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Wii U name
There seems to be lots of rumors swirling out there about the Nintendo Wii U name. Let’s set the record straight: Nintendo will not change the Wii U name. There are many reasons for this, chief among is that Nintendo themselves have said the name is final, and they have registered a ton of Wii U trademarks around the world. The Wii U name is here to stay, and here are the definitive reasons why:

Nintendo says the Wii U name is final

When the Wii U was unveiled at E3 2011, Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime gave a lengthy interview to VentureBeat. In it, he compared the Wii U with the unveiling of “Nintendo Revolution”, which a year later became the “Wii”. Fils-Aime said that this time, they’re sharing a lot more with the press and developers. He said:

“We are sharing the final name, we are sharing the remote, we are talking about how the controller will interface with the TV and with the console itself.”

There you have it, from the horses mouth: the Wii U is the final name. But there is even more evidence:

Nintendo has registered dozens of Wii U trademarks and domains

Nintendo has registered about two dozen Wii U trademarks with the USPTO and just as many with the Japanese trademark office. Some of the marks include “Wii U” (doh!), Wii U Play, Wii U Fit, Wii U Sports, Wii U Speak, and many more. Nintendo has also registered the domain names those trademarks.

Third party developers like Ubisoft are all using the Wii U name and referring to the console as “Wii U” when announcing new games. Nintendo would never give third parties a codename or a non-final name, since this would result in wasted marketing dollars. There’s one last reason why the Wii U name is final:

The Wii brand

Nintendo has spent millions upon millions of dollars establishing the “Wii” brand in the marketplace. It’s unique, it’s catchy, and it has a broad appeal to gamers everywhere. The Wii U will essentially build on top of the Wii, and all Wii controllers and attachments are compatible with the Wii U. In fact, they will be required in multiplayer games and the console will most likely ship with a Wiimote as well.

It’s not uncommon for people to cause a fuss when a new console name is revealed — when the original “Wii” name was announced, Nintendo was the butt of the joke for many months about the name and what it sounded like (wee, weener, etc.). This is all common in the gaming industry.

But the Wii U name is here to stay.

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  • ACSL8R

    “All Wii controllers and attachments are compatible with the Wii U.” hmmm im not quite sure about the Nintendo Game Cube controllers, there are no ports on the Wii U so I don’t know how Nintendo is gonna make up for that, because people that grew up with the GC really love the controller and I bet a lot of people who grew up with Melee would like to use the GC controller for the next smash bros game for the Wii U, I know I would.

    • alienfish

      Seriously everyone I know has fond memories of a Gamecube controller with very few exceptions. I really want to see Nintendo create another controller like it only better. The triggers could be a little better and the C stick could definitely be beefier, but holy crap that button configuration is the best in the world thus far. Surrounding the most used (and largest) button with buttons is the way to go and I honestly don’t know why no one else has gotten it right since then. PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers use the same diamond shaped four button setup and it just doesn’t work as well. I think putting a stick in the middle of the four buttons would be the next best thing since you wouldn’t have to reach your thumb anywhere to hit a button. That might only work with a circle pad though since a tall stick would get in the way when trying to hit numerous buttons one after the other. Whatever the case, I hope Nintendo is making a cool new controller besides the one with the touch screen.

    • wiifan

      @ ACSL8R

      “All Wii controllers and attachments are compatible with the Wii U.” hmmm im not quite sure about the Nintendo Game Cube controllers, there are no ports on the Wii U so I don’t know how Nintendo is gonna make up for that”

      You sir, are an idiot. Is a GCN controller a Wii controller?!? NO!

    • Gary Moscheles

      yea, i’d really rather not play brawl with the new controller. but i’ll give it a chance

  • david6

    I hate the Wii Useless name and I hate Reginald Fil-aimes, he is a ceo taking money for doing nothing but having a big mouth and driving nintendo to the ground. His scams only work once, cheap a## clown. LOSER

    • david6

      Why doesnt nintendo ever want to give fans what they want? Its like asking for a bike for christmas, and instead gets sox.

      • david6

        So basically were getting another wii only with some 3rd party titles. Pout :p

    • Paquito

      Hi… Nintendo is in the oposite place of the ground and ascending.

      You probably confuse it with another SOmpaNY.

