May 19th, 2014


Nintendo announced back in February that Nintendo WiFi connection services will be ending on May 20. That day is tomorrow, with several Wii and DS games being affected. If you still enjoy playing Wii games through Wii mode on your Wii U, this will affect you. The full list of games that are affected can be found here.

The Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS aren’t affected by the closure, but if you still have Pokemon from Black/White that you want to import into Pokemon X/Y, you’ll need to do so before tomorrow. This is just one example of the games being affected.

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  • CEObrainz

    Ahh forgot about this….need to get those last minute Brawl matches out of the way, perhaps some Mario Kart too….

  • jjbredesen

    RIP: Mario Kart Wii, Brawl and all the other fantastic games, your online will be missed, but it is a necessary sacrifice for the future.

    • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

      “Who am I going to taunt party with now !? I cant´t do taunt parties with CPUs !”

      Said no one ever

      • jjbredesen

        Aw… I guess we will have to set up our own server, while we wait.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      RIP The Last Story’s online mode and all its trolls, cheaters and hackers. Well, not everything is bad!

      • WiiUltra

        What? I could never find anybody online when I used to play.

        • Capt. Smoker

          Who’d wanna play with that terrible voice acting :O

          • Daniel Carvalho

            Compare Calista’s voice acting with Kanan’s (Calista’s Japanese name). Damn, how could they mess up her character so much with such a horrible voice acting (although I blame the direction more than the voice actors).

          • Capt. Smoker

            Aye, I recently replayed a few jrpgs it’s crazy how much they messee em up on the Wii, I managed to get hold of the japanese copies and use a tool to replace the audio on the copies I had, Jap dub, eng sub, I really enjoyed Xenoblade, Metroid other m and Arc rise fantasia then, one thing I noticed immediately was that it didn’t make a difference, usually when games and animes get dubbed over, they go a different direction but on the Wii games, they followed the same dialogue to a t and made it sound plastic, but everyone having the same accent in Xeno and Arc rise was still bummer enough though, I hope X and Bayo have Jap dub options, I like Bayo in english but her Jap voice from the anime was the hot as hell 😀

        • Daniel Carvalho

          On the US server, people started logging in by evening (US time, almost midnight where I live ( – _ – ) ). Of course, each match on Deathmatch lasts about 5 minutes, so if I couldn’t find anyone soon, I’d just let it searching for players for 5 minutes – that’s how I usually got into most matches. Regarding Co-op, it was only a matter of being lucky.

          Anyway, the Multiplayer sucked. The interface was basic, the game had problems with lagging and the hitboxes were meters afar from the characters, some people could manipulate their connection speed to hinder others, there were many hackers using MAX CHAIN, infinite Burst Arrows, and Ancient Essence codes, we had many players who ganged up against others but never attacked each other on Free-for-All mode, and so on. The Multiplayer on that game sounded more like an afterthought, something they put there because it sounded cool and they had some more space in disc.

    • rp17

      Hackers are already prepared to launch their own server for MKW and Brawl among some other games.

      • jjbredesen

        Time to install homebrew!

    • Johny

      brawl online sucked tho :/

      • jjbredesen

        True, but it was fun when it did work :/

    • matthew garcia

      I don’t understand the other last gen consoles are still on

      • jjbredesen

        It is Gamespy’s servers that are getting shut down, and they happened to host a wide range of Nintendo WIFI games, and a lot of EA and Ubisofts games are hosted there to, so there are a lot of games that are getting taken down. Such as all FIFA games before 2009, GTA IV etc.

  • Ducked

    Shutting down just 10 days before Mario Kart 8. I see what you did there Nintendo.

    • jjbredesen

      Need all the server power you can get..

      • Ducked

        Yep. This should tell Wii owners who spend sometime online that Wii U isn’t a controller attachment.

        • jjbredesen

          Tomorrows news: Wii U sees extreme boost in sales, all Wii owners go to buy one, for online!

          Nah, but i think it should help.

          • Ducked

            Yeah it will help a little bit lol. I don’t see the whole 100 million install base converting over..

          • jjbredesen

            Well, if that happened….well it would not because Nintendo does not have more than 4M units in stock xD, but if they got that many orders Nintendo’s income would be HUGE!

      • greengecko007

        It has nothing to do with the amount of servers or bandwidth. Nintendo wifi is run through Gamespy, which is shutting down all servers by May 31st of this year. Many EA games are having online functionality terminated too because of this.

        • jjbredesen

          Yeah, just googled it and you are correct, sucks that there are so many games losing there online :/

  • James060394

    How does this affect Poketransfer? I thought that used DS download play or have i missed something?

