Mar 16th, 2013

Over the past weeks, retailers in the US and in Europe have been slashing Wii U prices due to extremely low sales. We’ve hard time and again that Wii U sales aren’t up to expectations, and this hurts retailers more than anyone. They usually buy consoles from manufacturers like Nintendo and sell them on to the customers for a profit.

Wii U price cutLast month retailers in Europe started slashing Wii U prices by an average of 50 Euros, and this week the price cuts were found across many retailers, effectively creating an unofficial Wii U price drop in Europe.

If there is low demand for a console, the retailer is stuck with huge stockpiles of inventory they can’t move. The only way to clear the inventory is to sell the console for less and less, and they ultimately end up losing money on the transaction. In the US, Coscto recently started selling their Wii U consoles at $50+ off the MSRP, and they’re no doubt losing money on the deal.

Nintendo loses money on each Wii U made, and many retailers are now losing money on each console sold. That’s extremely bad business and can’t go on forever.

There are two reasons the Wii U isn’t selling. One is obviously that some consumers are finding it to be too expensive. Another is that most consumers aren’t even aware that that Wii U exists. Nintendo is in a position to fix this, either by cutting the price or making more attractive game bundles, and by ramping up Wii U advertising to the casual gamer and average consumer.

Wii U consoleWii U is now selling way below the sales of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and it won’t get any easier later this year when the Xbox 720 and the PlayStation 4 launch. The console sold just 66,000 units last month, way below anyone’s expectations.

Even publishers have called for Nintendo to cut the Wii U price and move more units. Ubisoft said earlier this month that they were optimistic about the Wii U, but that Nintendo needs the “Wii U to be at a lower price“. Realizing that their upcoming Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends simply wouldn’t sell enough copies to earn back the investment, Ubisoft made it into a multiplatform title.

And if you purchased a Wii U, the selection of games isn’t that great at the moment. Besides a few great first party titles from Nintendo and some decent third party launch titles, we don’t have much else.

Wii U price cutTo make matters worse, Nintendo isn’t talking about future titles on the Wii U. Besides Pikmin 3 and Zelda Wind Waker HD, there’s isn’t much to look forward to. If there were cool games on the horizon, more people would be buying consoles. Retailers know that demand is extremely low, and if Nintendo isn’t doing anything to boost sales, retailers can only do one thing: cut the price and sell it at a loss.

If you’re optimistic about the Wii U, you’ll buy the console at cheap now and wait for the great games later this year. If you’re pessimistic, you hold on to your money until Nintendo actually reveals some great games.

The retailers are clearly pessimistic about the situation and are therefore dumping their inventory, even if it means losing money.

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  • Andrew

    i predict i price cut.

  • MrPancake606


  • zhenyaivan

    Give Nintendo some time! Damn it!

    Really it frustrates me that retailers have to cut prices this early. It’s like they think Nintendo is god or something, to have 7 million sales in 3 months.

    I mean was this happening to the PS3 when it was first released?

    • Metal_Man_v2

      It’s probably happening in parts of the world where the Wii U was priced more expensively. Europe is a good example of where retailers thought they could make more money by overcharging on the consoles. But European consumers aren’t dumb, they know that the Wii U is about 100 euros cheaper when comparing to US prices.

    • AAAkabob

      Why can’t people understand this doesn’t hurt Nintendo directly?

      Even if retailers sell at a lower cost, those retailers are still paying Nintendo the same amount for each Wii U.

      EDIT: Whoever downvotes me obviously doesn’t understand how industries work.

      • zhenyaivan

        why would they do that? i think it’s a waste..

        • AAAkabob

          So they can get rid of overstock.

          • zhenyaivan

            aaa thanks for clearing makes more sense. (i feels stupid for saying a waste of time xD)

          • Metal_Man_v2

            There’s nothing wrong with asking questions, don’t feel bad.

      • Metal_Man_v2

        Price cuts can affect companies indirectly. If a retailer isn’t willing to try to sell a unit at full price, they may cut the price to just get rid of them. In that case, the retailer isn’t likely to order more units for stock. It wouldn’t benefit a retailer to sell units at a loss.

        However, in this case I believe that retailers are cutting prices to normal standards. The price cut gamestop is doing in Europe still yields profit for the retailers, because they were absurdly high to begin with. The Wii U was 350euros for the premium, which equates to about 456 US dollars.

        • AAAkabob

          I agree completely with you, but that is exactly why I put “directly”.
          I’m very particular w/ my wording lol.

          EDIT: However, once the demand goes up (E3), they will begin to order more.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            And I completely agree with you too. I wasn’t try to argue or anything, just provide a little more info in the discussion 🙂

      • Tecpedz94

        Yes it can impact Nintendo if they are selling it for lower its cuz they are not selling much therefore not ordering more from nintendo and nor will they order a large amount anymore cuz they know they aren’t going to sell therefore impacting nintendo.

        • AAAkabob

          Reread “Directly”

          Nintendo is still selling the units at the same price to retailers, meanwhile Zhen makes it seem like Nintendo is taking a hit for each Wii U sold lower than MSRP.

      • John Andalora

        Do you think retailers are going to buy the Wii U at the same price if they are losing money on selling it at a lower cost?

      • dgallo911

        You do realize that if a retailer cant make a profit on the product then they wont be re – ordering them when they run out of stock right…..

      • Car Audio-Outlet

        But they won’t want to buy any more stock, or to promote a Dodo. That will hurt Nintendo….

    • Revolution5268

      same with xbox but people are not putting that into account, is like they are pretending that ps3 and 360 never sell that bad at launch.

    • Adam Porter

      what are you on about, it’s coming up on 4 months since the console was released, it’s getting worse and worse, 2 games from nintendo to look forward to in the next 9 months, most third party titles are being cancelled or just aren’t coming, i would not be one bit surprised if rayman never makes it to wiiU

      • Jon Turner

        So LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER, MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE, THE WONDERFUL 101, BAYONETTA 2, PIKMIN 3, and RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS are only two games to look forward to? Most of those are third party developed OR published titles! And RAYMAN IS still coming to WiiU, why would Ubisoft cancel it? The sales are not going to stay bad forever.

        • Adam Porter

          6 games listed there, that’s great but most of those were announced for the wiiU back 9 months ago at e3, most games announced recently are not being made available for wiiU. you can bet that if the wiiU continues it’s poor sales into summer then no rayman will be coming to wiiU. i’m going to go out on a limb and say nintendo have given up on this console themselves, won’t spend the money advertising it but will be funding a new console to be released very quickly, something like 2015/16 because the wiiU is dead in the water already and neither publishers or retailers have any faith in the wiiU. lets be honest history with nintendo consoles has shown us that we will get 1 or 2 zelda games, 1 or 2 3d mario games, a pokemon game that isn’t a full game or what we really want, mario kart and a smash bros game. that’s 5 or 6 games that we will get over and above what any other console will give you, that’s not even 1 a year over the consoles lifespan. if you don’t fill those gaps with 3rd party games then the console will die. and nintendo aren’t getting enough to fill those gaps.

          • Ugslick

            Sales will pick up by the holidays.. Anyways we already know a new Mario, and Mario Kart will be released by the end of 2013. We dont know for sure but somewhat unofficially unofficially Nintendo stated that the new games they are working on (in specific: Wii Party U or whatever it is, the new Yoshi game, SMT X Fire Emblem, and Bayonetta 2, not to mention Monolith Softs new game will also be targeted for now at release by the end of 2013. Wind Waker is also releasing in this time…
            and then a little bit further on well have Smash Bros and Zelda.

          • Adam Porter

            we will get to see a playable demo of the 3d mario game and mario kart at e3, i’d highly doubt that they will make it to release at the end of this year, you may see them coming on sale anywhere between this time next year and november 2014. the new zelda is atleast holidays 2014 away if not holidays 2015/16!!! wind waker HD is exactly the game i did not want to see nintendo come out with, it’s technically a completely new game, developed from scratch, so you can be sure it will be a year or even 2 or 3 until the next zelda comes out, and that will be the only NEW zelda we will see on wiiU.
            another reason i’d give as to why you won’t see the next 3d mario or mario kart released this year is that they will be in direct competition with eachother and zelda windwaker HD, that’s just too many nintendo games coming out at the one time, nintendo will surely use each of those games to create hype for the console at any given period in the future.
            as in wind waker HD will be released in october/november, it will encourage the holiday sales of consoles, and probably a few 3rd party games will see a good increase in sales because of it.
            mario kart may come round april to late summer for the same effect.
            3d mario next holiday season.
            it’s what nintendo always do, they won’t be competing with themselves, 3rd parties won’t have serious competition from them either, and it will create some hype around the console generating sales and 3rd party sales because of the lack of nintendo games.
            problem for us as nintendo gamers is that we have to wait years to build up a library of 5 or 6 of the games we bought the console to play in the first place. and without quality 3rd party games to fill the gaps between those games our wiiUs will be gathering dust just like the wii until we get our nintendo game we were waiting on.

          • Ugslick

            Iwata stated in an investors metting after their Nintendo Direct that they are thinking of a timeline towards the last quarter to end of the year for the release of all the games they revealed in the broadcast. Obviously this excludes the new Zelda, and Smash bros. It might exclude Bayonetta and Monoliths game as well (since those are bigger projects). I expect some of the games to be delayed, possibly. But they are using a lot of exterior assets in their development. I expect Mario kart in August/september, Mario 3d in October, Wind waker either October or November. We dont have enough info on Yoshis game, or SMT X Fire Emblem to even make guesses.. but they shouldnt be too far off either from October – January.

        • brian murphy

          forgot need for speed march 22 lol yeah all the bad press from game wii and many others sucks cause they keep reposting the same crap people need to stop worring hell i bought a ps2 when it first came out took forever for games to start comming out almost a year to be exact im happy with my wii U i know games will be rolling in soon i just hope bad press dont make this another dreamcast

          • NkoSekirei

            need for speed comes out on the 19th not 22nd

      • Laud (Check upvotes 2039+)

        I agree Adam…

        • Laud

          Except you aren’t Laud so you can’t agree with me.

          Check the upvotes to know if it’s the real Laud, I have over 2000 upvotes now I believe.

          • 2012, err 2013 after this post. Maybe even more 😛

          • Laud

            These trolls are funny, they can’t even touch me cuz they can’t trick anybody into believing that I am them.

            They don’t have enough upvotes nor do they love the Wii U like I do. 🙂

          • Laud (Check upvotes 2039+)

            Stop pretending to be me… 🙂

          • Laud (Check upvotes 2039+)

            Your the biggest TROLL on here fake Laud! Admit it, WiiU is a FAIL!

      • Kirzan

        You clearly haven’t been gaming for a long time so, history lesson:

        Every single console launch is haunted with piss poor releases for at least 6 months. I dare you, look it up. Wikipedia has a nice long list that you can sort by date. You will see that both the PS3 and 360 had extremely poor original titles, ports of terrible/old PC games and dozens of EA/2k sports games. That’s it, for 6 months. Now I may have missed the occasional gem within the 6 months period, and for that I apologize. But still… *looks at Wii U launch* Well, nothing new here.

        • Car Audio-Outlet

          Possibly – but the PS4 and Xbox 720 are coming by then. It’s curtains for the Wii-U at that point….

    • Seriously, it’s like people dont realize this happens with just about every console that’s out there.

    • DemonRoach

      Time is over. The system came out in November, they lost.

      • WiiUltra

        How did they lose? The match hasn’t even started yet.

        • Guest

          Good point. Is there even a thing called the Wii U released? I haven’t seen any new zelda, Mario kart, pokemon, or super smash bros released yet. Let alone any new commercials for it. 🙂

      • Gamefreak361

        I’ve always wondered what trolls do besides being at their computer 24/7.

