.

Over the next several days we’ll be playing the heck out of the Wii U and bringing tons of exlusive content to readers of Wii U Daily and members of our Wii U Forums. We understand that LOTS of people are on the fence about whether or not to buy the Wii U and even more are wondering which games are worth the investment.

Check out the list of games we’ve purchased for reviewing. We’ll call it gaming for the greater good of humanity:

  • Assassin’s Creed 3
  • Bayonetta 2
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 2
  • FIFA Soccer 13
  • Madden NFL 2013
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Edition
  • NBA 2K13
  • Ninja Gaiden 3
  • Pikmin 3
  • Rayman Legends
  • Super Mario Brothers New U
  • Transformers Prime
  • Wii Fit U
  • Wipeout 3
  • Wonderful 101
  • Zombi U

Who already has their Wii U? Where did you get it?

In all honesty, I was very disappointed GameStop not only backtracked on their midnight openings but also isn’t opening on Sunday until 11am. That was frustrating. That left 3 main possibilities for us in tracking down a midnight unit: Walmart, Bestbuy, and Toys R Us.

I called many stores in advance to see who would have units, how many, what line expectations were, and get more info. As unfortunately expected, Walmart employees had no idea what was going on and different employees at the same store were giving different information. I was nervous to wait in line at Walmart only to be told they had less units than initially predicted.

But  there were more Walmarts densely located in my area so we tried our luck. The first Walmart had 2 girls waiting and only 1 Wii U available. Luckily the girls were friends and sharing the device. The second store was pretty much absolute mayhem with Walmart employees giving mixed messages and customers self-organizing. Luckily, we did indeed get a Wii U after waiting for 3 hours. But about 10 or 12 others weren’t so lucky and walked away empty handed.

Even after buying ours I was left laughing and shaking my head… how much more uselessly could you “bag” my product?

There were even some employees who told people that were there HOURS in advance that they could walk around the store or even leave and come back later. When they came back, a line had formed and a list had been created, and these early birds ended up getting doubly screwed because of misinformation. I figured Walmart would do the sloppiest job of the Wii U sale and it was pretty embarrassing how it all went down.

Meanwhile, we heard of others in line at Toys R Us for the Wii U even though it was closing at 12 midnight and not re-opening for Wii U sales until 8am. That’s rough. So even though our Wii U purchasing experience wasn’t stupendous, we made out okay.

For the record: the Walmart where we got ours was located in Severn, MD. Hello to any of our friends from the line who may be reading this! Steve took this picture of me waiting in the line before it got massive.

They actually split us into 2 lines: one waiting for the black unit and one waiting for the white unit.

How was your Wii U launch experience? Let us know in the comments and visit Wii U Forums to continue the conversation!

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  • Nyan Guy


    • edward montgomery

      Now waiting for all of you to start crying at the crap you bought

      • edward montgomery

        [Comment downvoted into oblivion]

        • Drew

          At least they could afford one

        • Greg

          Better still then Sony, they’ll probably be bankrupt before they can sell PS4.

        • ninjabake

          Grow up kid. Its not that deep. Your taking this waaay too seriously!

        • Alex

          Hey WiiU Daily we have another troll here and his name is Edward.

      • popotiticaca

        thats what your mom said when she saw you for the first time

        • Lord Carlisle

          Someone help me out. I can’t figure out how to set up my Wii U. The box doesn’t have those cords with the red, white, and yellow plug-ins… don’t know what to do!

          • Boing

            Umm… Go buy one… o.O

            But seriously after so many sites telling you the ONLY things inside the box and this site having a section just telling you that you were still clueless ?

          • Adam Fox

            Wii U does not come with the red/white/yellow cables, just the HDMI….I think you can use the red/white/yellow cables from an original Wii though

          • Shock

            Well, you don’t have an HDMI port? Well, you’re gonna have to use to the one from your wii. If you don’t call Nintendo… OR BUY A TV WITH HDMI COMPATIBILITY!