      Bye trollolololol

  • alienfish

    Ok, I think I’m convinced now, the name is staying, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t take all that marketing work and move it in a different direction. Wii was all white and bright so that it could attract the masses, so why couldn’t they show us the other side of the coin and give us some gloom and doom? I love Mario, Samus, and Link, but only one of those figures looks good in the sun all the time and even he starts to feel bada** when it goes down and the big bad Bowser is lurking about. Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Wii this and that can all be shiny and casual, but GOD FU**ING DAM**T I WANT MY NINTENDO GAMES TO MIX IN A GOOD HELPING OF DARK AND EVIL!!!!!

    • david6

      Oh my god, you actually spoke my language, your close to being promoted to a pirate. Ha: D

      • david6

        (becareful of Wii u Police thoug, if one catches you just say ‘I love all things Wii!’, smile 😀 then escape( and i usually vomit))

      • Paquito

        Are you kidding? He is not saying the same as your bullshit.

    • Paquito

      Yes, I think the same. I would like to see the wii U more like the 3DS design… I love that “metroidesque” colours.

      And it make sense. If you think about it the DS lite is a little like the Wii.

  • Leandro Correa

    What about Wii Universe? No?

  • Nintengoth

    Meh its a shame i was hoping for a name change like Nintendo Ultra or summin, i was thinking about Nintendo HDS (Home Duel Screen) not (home delivery service) lol im still hoping it might change you never know.

    • Bobby

      “Duel”? Are they going to engage in a fight?

  • BlueFalcon

    Well, even though I don’t like the name but atleast is still going to be a great console.

  • swic11

    I am ok with the name being what it is. But from a marketing standpoint, I don;t think that it makes sense. Nintendo has stated they want to take back the “Core Gamers” but with the Wii title, gamers are gonna think its still inferior. E3 will tell us of course but either way. Oh, and totally agree with alienfish, give me Eternal Darkness, give me something that will scare the shit out of me. It would be great to have horror games and other darker content games on this new system.

    • alienfish

      I also think it will be a good system, but there are so many negative connotations within gaming communities towards the Wii. I was playing Metroid Prime 3 at my college game club and everyone that saw it was like “Oh! Metroid Prime! I love that game! What? It’s the one on the Wii? Oh.” They all thought it was a cool game and series, but as soon as they associated it with the word ‘Wii’ they either stopped talking altogether or started bashing the Wiimotes and praising the Gamecube controller. Even the Nintendo name is tarnished in the eyes of most male gamers who consider themselves hardcore. It’s sad to think that many people won’t even give a second glance at WiiU simply because they don’t want to be caught dead with one by any of their ‘hardcore’ friends. Change is a comin’, but I don’t think it will be here until after WiiU.

      • swic11

        and this is why not changing the name can be a problem for Nintendo, because the Wii branding is looked at negatively within the so called “hardcore” community.

    • Paquito

      Wait. Those gamers you name watch trailers on the net.

      Those trailers with gameplay will sell the console… Whatever its named RAINBOW, POO or Wii U.

      If a hardcore gamer watch new modern warfare running 1080p 60fps with multiplayer, he will buy the console.

      Rethink it.

    • Andrew

      I hope they put Dead Space 3 on Wii U. i would have loved a name change, but i am fine with the name Wii U.

  • Vick

    The problem with the Wii name is it has a bad reputation with “hardcore” gamers and if Nintendo wants to appeal to them first it might be a good idea to change the name of the system.

    • Paquito

      You are wrong. If you show a hardcore gamer a new black ops running 1080p 60fps dolby with multiplayer on a console named RAINBOW FANTASY he will buy it.

      You are wrong.

  • Eddy

    Love Wii U, but the name sucks! I really want a name change!

    • Paquito

      You dont love Nintendo.

  • christopher robin

    I like the name Wii U, but the name is curiously misspelled. It should be spelled like this, W,E Y,O,U, so then we have the correct spelling, We You! 😀 Now that should fix everything, and Everyone should be Happy! Whew!

  • amatboy4010

    the nane wii u is a metaphor easily processed. i have no qualms, but as an automaton i do not require much to be amused, i was not even given the chance to name myself. once people can accept that nintendos interior will always be inferior by decreed dictatorship, they must also accept the name and design. it is suspicious that there is controversy on such matters, but history is shown that pleasing the mass, laurals success. in this case it is also suspicious that a governed company would not choose to satisfy the greater mass expectations on brand name and overall asthetic, as this produces profit. as well brand naming and desired asthetic is the least expensive form of gimmictry that exists, being that nintendo is known for such tactics in the past. that is my analysis of overall wii u matter.