    • dgallo911

      With the other next gen consoles just around the corner Nintendo dont have time on their side……

    • Its business, this happens all the time if somethibg doesnt sell they cant take a chance of it sitting in the warehouse takeing up room of items that are selling not what might sell months later

    • Car Audio-Outlet

      You mean you were mug enough to buy one before the bottom dropped out of the market?

  • Nintendo is holding back for E3.

    • D3Vortex

      I am total agreement with you, once E3 comes around the flood of games will see a rise in console sales.

      • Jon Turner

        Yes, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

      • Car Audio-Outlet

        Of pre-orders for the PS4 and Xbox 720 you mean. I can’t see a reason why anyone would buy a Wii-U in the current market when it costs more than the other previous generation consoles, and next gen is coming very soon….

    • OGGamer

      You poor bastard. Just stay away from tall buildings and sharp objects in June.

      • DaGamer007

        So you think he is going to suicide because this year’s e3 would not be good? What a fucking idiot

    • Laud (Check upvotes 2039+)

      Keep dreaming…. They prolly talk more about Luigi…. lol and thier 3DS lineup.

      • dgallo911

        i reckon your close to the mark, but need to replace “More” with “Only” lol

      • Gamefreak361

        Can’t get more unoriginal than that.

    • Gamefreak361

      That would be a good way to end the drought of sales. If there’s a ton of first party and plenty of good qualty 3rd party games, Wii U sales will start to increase.

    • Marcio Campos

      Everybody is!

  • This is why nobody wants to buy another console with fancy controller and old-gen hardware. Gamers just buying consoles that have games and wait for true next-gen systems (ps4, next xbox)
    Read an article on and look at the comments too

    • Ibi Salmon

      I wouldn’t trust the comments on eurogamer too much. The community over there tends to accumulate the negative often.

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Yeah the negative bash posts on Eurogamer tend to get more upvoted than the optimistic positive posts

        • Ibi Salmon

          True. But Eurogamer, at least to me, is the place to go if you want a more cynical perspective on the industry in general.

  • AWwriter

    I have to say that even a cheerleader like me is being let down. Suee I’m still playing Mario and Arkham (so glad I waited for this version) but after the MIA Aliens Colonial marines (the one upcoming game I really wanted) there is nothing on the horizon at all. I don’t even really know what Pikimin is and a remake of my least favorite Zelda title does nothing for me. Add to that the non-existent virtual console (do they really expect us to wait years for a decent library like we did with the Wii??) I’m starting to lose some faith in Nintendo.

    I’m glad to have what is slowly tuning out to be an updated Wii, but with no Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Mario Party, new Zelda looking like they will see the light of day for at least another year, and third parties already showing reluctant support, it’s difficult to sit back and watch Nintendo…sit back. I don’t think either NextBox or PS4 are going to do great either, I think it’s partly a “people are happy with what they have” thing, kind of like what Blu-ray vs DVD faces, but Nintendo is seemingly laying down in the corner and not giving any fight at all. I mean a remake I a GameCube game is their big “next thing”? Someone needs to grow a pair, Nintendo.

  • Eric J. Cottle

    Look at the economy and then tell me why sales are so low. People do not have the money they use to have a couple years ago and they are holding on to it!

  • iPedro1000

    What the pundits are failing to recognize is that what we’re looking at isn’t the WiiU’s real launch. Nintendo isn’t pushing it and they’re not heavily advertising it — and this is intentional — because It’s clearly not finished (i.e. the UI isn’t finished, console selling games aren’t ready) and they don’t want it to be overplayed by the time the real push will be on.

    Nintendo had to launch a new console when they did because the Wii had prematurely reached the end of its life as a revenue generator — no new 3rd party support and coasting on fumes — and Nintendo was posting its first ever loss. Investors demanded action and Nintendo had to give it to them. They couldn’t go another year with the Wii while they finished its successor. It simply had to be put out immediately, ready or not.

    This may turn out to be a winning strategy however. The WiiU launched with a 1 year head start on the PS4 and n’X-Box. What this gives Nintendo during the next holiday season are the advantages of having a perfectly polished console and a big lineup of excellent Nintendo IP and 3rd party games versus Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles inevitably with bugs to work out and limited libraries like any brand new console. Nintendo will be “launching” into the next generation console war with an excellent library and a polished console that developers know how to program for out the gate.

    That being said, I think Nintendo misstepped by calling it the WiiU or even calling it Wii at all. If it were mainly a motion gaming system like the original, that would have been justified because it would still easily appeal to the demographic that made the Wii a success. But the GamePad and specially asynchronous gaming aren’t easy concepts to understand as the Wiimote and motion gaming were. Nintendo is trying to appeal to the common gamer with this new console so the Wii brand and its reputation for casual gaming is only hurting them there.

    Further, the name makes it difficult to understand that this is a brand new console, not just some improved version or worse, a tablet accessory for the original Wii. The look of the console itself is easily mistaken for the Wii to the untrained customer. Nintendo should have given it a new name and a distinguishable look.

    Nintendo has money in the bank to coast for years so they chose to coast on a new console rather than the old one. This was a good choice I believe. Now, come September, October, Nintendo may have recouped some of their investment in developing the WiiU and have perfected manufacture and the supply chain so another tool in their belt is reducing the price to $199 and $249 ahead of the PS4 and n’X-box launch. That’s going to be a powerful arsenal of weapons in the next console war and Nintendo may just come out on top.

    • Jon Turner

      I like your way of thinking.

    • Johny

      thank you. most of things you said are either very true, or make alot of sense.
      i too think nintendo isnt overhyping the audience by putting out alot of awesome commercial just so people then see the console doesnt yet have that many worthwhile games…. it would make nintendo look VERY lame and stupid…

    • iPedro1000

      Has anybody seen a single ad outside of the internet? I have not. Not one. Do people think Nintendo wouldn’t have an advertising budget to flood the airwaves with TV ads? Of course they do, they’re choosing not to use it yet. Nintendo is intentionally holding back while they get ready to go head to head with the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

      I expect a crescendo to build starting at E3, culminating in a huge ad push around the back to school and holiday season.

      By Christmas, there will be all these 3rd party games, many of which are releasing on the new Playstation 4 and Xbox but there will also be Nintendo’s IP including WiiFit U, Pikmin 3, Zelda Wind Waker HD and probably the new 3D Mario game that will be playable at E3. Oh, throw in the exclusive LEGO City Undercover and the insane potential of the Pokemon Rumble Blast collectables. Which console would you get if you could have the AAA games in addition to all of Nintendo’s franchises?

      PS4 and n’X-Box will inevitably have teething problems — all consoles do. While they sort those out, Nintendo will already have a perfectly polished console with a ton of titles at the time they’re both launching for Christmas.

      I’m very confident that this strategy will put Nintendo ahead or at least give the WiiU a fighting chance up against more powerful consoles.

      • GermGerm

        I have seen TV ads a few times. But now I do not have TV so I haven’t seen one for a few months…. but I haven’t seen ANY over the internet… maybe I am looking in the wrong places? Of course, I already own one so it doesn’t really matter for me 🙂

        • iPedro1000

          I’m the reverse. I haven’t seen a single ad on TV. I’ve seen them on the internet on sites dedicated to games. Not Nintendo purchased ads, just stories about those ads.

          People have got to be delirious if they think that Nintendo isn’t investing heavily on promoting their new console because they don’t have the budget or because they’re incompetent. It’s very clearly intentional. There’s no point promoting strongly right now while they finish the console. Their long term competition hasn’t launched yet. They have an entire year until then. The big marketing push will come going into the back to school season and when Sony and Microsoft launch their next gen consoles.

          Then we’ll see a ton of ads (print, TV, web), viral marketing, Myamoto, Iwata and Reggie interviews everywhere. You can come here and give me an online beating if I’m wrong. But I’ll be here to say: “I told you so” 😛

          • GermGerm

            Oh I totally agree. You would have to be an idiot if you think that you can understand the way the advertising and selling of their consoles works better then those who have been doing this for 20+ years. I don’t completely understand all of their reasons and I don’t pretend to but I have a lot more trust in their understanding of what needs to be done than in my own. They are the experts, not me. They spend their LIVES studying this and understanding it; I spend my lunch studying what little resources I have on the internet. 🙂 Nintendo knows what they are doing. Anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant and…probably prideful.

        • Orange Lada

          They should consider advertising on Hulu Plus – the Wii U is great at running your TV including Hulu Plus – and a lot of us don’t have cable anymore.

          • GermGerm

            That’s a good point! It’s kind of like house phones…they are becoming a bit obsolete aren’t they?

      • You’re relying on this next console update to polish the system? Maybe theres another one comeing out idk. Nintendo will need more then just a polished system too, idk if you’ve noticed but it wont keep up with ps4 or next xbox for example the ram difference is a big leap and if you ever played a pc game you’d know how much of a difference more ram gives you. Nintendo needs to act now not later or just say we have these games comeing out in a year so buy this console now

        • BL4CKSH33P

          Nintendo doesn’t need to “keep up” with anybody. The extra ram is unnecessary and while it could allow developers to push more content and graphics into a game it will also take much longer and the difference will not be overwhelming, PCs can run games with much better quality than a ps3 but the ps3 doesnt look so inferior that the PC can out sell it. . If things like that mattered PC would be destroying consoles, but guess what they are not. PS4 looks great and all but it is only my second choice, Wii u is my first. Last Generation Wii was my second, and ps3 was my first. This is because the gaming industry is affected more by exclusives than specs. Which is why the gamecube was bested by ps2. The wii won the last console war, but If it had more third party support it would done even better. The wii won solely because of its exclusives. (and price). Superior graphics will never give a console a one up unless it is so drastic that the inferior graphics make you sick.

          • Nicholas Gatewood

            Hahaha, no. RAM means a lot for game development, in fact it’s the single biggest limitation of console development. I guarantee the Wii U’s

            Also, superior hardware doesn’t just mean better visuals, it means larger, more expansive environments, better physics, better animations, more advance mo-cap, cheaper, easier development and stuff like destructible environments, draw distances that go on forever, higher resolutions and framerates… hardware doesn’t just mean better visuals, but the PS4 and next Xbox should still offer that over the Wii U anyways.

            The PS2 certainly wouldn’t have bested the Gamecube if it was a full generation behind the GC in hardware, and the Wii U is half a decade behind the competition from a technical standpoint. 5550 GPU, 2gb of slow RAM, a processor much weaker than the 360’s? And it costs more than the PS3 or 360, which already have established libraries and can offer experiences right on par with what the Wii U can handle.

            Hardware means everything. Claiming otherwise and defending Nintendo’s mistakes just makes them even worse, people like you are the reason I can’t be a Nintendo gamer anymore without feeling constant shame. Stop being a complacent Yes Man and tell Nintendo what they’re doing wrong, tell them how to improve. Even if the Wii U started selling extremely well, it’s still a failure because of what little value it offers and because of its glorified last-gen hardware.

          • angel

            what is the difference between a gpgpu and a cpu, and how many gpgpu should one have to equal to modern cpu based pc. here is a explanation of the gpgpu

            Computational biology algorithms tend to be less regular in structure than many of the financial algorithms successfully ported to GPUs. This means that they require some redesign at the algorithmic level in order to benefit from the huge amount of parallelism found in GPUs. You want to have dense and square data structures, and architect your code around large “for” loops with few “if” statements.

            This requires some thinking but this is possible and we’re beginning to get interesting performance with a protein folding code parallelized with Ateji PX.

            on this website they have a pretty good conversation about gpgpu

            do not forget the Wii U is based on gpgpu


            here is a website about gpgpu and cpu


            if u did read the article be aware that nobady really know if nintendo perfected the gpgpu to match cpu based core, READ THE ARTICLE!!!!!

          • bizzy gie

            2 gigs of RAM isn’t slow. At least not compared to the Xbox 360’s puny 512 megabytes. Don’t forget the Xbox has a weaker 500MHz GPU. The Wii U’s CPU runs 1.24GHz on a TRI-CORE processor with the aid of the GPGPU. It’s not THAT much slower.