          • Lord Carlisle

            Err, yeah. I actually tried to put the Wii one into it, and I thought it didn’t fit, but then I tried it again, and it did… ;p

        • Wii U 13

          Hey Edward, go fuck yourself. Seriously.

      • TheDavyStar

        You can be a part of it too, man. We DID all see you at our BIG FAT GYPSY WEDDING! OOHHH!

        • Drew

          are you gay or a girl

      • LazerK

        That’s funny,I thought this was the WiiU not a PS3 Super slim.Now THAT’S a crap console.Way to go Sony…
        I really pity you haters that go web sites,videos or forums related to the thing you “hate” and,in this case,claim how the other 2 consoles will be “Soo much bettar” and how the Wii U will be “last gen again,as it should be”.lol,idiot talk right there
        Oh,and speaking of the other 2 systems(or should I say 3.Can’t forget about the OUYA)I have some advise for you hating trolls:I wouldn’t rely so much on the PS4/Orbis or Xbox720/Durango cuz let’s face it,how much more powerful than the Wii U can they get WHILE staying at an affordable price?Give it some thought
        Sony in particular can’t afford to make the PS4 that much more powerful than the Wii U/720 cuz they simply can’t afford to price the system too high,and not make much profit AGAIN.The PS4 won’t have that much more power than the Wii U or maybe not even that much more than the PS3 and have said so themselves.And with this economy,no one would be willing to pay over 600 dollars for a console
        Anything other words of wisdom you want to share with us,Mrs. Edward?Or will you continue to rely on highly priced pieces of plastic?

      • FireRed

        I think you just said that because you wasted $599 on the PS3 at launch and you started crying because it was crap back then…

  • TaintedXGamer

    You know? Time to pack my weapons and army, Damn YOU AMERICANS, I’ma GUNNA BLOW YOU GUYS TO SMITHEREENS. KILL EM ALL! WE STILL GOT 13 DAYS TO GO! BEFORE US EUPROPEANS GIT OURS!!! DAMNED ****** *******!!!

    • TaintedXGamer

      You Know what?*

    • Master of Awesomeness

      Calm down, you’re not the only people who must wait.

      Anyway, australia gets wii u before europe. Why? The time difference.

      • Nintedward

        At least We UK gamers won’t have to worry about 2 screens whilst being upside down 🙂

    • Nintedward

      Yeh , I wouldn’t go trying to blow up America if I was you. The british SaS are the best elite soldiers in the world , But let’s face it. Nobody has got any chance against America lol.

      CONGRATULATIONS ON WIIU LAUNCH AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      One positive thing about it coming out late in EU is that we will all know what to buy on day because America has reviewed it all for us!

      • asdf asdf asdf

        It’s funny how people think when someone is from europe he is automatically from UK. :DD Uk sucks like America. And nobody got any change against america? hahahah Finland can easily blow America by just snapping fingers.

        • Lusunup

          WTF???? terrorist on wiiudaily site? you guys are insane its a console not world war Z

        • U and Mii

          You can keep dreaming Finland.

        • Norway

          shut up Finland.

      • Nintendo is da best

        Thats the spirit!

      • Unhasu

        Do you think thats late!? In Brazil we don’t even know when the launch is!! lol!! maybe just may/june 2013… that sucks.

    • Drew

      You try that buddy you want reach the coast before you get blown up

    • sprocket

      wow, you guys seem to really be mad at Americans, we do not hate you like this. I dont really understand why so much anger, its not like us common folk have any say in the matter. Better be glad you are not buying one here, money for things like wii u is hard to come by for many people.

    • Christian

      Dude, no frikin’ violence just because of this.

    • FireRed

      Wow euros think were americans are bad and it turns out that the euros are butthurt because of us

  • Master of Awesomeness

    Don’t tease me. I cannot get mine till the 30th! 🙁

    • Nintendonoob

      Hey, at least your weren’t like me. Waiting in line for the Wii U. Person in front of me got the last one, I was so angry I forgot to pre order the deluxe… *triple facepalm* looks like I am going to Best Buy today to find a deluxe. *cries*

  • TaintedXGamer

    Also lol at the Way you got Bagged with the wii U. that’s pretty funny

    • NintendoMan :D

      At first I thought the “U” was on the bag!!! 😀

  • WiiDom!!

