Dec 10th, 2013


A  new study has shown that Wii Fit could help diabetic patients control their illness. In a controlled trial that was done over 12 weeks participants were divided into an intervention group and a control group. “The intervention group was provided with a Wii console, a balance board and the exercise game Wii Fit Plus” while the control group was simply left under routine care. Before the study and at the end of 12 weeks both groups were tested for several perimeters and compared.

The participants in the intervention group (the ones given Wii Fit) significantly improved HbA1c in comparison to the control group and also showed significantly reduced fasting blood glucose and body mass index along with increased levels of daily physical activity. The study also suggested that of those that used Wii Fit “diabetes-dependent impairment, mental health, subjective well-being and quality of life also improved significantly, and the number of patients with depression decreased.”

The study was conducted using Wii Fit Plus for the Wii, but presumably playing Wii Fit U over the same period of time would yield similar results.

Do you play Wii Fit or Wii Fit U? Have you seen any improvements in your health or quality of life? Tell us about it in the comments!


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  • Magnus Eriksson

    Probably true yes.

  • Simon Stevens

    Wii Fit got me back on track when I had chronic Labyrinthis, every inner ear specialist I went to recommended I had a Wii for Wii fit, gotta say, it really pushed me to get my balance back on track, true story 🙂

    • Shota

      really great to hear 🙂

    • Congratulations! That’s awesome to hear!

    • Michael DeVore

      Did you have Tinnitus from the Labyrinthis as well, and did it reduce the ear ringing?

      • Simon Stevens

        unfortunately I still have tinnitus, so I’m not sure it helped so much with that, not much does help with that except decongestant and certain sounds like running water and the sound of my portable fan heater, but whenever I go through a bad dizzy spell, going back to wii fit always helps pull me out of it.

    • Erik

      Major props 🙂 Here’s an upvote!


    Not only is the console fun to play, its also good for you. : )

  • Ducked

    Guess that gives Nintendo my “seal” of approval!

    • Simon Stevens


      • Jon

        That would be Microsoft

        • Simon Stevens

          LOL I can so see Kinnect saying that and joining in on the laughter, guy fights with his girlfriend “you never fucking listen” “yes i do, stop being a bitch” “what did you say!?” “now who ain’t listening?” kinnect – “ha ha ah ha ha I see what you did there Michael, very funny”

  • uPadWatcher

    “For your health!”

  • Studies prove wii fit to be usefull, it’s nice and all, especially for those who had benefits from it, but no just no for me, not playing, not gonna play either, when I play a game I play a game for fun not to train or to fitness, I walk half a marathon every day during my day job, so additional training on a gaming console no thanks.
    Great to hear it helped people though.

  • Levi Johansen

    Exercising is healthy? What!? Wait a minute… that can’t be right.

  • Kirbyomega

    I got my mom a balance board and fit meter for Christmas 😀

    • Steven McDowell

      Me too!

  • Felix

    This study and the current post, its STUPID. Wii fit helps control diabetic justs as walking 1 hour a day does.

    Exercise helps control diabetes, no matter what you do. So claiming this for the wii u is simply, retarded.

    • nexxus6

      I agree with what you say. However, this article is demonstrating that Wii Fit helps control diabetes, while other video games do not. Some people with diabetes may enjoy playing Wii Fit but do not like to exercise. Also, because Wii Fit is a video game, many people may not realize that this counts as exercise.

    • Jon

      well, here is the thing. Would you rather walk for an hour, or play fun game that involves you to exercise. That is one of the issues today with people. They are lazy and don’t want to go outside.

      • Felix

        Yea, im agree on that. But you have to understand that people with that disease have a different mind than you. They (most) care about their health and wont have any problem to walk an hour since its almost a must. Adding a wii fit for a while is good too, but i mean, diabetic people doesnt “play wii fit because they are lazy to go outside”. Of course im not talking about North America, where people is most type 2 diabetic because of lazyness and crappy food.

  • Mike A

    No one needs to convince me that video games is good for ones health… been saying it since Dr. Mario came out.

  • Rinslowe

    That would be called regular exercise, lol…. But after the obvious, this is not a nonfactual article. Just a plainly obvious one.

  • Louiejub

    Too bad most of America is too “hardcore” for Wii Fit. Shame. =/

  • alex toschi

    Wilford Brimley will be pleased with this… no more “diabeetus” medication for him.

  • InterTreble

    Wii U is even healty! lol Joking apart… I can’t find any reason why I should pay 400$ or 500$ for a “so-called” next-gen console (i.e. OS4 or Xbox One) which at now has no games nor anything really “next-gen”. They sell and will sell because they are “cool”, and they are “cool” because the ads tells that. Nothing else. But I want games, really “cool games”, and the only next-gen console with “cool games” is Wii U. If I want to play COD, or AC4, I don’t need a new console… As it happen for the 99% of all the games for PS4 and Xbox One, and without any relevant difference in terms of gameplay and even graphycs. This is what videos and comparative reviews tell, quite everywhere.

    • Rush

      So, if you’re not interested at all in owning a Wii U, then why are you
      reading a website called “Wii U Daily?”

      • InterTreble

        :O I said the contrary!!!! I cannot find a reason to buy a ps4 or x1 without games… i have got a wii u, and now with all the great titles on the shelves i’m more than happy with my console i rally enjoyed even along this first difficult year 😉

    • Marcos Parreira

      I see what is your point. But you need to expose the “so-called next-gen console” to be XBone and PS4.
      Completely agree. I can’t see why getting a Ps4 if I have a Ps3.

  • Mohammad Badir

    don’t you just find it interesting how the media always has positive info on Nintendo games (not hardware) like that kid who saved his grandma’s life thanks to mario kart 8 and this, but other platforms only have negative stories like people being killed over PS4s and GTA V?