Oct 10th, 2013


For those of you excited about the upcoming release of Wii Fit U, you’ll be happy to know that the Wii Fit Meter that’s being released as an accessory to the game will be available in three colors. So far we’ve only seen the black Wii Fit Meter, but today two new colors were revealed. Both of the new Wii Fit Meters have a white face, but the ring around it is red or green, matching the Mario & Luigi Wii Remotes that were debuted during the Nintendo Direct.

Remember, Nintendo is offering a 30 day free trial of Wii Fit U to all Wii U owners in November. If you’d like to keep the game and you already have a balance board, all you need to do is purchase one of these Wii Fit Meters and register it with the console. The Wii Fit Meter will retail for $19.99.

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  • Andy Johnson

    I am so excited about this! I will be picking up the WiiFit Meter launch day!

    • And if you do you get Wii Fit U for free. You just have to download the demo before January or something and buy a meter for $20

      EDIT: You need the balance board to get Wii Fit U for the price of the meter. Good deal if you already have the Wii Fit balance board.

      • Lusunup

        wait so all I have to do to get Wii fit U is buy the fit meter?

        • If you have the balance board too that came with the original Wii Fit. That is the other condition.

        • all you have to do

      • Kirbyomega

        What if I don’t have a balance board but I buy it before I buy Wii Fit U?

        • I am pretty sure all you need is an existing Balance Board meaning no proof of owning the original Wii Fit is required other than having the board. Don’t quote me on that but I am pretty sure that is how it goes.

        • TheAquacharger

          They are cheap on ebay. I just picked up one with Wii Fit for $35. Works like amazing.

    • bizzy gie

      And no subscription fee! *cough*Xbox Fitness*cough*

  • cheope

    I Wonder if can use more than 1 account with 1 wii
    Fit meter

    • Probably not. I would think you would need one for each person as it is probably tied to your Nintendo ID used when logged into the Wii U.

  • Nintedward

    What’s with the Hundreds of downvotes on the Iwata article? Has it been hacked or something?

    • i think that is was a hack

      • Michael DeVore

        Or someone with a couple of hundred hacked accounts and a bot that can login and down vote. If the system is setup right then they just exposed all the accounts they’ve hacked. If they figured out how to down vote repeatedly then that’s a different issue. Probably someone with a vendetta.

        It’s Guest100000 aka TheScienceEnthusiast1130. Everyone with a massive amount of down votes also happens to have him stalking them.

        • DarkLegacy

          And TheScienceEnthusiast1130 is the reason why everyone has got 100 downvotes? cause if it is then it’s more than likely because he got banned from here

  • WiiU4life

    Genius! What Nintendo is essentially doing is giving gamers a free, 30 day trial, health-club membership. Now, who said the Big N was behind with the times.

  • CEObrainz

    More colours…..sure….I guess?


    Where’s my Golden Zelda themed one?

    • YogiGRB

      i own one, came with Skyward Sword, lookin/searching for the golden nunchuck though

      • thesupertomek

        he’s talking about Zelda themed Wii Fit Meter

  • Jack5221

    Since Nintendo loves bundling games and remotes heres a good bundle idea… Super Luigi U (physical copy) bundled with Luigi remote and New Super Mario Bros U bundled with Mario remote. Also… Would like some matching nun-chuck controllers for those remotes :D.

  • AAAkabob

    Will probly pick up Wii Fit meter just because its a good value for the game.

    • Same. Some of the new games do look fun for being exercise-oriented, though. I think I might do a month-long series on using Wii Fit U to supplement an exercise routine. Would anyone be interested in that?

      • Michael DeVore

        Depends, will it be daily or weekly, what will be covered, and will there by a Gym for WiiUDaily? I’m not sure how much people like to share of their fitness lives, but it can be stressful if you’re not already used to talking about it publicly. Not to mention it also tends to bring out a way of making personal attacks.

      • YogiGRB

        make or open a club on WiiU fit, and tell people the name on WiiU daily

  • black one for my wife

  • Gonçalo Fernandes
  • D Moness

    why not completely red and green.

    • Javy G

      I’ve notice that, but I’ve also noticed no sleeves…

  • I’ll go with the Luigi one since it is the one that looks the most like the original fit meter they showed in the debut videos ages ago. I loved the white/wii fit green combo of the original over the black/silver of the new model.

  • Doctors Tardis

    The fit meter looks suspiciously like a pokewalker….

  • LoZ4life98

    Wait, so Wii Fit U costs 20 bucks?

    • SleepySkullhead

      The meter is $20. If you buy that and already have a balance board (or buy a board), then the full game is free to download and keep forever. It’s a good deal.

  • Rob_in_Baltimore

    I’ll be getting a black meter. It will blend in better with my work clothes on my belt, but I wouldn’t mind if the black meter had a choice of accent colors. I’m sure some third party will have protective cases though.

  • aldo2410

    Thanks to WiiFit U my body will be ready to face the outside world

  • Wiiluigi

    green for me please!!!

  • Ryan House

    What I want to know if they will have matching Nun Chucks or do I have to use white and or black with these

  • Guest


  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Will Wii Fit U also get a retail copy?

    • ICHI

      Yes, one with a balance board and fit meter too.

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        cool, I’ll probably buy that

  • Ryan House

    The Meter is Cool. I don’t care for the balance board I thought that was stupid. but the meter is very cool