    You’ve bought Bayonetta 2? I thought that wasn’t anywhere near finished?

    • Ravyu

      Yea that’s what I thought too


    I work for nintendo in my country we had a great launch over here!

  • OmegaRed

    Currently waiting outside a Target in Fl…with the store managers permission of course….earliest place to get one…8AM

  • Jc

    Bayonetta 2.? That’s not even out yet.!

  • DigitalX

    Big fan of Nintendo, but I’m waiting til I get minds. If I get lucky and find one, then I will buy it on the spot. It’s unlike for GameStop not do a midnight release of the console after doing pre-orders, I feel sorry for those who have to wait.


    Sadly, I’m one if the gs orderers. I will get mine tomorrow, but I did go by my local Walmart to see if I could buy some twinkies(sadly they were all out) and to see what they had in the way of wii u. People walked out with several black models and one or two white models were left. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight. Can’t wait for 12:00 at my GameStop!

  • Wii Uk

    I’m sooo jealous! That is awesome! November 30th can’t come soon enough… Eagerly waiting the European release. 12 more days and counting…

  • Bosmur

    If you think about it, if the wii u launched on the 18th here in NZ, I would got before most of you. But somehow NZ counts as Europe


    I am so jealous right now. Not only do I have
    To wait for the release as I live in England but then
    I have to wait even longer until Christmas and that’s if
    I can get one by then lol. Congrats guys I will share
    In your happiness 🙂

    • TaintedXGamer

      Bro i know how u feel, i’m the same spot as u are with wanting a wii U.
      We can do this!

    • Drawin

      My exact situation over here, England and waiting for Christmas Day. (If we stay together we can pull through this!)

      • afroninja

        we can do this. i wont be able to sleep christmas eve cause i dont know im getting one or not.

  • Mida

    The best buy at my place only allowed the preordered people to enter. The walmart didn’t even had the midnight launch… DUFUQ??? Is this for everyone else too or am I the only person?!

    • OmegaRed

      Our Best Buys have people lined up for a 11am release and all Wal marts are 24hrs but sold out b4 midnight…only 3 hrs and I’ll have mine. 😉

  • Victor M

    I got my deluxe edition at Walmart in Lake Saint Louis, MO. This store was more knowledgable. I called in the afternoon and the manager explained that there would be 4 units selling at midnight. Two basic ans two deluxe. He said the line could form at the game display case at anytime. So I went to Walmart around 7 PM and saw there was no line. I then went back home to watch UFC 154. At 11 PM my brother went back to Walmart to stand in line. He informed me that there were three people waiting and only one basic system available. The line had started two hours prior. I advised him to grease the palms of the first person in line in order to trade for the deluxe edition. One hundred dollars later he walked out with the last deluxe edition available at Walmart in Lake Saint Louis. I got mine!!!

  • c0mmanderb0nd

    Checked my local wal mart in Mckinney TX at 8:30pm central they had 6 units and no one in line, total they had 18 units but 12 were pre orders (also said 6 of those were preorders for one guy)

    I was first one in line, second guy showed up at 11pm, 3rd guy showed up around 11:45, said the Wal Mart across town had a huge line but for some reason no one was at this one…

    1 preorder person showed up at midnight so all 4 of us got our Black 32GB and left with 3 available units still sitting behind the counter.

    Also got home and ran the update so that is why I am typing here instead of playing, update is taking awhile.

    • Ryu No Hadouken

      Im in Dallas bro, but my Gamestop opens at noon….7.5 more hours and ill have my deluxe set…(its 4:30 right now)

  • kevin

    I got mine and downloading update now. It is taking a long time.

    • kevin

      I forgot, my walmart didn’t even get mario bros in. Had to go to another one to get it.