    • Dicie

      I don’t think this should affect DS download play but only Wifi connection, and this goes for pokemon dream radar on the nintendo 3DS eshop

      • Ace J

        how? is the dream radar a 3DS only title?

        • Dicie

          It can only be downloaded on 3DS and you need to have Dream Radar and a copy of Pokemon Black 2/White 2 to use it on a 3DS system

          • Ace J

            so if it is a 3DS only title then it won’t be affected.

    • Ace J

      the poketranfer doesn’t use download play.

    • Sdudyoy

      The Poketransfer isn’t on the DS, only DS servers are being shut down, 3DS servers will be fine, so Poketransfer will still work.

  • Ace J

    wait, how does this affect black and white tranfers to X and Y?

    • jjbredesen

      Because Black and White are on DS, and there online will get closed down, there is no local play between DS and 3DS, so this is your last chance :/

      • Ace J

        so your telling me the PokeTransfer that was realeased a few months ago along with poke bank, is going to be useless tomorrow? that sounds like BS.

        • jjbredesen

          Sad, but it is, we are moving on to next gen sorry if it affects you, but that is how it must be. Nintendo don’t have the servers to keep it online. Will still work for X and Y and all future 3DS titles.

          • Ace J

            the Poketranfer is a transfer tool. I was just pointing out the error in this article. there is no way nintendo will release an app that will only work for 3 months knowing it will “shut it down” soon. and correct me if i’m wrong, but i thought the poke bank and the poke transfer tool ran on nintendo network.

          • greengecko007

            You’re correct, they do run through Nintendo Network. You are signed in whenever you use these apps.

          • jjbredesen

            Oh ok, i was wrong.

  • Magiphart

    This doesn’t affect Pokétransfer…

  • RecheDiazrivarola

    the poketransfer and pokebank work with the 3ds servers.

    • Kyle

      I wish it was true though, because people wouldnt be able to make pokegen mons anymore

      • Ace J

        it is true. wth are you talking about?

        • Kyle

          People WILL be able to bring pokemon from B/W/B2/W2 through poketransfer/pokemon bank. And they can use flashcards to make cheat pokes

          • Ace J

            why did you say that you wish it was true when you already knew that it was true.

          • Kyle

            I wish it was true>>> this: “[…]but if you still have Pokemon from Black/White that you want to import into Pokemon X/Y, you’ll need to do so before tomorrow. […]” -_-‘

  • palomino blue

    Did anyone actually have a good experience playing Kart Wii or Brawl online? I feel like it took forever to find games and would drop a lot. I haven’t played either online in years so maybe they improved it. Either way, this seems like a logical progression.

    • Sdudyoy

      And with Mario kart Wii, I could never find a round without hackers, they all kept shooting infinite lighting bolts at me as they raced through the levels, it wasn’t 100% of the time, but I still ran into it alot.

    • Ace J

      i never had a good match on brawl. it was extremely laggy 100% of the time. mario kart wii ran smooth but i always dropped mid matched.

      • Daniel Carvalho

        I would never find a match in SSBB, and for the two times I did, I quit because of the lag!

        I didn’t have many problems with Mario Kart Wii, but running into hackers was a pain!

    • Adam Fox

      I never had problems with MKWii even back when I had 3Mbps DSL….very little lag if any..

    • Chase U

      Never any problems with MKWii for mii but yeah SSBB sucked every time I tried to get into an online match. Extremely laggy. Last time I even tried to get into a match in SSBB was years ago

  • Derek

    Oh we there were not any games I played on wi fi anymore anyways.

  • gtosheex

    I see Rockband 3 on there – does anyone know if that means I won’t be able to get more songs? (I am aware they have stopped adding new songs but past songs that I have wanted)

  • Archiq09

    goodbye conduit 2 multiplayer 🙁

    • Marcel Kleine

      HighVoltage isn’t making a Conduit 3 either :'(

      • Archiq09

        If HighVoltage not make Conduit 3, They can sale it at Retro Studio… >:3

  • Sam

    Aww man. Well, I’ll be playing MKWii for a little while today then.

  • Arthur Jarret

    Make sure to download the weekly puzzles of the 4 DS Layton games! That (cart-locked) content can never be obtained after this!

  • Noah

    Anyone else gonna be brawling it up today? #LaggyFights #FinalTime #TilThisWinter

  • Ace J

    Hey Ashley, can you correct the error about not being able to transfer Gen V pokemon to Gen VI? it’s causing a lot of confusion.

    • Adam

      Ace J hurt itself in its confusion!

  • greengecko007

    “The Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS aren’t affected by the closure, but if you still have Pokemon from Black/White that you want to import into Pokemon X/Y, you’ll need to do so before tomorrow.”