            You also failed to mention the TABLET CONTROLLER which offers an experience not even the PS4 can mimic successfully. And while hardware is important, it doesn’t define the success of a console.

            PS2 might have sold better regardless of internal specs. The WAY under-powered Wii sold MUCH better than the Xbox 360 and PS3. Why? Because it offered innovation proving that people still cared about creativity and fun over raw horsepower. Nintendo is the only company that can survive a WHOLE gaming generation off of its first parties alone. Specs are important, but they aren’t EVERYTHING.

          • Car Audio-Outlet

            The Xbox CPU has 3 cores, each of which can run 2 threads @ 2 GHz. That’s significantly more powerful than the Wii-U. The Wii-U also has ~ half the memory bandwidth of the Xbox 360. It might not be ‘that much slower’ due to a decent GPU but Nintendo have effectively released the last of the current generation of consoles rather than the first of the next generation…Hence it is a Dodo….

          • Elem187

            Wrong. the clock speed rarely indicative of performance.. if thats the case then the PS4’s CPU is absolutely garbage and most laptop CPU’s would trounce it.
            The Wii U, the Nextbox and PS4 are using an APU design where CPU tasks are being offloaded to the GPU…..You don’t have the slightest idea about whats going in any of these boxes, you should probably refrain from discussing technology any further.

          • bizzy gie

            It doesn’t matter. Most games codes only use 1 or 2 threads.

          • Tobias Naustdal

            the reason why the ps2 was so big was because it played dvd’s, and i think that if the ps2 hardware was even more weaker, it would have sold just as much units.

            the nintendo 64 and gamecube were more powerfull than the ps2 and ps1, but they sold the most units (ps1 and ps2). ps3 sold less units than the wii even though the wii was one generation behind the ps3 (TECH WISE). better hardwar does not mean better games?

          • AngryU

            ps2 sold because it was ps1 successor and secondly it was easy piratable. End of story. (this is also why 360 won over ps3 since you could get the same game for no price) (i’m not for piracy or whatever, but you need to count it on the war, since piracy make installation base larger, and a larger installation base make developers rushing to that platform)

          • Gregory Edcius

            Hardware doesn’t mean shit if you don’t have games.
            Your saying RAM is gonna limit the wii u when it has 4x the amount last gen had yeah right.
            My pc has 4 gigs of RAM i don’t even use half of it so i don’t think it will be a problem the coming years
            ps. don’t talk shit about easy cheaper development they already stated it’s gonna be 10~15% more expensive than last gen

          • Dumbpants

            So the wii was a failure with its far behind hardware, even though it won the console war last generation? Explain that to me, please.

          • Car Audio-Outlet

            The Wii was a fad. 95% of them sit collecting dust once people realise how crappy they are. Just look at the games sales – Xbox 360 sells 3-4 times as many games despite there being more Wiis out there.

          • Dumbpants

            I’m sure you could ask almost anyone if they enjoyed playing their wii, and they would say yes. The purpose of the wii was to get mainstream appeal for Nintendo, it was not solely a console for hardcore gamers. The wii more than surpassed that goal.

          • Laud

            Yeah, that’s why it was still outselling both the other consoles 4 years after the fact. Because people were using it as a dust filter.


          • Car Audio-Outlet

            Not anymore it isn’t. And just look at how low the Wii games sales are…

          • Dumbpants

            Because its lifetime is over! Do you think the 360 and the PS3 are going to sell as well once the Durango and the PS4 are released?

          • Rinslowe

            You can only assume what the GPU is… Lol to that, 5550 rubbish.
            Do you think just writing it makes it true? Prove you know for certain Wii U’s GPU is simply a 5550. The ignorance and arrogance of some people!
            Assume I have been following Neogaf and B3D since the beginning of the die shot reveal from chip works and go from there…

          • Elem187

            Even if the Wii U’s GPU were a 5550 it would run circles around the GPU’s in the PS360’s.

            The GPU’s in the ps360 were on par with a Radeon 1000 series chip (Radeon 1800 to be precise)… technology has moved a rapid pace since 2007…. no matter which GPU Nintendo chose, even a low end Radeon 5000 or 6000 is at least 3 times faster than the ones in the PS360, and it would be capable of DX11 level of effects (Tessellation) something the PS360 would absolutely choke on.

            The PS4/Nextbox will also be using cards limited to DX11 effects. So the biggest upgrade we see with the PS4 is going to be PS3 games with tesselation with higher resolutions…. so in that sense its a big upgrade, but no where near as exciting as what PC gamers will be experiencing soon with dx12… DX12 is rumored to be real time ray tracing. Which if the PS4 is going with a Radeon 7000 series it will miss out on DX12.

          • BL4CKSH33P

            First I am far from a Fanboy or a yesman. I am rational, and I am not a child.

            Single biggest limitation in console development? what the fuck does that even mean? Memory is damn near free. There are phones with 2gb of memory. Are you saying my nexus 4 can run wii u games?

            RAM means much less than you think. I said Ram can allow more CONTENT and better graphics besides all the shit you listed had to do with what? Visuals! I love graphics. But seeing stunning a stunning environment cannot make a game. RAM is not the “single biggest” limitation of console development you fool. Ram is inexpensive!! and if it was so dire the ps3 would not have had 512 mb of RAM while pcs at that time had 2-4 or more!

            ” Superior hardware is not about graphics… its about graphics and more graphics.” thats what you just fucking said!!! RAM has nothing to do with physics. and the rest of that shit was graphics! While you did not highlight any reasons superior hardware is a plus, I understand that its a plus. But it will never make up for exclusives and innovation. Look at gaming history you dumb ass noob.

            That argument means nothing. Plus bizzy gie already shot you down.

            The wii was more than a full generation behind and it outsold the ps3 and xbox 360, who are just now catching up even after nintendo had a year long drought. The wii u’s processor is not weaker than the 360’s you little fuck. You are comparing the wii u and the last gen consoles incorrectly, the wii u is at the beginning of its life, developers don’t know the best way to unlock its full potential yet. they know the best way to make last gen games because they know how to push the console. look at perfect dark zero and other games from 2005-2006 those are the games you should be comparing to the wii u games right now.The wii u is cheaper than than ps3 and xbox 360 they both LAUNCHED with higher price tags than the wii u. ON PAR!!!! are you fucking kidding me the wii u is all about its controller, the ps3 and xbox dont have this controller how are they delivering the same experience? YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

            Hardware means something but not much, the wii won, the ps2 won (hardest to develop for worst hardware yet had best exclusives), the 3ds is kicking a handheld console whos specs make the 3ds look 2 generations old(vita). DS destroyed psp. It will never be about hardware you ass. The wii u will never be a failure… but you fail so hard its ridiculous when you get out of school tomorrow and read this you little brat i hope it knocks some sense into your ass. Because clearly you don’t know as much as you think you do.

          • Powerful hardware is only what *hardcore* gamers want; they can get plenty of that with the next ps4 and xbox entries.

            If you’re saying the Wii U’s hardware is on par with the current ps3 and xbox 360, then that is a problem for the Wii U because come Christmas time, shoppers might go for the cheaper product regardless of specs.

            Would most parents, aunts/uncles, etc buy the cheaper system, or the kid-friendly one? Ps3 and xbox360 skew older, so they would be a tough sell for the majority of the non-gamers buying for the kids in their life. Figure this out: how many hardcore gamers with money vs. how many unwashed masses with money? Most money comes from old money who don’t even know what hardware specs are.

          • Elem187

            Only ignorant, naive trolls say the Wii U is on par with PS360… Anyone who even has a slight clue about how computer hardware works knows it is several times faster… it wont touch the PS4, but it will still blow the doors off anything the PS360 can do.
            Sub HD resolutions were the norm for AAA titles on the PS360. The Wii U is already playing those AAA ports in full HD (720p, the Wii U is the first console to feature real HD graphics instead of Sub HD graphics that were then upscaled to 720p, like the ps360)

          • Elem187

            Wait wait, you think a 5550 GPU is slower than the weak ass GPU in the PS360??? WOW. Just WOW.
            So much fail in your comment. First the Wii U has a radeon 6000 series GPU in it with a whole slew of other pieces of silicon on-die that nobody has been able to figure out what it does yet. 18 of 40 pieces of silicon has been identified. That means tehre 22 pieces that not even experts can figure out what it does..
            Secondly the 2gb of DDR3 isn’t the full bandwidth of the memory, there is also 32mb of edram for caching…. the same technology is going into the nextbox, where it uses a 8gb pool of DDR3, and shovels it through 32mb of esram cache for the GPU…. the Wii u was specifically designed for the target resolution of 720p. You do realize the PS360 rarely hit 720p right? only the least graphically intensive games hit 720p, but all the AAA games released were rendered in a very low- sub HD resolution and upscaled. The Wii U is officially the first HD console on the market. Any modern game on the PS360 would absolutely choke on teh Need for Speed MW wii u version. Its using PC textures and a further drawing distance. The game releases today and its proof the Wii U is light years ahead of what the 360 and ps3 were capable of (remember the ps360 versions of the game used muddy low res textures and a sub-hd resolution and it STILL often fell below 30fps)

          • Wii had “last gen hardware” and destroyed PS360’s graphically-advanced ass. That is the ultimate proof that HARDWARE MEANS NOTHING, whether you like it or not.

          • Sean Currell

            the first batch of ps4 titles wont even use the extra ram they will probly be rush jobs to get the console out with some ps3 sequels by christmas. watchdogs at the moment looks identical in graphics and performance on ps4 and wii-u. personally if what ive seen of watchdogs on ps4 it doesnt really look that much next gen infact it just looks like ubisoft are doing a straight up multiformat port of the game from the wii-u version which at the minute looks better due to all the controler screen perks that totally make the game better.

        • iPedro1000

          I’ve always said this since the Nintendo/Sega wars and it remains true to this day: A console has no use for more power than it needs for a game. It only needs “enough” power to run the games that developers make for it. Any left over power is useless and really just a dick measuring contest.

          The WiiU has enough power to run games that are going to make our eyeballs pop out. Look at the games out of the gate right now. Now imagine 2 or 3 years of devs learning how to program for the WiiU. Developers will not tap the PS4’s power for a long while and finding the WiiU’s limits in a real game is probably not going to happen for years.

          Still, the Dreamcast was incredibly powerful for its time. What happened there? Games games games. Nintendo only needs to get 3rd parties to believe in their console and they’ve made a big effort to get 3rd parties on side and have already been much more successful than the Wii in that regard. With 3rd party games plus Nintendo’s IP, the WiiU has a nice advantage over anything the PS4 and XBOX can try to compete with it through sheer graphics power alone.

        • Tobias Naustdal

          did you know that the wii u outsold the ps3 and xbox 360 in the time between the wii u launched and now, and without must have titles. (a lot of people don’t even know what the wii u is).

          • Car Audio-Outlet

            That was solely due to pre-orders from those who didn’t know what they were getting before they bought it and who fell for Nintendo’s advertising…sales have since plummeted off a cliff…

        • Elem187

          The RAM difference is not a big deal. Most PS4/Nextbox games will be running in 1080p, which uses ALOT more memory, almost double than a game running in 720p…. . remember, RAM does not equal processing power.

          Judging the Wii U’s GPU and RAM it looks like it was specifically designed with the 720p resolution in mind (remember the PS360 rarely hit 720p, only by upscaling sub-HD resolutions to give the appearance of HD). The modern GPU in the Wii U can do DX11 level of effects, just like the PS4/Nextbox. The only true nextgen graphics will be available on PC only starting at the end of the year when Nvidia and AMD release DX12 cards (no console will have it, unless you count steambox.)

          But some games will be able to be run in 1080p, Monster Hunter 3 is one, and Platinum Games said they have Wonderful 101 running in 1080p and 60fps. So it all depends on the game and whats going on/visuals. The difference from 720p to 1080p isn’t alot. 720p is roughly 30% less pixels, most people wont notice it, only the hardcore graphics whore will see it.