      No mario bros, the bread and butter of nintendo.

  • WarioForever

    Hey, you Americans, if you didn’t know, there are many Europeans who are waiting for Wii U, so shut up!

    • Wow

      The one time a console launches in the US first… You are one conceited loser.

    • Superstick

      Dude. Calm down. You should consider yourself lucky because some of us don’t even even get it until CHRISTMAS. (Myself included) 🙁

    • TheDavyStar

      I live in the UK, I bet I’m younger than you so if I can not cry my eyeballs out, then so can you.

  • Elite

    At least im not the only one getting the white one.

    • Wow

      White FTW. Nintendo will always be that color in my house.

  • JumpMan

    gotta wait til’ the ‘morrow for mine… dumb GameStop and their dumb-ness. first i wait 4 hours, go to church and then the gruesome drive home from Atlanta (i go to PCC). i might visit here once i’ve jumped into the MiiVerse and tell some of you Euros and late-orderers… but that would spoil it for you! 😉

  • PKUltima

    You know those bags that best buy was handing out to the first 50 people? Well the people that was doing our orders were a little slow so we were last, but they gave us 8 Wii-U bags so that made up for it 🙂

  • marioravesto3d

    I will read all the reviews on the games wii u daily.When yer get on the games see if yer can up load on youtube and send a link please !

  • Shepard

    Gotta wait a lil while for mine, so happy for those that got theirs!

  • Koalajay2

    I’ll be heading to the best buy where I preordered mine in about 3 hrs. Luckily it’s like 30 degrees here in Chicago so hopefully there will be no one standing there. Lol.


  • lev

    picking up mines in the morning unfortunately cause gamestop are fags 🙁

  • jellyfish

    hey from my wii u!!!

  • VezNetwork

    Now all I need to see is gameplay videos.

    • Tobbe

      Alot on youtube

  • Grodus

    GS “reserver.” That means you get layaway and in-store pickup, if you didn’t already know. I can’t even get mine at eleven, I’m waiting ’till about 2…

  • VezNetwork


  • Jack

    Ordered from Have to wait until Monday when UPS comes. 🙁

  • ContQuest

    Great news. A question. What happens if you try to play Wii games with only the GamePad or the Pro Controller connected to the Wii U? What kind of a error message do you get?

    • Kahhhhyle

      You can’t launch the wii simulator without a wii mote

  • manson

    rite now i am in walmart theres 11 left looks like nobody knew about wwi u luanch here and its 6 am and i will buy 2

  • NinTobias

    How do you have Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends and Bayonetta 2…?

    • Superstick

      IKR? 0-O Rayman legends comes december 31st, pikmin 3 comes out somewhere between now and launch window and bayonetta 2 comes out WHO KNOWS WHEN?!

    • Random

      And Wii Fit U and Wonderful 101? I think they just listed all of the games that were at one point launch titles and a few that never were

  • Radojko95

    Can anybody tell me what will be the price of Wii U in Europa 😛

  • Paul

    ill wait till febuary/march and wait for more bundles and pick one up in store

    i hate the pre order crap sorry guys and girls

    • Superstick

      You’d better hope there are more.

  • theorangefish

    The whiite U looks better anyways. I get a Black one but everything can be fixed with airbrush just like the Xbox360 some years ago. As much as I hate white consoles the Wii U looks better to me when it isn’t black, besides I saw what happened to my black Wii.

  • The Detonator

    ITS ROB!!! yeah i never heard your voice before…..

  • Family Console

    I’m with you Paul, holding off until March or later to pick up the Deluxe Version. Wii U too scarce to bother with until then.

  • NintendoGMR95

    Well i pre-ordered my deluxe @ on the day of the price announce, and wont get mine until wednsday 21st 🙁
    but at least i have my Mass Effect 3 Special Edition to stare at till then. xD

  • Thepokemonmaster

    I’m getting this the second it opens(gamestop)! 😀 😀 D: *squeal*

  • WiiUlover

    Today is a nice sunny day in Florida. To bad the Wii U is coming out. Prepare tv your about to get Wii Udified

  • allon

    Man I wish I could’ve got one last night! But I am on my way to my gamestop at 8am. I should only have 2 1/2 hours to wait once I get down there!About 11:30 I should be on the Network.

