May 3rd, 2012

Wii U gamesOne way the Wii set itself apart from other current-generation consoles is price of games: Wii games retail at $50 — $10 less than PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games. However, with the coming of the Wii U later this year, we’re bound to see Nintendo join the $60 price club.

And there’s a simple reason for that: Wii U is a powerful console and developers will need to spend just as many resources, if not more, than current generation consoles to develop for the Wii U. And while an Xbox 360 game can be ported to the PlayStation 3 and vice versa, the same game won’t be as easy to port to the Wii U, because of the features which would have to be added to the new controller and user interface.

Developers will have to put extra resources into creating ways for the Wii U version to utilize the new controller, which only adds to the development costs. This pretty much guarantees a $60 price for Wii U games when they arrive on store shleves later this year. In order not to undercut the third party developers who will raise the price to $60, Nintendo will have to match the $60 price with its own first party titles. Technically Nintendo has the resources and money to keep Wii U games at $50, but doing that will risk alienating third party developers — something Nintendo cannot afford to do with the Wii U.

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  • alienfish

    To clarify, we are talking about AAA uber refined first party titles right? Shovelware can stay in its $20 bin at Walmart as far as I’m concerned and you won’t see me or too many other people paying $60 for the next Punch-Out! game.

  • francis

    Wow pretty cheap for an 8 gen console – bet the ps4 and x720 games will be like 80 dollars

    • SomePerson

      If the next-gen is 80$ for a game then I am done with console gaming.

      • Marq

        I’d only buy games used and start working on my retro collection.

        • alienfish

          You do realize that someone actually has to buy the game for it to make it to a used section in a store right? If the price is too high and people don’t want to buy new then how are you going to get the used one? I’m not even going to go into the possibility that MS and Sony will find some way to ban used games on their consoles. My point is that if more people think they can do what you propose on doing, then the industry will crash. Show some support to the people that make good games and buy a new copy.

          Just playin’ a little devils advocate here, but really, big picture, parasites can’t live without hosts, and used game buyers can’t buy without new game buyers.

          • The Other Guy

            You do understand that there is something like supply and demand…

          • alienfish

            @The Other Guy
            Yes, I know plenty about supply and demand, but that wasn’t what I was talking about. Sure it factors in when you ground my concept in reality, because game companies will obviously not sell their products at such a high price that people won’t buy them. I’m trying to make a point above and beyond the here and now; a concept you obviously can’t grasp.


    I don’t see extra cost when developing a game to work kinect or move?
    But the price will be fair for the standard of ‘next gen’ ninty titles : )

  • Swic11

    I only ever buy new games, something about the fresh booklet smell and taking off the plastic is exhilarating

    • Wildman

      Haha. I understand.

  • Stewox

    Stupid Assumptions like these are the reason this site is “banned” on neogaf (i think) and also does not light well in the commuinty following WiiU closely on other nintendo sites, tech sites, and neogaf.

    It is pretty vague and stupid to say that the cost of making new UI and controller support is that of a BIG that it would “guarantee 10$ more per all copy to ALL games”

    This article is to be ignored.

  • Stewox

    This site has proved many times it has no idea about hardware and has made up claims many times in past.

  • Stewox

    Let’s see what the guy says

    The first thing is … claiming stuff having no sources or provided analysis or discussion, talking like a mainstream site off gaytrailers and crapspot.

    At one point Porting is easy …
    but then it’s not easy because it needs new UI and Controller support. lol

    Porting is easier because the programmers don’t have to go through massive changes, the hardware is modern, the APIs are modern, middle ware modern, there’s no 10+ year old hardware like with the Wii. The “DX7”-equivalent era of hardware is over.

    The only thing programmers need to do is to make a version of the engine that supports the CPU to run … everything else is optimizations. But it’s the optimizations which will ultimately make the difference between ports and original titles. The Technology GAP is much smaller now – than with the Wii – this is the main and biggest difference why porting is easy. But who cares, ports aren’t the game Im going to buy so it doesn’t matter, im waiting for first-parties.

    Do you think PS360 are the same game? Those are 2 different engines, 2 different supports, 2 different teams working on versions, each developer works differently, ID Software has the luxury to create some good tools before it goes to work so they made an development process and engine which supports the same dataset on all platforms, so manpower doens’t have to work 2 or more times on the same assets,materials, models and textures.

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