      • Dumbpants

        I’ve seen many ads outside the internet, on tv especially. And at movie theaters.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Good point well made, I think the main problem Wii U has right now is the lack of advertising, and to a lesser extent, the drought of games we’re having. I don’t doubt that Nintendo will go all out on advertising after E3 and especially in the Christmas period but if they’d have advertised properly from the November-February period they’d have probably had a stronger launch and
        wouldn’t have the sales bomb in the new year like they did. Like I said,
        I’m sure they’ll improve it soon but every time they sit on it they’re
        losing ground, Wii U is now being treated with more and more skepticism
        due to it’s lacking sales and although it’s debatable whether these
        naysayers are correct or not (probably not) there’s no denying that it
        could have been avoided and Wii U could having a great time right now.
        Everyone is saying how poor the advertising has been yet Nintendo
        doesn’t seem to listen. All they have to do is increase the number of
        ads, and then improve the ads by firstly explaining Wii U is a next gen console, not an add-on, drop the cheesy family ads (unless it’s a party game in which case it works) then show the power of the console with the tech demos and Trine 2 etc, then the games available – showing Lego City, Mario Bros, Black Ops 2, Mass Effect, Nintendoland etc will please all gamers. Anyway, since the game-drought is coming to an end thanks to Lego, Monster Hunter and Resident Evil Nintendo should start upping its game.
        Also you make a good point about the teething problems other consoles face and how Wii U will be polished, have devs getting used to it and generally through that stage by then. Let’s just hope that E3 won’t somehow be a disappointment and Ninty can get out some more AAA games by the Autumn (Mario Kart, 3D Mario, Monolith’s “X”, Yarn Yoshi, Bayonetta 2, Wind Waker HD, Metroid, Starfox etc)

      • jcnba28

        Hey guys if you’d like to see the original Bayonetta released on the Wii U eShop please sign this petition:

      • Coval83

        agree… its strategy… I think the best is coming… E3 will show every sceptic’s that Wii U is in good condition. Wind Waker HD, New 3d Mario game, Mario Kart… Its just the beginning… Wait for true true Zelda, Metroid (that i think its gonnna be announced at E3)… Too early to show or say that to everyone before E3… Just wait to E3… Ninty has up its sleeve…. Belive me…

        • Coval83

          E3 will show who is gonna still the show…

    • sonicfan1373

      Excellent comment, very insightful.

    • DaGamer007

      I have a feeling Nintendo knows what they are doing. They released the console so that people know that it is a brand new console by the time the competition launches. Imagine what would happen if Nintendo had launched the Wii U with the other consoles and people thought the Wii U was just an accessory in the midst of the war?

    • This comment is just so full of win!

    • NkoSekirei

      i agree with u and trolls need to stop with this doom and gloom $hit we just need to give the system more time and well see results like in a few days we got monster hunter ultimate,lego city undercover and need for speed coming out

    • Your completely wrong. This was not intentional at all. Nintendo just screwed up again. Thats all.

      • Car Audio-Outlet


    • John Novakovich

      The name ‘Wii U’ though REQUIRES advertising. If you don’t want people thinking it’s a 300 dollar tablet, you need to show them. Also, at this point, Nintendo top priority in IPs shouldn’t be Zelda, or Mario, or even third party titles (though those all need to come soon). It needs to Metroid. Microsoft has Halo, their saving grace. Sony has Killzone, not nearly as popular, but effective. Nintendo needs a flagship shooter, and they already have one. They just need to utilize the franchise in the same way Microsoft does with Halo. ZombiU wash’t the answer. God no. A FPS metroid BUILT AROUND ONLINE MULTIPLAYER is what makes the Wii U successful. At least for now.

      • SoulSilverZero

        Metroid Prime and Prime 2 Echoes helped the Gamecube a bit. So with Prime 3 that helped the Wii off shelves. It wouldn’t hurt to make a new title.

    • Robknoxious1

      While you make some good points I really think Nintendo needs to find a way to dramatically increase Wii U sales quickly to help put an end to these negative stories. If not people may decide to go with another next gen console strictly out of fear that Wii U will flop leaving them with a console that nobody except Nintendo wishes to make games for. To be clear what “side” I’m on – I’m going exclusively Nintendo this gen regardless of what happens.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      wrong…its $100 overpriced and 95% of the games available suck….plain and simple

      • John Novakovich

        You think it should start out at 199?

        • RyuNoHadouken


        • Nicholas Gatewood

          I agree with Ryu here, the Wii U should’ve launched at $200. It doesn’t have a hard drive or bluray playback and it’s working with new, yet very low-end hardware, there’s no excuse for it being more expensive than a 360 or PS3 when it’s right at their technological level.

          $300 for a Wii U? Not an attractive price point. $200 for a Wii U? I’d consider it, but since it lacks an internal hard drive, its library sucks and its online functionality and OS are laughable I still wouldn’t get it.

          Also: the weak-ass 3DS should cost $130 at the absolute most. 240p screens, only a small leap above the old PSP and a resistive touchscreen/one circle pad for $170? Total joke, when I got mine for $250 at launch I was horrified at how mediocre the thing was. Nintendo’s dead, for all I care.

          • John Novakovich

            Nintendo is already selling the console at a loss! They would be committing financial suicide by dropping it another 100 dollars. theres already at least 100 dollars between it and anything Sony or Microsoft will cook up. So why shoot yourself in the head?

          • Car Audio-Outlet

            Sony managed to sell the PS3 at a loss for years.

          • John Novakovich

            then why are you here? You are clearly lost. The ‘wiiudaily’ website name is very confusing, I understand.

      • david jarman

        Oh yeah. Well Xbox 360 and ps3 were wayyyyyyyy overpriced when they launched and 96% percent of their launch games sucked and 98% of ps3 sucked on their launches. Not to mention all the bull crap that came with those system. Ps3 wasn’t rendering in hd and was down scaling games or overheating and catching on fire. Ms a had a class act lawsuit against it for the ring if death.
        I think nintendo is doing just fine.

        • james_on_the_boat

          the xbox360 was $400 at launch for this shit……lmao

        • Einar

          In Norway, I think ps3 launch price was at about 1035 dollars (Approx. 6000 NOK).

    • DragonSilths

      I hate how people dont like going from Wii to Wii U. Nobody complains about going from PS1, to PS2, to PS3, to PS4. Or Xbox to Xbox 360. Sheesh. Nintendo’s advertisements for the Wii U have been terrible indeed.bBut is it Nintendos fault that casuals and such dont know that the Wii U is different. Fucking morons who need every little detail handed to them arent gamers. Gamers know the Wii U is different.

      • Nicholas Gatewood

        That’s not the problem with the Wii U. The problem is that it’s a technologically outdated console, that it’s not even remotely impressive compared to its next-gen or even current-gen competitors. I was a Wii gamer last generation, that console kinda sucked but I was still excited to move on to a new Nintendo system… then they announce it and it’s only a small leap above the 360 from a hardware perspective. Not even remotely appealing to me, so I’m just waiting for Nintendo’s NEXT console and getting a PS4 for now.

        • Nintedward

          Woah , stop jumping in ahead of yourself there bro.

          Don’t be so foolish. The wiiu is a console that is designed to use low power consumption but deliver high performance. It has a different architechture to 360 and ps3 but is overall much better.

          Need for speed most wanted proves that it can handle the amazing looking PC version of Need for speed most wanted. Not only that but it has things like off screen play , miiverse integration , crazy coop modes and more.

          I’m sorry but power crazed people like you ARE NOT real gamers , FACT.

          The only reason you’re excited about PS4 is because it has 8GBS of RAM. The CPU in PS4 is 2 tablet CPU’s taped together.
          Wiiu CPU is customized for low power consumption with efficient pipelines and large cache memory and a DSP processor to back it up.

          If the Wiiu CPU is so weak as you say , why can it hand Assassins creed 3 perfectly well ? a game that is VERY cpu intensive regarding consoles.

          Anyway have fun on missing out on the amazing wiiu games that are coming which wil 10000000000% be better than everything on PS4 and 720 .

        • MujuraNoKamen

          It’s not a great leap from from 360 but PS4 isn’t a huge leap from Wii U. PS4 may have a lot more RAM but at the end of the day look at how different PS4 games looked at the Sony conference – not very. The tech demos were good looking to be sure but the footage of Killzone (only running at 30 FPS) etc wasn’t a great leap. Let’s not forget that Wii U is running PS4 games like Watch Dogs and AC4 so it can still compete in terms of power and check out how good Monolith’s new game looked in its trailer and Bayonetta 2 as well. Wii U is also getting Need for Speed which is being ported from the PC version of the game.

    • A slow start like this isn’t intentional. Nintendo had to publicly revise their forecast earning to investors b/c of the slower than expected sales. In January, they cut company initial estimates of 5.5 million shipped units by March to only 4 million. More importantly they drastically revised software sales estimates, the thing that Nintendo actually makes money on, from 24 million to 16 million, a whopping 34 percent.

      Of course Nintendo has tons of cash in reserve, so they can stick it out, and take time to develop their first party games, but third parties are getting nervous. Even the staunchest third party ally Ubisoft, has publicly pushed for Nintendo to lower prices. Also the string of third party cancellations, and port rejection on big titles such as Tomb Raiders, and Saints Row 4 confirms that third parties are pessimistic about the Wii U chances.

      Will it get better? Not soon and certainly not before the 720 and ps4 launches. Just looking at the 2013 games list, only confirmed 1st party exclusive game is Pikman and WarioWare U, no NEW Zelda game(not windwaker) and no new proper 3d Mario game, everything else is ports that will be on the 360 and ps4.

      Whatever advantages Nintendo had by launching a year earlier than its rivals, it is just incapable of taking advantage of it b/c of the extremely weak 2013 software line up, that ironically is weaker than the current last generation consoles competitors.

      • iPedro1000

        When I say that the current strategy is intentional, I don’t mean to say that it was planned this way all along. Nintendo’s strategy has been adapted to the reality of their launch. They clearly have critical issues with the UI, had to rush it so much that it didn’t even make it into the production run. They had their anticipated launch window titles delayed, a lot went wrong. What they did right was adapt to it and pull out resources as to not promote a console that needs time to be finished. That’s the current strategy and if anybody thinks that Nintendo wouldn’t pull all the punches to promote their betting-the-farm-console, those people are delusional. Nintendo isn’t pushing the WiiU as hard as we’d like because they’re holding off for the right timing when they’re ready to promote something they’re proud of and that they know will sell once people know about it.

        • Car Audio-Outlet

          Erm no. What you are saying is that the product sucks more than just by design. That is highly unlikely to be intentional with the PS4 and Xbox 720 on the horizon – they have less chance of advertising it successfully in the future if they can’t do so now.

        • If this is the strategy than Nintendo management needs to be fired. Early consoles sells to consumers and developers is based largely on expectations and faith.

          Consumers buy consoles at launch date b/c they have faith that the system will sell a lot and develop the base or economic incentives for developers to create games for the consumers to buy.

          Developers also develop for new consoles based on expectations or faith that there will be a market for their games or customer base to warrant their investment in the platform.

          Modern games require long development cycles 2-5 years. Games like Lego Undercover were created and largely finished even before a single Wii U was sold b/c they thought there would be a customer base to buy it.

          So that brings us back to the current disaster, highlighted by dismal 2013 sales of only110,000 K sold for January and February. It wouldn’t be such a disaster if the Wii U was the only console on the market. However the fact that the 360 sold three times at much during that window speaks volumes.

          I can only say, I would hate to try to push through any proposal for a WII U title at a third party studio b/c management would simply just laugh it off saying there aren’t enough Wii U customers now or probably in the future to warrant the investment. You can’t wait, games need to start developing now to guarantee that there are actually games for the Wii U in 2014, 2015, 2016.