  • Ariel

    My friend from NJ called me on saturday and he told me that he got the wii U black that he preordered that day, yes one day before official launch, I personally think it’s all BS but if it is real i’ll send u the proof. He told me he will send the receipt and a copy of the tracking info. So we’ll see!!
    Now if he did get it… DAMN YOU!!!!!

  • William

    Well, I was dumb lucky I guess. I went to my Walmart at 6am this morning, got there only 10 min early and just sauntered in and scored a deluxe set. When I first showed up there was nobody waiting outside, so I stayed in my car as it was a tad cold. About 5 min before opening a guy got out and stood at the entrance and I figured, he looks like a gamer; I better get out and get in line. But since there was no one to organize anything, I ended up getting a unit first.
    I then left with my prize, no fuss no muss! This was the Walmart in Dundalk,MD. As of when I left they still had units.

  • francis

    Man!! I went to walmart and a employr said that they didn’t have none for sale because all they got was for VIP ( pre-Orders!! ). And that they were going to get more on tuesday or wensday!!!! :'( Bull shit!! But I’m stilll waiting for gamestop and best buy

  • NesToWiiU

    I don’t have a Wii U…(cries in the little corner for all eternity(until Christmas)).

  • ZombieGuns

    2 more hours and i’m out the door of Gamestop with Wii U deluxe in hand!

  • J. Knut

    Enjoy your Wii U guys!

    • Wii U #1

      nice sportsmanship 🙂 true gamer^^^^^^

  • Guhtere

    I didn’t stay up till 3 in the morining to get it. I’m going to get mine at 10 in the morining to get mine.

  • dubYA

    I don’t get mine until Noon. Curse you, Game Stop!

    Only 3 hours to go! 😀


    I Didn’t Go Cuz I Was Lazy.

  • 911RollingThunder


  • More than a wii u fan

    Since the moment Nintendo announced the new console I was shock I was so happy that you can’t imagine. I live in Central America and my parents are having very difficult money problems, but I will do anything that I can to buy my wiiu. I only have $ 100 but I will not eat at school to have my wiiu. My question is when does the wiiu will come to Latin America, more espicifically Central America

  • Nintendofan4life

    Yes finally! I been waiting for this moment! Everyone add my Nintendo ID Nintedward! Thx guys

    • Superrty

      You really took the nintedward id??? He’s gonna be mad

    • Wii U #1

      omg he really did :/ thats just wrong xc

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    I want you guys to tell me one thing: can I play Wii games using the GamePad as the main screen? I only have a tube TV, and it has problems with lighting – everything bright becomes blurry and hard to see -, so I wanted to use the GamePad’s LCD widescreen to play my Wii Games. I live in Brazil, where technology is extremely expensive, so either I buy a gaming console or a new TV (of course I’m buying the Wii U).

    • John C

      According to the information from Nintendo, Yamiryuu, the Wii games will not play on the Gamepad’s screen. The same goes for the Virtual Console games you transfer from the Wii to the Wii-U, unfortunately. (That’s one I really wanted, because the Gamepad seems like the perfect device for old SNES games.) Ah well.

      • Yamiryuu Zero

        I already knew about the VC part. I think they made this because of the high number of yet unsold Classic Controllers. If the GamePad could run VC games from the start, people wouldn’t bother buying the Classic Controller that was made for this same purpose, and they wouldn’t get profit from it.
        I see no good reasons for the GamePad not running Wii games, tough. Anyway, thanks for the info!

  • Whoobin

    I don’t get mine until a few days from now, since Toys R Us sucks (estimated between 11/21 and 11/27)… I’m pissed, but luckily I’m going over to a friends house to play his Wii U. *Lesson learned: ALWAYS pre-order at a store and NEVER online.

