Dec 18th, 2013


If you’re waiting to get a physical copy of Wii Fit U, you may have to wait a little longer than you expected. The official Nintendo website slates it as coming out January 10, 2014. The bundle containing the game, the fit meter, and the balance board has also been delayed to the same date.

This delay seems weird, because the digital version is already up on the eShop and fully functional with a one month free trial. You can even purchase a Wii Fit meter and connect it with the game to get rid of the trial’s month limit.

Does this delay affect whether you’ll go physical or digital? Let us know!

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  • Sdudyoy

    Aww well, I’m really not interested in this.

    • Speedy Petendo

      Well if you are more interested in Tropical Freeze, I’ve
      heard Funky Kong will be in it, running the item shop!

      • Sdudyoy

        Yeah, I heard GameXplain talk about that, I’m exited for Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, although It will be my first Donkey Kong game.

  • Speedy Petendo

    Seriously? I posted this yesterday on Wii U Daily. No credit, of course.

    ***Edit*** Why the downvotes? Have you the courage to explain yourself? Personally, I think the strength of Wii U Daily is the wisdom of this community. You guys are a treasure trove of thoughts and ideas. I simply do not like it when our tips are ignored and credit is never given. Never. Not just for me, I see it happening to many of you.

    • If you want credit for something, you can email the press account by using the button at the top of the page. We don’t police the comments every hour of the day looking to see what people post.

      This was written yesterday and was put on the backburner due to the Nintendo Direct today.

      • Speedy Petendo

        Thank you for your response and your good work here. I think there is frustration when tips seem to go uncredited. I understand that articles can be on the backburner. I also understand that policing the forums and remembering who submitted what tip might not always be feasible. However, I do not recall a single instance where a reader has received credit for a tip here. That is why I am disappointed. Please accept this as honest criticism that I share only because I want Wii U Daily to be the best it can be. I apologize if these thoughts seem confrontational.

        ***Edit I see that you also post articles to Xbox One Daily. I now realize that it may be hard to find time to acknowledge the readers when you are spread so thin. I’m a little surprised because today was a big day for Nintendo, so I mistakenly assumed that all hands would be on deck.

      • Jon

        why don’t I get credited when I send stuff then? I have been sending the stuff about the Japan sales increase for the Wii U for the last few weeks. I would send the tip in and then an article would pop up with in a hour or two…Though maybe it is because I pout Jonathan in for the name 😛

        I also sent another one in about the new Club Nintendo Mario and Luigi pouches… though nothing has been posted yet so yeah.

  • Laud

    Yeah, I was wondering why this was here.. Felt odd because I could have sworn I read this here not too long ago, or maybe I’m psychic?

    Or maybe I work for Nintendo, who knows anymore.

  • Louis

    I bought a 2nd hand Wii Board (black) from amazon on for £37. Even though it said 2nd hand, it came in a brand new sealed box. Buying the fit meter soon, but in the mean time using the trial version

  • BIG Franky

    obvi delayed due to some sort of logistic complication…. maybe a problem with manufacturing the discs or the meter, perhaps? wouldn’t shock me as Ninty has had a problem distributing the meters… maybe there are manufacturing delays for some reason….

    • Rinslowe

      Yeah, I’m with this idea also. Seems the most plausible reason. Balance Boards are easy to come across so looks likely to be a Fit Meter issue. Digital downloads must be controllable as you can save to HD then unlock with the meter just fine. Lower sales as existing Wii U owners may not bother with a physical copy…
      The bundle should do well as a new year gift. Hard to say by how much this would have affected sales over Christmas, but Nintendo seem adamant on releasing titles when they feel it’s ready, despite all the obvious advantages of releasing before the New Year.
      I’m more worried about 2014’s confirmed lineup and if there will be delays…

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I’m willing to bet there will be at least one delay of a big title.

        • Rinslowe

          Not so sure, but it has crossed my mind. Still, better to wait and see… As it hasn’t happened yet – with any 2014 titles.

  • Skelterz

    Who cares man wii shit delayed on a count of ness smashing every fit board with his baseball bat.

  • Schultz38

    This saddens me. Not that I’m interested in Wii Fit U, but Nintendo will now lose MORE gamers this Holiday. Namely casual gamers which is probably the BIGGEST market.

    Nintendo; someone; anyone; explain to me why this is a good decision?

    • Speedy Petendo

      It’s not all bad news. Casual gamers are getting some great holiday deals:
      *Game & Wario for $20 at Newegg.
      *Nintendo Land for $20 at Gamestop.

      Also Reggie has confirmed that Nintendo is developing “little experiences” for smart phones and tablets. What Nintendo mini games would you like to see on your smart phone?

      • Squid

        Virtual console.

    • D.M.T

      Maybe its a good decision because people won’t try to get “fit” this holiday, they will wait until it’s New Year’s Eve to make New Year’s resolutions and then they will try to get fit and things like that.

      • Link Slayer

        They would probably still be more apt to by the game and bundle during Christmas to get ready for New years. Everyone is broke New years.

    • Michael DeVore

      One thing I read indicated it was some key software component. I’m not sure what that is since the trial seems to work just fine, and the meters are already released. It was supposed to come out Q1 2013, and this key component is the reason why it wasn’t as well, but for the life of me I don’t know what that piece is.

      “This [Wii Fit U] is a game we wanted to launch in the first quarter of this year, not the first quarter of 2014. The delay in some of this key software is really what’s been difficult for us. What I can tell you is that we have a very strong pipeline coming.”

    • i think is a good decision, EG: my sister buy lots of games for her daughters this Christmas, now before January 10 she can buy the fit meter and have the complete game. 🙂

  • Wayne

    so much for that holiday sales increase..

  • Brandon Gardner

    Wow was really looking forward giving this game to my fiancée for Christmas

  • uPadWatcher

    Delaying the release of Wii Fit U for January 10, 2014 release seems to be a very strategic idea. I don’t know if it’s a co-incident, but Nintendo truly defines the phrase “New Year’s Resolution” when releasing this fun, fitness title for the New Year.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Eh…this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Delays seem to be a theme for Nintendo anyways. I suppose they are just trying to make a bigger lineup for 2014. Either way, it’s not a huge wait.

  • Guest

    I just got word that all 3 Next-Gen consoles will be released in 2015.

    • readypembroke

      IS THAT RIGHT CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!?!?!!??!?!?!? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, you are dumber than a box of rocks.

  • TheDetonator

    PHYSICAL release…..get it?



    • Shota

      oh bane XD

  • JeanPaul

    wasn’t it originally coming out on the 31st? a 10 day delay isn’t really much…

  • Dave Kokandy

    I don’t own a balance board, so I was counting on getting the bundle. I’ll have to wait. I suppose I could get a used board somewhere to do the free trial, but that seems less like buying a used video game accessory and more like buying someone’s used yoga mat.

    • Dylan Clark

      lol buy a used one for like 10 bucks and then buy the digital copy. thats what i did

      • Dave Kokandy

        I just can’t bring myself to use something that’s been soaked in someone else’s sweat or whatever was on the bottom of their shoes for years. It’s gross to me.

        • Dylan Clark

          i just rinsed the top of mine in warm soapy water like any other gym equipment. plus ur feets and butt with only touch the actual board part