          Forget waiting until E3, Nintendo needs to do something now. It needs convince consumers and developers that the WII U can compete now and in the future. If the Wii U is getting handily beat by current gen system, what will developers and publishers think of its changes when the 720 and ps4 come out.

    • wober2

      This is a refreshing and interesting point of view. I have not thought that they might be waiting for a larger marketing push. I do get the feeling they are scurrying to get things fixed, resolved, and developed. I hardly hear from Nintendo of America at all… Also NoA has been advertising this non-gamer/kid audience stuff almost exclusively wish they would target … well, me.

    • Elem187

      I doubt they will drop the price $100 USD… the first price drop will be 25-50$

    • Sean Currell

      finally someone who is on the same wave length as me. very well put. nintendo are taking their time and the console will have matured greatly in the next 5 months. perfection requires patience

  • this is simply because of poor advertising, poor third party support and poor first party titles, i mean come on just pikmin 3 and TLOZ WW HD and no official anounce for any other first party tittle for this year, on top of that i can play most of the current wii U games on my ps3 with no noticeable changes or improvements, and to make things even worse there are very high expectations for the technical capabilities of ps4 and xbox720 over Wii U.

    Now here comes the question, why should i buy a wii U?, will it have good exclusives this year? no, multi platform games show noticeable improvements on wii u over other consoles? no.

    and don’t get me wrong from the snes times nintendo have been my favourite game company and i want it to be succesful this gen too, but right now is not worth spending my money in buying a wii u.

    At least i have my hopes up for E3.

    • Jon Turner

      I wouldn’t say the third party support on WiiU is terrible by any means. Ubisoft has done a great job in bringing us gems like “Assassins Creed III”, “ZombiU”, and we even got “Batman Arkham City” and “Mass Effect 3”. That’s more than Wii ever got during its launch time. And there are OTHER titles coming as well from third parties: LEGO CITY (1st party published), Monster Hunter 3, Resident Evil Revelations, Sniper Elite 2, Injustice, and others which have yet to be announced (in an upcoming Nintendo Direct). Just because things look grim right now doesn’t mean they will be. 3DS was once in the same position, and look at it now.

      • the problem is that most of those games are ports from other consoles, so everyone that has a PS3 or 360 won’t be buying a wii u to play those games especially for Mass Effect 3 ps3/360 has Mass Effet Trilogy for the same price, Zombie U is great but is not exactly a system seller.

        Maybe i’m being a little too pessimistic but that is just because i’m worried about the future of wii u and i want it to be successful, after all i’m a nintedo fan.

        • Jon Turner

          I wouldn’t be. Nintendo promised behind the scenes that they were working hard to fix it, and the advertising is picking up again with LEGO City. 3DS had a rough start, too, and now look at it.

        • Laud (Check upvotes 2039+)

          … WiiU = FAIL!

          • DaGamer007

            Your ass= RIPped by Wii U’s awesomeness

          • Gamefreak361

            Same old comments. Try again.

      • GorgeousGeorge

        QUOTE “I wouldn’t say the third party support on WiiU is terrible by any means.”

        I would.

    • Johny

      some games as of right now are very good… for example ZombiU is GREAT. and those ports arent bad… but yeah.. they’re ports.. and not a reason on itself to buy a wii u. But there are alot of AWESOME games coming for wii u soon and in near future.. Monster hunter 3 U is BIG and Lego city is getting very well recieved…its a nice start. and when (only a matter of time) when the console gets those awesome games and exclusives (we already have alot to look forward to) the sales will without a doubt rise noticably…

      but sadly, as of right NOW, the few good games that are currently avalilable for the system (ZombiU, Mario U, Ninja gaiden 3 RE, ports, and maybe afew more) aren’t enough of a reason for MOST people to buy a whole 300+ $ € console… also advertisement indeed SUCKS… most people either dont know the wii u exists as a new console from the next 8th generation consoles, or simply think it is just a wii accessory… sad but true.
      my thoughts are that nintendo will advertise more when more good games are announced/released… they dont wanna overhype the system just so people see there arent so many worthwhile games on the system just yet… it would make nintendo look stupid

    • Car Audio-Outlet

      You missed “poor underpowered design compared to the next generation consoles and 7 years late to the current generation party…”

  • that guy

    have a feeling that this is going to change next week and then change even further in april when they update the console for faster load times and virtual console.

    • Jon Turner

      That’s exactly what will happen. New games + update = more sales.

  • therealruben1

    good games take time

  • catsby

    with 30mil dollars they had to pay to that Seijiro Tomita for the 3ds 3d technology.. these are surely good times for Nintendo 🙂

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo


    If Sony comes up with a competitive price, well… I predict a Wii U major price cut

    • dgallo911

      At this rate it they will probably have to give you the system for free with an additional $50 of E – Shop credit lol

  • Nobody

    “We’ve hard time and again” – what does an erection have to do with Wii U?

    • BL4CKSH33P


  • My thoughts on this matter are three-fold. Obviously Nintendo needs to step up on advertising, that much has been established for a long time. I do believe Nintendo is holding out for E3 and E3 will be amazing for them but at the same time, what about now and before? Wii U sales started to really dip after the holidays, and E3 isn’t until June. That’s practically half a year of starved gamers, plenty of time for sales to take a serious hit! Originally we were supposed to have Rayman Origins and Pikmin 3 by now which would’ve DEFINITELY helped but obviously those haven’t come out yet and RO isn’t even exclusive anymore. Pikmin’s continued delays play into my final point.

    Nintendo isn’t used to making HD games yet. They’re venturing into new territory here and production time is taking longer than they expected. In the end, the delays lead to a more polished game which I am all for but at the same time it doesn’t help satiate gamers’ hunger.

    All in all, even being the massive Nintendo fan I’ve been all my life, I have to say this looks like pretty poor planning to me. Nintendo’s original plan was to last with decent sales until E3 where they can blow everything out of the water (which I’m sure they will RIGHT Nintendo?!) but all these unforeseen complications mean Nintendo taking some serious loss along the way that they weren’t expecting.

  • michael

    the lack of proper advertising leads me to believe they have some major changes in store. could they possibly be making a new model? because the wii u only has 2gb of ram while the ps4 has 8gb

  • Nintedward

    The reason it has been slashed in Europe is plain and simple. The retailers priced the thing way , way too high. In america the prices are set by Nintendo , not in Europe.

    People in UK are charging £50+ more than they should be doing , say trying to make £100 of each console sold instead of £50.

    The same thing will happen to PS4 in UK , retailers will take advantage of excited launch day consumers by putting an eaxtra £50 on top of what they SHOULD be selling it for.

    That is the case , I’ve spoken to my friend wh owns a gamestore about it.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      European retailers charged about 100 more euros than they should have. With Gamestop’s price cuts, hopefully more units will sell, not that they match the US prices.

      But you’re right, what’s to stop then from trying to do the same thing with the PS4? It obviously worked for a little while with the Wii U, because people still bought it. I’m sure they will try the same scam.

      • Nintedward

        Yeah , they definitely will. they did it with 3DS in UK. Some places were charging £250 on day 1 for a 3DS. that’s nearly $400 :/

        Then they realized they were stupid and put it down to £169 with a game. I waited for a price drop , wasn’t gunna pay over £200 for a nintendo handheld and then when Mario 3D land i got a Mario 3D land bundle for £169.

        This article is way too pesemistic. Jeeze , Let’s give the console a fucking chance before we be so negative ? If the Wiiu like the vita after 1 year has nly sold 4 million will be concerned. But I believe it will double that figure at least.
        Holiday season + games like mario kart = milliojs of Wiiu’s sold.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          I truly feel sorry for people in the UK that have to put up with that crap. Nobody wants to wait 4 months for the retailers to put consoles at NORMAL prices! The amount of greedy people in the world, is too damn high…

          • Nintedward

            Yeah , and we get sensationalist articles like this one. The fact of the matter is in the UK the Deluxe was being sold for as much as £340 . In america it was $350 .

            America and UK are similar countries except the pound is worth more than the dollar , but a game costs £40 here and $60 there which is pretty much the same. But it £340 pretty much the same as $350 ? HELL NO . £340 is like what ? $550 ?

          • Metal_Man_v2

            It’s almost $450, using google conversions. But still, that’s A LOT more expensive than what it should have been. Australia is probably the most outrageous though, with premium models close to $500.

          • Nintedward

            Exactly. It’s just annoying , they buy wiiu deluxe for £200 and sell it for £320 when they supposed to be selling it for £269:99

          • dgallo911

            Cost me $428 and games retail for around $90……..

  • Nintedward

    ”Wii U is now selling way below the sales of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3”

    Mmmmmm , no. The Wiiu has sold more in its first 3 months than the PS3 and 360 did in theirs. You can’t compare 7 year old console sales to brand new , expensive Wiiu. And the PS2 outsold Xbox 360 fir a full year .

    People like to forget history.

    Enough with the doom articles.

    The reason the Wiiu didn’t sell much during january and february is because no new games were releaed (significat ones) so people who wanted a wiiu at launch bought one in the first week or 2. they weren’t gunna wait until January.

    As soon as software comes it will sell more and more and more. Lego city , MHU and NFSMW , walking dead is a good start. Wii fit U , Pikmin 3 and Game and wario will all be significant in selling a couple more million wiiu’s.

    I can guarantee you the wiiu will smash 8 million sales worldwide by the end of 2013 . that’s how much the 360 sold in its first year.

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Yes, you do compare the sales. Age has nothing to do with it. The competition right now for the Wii U is the ps3 and xbox360. People are buying these consoles over the Wii U.

      • D.M.T

        No it’s NOT a fair comparison no matter what you say. Everyone knows those 7 year old consoles and the game library for those consoles are much bigger. Wii U is brand new and doesnt have a lot of games. It’s obvious that the 360 and PS3 are selling more than the Wii U.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          What’s not fair is comparing launch data from consoles that were released 7 years apart. That’s manipulating data to make it seem like a product is doing better than it really is.

          The old consoles may have a bigger game library, which explains why they are selling better. But the fact is that they are still the current competition for the Wii U and are selling better.

      • WiiUltra

        Umm.. age has everything to do with technology, Hello! You can’t compare current sales with Iphone 5 and the first Galaxy or whatever its called because its not its competitor. Wii U is not competing with last generation, its competing with this generation coming up. Technology competes generation by generation, nothing else.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          Wii U is currently competing with the ps3 and xbox360 for sales. If you think otherwise, you are kidding yourself. Point me to a store that sells the ps4 or xbox720. The Wii U competes with what is currently relevant on the market.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    The reason for no advertising is simple, no games. Nintendo is not stupid they know its a waste of time and money to advertise when there are no big sellers out there. In case you did no notice there have been several ads for Lego City popping up. And the majority of those price cuts are happening in Europe not in NA

  • Revolution5268

    1. what makes you think that ps4 and xbox will sell any more than wii u IF its more expensive if wii u price.

    2.its that the reason why rayman legend was delay! that was a bad more, people were expecting that game. make it multi console means you NEED a certain sale much more than an exclusive to be profit.

    3. price drop is way too early to be made, nintendo first party is not even out yet.

    4.Nintendo does not want to spoiled upcoming surprise, don’t you fuckers cry when E3 comes and they have nothing to show just because you guys are inpatient.

    5.”If you’re optimistic about the Wii U, you’ll buy the console at cheap
    now and wait for the great games later this year. If you’re pessimistic,
    you hold on to your money until Nintendo actually reveals some great
    games.” why is that there when your previous paragraph said that Nintendo has nothing to show, YOU KNEW they do have something to show, its nintendo man they always have something to show, they are not fucking sony stop making them.

    This whole article is just plain retarded, how is people forgetting the economy of all countries, ps vita, and 3rd parties giving nintendo fans the finger (yes im looking at you EA you backstabbers and activition for not giving us DLC)

    • dgallo911

      1 – The next gen systems from both those companies wont have this issue as 90% of the “next gen games” from 3rd party dev’s will also have current gen counterparts to help with sales/revenue for at least the 1st 12 months so developers dont need to take to many risks early on.