    • Whoobin

      Lucks on my side :). Just got a basic at Best Buy . Now I have two Wii U’s. 🙂

  • Tobbe

    Hey u gamecrazy wankers oversea. What do u think about your new console and gamepad. Iv spent hours looking on youtube. Damn booring to wait another 12 days 🙁

  • Pokemonlp10

    Got my deluxe version with 3 games! It’s updating though…

  • Linskarmo

    I still have to wait until Christmas. But I’m happy for anyone who’s got one now!

  • uribemaster

    How’d you guys get monster hunters 3 ultimate if it hasn’t released yet? and rayman legends? I WANT

  • nic

    i got a black one preordered from walmart also nsmbu i have a theory the states that got demo station sold out faster

  • Johnny Star

    I had pretty much the same ordeal at my Walmart, as far as the bagging goes. They bagged the Deluxe Wii U in a skimpy plastic bag, that tore when he placed the Wii U in the bag, which the employee didn’t notice and handed the bad over by the handles instead of holding the box. As far as lines, no one showed up at the Walmart near me, they had only one extra Deluxe Wii U that wasn’t pre-ordered, but I had mine pre-ordered, so I was safe there anyways. None of the employees had any idea of what was going on, I mean NONE of them. I waited almost an hour for them to figure out how to finalize the layaway pre-order, thank goodness I was the only one to show up. But when all was said and done, there’s a Deluxe Wii U, some controllers, New Super Mario Bros. U, all hidden at my house waiting on my daughter’s 6th birthday for her present. Also, you named a few games that aren’t even out yet, Rayman Legends, Bayonetta 2, and Pikmin 3. How is it possible you guys already got those? I think you may have your wish list mixed in there too!

  • Majinchuck

    Ahh, I shoulda picked mine up yesterday, I might have had a chance to end up in the pic lol. My uncle works at the severn md, I have it pre ordered there.

  • Ledreppe

    I’m glad mine is being delivered by courier, none of this waiting in queues at shops nonsense. Why can’t everyone get it delivered, instead of being complete prats.

  • Joeyperez

    i got mine its still updating. target had 60 extra this morning everywhere else i called was sold out.. I am impressed!!! the freakin set up walk through has me goooo gooo eyes wow wow 🙂 this update is taking a while though .. eeeeeeeeek patiently waiting.

  • Joeyperez

    i got mine its still updating. target had 60 extra this morning everywhere else i called was sold out.. I am impressed!!! the freakin set up walk through has me goooo gooo eyes wow wow 🙂 this update is taking a while though .. eeeeeeeeek patiently waiting so excited

  • jadnice

    The single biggest issues I see with the Wii U at the moment is the ridiculous wait time when going from game to main menu (sometimes as long as 11sec) or through the menu options like settings option. The OS is using 1GB so this should not be happening.

  • xWCARx

    He should’ve put on white rubber gloves to make it more official.. 😛

  • Armani

    I still gotta wait till 10am… So can’t rly say my experience yet.. Lol

  • SegaSonic27

    i got mine a Walmart at midnight to

  • Nintendude

    These videos are taunting me… Toys R Us hasn’t shipped my preorder yet.

  • Pu-P-Pantz

    I did the Walmart Layaway deal and suprisingly it went real smooth. I walked in at 7:30 this morning, paid my $4.89 remaining balance and walked right out with my deluxe WII U……No hoopla. I did find their bagging teqnique useless as well. 🙂

    Now I just need to wait until Christmas to open it 🙁

  • Dan

    A launch with 2 consoles??? Damn employee receivers bag it before the customers 🙂

  • Tyler

    I am bored because my Wii U is downloading it’s first system update and so I thought I check out my favorite Wii U website. Anybody else here for the same reason?

  • Tom Clancey

    We congradulate Nintendo on their brand new next-gen console, and we wish them all the best for the success of their Wii U. I hope everyone enjoy’s this innovative brand new console.

