Jun 5th, 2012

Black Wii U
Nintendo will be offering both a white and black Wii U console at launch. After much speculation, Nintendo has confirmed on their official E3 page that there will be white and black Wii U colors available at launch. On the page, users can select a white or black Wii U version, with corresponding Wii U images and information about the system. In addition, the page has plenty of videos on the new features and some of the new games revealed, including Wii Fit U. It is entirely possible that Nintendo opted to use the black Wii U colors during trailers and videos in order to appeal more to the core gamers. This could also be the reason for offering a black color at launch, the main competitors, the PS3 and Xbox 360, are both available in black only.

Most of the trailers we’ve seen featured included the black Wii U, while previously Nintendo only showed the white version. This could also pave way for different Wii U models with different hardware specs, most notably, an internal hard drive. Although this is yet to be confirmed — Nintendo will announce the launch date, price, and possible models at a later date. With the recent announcement that the Wii U will support dual GamePads, it’ll be possible for players to mix the white and black GamePads if they chose to.

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  • Hafid

    Prefer white one !!!
    Nintendo color … And of my 3ds …

    • Your mom

      U has a white 3ds? I go for black

      • Nintendonoob

        same here black is my color

  • Ryu

    I’m getting the black Wii U

  • F

    Black personally looks far more appealing to me. I’ll be getting that one!

  • 3rd.Disciple

    I’m thinking1 of each, like the wii. I wonder if @ some point an anniversary Red Wii U pop up??? It has been known to happen…

  • Wow

    Wii = Windows 98
    Wii U = Windows XP

    They (M$) made the mistake of making WinXP too perfect…

  • Leeroy

    I’m getting the black one

  • roxas

    i amgeting a black wii u becues i have the wii in white and it gets varey drutey i do not miend the white wii u but i thinak back wii u is kick ass!!!!! one thing a bout the black is that it get is duestey over time but that is ok

  • david6

    Imagine controllers squared cornered, front recessed instead of bubble effect. And console more square with some industrial design. Rough exterior, then can collect nintendo stickers that can stick on console, and paint markers for people to graffitti console for fun. Then let wii era be gone, rename it. Also let people dress their miis. I am trying to figure out bad reviews ever since last year. Its because we dont feel like were getting something new or interesting. What if it was cube 2, no. Its nintendo, not wii. Online is great, specs are good, and i actually like graphics, theyre flush, and not clay like, as ps and xbox are. So im certain, its exterior design and branding that is not selling. Let me be the boss for one day, regginator in the ditch. But i know what im talking about. You cant cut corners on design.

    • david6

      and the new word for today is ‘crisp’.

  • Devilus
  • Hafid

    Its not official !
    But beautiful …

  • Paul

    would of loved a blue version but ill go for a white one

    hopefully nintendo will release a various of other colors later down the line

  • joe

    Black:More cool!

    White:More casual!

    Ahhhhh i cant decide!

  • Anonymous

    I have a black wii…

    So I’m getting a black wii U, but I might get confused, so I may consider the white one.

  • thenintendofan73

    a black wii u is the way to go 4 me. i got a flame red 3ds, it looks so boss. the black wii u also looks boss. the white one looks nice, but it just looks…… a little bit dull. im not saying its bad and all, but….. yeah