      2 – Despite being disappointed with ubisofts decision, its not up to them to drive up system sales with their software alone.

      3 – At the moment, dropping the price is the only way they can move the systems due to the poor,poor selection of games available.

      4 – With the other next gen consoles being shown at E3 the only way Nintendo could compete is by showing ALL their 1st party titles and having them on shelves prior to the holiday period

      5 – Once again, Nintendo cant rely on 3rd parties to sell their system. If they had actually had some more software at launch and sold more systems/games then more 3rd parties (EA possibly being the exception) would be onboard as these companies cant make a profit off a system that doesn’t have a decent install base

  • Johny

    yup… the lack of advertisement certanly hurt the console alot… MANY people either dont know it exists, or think its just a wii accessory.
    That and… well nintendo we know you tend to not show your cards untill JUST the right time… but you gotta hype people and give some info about your upcoming games 🙂 ANYTHING. because as wii u games are as of NOW, the games library DOESNT satisfy alot of people and doesnt give them a reason to buy a console. (maybe nintendo knows that and doesnt overhype people with wii u ads untill the console really has some worthwhile games!)
    Putting all aside, i think this will be fixed with ALL the amazing games coming soon and in the near future… an AWESOME start is games coming NOW : MONSTER HUNTER 3 Ultimate !! also Lego city undercover which is already getting awesome reviews and recievement 🙂

    • zhenyaivan

      “think its just a wii accessory.”

      are consumers really that stupid? how did people know the difference between game boy and game boy advance? NES and SNES? might as well named the wii u “super wii”

      • Johny

        well it looks like a wii… and has a “WII” in its name… it would even be better if it was Wii 2 … then people would know… now believe me… sad but true… alot of people think its just a wii accessory so you can play without the tv…
        just look at some commercials for wii u… what was in there ? a gameplay footage of Mario (and you cant see its a new console when they show a 2d mario) and they said how you can just switch the gameplay to the second screen, while the other watch the tv…. personally… (just gave one commercial for example) and from THAT info taken from one commercial a casual consumer watches.. what do you expect them to think…

      • D.M.T

        Yes consumers are really stupid these days. Sometimes i’m ashamed to be associated with them. I knew from the very start that it is a new console, why cant people understand this?

        • sithWiiU

          Coniserding your name is Nintendawg, I am going to assume you frequent video game site. Stop being a blind tool.

          • D.M.T

            Assume whatever you want mothafucker. i dont need to explain why my name is Nintendawg. Gamers in general are stupider these days, hardcore gamers are stupid too not just casuals. That’s my opinion and i dont care if i offended you.

          • Rob

            You’re name is Nintendawg because everyone at WNZ dislikes you so you try hiding by changing your name.

          • D.M.T

            LOL!!! Dude are you following me? Do you have any idea how pathetic it is to come to another website and continue this hate towards me? Get a life dude. I have no reason to hide. Go ahead tell everybody that I’m DMT I don’t care lol. And this is the last time I’m replying to you. I’m not gonna waste my time with some low life piece of shit like you.

          • Rob


      • sithWiiU

        Well, s stood for Super, and adance means moving forward. What does a letter u mean? It’s Nintendos fault, and while most consumers are stupid, most people who do not frequent video gmae sites, they really can not be blamed for thinking Wii U is an attachment for Wii. I mean, really? U? Wth does that even mean?

        • zhenyaivan

          apparently you didn’t watch e3 announcement for wii u

      • its mainly because the wii had so many accessories in itself. Wii balance board, wii zapper, etc. to most people, this may as well be the Wii tablet.

  • bob brown

    I have a wii u and it’s great, but I agree, the ads need to be better. Some of my friends never heard of the wii u, and some don’t like it All they say is “x box is better, but atleast the wii u doesn’t have the red ring of death.” Nintendo, you made a great console, but get it out there.

    • Laud (Check upvotes 2039+)

      Red ring problem was corrected when the Jasper motherboards and Slim models were release with the Trinity and Corona Motherboards aswell… If I’m not mistaken the WiiU is having glitch problems as well… Don’t single out Xbox cause you favor Nintendo as that is probably the only console you own… Sorry you didn’t get bang for your buck. That’s just the way it goes. My advise sell it on craigs list to someone that doesn’t know any better and get a better console.

      • Silent

        Please write facts. The RROD problem was corrected after several revisions of the Xbox hardware. How many times did i have to take my Wii to get a new revision of the Wii? None, because Nintendo is more reliable.

      • DaGamer007

        Fkn idiot

  • Tecpedz94

    I kinda have this strong feeling that Nintendo knows exactly what they are doing and have been in the gaming industry longer than sony and microsoft(xbox) so they are holding back for a reason and later on either at E3 when the other next gens are announced they will whip out some cool as new stuff and make us all look like idiots for doubting them.

    • smash bros. nuff said

      • Tecpedz94

        Well ya but thats not enough for Nintendo to compete against sony and microsoft. We all know amazing games will come and surprise us but i was looking more at hardware improvements or add ons that will attract many fans.

        • Miiverse spreading to more devices will help spread by word of mouth

          • Tecpedz94

            I want miiverse on the 3DS so badly!!

  • Clairvius

    Everyone has been frantic about the wii u from launch. Its not a xbox or a PlayStation and the system has great games it will continue to have great games besides Nintendo’s own franchises that will never be seen on anything else. The games will come in time a system can’t launch with a few hundred games to choose from im sure the ps4 wont have a large amount of launch titles either and as far as people crying over the price id love to see when Sony drops us a price for the PS4. Wii sales are down because of the unknowing factor once the ps4 drops the wii u sales will pick back up along with more 3rd party support and some of the show stopper titles that Nintendo is holding back let them take there time and make the best dame Zelda and Smashbros and Donkey Kong they can along with others unlike the Wii ( in my opinion ) the Wii u is a solid very enjoyable system that can appeal to both youngins, the Hard Core, and old school gamers time will be good to her just gatta let it happen

    • Guest

      Smoking is bad for you.This is an example.

  • WiiUltra

    John Kinsley, in the second sentence change “We’ve hard” to “We’ve heard”.

    • AAAkabob


  • plsburydoughboy

    Alternative view: Retailers are optimistic in the Wii U’s future, but need to move units now. In anticipation of upcoming software pushing huge sales, they have an incentive to widen Wii U’s userbase, They don’t want those same consumers having to choose between the Wii U and next Xbox/PS4 later in the year, and are better off if they buy a Wii U now, and then Wii U games and one of the newer consoles later.

    It’s also possible retailers are anticipating Wii U upgrade/redesign in a year or two and want to have room for units ready then.

    To make comparison, Vita is still stuck in limiting price point now, and while some retailers have offered discounts, more are selling bundles, even making their own, implying they don’t expect those customers back so they want to get a one-off sale instead.

    • Jon Turner

      That’s better.

    • sithWiiU

      That’s a spin, and you know it. You work in government?

      • plsburydoughboy

        I dont work in government LOL

        It is a spin, and it’s no more or less better than the one above.

        Here’s another spin: the video game industry is a pit in general (shrunk 25 % in the US, worse in the UK, Japan is the only bright spot). Retailers are cutting prices on the newest console just so that they can make money.

  • DemonRoach

    If the hardware wasn’t such low quality, it wouldn’t need to be cut. Couple that with no games in the first year, and you have disaster written all over it. It’s essentially a 500$ toaster.

    • enigmaxtreme

      Its 300 not 500 and yeah no games

      New Super Mario Bros U
      Zombi U
      Tank Tank Tank
      Trine 2
      Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
      Lego City Undercover

      Pikmin 3
      Windwaker HD
      Bayonetta 2
      Wonderful 101

      i could go Onnnnnnnnnnn and Onnnnnn

      • DemonRoach

        It’s $500. System 300$, 2 wiimotes (required for multiplayer) 360$, 1 nunchuck $15, 1 external hard drive $100 and 1 classic controller required for wiiware crap (15$).

        • DaGamer007

          No its $300. Learn to read.

        • Nintedward

          You fucking idiot.

          The wiiu costs $300. Extra stuff is extra stuff.

          • DemonRoach

            It’s not EXTRA stuff when it’s required to play moron.

          • Mr. Nidoking

            And it’s not extra when most Wii U buyers already have those things.

        • Gregory Edcius


      • dgallo911

        keep going then……

    • zhenyaivan

      low quality? since when?

    • dgallo911

      You know, its actually pretty good value. How many toasters have you seen that can also “freeze”???? lol

  • enigmaxtreme

    This is definitely worrisome, but knowing Nintendo they are surely to announce big titles at E3. Like did everyone forget Mario, Mario Kart and Smash Bros would all be at that event.

    You want to talk about losses, how much do you think Sony is gonna charge for the PS4, do you honestly think $299? $399? I’m guessing more in the $400-500 area and there lies the problem. They charge to much its the PS3 all over again, they charge to little and they are selling it at a serious loss, more then Nintendo could ever imagine.

    But you want to know what will be the real Wii U mover? Wii Fit U, no I am not kidding, the second all those fans of Wii Fit find out there is a new one with a pedometer they will go out to get one to discover that its for a new system that stores are selling cheaper then the RRP so they will get one.

    It does royaly suck, Nintendo can give you everything (powerful specs, proper online and great 3rd party support) and still not get the games which asks the question.

    “What exactly does Nintendo need to do?”

    • sithWiiU

      PS3 was a blu ray player, that’s why it was so expensive. Not only that, but Nintendo can’t be waiting on Mario and Zelda forever. They’re rehases, whether you like them or not, they’re rehashes.

      • except for the part where rehash means the exact same game. Like COD basically. I’ll admit, 2D mario is a bit of a rehash, but 3D mario is constantly improving itself, and Zelda is NOT a rehash. Those are all so uniquely different it’s not even funny

      • Silent

        Hmmm…please learn to write facts instead of stupidities. This is what you are to write: Not only that, but Sony can’t be waiting on COD forever. They’re rehases, whether you like them or not, they’re rehashes.

        • Metal_Man_v2

          It only seems like rehash if you don’t like the foundation of the game. For example, the idiot from Gamespot that reviewed Zelda Skyward Sword docked off points because it felt too much like a Zelda game (after trying to pull the BS that the controls didn’t work). If he doesn’t like Zelda, they should’ve gotten someone else to review the game.

          I undestand that CoD doesn’t appeal to everyone, so it may be hard to see how each game brings new changes, such as new maps, guns stats, and new focuses on the metagame. For example, Black Ops used mostly open, large maps which better suited assault rifels. Black Ops 2 uses mostly small close quartered maps that better suit small machine guns.

          The only CoD games that could be criticized as rehash would be MW2 and MW3, which used basically the same menus, HUD and gameplay (except for the broken grenade launchers)

  • Wayne Beck

    Yeah, see, the reason the price is dropping in Europe is because they were charging a Hundred Dollars more than everywhere else in the world.

    Costco is Costco, they sell everything at a discount.

    • david daniel wharton camacho

      ¬¬ well mr. they ARE selling it for 600 usd here in mexico, i just got mine from the us, just like all my friends did

  • disqus_TCujPcjAm7

    This editor is a troll how did he land a job here should be working for ign?
    Your always posting anti related articles.

  • yamiryuu_zero

    I have seen some of the comments below, and I don’t think people truly understand what’s happening here. Some people have said that it doesn’t hurt Nintendo directly, but it actually does! If the consoles are not being sold, Nintendo isn’t gaining any profit; and even worse, if retailers need to cut down the pricing, this means they won’t even bother getting more WIi U’s to sell once the first “wave” sells.

    I think Nintendo is right on the pricing: Wii U isn’t a past generation console, it uses newer technologies than it’s predecessor and its rivals, and technology is expensive! Alongside with that, it also has lots of online functions, a new form of controller and is home of Nintendo IPs! The pricing is perfect as it is now!