  • Wii U Play With Me :P

    Honestly, the game has almost nothing to do with the system. It’s an easy name to remember, and that’s really the main point. Short and it’s an established name. Sure, we all have a few qualms with the first Wii, but it wasn’t all bad. Look at the no more heroes games and madworld, and monster hunter tri. There are three more hardcore games. If your issue is the graphics, get a gaming pc, cause you’ll never be best or maybe even second without one. Besides, the Wii U has so many puns to go with it. Wii U giving it trouble? U no fun, Wii go play. And I can still make the classic, “Wiiiiiiiiiii” joke. It’s a game, let’s have fun with it

    • david6

      Well why you go play with your wiiiiiii, i say lets lynch Reginald Fil-aimes.

  • Ares

    Tetra S.A.T.O.R., I am toxo. Calm agression, ease and peace, war of consoles, is war of fans.

    • Ares

      I am of beauty, endowed by Apollo the Sun, There are three spirits, first life, then desire, third power, it is my desire to see who shall come first in console war, but i know none of computers, only as a spectator, and as I summoned servants, not by wealth, but hidden,, I chose nintendo to win, but xbox shall win, my decree stands. Peace, peace, peace.

  • Paquito

    I think the Wii U name is the correct move.

    • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

      When I think Wii, I don’t think of all of it’s failures… it definitely did have plenty of duds by third parties and even a few by Nintendo weren’t so great(especially Wii Ware). But when I hear Wii… I smile and think about all the fantastic awesome stuff that it has produced Twighlight Princess,Links Crossbow training, Skyward Sword, Galaxy one and two, brawl, Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Klonoa, Metroid Prime 3, Other M, Wii sports, Wii Sports Resort, Monster Hunter Tri and so many more. Wii sold more than the other 2 consoles by a long shot and now we get the most advanced graphics on a console to date and a revolutionary controller. Will it be the most powerful next gen console…no! But who cares… Nintendo has proven to me that they don’t need the best stats on their hard ware to make the best games. Nintendo has always been the odd one out of the 3; the one willing to take the most risks(remember when we first thought Wii will fail and that it wont catch on). The Wii U might not appeal to a gamer who want to brag to his friends about what he’s got; but if you want great memories by yourself or with friend about incredible experiences… look no further than the Wii U. So yeah… I actually like the name. The name could be better but it will still work great.

    • Eddy

      Of course I love! I’m with Nintendo since the NES! Just don’t like the Wii U name xD. But, independent of it, I’ll buy and play it anyway. After all, what really matter is the console itself, right =]?

  • Billy Bob Norris

    I luv it….AND STFU DAVID6!!!!

  • david6

    Well Im drawing a line. For all Nintendo fans, for all those that want Nintendo to give up “Disruptive Inovation” and win are Pirates. And all fans that wants Nintendo to keep “Disruptive Inovation”, are Puppets. Our crew met today and unamious decided on Pirate (if it aint worth stealin, it aint no booty.) But the line is soppose to be between Sony, Xbox, and Nintendo, but obviosly Nintendo has a Civil War going on. This choice is for Japan, Europe, and North America. Pirates want technology, design, and new name, hard core. Puppets want Wii again. Thats all.

    • david6

      Its a choice between Ares vision of Nintendo or Reginald Fil-aimes vision for Nintendo. Ares wants the best, give fans what they want, for Nintendo to compete, be the best and be inovative again.

      • swic11

        I want nothing more than a stronger Nintendo, but at the same time, Nintendo has always been the company that does its own thing, which makes its games great. I want an amazing graphics cards, amazingly fast CPU, and a hard drive to boot, but what I want, I wont get, FROM ANY OF THE CONSOLE COMPANIES. Thats why I have a PC as well lol! I am just fine with my 360, Wii, and PC

        • david6

          The truth is, the group threw it in the lake, the meeting was about something else, they were fans before thoug. im giving it up. In the lake, just falling, falling falling to the bottom, and i have peace. I was a fan my whole life. But now i have peace. Thats the truth. And there arent any fans anymore, and your not a real fan. I just wanted a new machine that was better then theirs. Ive got my 25th aniversery zelda left to finish, there wasnt a water level yet, but i guess 3 triforce, got two. Then im done. Bye.