    Pokemon Transfer is not affected by this. Pokemon Transfer works by placing 5th generation Pokemon in the Pokemon Bank, which runs through Nintendo Network (you sign into NN whenever you use Pokemon Transfer or the Bank).

  • Maga

    The Last Story is not on the list of games affected (on the link that this article posted). Is that because it isn’t a Nintendo title or is it because it isn’t affected?

  • PachterStation

    Bit earlier than expected. Mario Kart was ace online. Playing games online, I suppose the plug gets pulled one day. On other consoles, the likes of Titanfall and The Division (to name a few), will become totally unplayable due to being online only games.

  • AC

    “but if you still have Pokemon from Black/White that you want to import into Pokemon X/Y, you’ll need to do so before tomorrow. This is just one example of the games being affected.”

    This is not true since you’re only using the 3DS wifi

  • Looks like I need to get my Jump Ultimate Stars matches in.

  • Des

    I’m not an on-line gamer so it doesn’t affect me but I can see how it would suck for those who are into it. Oh well, it happens to every console at some point. Nintendo can’t afford to continue supporting a console they’ve already abandoned. Considering the large install base of the Wii, they shouldn’t have pulled the plug on it so early. It certainly didn’t help boost sales of the Wii U.

  • lonewolf

    So with this the wii ware will be closed as well? And you cant download any vc titles on the wii mode on the wii u?

  • MetroidZero

    Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros Online turned off = Wii Console Dead

    • watchin

      never heard truer words

  • Ugh I wanted one more Mario Kart Wii Purge…Stupid jobs, making me work until 11 PM. BAH!

  • LukeMM95

    Mario Kart Wii was my least favourite Mario Kart and I only ever played Smash Bros Brawl online ONCE because of how bad the lag in that game was. I never played any other Wii games online. And as for DS, I haven’t played most of my DS games in years, mostly because I broke my DS and have yet to pick up a replacement or a 3DS.

    So yeah, I won’t be missing these servers.

  • FutureFox

    Makes we wonder why Nintendo even bothered to keep selling the Wii alongside the Wii U?

  • smb3master

    According to Nintendo poke transfers will still be available.

  • steveb944

    Oh crap no more old school COD action.
    It seems ALL games are affected, well let me remove all Wii games from my wish list as they’re going to be half useless now.

  • Madmagican

    I’m gonna miss Metroid Prime Hunter’s online (no matter how broken it was, it was fun)

  • andrewjcole

    Will DS games still work online on 3DS consoles?

  • Tecpedz94

    If i want to transfer my pokemon black and white from my 3ds will it still work though as an example??? Same for other games on the ds that work on 3ds and wii that work on wiiu?

  • paddle008

    This has nothing to do with MK8, Nintendo’s servers are being shut down by GameSpy.

    • watchin

      why? I thought it was because of poor wii u sales?

      • paddle008

        No, the Wii and DS servers are run by another company that is shutting down on May 30th.

        • watchin

          it was on the 20th

          • paddle008

            Gamespy that runs the servers is shutting down on May 30th, Nintendo shut their wifi of 10 days earlier.

          • watchin


  • Jeovany

    Noooooooo I completely forgot transfer over my pokemon. Dammit

  • Linskarmo

    I’ve never used the online play on Wii. Now I wish I’d tried it at least. Doesn’t sound like I really missed much though. 😛

  • Fifi Larns

    Cant you use the PK bank for PK Black and White :/ ?

  • Erik

    Well I wanted to play some MK Wii for the time being but i rather not since of the hackers and such. Bad thing to hear that it gets shut down but on the bright side of things is that we don’t have to deal with hackers for quite some time right?

  • Chase U

    Spent a lot of hours playing MKWii within the last few years.. It’ll be missed. MKWii is probably one of the worser Mario Karts, but the online play gave it a lot of points in my book.

  • Maga

    I just played The Last Story online for the first time. Wish I played it more.

    • flclfool

      Such a weird feeling huh xD sad…

  • ASPeters

    WHAT?! No more wifi Tetris? No mercy!

  • HorizonChaser

    Which only goes to prove that with Nintendo, you are really paying a premium to rent a system & games for a maximum of 5 years.

  • HorizonChaser

    What’s left on the Wii that works?

    • watchin


  • watchin

    so is it possible to play wii games online on your wii u wifi?

  • c-s-a78

    we should be able to transfer our points we have gathered over the years on Mario kart wii.

  • stuntlyd4

    The pokemon games Black&White and Black2&White2 can still connect to Pokebank, it uses Nintendo Network, not Nintendo Wifi

  • djwise

    you can hack your wii to still play online!!!!!!!!!! see here for info and downloads and read about the server here…

    fyi, it’s not just for mario kart but still some games will not work.. happy ssbb