    The problem is that people still don’t know that Wii U is a new console, not just the tablet. They think that buying a Wii U grants them only the controller, a peripheral for the Wii their sons have, that costs US$300,00. Now, what would you buy, a new console that everyone knows it really is a console (PS3/360) or a mere peripheral that costs as much as the video game itself?

    Nintendo needs to make the console known into the casual/general market. Only hardcore gamers know what the Wii U is, and that is not fine in any ways, since most of the Wii’s market was casual gamers, who the Wii U should appeal to as well! Ever since its launching, I haven’t seen a single advertisement for the console or its functions, nothing that would make people know and want it instead of other consoles.

    Stop thinking this doesn’t affect Nintendo, or that they’re going to be alright like this. We know they have yet some unannounced games, that will surely make more people want to buy the console, but as long as they don’t make themselves known to the general public, sales are gonna be stack this way. Nintendo doesn’t need time, they need work done. Nintendo gets profit for every console + game sold, but having them just sitting into the stores’ shelters doesn’t provide them any money, and thus, prevents them from making more and more games! We know they suffered a lot from the first year of the 3DS, and that they know how to come back from it, but for now, they haven’t shown much effort into making it. Who knows, they may surprise us once again, as always, and make sales burst in a few weeks, but as long as they keep it like this, they are indeed going to get hurt!

    • DaGamer007

      This is why they release the console one year before the other consoles launch, so that people get to know the console and know that it is not an accessory for the wii U.

      • yamiryuu_zero

        And that’s where they’re lacking work! They need more advertising, find a way to make people see how great the console is,not just the hardcore public, but the casual gamers that bought the Wii on the past generation!

  • Petri

    It’s about a time the retailers fix their overcharging prices in Europe.

  • david daniel wharton camacho

    this is comercial mistakes from nintendo, they release a console with no games and expect people to buy it and wait,
    when super nintendo came out; lots of games for launch
    when n64; more awesome completely new games!
    when ngc; more new games with amazing grafics
    and here we start at the mistakes;
    wii; few games, new gameplay
    wii u; 3 games for launch new but not what expected gameplay
    people just wont buy a console with no games and nintendo did this with the 3ds too, i mean i bought my 3ds at start and waited all the way till now for luigis mansion/paper mario
    if nintendo doesnt release at least 5 first party and 10 3rd party plus 3 exclusives in this e3 i think nintendo is going to continue going down.

  • Mark Thom

    Hmmmmm nintendo is failing we need GAMES!!! 🙁 🙁

    • Nintedward

      Yeah , Nintendo is failing……… it’s not like the 3DS is worlds fastest selling system OF ALL TIME or anything and the likes of Pokemon X and Y , Monster Hunter , Pikmin 3 are all on their way.

      Just calm down. It’s de ja vu all over again with what happened to the 3DS , lol.

      ”OMG THE 3DS HAS NO GAMES AND THE 3D IS CRAP AND NINTENDO HAD TO CUT THE PRICE , THEY’RE DOOMEEDDDD DERP” <- are you gunna be that guy all over again ?

  • Nathaniel Lopez

    Well I suppose, news is news, but, I think anyone could have figured out that the reason retailers have unofficially cut the prices is because it isn’t selling; supply and demand 101. I can’t believe people actually had to do interviews in order to figure that out, but, oh well, who am I to figure out how all this works?

  • Eli Valentin Villanueva

    Just wait, when the new xbox and ps4 consoles come out, they will find the same troubles. Really each time articles in here are just growing the pessimist and bad news, and nintendo is struggling, but no dissapearing. The main problem is that in all the world, money is right now in recesion, because now people wait before buying consoles. Remember the market conditions is not the same, 2008 and 2009 really hit the wallet of many. Wii u rocks, and also the new consoles will rock, but right now money is really a matter :/

  • Jeff Jagoda

    Nintendo needs more first party games. Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U, Game and Wario, The Wonderful 101 (not quite first party) were all pushed out of Nintendo’s so called “launch window” which should be called “launch year” or “launching eventually”. On the bright side Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Monster Hunter 3 are being released soon so that should help Nintendo out quite a bit.

    By the way, where is the obselete TiVo DVR controls for TVii? I haven’t seen anything about that feature that was promised on launch day.

  • Mason742

    I like how its a bad business strategy when Nintendo is doing it, but Sony has been doing that same strategy for years and no one noticed?

  • DaGamer007

    Ashley King is writes waaay better articles than this crap. Please go back to IGN

  • InterTreble

    Retailers have stock replenishment issues, not pessimism for the future, at least it’s not what the price cut actually means. It is something connected to the last mounths in which Wii U didn’t sell (for lack of strong new titles after the good line up, as the article well analysed). The discount is in no ways connected to the future in which nobody knows how the console will perform.

  • Joel

    Wii U is the new PSVita, calling it now.

    Great consoles, but bombed in sales.

    • DaGamer007

      You are the new fucking idiot

      • Joel

        Whoa, man. Chill out.

        • DaGamer007

          Sorry….its just, there are too much negative comments.

  • redd214

    This is is one of the most doom and gloom “fan sites” I’ve ever visited. I understand the need to be realistic but damn, when half the articles on the main page are how poorly sales are and how games that aren’t coming to the wii u, it gets to be a bit excessive. I mean is there NOTHING good in regards to the wii u you guys can talk about?!?!

    • DaGamer007

      Werent you here the last months? WiiUdaily was secretly bought by EuroGamer

    • Gregory Edcius

      You’re saying what i was thinking a few days ago

  • So, Wii U Daily has posted the exact same news story three times in a row now…

    Hey guys, how about some reviews? Or maybe a couple of top ten lists or maybe a page with neat possible ideas for games? I dunno, maybe something to build up hype and positivity rather than negative articles that push away potential buyers?

    Just a thought…

  • Héctor I. Rivera Negrón

    All the bad press it’s inconsequential for people that has already experienced the wii u. I’m happy with my wii u, well, happy and more. Lego city, need for speed, monster hunter, the walking dead, zen pinball 2. In April injustice and after E3 sure hope a ton of other unannounced games. If any of this games doesn’t sound right I’m from Puerto Rico so the line of games is different from Europe and Japan.

  • grayrain

    I’m getting a Wii U this weekend just for Monster Hunter. That’s the only thing I played on the old Wii as well. I have no idea what other games are coming out, but I just want Monster Hunter gudammit.

  • Luminal

    This site is increasingly becoming WiiUdoomdaily.

  • Xeithgeist

    Nothing like a bunch of entitled idiots whipping out their “consoles” to see whose is superior. Seriously: we need some kind of plague in this country to cull the herd a little and give those of you who manage to survive something real to worry about. I’m curious about the WiiU and what’s in store for Nintendo (and the whole concept of consoles in general). But the sad little pissing contests over who’s toy is better attached to every single article written on the subject is just too damn funny!

  • bizzy gie

    Monster Hunter, Need For Speed, The Walking Dead, and Lego City are ALL coming out this month.

  • david jarman

    It’s called a soft launch. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t worry I’m not talking about the console I’m talking about the overreacting that has been going on with every anti-nintendo drone. Xbox and the playstation have all started out with a slow spell in the beginning of their consoles life. People are acting like this has never happened cause they want to think nintendo is going to fail. I’m sick and tired of the bias websites and stores. I’m tired of the trolls. I just want to play the system that I choose and love without some bitchass, arrogant fool telling me that my favorite company is going to fail. Well guess what apple came from the eighties and everyone said the same thing, but they took a risk and innovated and look where they are now. Because of them I can make incorrect grammar and run-on sentences while sliding my fingers around and posting them to the Internet. Ps4 and Xbox! As much as I love both, but all you do is play the same damn Game the same damn way each and every time. Not to mention but they to will not come with a cheap price tag. To get a CPU that performs at the same level as the ps4 you would have to spend $200 and then another $ 200 for the gpu. Now lets add on the 8 gigs of ram.$$$ you already spent over $400 for less then half the components. Lets add the controller plus hard drive and casing. You’re looking at a hefty price tag. You might as well by a mid end pc.

  • BL4CKSH33P

    The wii u is doing fine you shouldn’t worry about slow sales in the beginning. It will be another 3ds story. the 3ds is destroying vita because vita is shit. But ps4 doesn’t look as bad as vita so i guess just to be safe… nintendo should do something about wii u just for reputation reasons. Dumb casual gamers might think it is a weak console if it has so little support, no advertisement no sales, and haters everywhere.

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      The Vita is shit? You stupid fuck, it’s over ten times as powerful as the awful 3DS, its screen is waaay better than the 3DS’, its control inputs are better, its online functionality and OS are far superior and its library is superior. The Vita’s the best handheld on the market right now, anyone who says otherwise is just a stupid, complacent fanboy with bad taste. Way to support mediocrity over quality, jackass.

      • dgallo911

        Dont be to hard on him, hes just another delusional brainwashed Nintendo fanboy lol

      • BL4CKSH33P

        Yes it is. and the sales reflect that because it may be 10 times as powerful but it is being destroyed 47 to 1. Fire Emblem Awakening outsold the vita in February haha. And you are so fucking pathetic and stupid. Its library can be destroyed by like 5 3ds games. The vita has potential but it will never be a superior hand held console just because of its hardware it has NO software and It will never have mario or pokemon the highest selling games in history… EVER. I think you have bad taste, and you need a nap to get over being butt-hurt about Nintendo destroying the game industry. Pachter wannabe.

  • dgallo911


    Since this site is to busy giving us bad news 24/7 you might be interested in knowing that JB HIFI has Mario Wii U on sale for $55.20

  • Potemkin

    Number one reason WiiU doesn’t sell is because it doesn’t have GAMES, and please don’t claim about old franchises and ports, there are people that are seriously looking into something else, maybe something NEW?

    Anyways, that and selling old tech but with the price of new, doesn’t help it either…

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I’ve actually seen few commercials for Wii U on the Nickelodeon channel. Something about Nintendo being a sponsor for the Kids choice awards or something. But as for general marketing, they need a huge app to sell the console. You can’t just advertise the thing without having some of there big games to go with it. Just like the vita, people said it needs more advertising but you need games to market it with. When there’s none coming out for it soon there’s no point in running commercials. But the number one mistake was using the Wii name.

  • Jeffery02

    You know, I think it’s kind of funny. Some people are for the Wii U, some are against, and some are somewhere in between, Everyone seems to have an idea of what the Wii U is to them. Regardless though, what are people doing? Everyone is still watching closely. The Wii U isn’t a faze. It’s not some come and go product. Everyone is talking about it. And by ‘everyone’ I mean gamers. We have played it, we have analyzed it, and we have discussed it, but we don’t seem to be finished yet. I personally would like to wait for this major April update, as well as e3, before I really get into the Wii U’s future myself. I don’t think that anyone can argue that the Wii U is a huge ripple in the sea of the game industry though, whether it be good or bad.

    “Nintendo has failed.” “Give Nintendo more time.” “Specs don’t matter.” “Specs DO matter.” “Next gen consoles will be more powerful.” “The Wii U gives gamers more freedom/control.” All I know is that I love my Wii U and I love Nintendo games. I am happy with it and if you aren’t, then that’s fine too. I never chose to be a Nintendo fanboy because of what their hardware can do but because of the experience that their hardware/software can give me. One thing I would predict though is that everyone will have a Wii U eventually, even if it’s their second system like the Wii was. With most gamers last gen, their systems consisted of the Wii and some other system (PS3, 360, PC). So I doubt the Wii U will be in trouble long term, even if it never reaches the Wii’s success.

  • well everybody knows selling a new console isnt supposed to make money. you supposed to make money anonymously. software that costs a monthly fee, retail games, etc is what the money supposed to come from. bragging kids wont make their parents buy them a $300 thing, but if they already have that, bragging kids will definitely make their parents buy retail games every now and then, and even pay for monthly fees and forget about it, you know like microsh** xbox live (you pay them, to use your internet). im sure alot of parents forgot they are loosing $60 a year, or $10 every single month from it.