          • david6

            And the other truth, im actually scared of scary games, i actually like nice friendly games. But i still wanted nintendo to be the best. And i dont like fighting and i dont like to cuss or hurt anyones feelings.

    • WiiU 3DS

      stfu dick shit david. i love the wii for zelda mario metriod etc. but i love black ops skyrim… wtf is wrong with you

  • david6

    After i was done crying, i decided, im still a pirate and always will be, and i want treasure. Im rogue.

  • alex

    Well, that’s good they’re not changing the name, now they’re sure to lose. It’s not like they can fu** this up any worse anyways.

  • Joaquim

    Who cares about the name? The hardcore gamers didn´t associate the name Wii to they fav. games because Wii have not the graphic power to make the bloody scenarios and other effects of the hardcore games. But what really is important is the console. Virtual Boy was a good name but nobody bought that console. Why? Because the gameplay was a crap. So who cares about the name? You see a good gameplay on the wii u you buy it.
    For me nintendo can create a name like Nintendo Fu***** console, if it have good game experience and good games I buy it.
    Did you play with the console name or you play the console games?
    So who don´t associate HD graphics with hardcore games?

    • nathant16

      The fact remains if we ask for black they give us white, if we want nane change we dont, technical specs. design, controller, no matter what fans want we don’t get it. By this logic we should ask for the opposite and maybe get what we want. Nintendo will go down for not acknowledging fans.

  • james braselton

    hi there i dont care about names i jist want most advanced consoles with new touch screen controlers be alwsoume i dont care about wii u name i just want nintendo touch screen controler

  • Nintendo Fan Forever

    What I feel is that everyone needs to grow up, and deal with the name! We aren’t Nintendo, they are. They name the console, not us. I feel the name is awesome, cause I loved my Wii 200 x’s more than my 360 and ps3, and this is just a continuance of a system that I truly loved. Yes, the Wii didnt get any 3rd party games, but thats why my family up and bought a freaking ps3 for! I buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games, like Smash Bros., Zelda, (greatest game series of all time!), Metroid, Mario, and other great NINTENDO games. If its a good game, and has great gameplay, who cares about something so insignificant, as a name. Sony consoles names are quite bland, Playstation 3. Hmmm Its been Playstation since the 90,s, I think its time for a change there. Nintendo, all there systems had different names, and this is taking it to a new level. I just think some ppl need to chill, and give the system a bigger chance then what it is initially seeing.

  • David

    Here’s the problems with the Wii U that are going to cause it to fail like the 3DS.

    1.Pricing-They are going to sell it for at least $250-$399.Its going to go down at least 75-85 bucks by next summer.

    2.Gamecube Compatibliby-This is what Apple is doing,Apple is coming out with the IOS 6 in the fall.They are supporting the IPhone 3GS,4 and 4s.For the iPad,IPad 2 and IPad 3.Now getting to my point.Apple doesn’t support the first IPad cause they want you to buy the new devices.Nintendo is doing almost the same thing.They are taking away a classic gaming piece just to make something new,people are going to keep the old Wii because of the GameCube part.Since Apple products are a few hundred people like me are going to keep the orginal iPad cause I don’t want to upgrade to the iPad 2 or 3 just for an upgrade.

    I just bought a Nintendo Entertainment System a month ago (I’m a collector) and I’m off to buy a Nintendo 64 very shortly.I’ve had Nintendo since I was 3 or 4 (I’m 14) so a bought 10 years or so.My last console was the Wii.I should it because the disc reader broke and the buttons on the system wore down so I traded in for a Xbox.Make a long story short,I always like the new gadgets but I’m not sure about it everytime I look at it.

    • You Know People Copy Nintendo For a Reason

      “Pricing-They are going to sell it for at least $250-$399.Its going to go down at least 75-85 bucks by next summer.”
      Thats supposed to be a good thing right?
      “Gamecube Compatibliby-This is what Apple is doing,Apple is coming out with the IOS 6 in the fall.They are supporting the IPhone 3GS,4 and 4s.For the iPad,IPad 2 and IPad 3.Now getting to my point.Apple doesn’t support the first IPad cause they want you to buy the new devices.Nintendo is doing almost the same thing.They are taking away a classic gaming piece just to make something new,people are going to keep the old Wii because of the GameCube part.Since Apple products are a few hundred people like me are going to keep the orginal iPad cause I don’t want to upgrade to the iPad 2 or 3 just for an upgrade.”
      Hahaha What???

  • Back

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