  • Paladin

    I was very fortunate. I was working the overnight shift at Walmart last night. During my lunch break (between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning), I was able to buy an 8GB Basic Set. I was told that the midnight launch consisted of only six Wii U’s: four Basic Sets and two Deluxe Sets. I really felt that I was going to be screwed here, that there would be no way I’d buy one before everyone else did while I was working. But, sure enough, I was able to purchase the fifth console. I was later informed that the last unit sold out two hours later. I am now waiting for my two pre-ordered games from Amazon to arrive in the mail: Arkham City and Assassin’s Creed III. In the meantime, I’ll go through the system manual and setup process. That should keep me preoccupied for a while. Cheers to everyone else who was able to get theirs on launch day, as this is really my first time doing so. 🙂

  • marioU

    yes i finally have it in my hand. i bought it at Wal Mart around 12:06 am, along with a ZombiU copy. but i had trouble to get Wii U connected to an internet. it failed sadly. so i play offline at the moment. so how do i fix it, anyone?

    • marioU

      yeah!! the problem solved. very relief

  • fuc*wiiuhaters

    my nintendo id solid_hero345 come on post yours

  • The Plague

    Got mine and it is the 32gig. Really wasn’t worried which one I got but since it was there I took it. Anyhow, I plan to hook it up and get it ready for the kids tonight. I am excited. Thank you Wii U Daily for a place to go for my Wii U news over these past long months. I will continue to look forward to your reviews and other news.

  • Greg

    We got ours at the Real Canadian Superstore at 7:00am. Basic unit, oh well, got hard drive for it anyways.

  • Dawnofmorning

    add me guys! Dawnofmorning

    i think thats what you need to add not sure lol

  • Mitchell

    Lucky Americans. 30 November we’re coming!!!!!

  • TrueWiiMaster

    I went to 4 stores this morning between 8 and 10 (Walmart, Toys R Us, Kmart, and Target) hoping to get the Wii U before 11, but all 4 were out of the Wii U Deluxe, so I went with my back up plan: Best Buy. It was kind of miraculous actually. I stepped into the line of around 10 people waiting at about 10:02, and almost immediately the Best Buy doors opened, almost an hour early, and everyone was called in to buy their Wii U’s. I got mine after everyone else of course, but I still got the Wii U Deluxe. I think they only had 1 or 2 left when we were done (of the Deluxe packages). Awesome.

  • D2K

    Anyone get just a white screen with Wii U in the lower right-hand corner of the TV and Gamepad and nothing happening? I can’t even turn it off.

    • jim blanton

      I got the same thing i had to unplug it. not sure why.

  • Adam Fox

    OMG….reading all these articles about folks scrambling to get a Wii U…..seriously, where I live, I walked into WalMart at midnight…ONE person was in front of me….then I went to Best Buy at 1pm and asked them if they still had any and was told they still have a few….I was really kind of hoping for a line, etc….I had reservations, so I didn’t have to fight anyone…where I live sucks…..but hey, they had Wii U systems in stock at Best Buy….

  • Lozeot

    Hey, great news! I got my Wii U last night at midnight in Walmart, and I was the 5th in line. However, I was the first in my town (which doesn’t have a Walmart) to get a Wii U, and since that town is the smallest in my state with a Walmart (the only 24/7 store that didn’t sell pre-orders), we probably had the least deluxes, but that means I was the first in my state to own a Basic/White Wii U! Bragging Rights all the way!

  • Matt

    Got mine a Walmart the best part, only 9 people in line!!! THIS THING ROCKS!

    • Louis

      I went to Gamestop but they only had it for the pre-order. Got scared but then I went to Target and they had it(bought the deluxe). And I had better luck than you Matt; there was no line!!!!!!

  • eli

    i had to settle for a basic set 🙁
    i still got one!
    the whole city didn’t have one deluxe left 🙁

  • Pokemonlp10

    Add me! My username is TheWingMan

  • Xarret

    People forget all the negativity and enjoy the gift of gaming.