  • Barters

    Was this article written by a 12 year old? Seriously, for a pro Wii U site I find this article completely offensive. Not only are there very few facts, conclusion drawn from these facts are thin to say the least. If journalism still existed and the author bothered to do some research they’d find the following….

    – reason number 1 for an unofficial price reduction – the Wii U was way over priced in Europe compared to the US. In the current age of world connectivity, these discrepancies don’t stay secret for long or at all.
    – reason number 2 – Nintendo has invested very little in advertising. Why? Nintendo reports to its shareholders on the fiscal year. It has been stated a number of times in shareholder meetings that the next fiscal year is the one Nintendo are aiming at for success. The Japanese fiscal year ends in March. Gee I wonder why games are suddenly hitting stores at this time? I wonder if advertising and overall communication will improve? Don’t forget Nintendo is a public company, and like all public company they play silly buggers skewing figures to manipulate investment the best they can…legally.
    – reason number 3 – idiotic stories such as this comparing sales of PS3 and Xbox sales to a new console. Yes these consoles are selling well. Infant I’m probably going to buy another PS3 cause my last one died and the best games of the generation are coming out.

    • Barters

      Go and buy some Nintendo shares. If you have you’d know there are things at play such as NDAs stopping games from being revealed. Mid year will explode (that’s the plan but anything can happen) in an attempt to steal the spotlight from new consoles.

      The announcement of no backwards compatibility for the ps4 was a big reason for this (known in the industry for a while). As this will severely reduce the instant install base for the PS4, reducing publishers business case for financing larger and larger development costs for ‘next gen’ games.

      Don’t listen to the developer hype for the ps4. Publishers are the ones who count the dollars and don’t care how pretty a game looks, just that it makes money. Publishers however will like the specs also due to development simplicity and the lack of perceived ‘wasted’ time optimising a game for a console. You may end up with buggy games from lazy devs with the thought “the ram will make up for it”. AAA titles will be amazing, but fewer in between. And yes I’ll be getting a ps4 you can be sure, just pointing out some obviously overlooked business case points I see.

  • disqus_ZwAKKg4G01

    I feel sorry for Nintendo they deserve to get way more money for there consoles so far I own every wii u game in Australia

  • El_CaRaS1 watch this video wiiudaily and if you got conection show it to nintendo. the only real promotion we get is from exclusive web sites and nintendo fans making vids everyone else is against it why is there no comercials?????

  • Holyfire

    Games droubt is WiiUs biggest problem. On WiiU journo channels, there’s barely one new article per week. Maybe what Nintendo should quickly do in the meantime is promote some pack or bundle of Wii Classics (WiiUs emulated backwards comptibility could be promoted as a more prominent feature). Millions of gamers out there probably haven’t touched the Metroid series, motion controlled Pikmin, Mario Galaxies games, or the Fitness and Sports Plus games.
    Quick cheap way to just fill some genre voids that non-Nintendo gamers never even knew about, while we all wait for months for competition…
    On a side note, if WiiU is too expensive for the masses, how will PS4 at least have a chance when Sony will sell that at higher losses for still a higher retail price, with all new higher price dual shocks and higher price games, promoting the uber high price Vita as one of its major gaming tools and likely charging more costs for online services??

    • oontz

      It’s not that the Wiiu is too expensive… it doesn’t have a MUST HAVE system selling game. PS and MS fans will buy those systems just because they want those systems. Just like how you and I and everyone else on here bought the Wiiu. In the end it comes down to what you’re a fan off. As for me both Nintendo and Sony win again this round 😉

  • Michael Jurado

    isn’t it funny how ps4 lovers are all lol the wii u can barely compete with ps3 but in reality wii u out shines ps3 and 360 every turn. and yeah sure ps4 and the next box will surely surpass wii u in graphics but in no way in hell will it surpass wii u in gameplay just compare the wii u pad vs the ps4 controller if you honestly think a touch pad > a touch screen you’re out of your mind. i can honestly see nintendo winning again simply b/c they change how you play the game (too something much better) vs the same old crap >.> oh one more thing isn’t it just so funny to see the vita mimic the wii u and yet they say nintendo is going to fail?

  • bizzy gie

    This might be somewhat unrelated, but you know how EA is being giant wad of horse sh*t right now? You guys might want to watch this:

  • Suraj Alexander

    do you guys know how to put through suggestions to Nintendo about their console.
    If anyone knows could you suggest adding facebook, twitter and Skype apps to wii u like what playsation and xbox already have.
    Also, being able to purchase a specific eshop game instore. For example, say you want to get zen pinball, instead of buying a £25 pound prepaid card you can buy a zen pinball card instore and using the NFC reader scan so you can download (or typing the code will be fine). I don’t have a bank account and I really don’t want to spend £25 just to buy one game If enough people suggest this Nintendo might put this idea forward.

  • Juhis815

    When me and my brother got Wii U Premium / Deluxe for christmas it cost whopping 380€ to buy it, and still my local hypermarket is still selling Wii U Premium / Deluxe in this price range. I’m still pessimistic whenever they introduce Ambassador program for Wii U owners as well when they did with Nintendo 3DS when they had to cut the price, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • MetroidZero

    And the prices will go back up once E3 passes.

  • Marcio Campos

    Something is telling me! Wii U Gonna have a super surprise at E3 For everybody!.

  • TheUnBiasedGamer

    Two reasons: No must have games, and terrible advertising. New Super Mario Bros is fun to many people, but it isn’t enough to make a system seller. Even if it was just a Super Mario Galaxy remastered edition, that would make the system sell more. Also, customers don’t even know this thing exists.

  • Rinslowe

    Rubbish… And poorly written.
    There’s nothing in the tea leaves that proves retailers are pessimistic, lol.
    It’s quite obvious John is pessimistic, but does that make it true?
    It’s so meh, I can’t even be bothered elaborating…

  • david daniel wharton camacho
    thank you very much but can we go back to specs and games?

  • AngryU

    this is stupid from Ubis**ks, when you made an exclusive you indirectly pushing the sale for that platform. Why i need to buy WiiU version of Rayman if i already own a 360?

  • Desmond Lum

    Nintendo is definitely waiting for E3 to show everything they have got.

    • Coval83

      agree… its strategy… just wait untill E3… i am optimistic about Wii U…

  • Michael

    I see a few possibilities about Nintendo’s plans for the Wii U. One could be that this launch was just a “soft launch”, meaning that they just wanted to get it out there and wait until this E3 though Holiday to bring out the big guns…..Though their silence about the Wii U lately and the lack of games somewhat leads me to believe that they could reveal something big at E3. And by that I mean a NEW Wii U that’s more powerful. Or maybe some sort of upgrade? Idk, maybe not, because Miyamoto just recently said that the Wii U’s hardware is finalized. But then again he also said the 3DS wasn’t getting a redesign a few weeks before the XL was announced….

  • kyuubikid213

    I think it’s hilarious that you think the PS4 and 720 will have an easier time. You mentioned that people may think the Wii U is too expensive, but that statement makes it seem as though the other two will be cheaper somehow. Also, by then we will have more Nintendo titles out. Only Pikmin 3 and WindWaker? I’m surprised a Ninted I Wii U site didn’t even watch the Nintendo Direct…

    This is a momentary slump in sales and the Wii U will do fine when it has to.

  • “There are two reasons the Wii U isn’t selling. One is obviously that some consumers are finding it to be too expensive. Another is that most consumers aren’t even aware that that Wii U exists.”

    I think the lack of games is the bigger issue. Consumers aren’t going to shell out $300 or more for a console that doesn’t have games out for it when the price may very well drop before those games start being released. The Wii U will find its footing once a steady stream of quality game releases begins. But I agree that Nintendo needs to do a much better job of communicating the Wii U to the public including advertising and getting real demo stations to retailers.

  • Ryan House

    I think that its hard for children to convince their parents to buy the system. The parents may not be gamers and not know that Wii U is any different then Wii.

    The Original Wii is now being sold without any Internet connectivity. $99. parents may buy this instead

  • Ryan House

    I hope Nintendo is at “the Game Developers Conference” it starts March 25th 2013

  • Seth S. Scott

    once the games come this spring/summer/fall the system will be back and this will be an afterthought… with the 3DS a couple years ago.

  • John Madsen

    See this is what is going on in the u.s i can’t say the same for the u.k but listen see in the u.s the original nes was launched at 200.00 the snes 200.00 the nintendo 64 200.00 the gamecube 200.00 the wii 200.00 the wii u $350.00 see in the u.s gamers where willing to pay 200.00 for a wii because 200.00 is reasonable for most families to afford but when nintendo decided on a 350.00 price point they kinda blacklisted there consumers because most of there consumers will pay 200.00 for a new console but 350.00 is way to expensive even for most of nintendo’s previous customers of which nintendo didn’t look at that most wii u consoles are being purchased by 13 14 and 15 year old gamers on up no younger kids because the family’s cannot afford 350.00 for a wii u and worse still most people purchased wii consoles last holiday season so why are they going to purchase a new console when they can hack the one they have and play in different countries so there more or less shooting themselves in the foot when the economy is bad people stop buying non essentials and costco still has the console at 350.00 even with the price cut because they charge 450.00 for the console with a game and a pro controller so think about the 50.00 off sounds good but really isn’t

  • Zorbo85

    To the people saying that the wiiu still is not ready rubbish if that is the case then why did nintendo release it when they did?the wii was launched alongside the ps3 and that worked wonders for the wii as it was half the price with motion controls.
    Once again the wii u was a rushed product just like the 3ds was, both launched with abysmal games and nintendo stupidly gave ubisoft 3rd party and then the game was built from stratch for the wii u rayman was cancelled and lost its exclusivity.
    The wii u is the 3ds all over again, priced way to high,rubbish games and invisible marketing.
    I knew the wii u price would be slashed so early,the only problem is that nintendo think 350 bucks is reasonable!!LOL.
    Once again 3rd party has screwed nintendo and it is left to their first party titles coming later on this year.What nintendo should have done was waited till just after E3 to launch it with a huge list of first party titles, and priced it at 250 bucks and it would have sold like hot cakes.
    Nintendo are genius at innovation but are terrible at launching consoles, the wii u will get a huge price cut from nintendo soon and have another ambassador program.
    Also another main reason why it is not selling is that everyone is waiting to see the next xbox and ps4 price and launch titles,if sony and microsoft launch at 400 bucks then the wii u is truly dead and buried.

  • Pretty soon, the Wii U will be slashed out of stores!

  • Denvy

    To be fair, look at the game catalog for the PS3 and Xbox 360. I think it goes without saying that they will sell more than the Wii U which really has hardly anything. It’s the #1 thing holding it back.

  • Paul Tanner

    dont forget since launch the wii u didnt have the excellent games thats coming out soon like most wanted 2, lego city undercover and monster hunter ultimate

  • The 2012 Robot

    I won’t buy a Wii U until at least 3 of these sequels are out (must include SSB): Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Super Smash bros, Xenoblade. By that time, there will be a couple more 3rd party titles available and it will finally become a justifiable purchase for me. I am REALLY looking forward to the PS4 though, and we’ll see about the Xbox 720. P.S.: I would also get MH3 if actually got a Wii U… because MH rocks.

  • Matt Jarvis

    I can’t dispute that wii u has started slow but i still believe fully that Nintendo will get it right in the end. The PS4 sounds good but the launch games are hardly unique, and if Nintendo can just get the right advertising in place, they have a great opportunity to destroy the new consoles when they come out, especially as Nintendo can count on original games, not hundreds of first person shooters with great graphics and no substance.This Xmas will certainly be very interesting.

  • Matt Jarvis

    all that is required is better advertising. more punters know about the ps4 than wii u. You can’t sell units if people do not know what is out there to buy.