    • Xarret

      By the way mine is the basic but I got one.

  • darkmanext

    Picked up 2 deluxe Wii U today from gamestop. 1 for my son with NSMBU and Nintendoland. The second one for myself with Nintendoland , Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge,Darksiders 2, Mass Effect. Then went by Office depot and picked up 2 1TB hard drives.Totally set. I could care less about xbox 720 and ps4 they don’t exist yet.

  • jim blanton

    bummer! mine won’t power off unless i unplug it! super mario brothers won’t work! wtf!!!!!

    • jim blanton

      whew!!! super mario works just took awhile to load. the system is great and the gamepad is sweet! everything is good! power button is fine. got deluxe set and sonic racing and tank tank tank and super smash brothers brawl (wii) works great!!

      • D2K

        How does it look?

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    I picked up mine at midnight at my local Best Buy, did the update, played NSMBU for an hour and a half. Went to sleep around 3:45am, woke up at 9:30am, went back to Best Buy and picked up Sonic All-Star Racing and Nintendoland.

    Got home and immediately went back to playing my WiiU. According to the console’s Daily Tracker, I spent a little over 8 hours playing my 3 games, posting on Nintendo Network forums, browsing the eShop, typing this post.

    It’s been a good day so far.

  • GameNChick

    I got mine first thing on Sunday morning. I was the first official purchase at my local Gamestop 🙂

    I got the Deluxe with Zombi U and New Super Mario Bros U.

    I’ve been REALLY enjoying MiiVerse,its really fun and the community so far is extremely nice and helpful. Nintendo Land is actually more fun than I originally thought it was going to be too!

    Anyone that wants to, feel free to send me a friend request 🙂

    my ID is Nightsillusion

  • Michael

    The gamestop I preordered from didn’t have a midnight release. I was disappointed, but moved on and got up early. I saw on their sign that they open at ten every day, but when I got there this morning, I saw that they don’t open until eleven on Sundays so I had to waste an extra hour… Sigh… I think I’ll preorder from walmart next time. Got it now though! It’s awesome!

  • Blario

    Yay..Good Nintendo Times ahead!

  • Ash

    I got one but the Walmart people lied to me and my friends aging they had some for walk in costumers when they didn’t. The maneuver had to come outside while it was closing to tell us that they were only for preorders. After 4 hours of waiting in the cold. Then we had to go to a bunch of different stores like shoppers. We got pulled over for making a U-Turn thinking we pasted it when we didn’t. And some family showed up 5 mins before it opened and went in the exit door to get in front of us after our 14 hour wait.

    But after almost drowning in the fog that night sleeping in the back of a pickup truck I got a basic (would have a deluxe but Walmart is a bum)

    Still wont let me update though -.- in the meantime I’m killing some Bots and playing the campaign in Black Ops 2

  • Ash

    My ID “Nintendo”

  • MrGuy

    I was able to get the deluxe on the 20th at Super Target. They had JUST gotten a shipment in and I lucked out picking up one of three they just got. That is a little disconcerting though, they received 4 (one was prepaid) so that left 3 to sell. The clerks were shocked they had come in when I requested one and 2 of them weren’t so eager to give it to me for some reason…saying they were spoken for at first. Now this is for my 9 year old daughter, and my wife and I. Going on the HD big screen to watch. Funny I wasn’t even aware a new machine was coming out, I lucked out and got one without all the stress!

    Guy in Orlando

  • dinos24 – Nintendo Network ID as well

    Got mine on launch day at Target – Deluxe Set – waited (drum roll) FIVE MINUTES!!!! Although my friend wasn’t as lucky. He’s still trying to get one. Gonna try to snag him one at Nintendo World while I’m in New York.

  • dinos24 – Nintendo Network ID as well

    Miiverse is EXTREMELY nice and helpful. I wonder if that will change in the oncoming weeks…

  • Aashish Joshi

    I got mine on Black Friday!

    My ID is JoshiCamoshi