Mar 19th, 2013

To say that the Nintendo Wii U sales have been sluggish would be an understatement. The Wii U is way behind on sales compared to the original Wii, and it’s even trailing the GameCube, which many considered a failure in terms of sales and market penetration.

“Since Wii U’s release, Nintendo stock is down 20%”

And what is Nintendo doing about this? Absolutely nothing, it seems. They are making no effort to promote the Wii U nor its upcoming games. They are not advertising the console nor attempting to build any hype from upcoming games. Besides Pikmin 3, there are no upcoming games to look forward to. Zelda: Wind Waker is 6 months away, which doesn’t really help Nintendo right now.

And the market has reacted to Nintendo’s incompetence. Since Wii U’s release, Nintendo stock is down 20%. Not that the stock was doing any good, but it’s even worse now.

We can’t just be blind fanboys all the time, proclaim that everything is fine. Everything is not fine. Nintendo is making massive screw-ups with the Wii U to a point where we’re wondering what’s going on at Nintendo HQ in Japan. Are they completely in the dark as to what’s going on?

Wii U sales have been so bad that retailers are already clearing inventory of Wii U units. Which means they’re so eager to get rid of the consoles that they’re willing to take a loss on each unit sold. That’s a very bad sign for any electronics device, especially a games console. There simply isn’t enough demand out there, and Nintendo isn’t doing anything to create demand.

“If Microsoft or Sony were making the same blunders with their consoles, we would be laughing and mocking them right now”

Nobody wants the Wii U to succeed more than we do. But at times like these, we have to put our fanboy hats aside and look at things objectively. The the fact is that Nintendo is making one blunder after another, and if they continue this way, the Wii U will likely be the last Nintendo home console. If Microsoft or Sony were making the same blunders with their consoles, we would be laughing and mocking them right now.

It seems Nintendo’s management is simply waiting and riding this one out, as if magically, things will turn around by themselves. They won’t. There really isn’t any reason to buy a Wii U console today. It’s priced too high for mass market, and hardcore gamers — even hardcore Nintendo fans — don’t really have that many games to look forward to. Pikmin 3 and Zelda Wind Waker will surely help, but not right now.

Iwata Wii UNintendo revealed that they plan to announce several Wii U games at E3, including Mario Kart and a new 3D Mario game. They should reveal those games now and generate some hype and anticipation. E3 will be dominated by the new hardware from Microsoft and Sony, and Nintendo news will likely slip by most gamers.

This is hard for Nintendo fans to hear, but every month that goes by without action from Nintendo is just another nail in the coffin for the Wii U. Wii U owners might have patience, but retailers certainly don’t — they’re already trying to get rid of the console. And the average gamer still isn’t convinced as to why buy a Wii U. They might just spend their money on the next-gen systems from the other guys.

Perhaps it’s time for Mr. Iwata to step aside and let someone else steer the ship. We’re certainly not the first to suggest this.

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  • [000]

    I never expected an article like this on Wii U Daily.

    • Nintedward

      So many silly people… Wiiu will be fine . it will be successful when the big games come , just relax and stop being so sensationalist for christ’s sake

      • Shadriczo

        Try telling that to the douche-bag BeanerSlayer. He criticizes too much

      • boredgamer

        the botched lego city launch added fuel to the stores in my area have it yet. i think wii u will be fine but nintendo needs to wake up.

        • Frankie

          Lego City got pushed back until Thursday. There was an article on here about it a couple of weeks ago.

          • Obs

            I picked it up on monday it was avail at my local future shop

          • boredgamer

            i knew it might be delayed and im not mad like alot of people.just look at miiverse,a ton of people had no idea including retailers who listed the game as coming the 18th. nintendo should of stepped up and informed people through miiverse and people wouldnt be so mad about it.

          • Frankie

            The game shipment got delayed. Nintendo has nothing to do with that. It was the developers fault.

          • boredgamer

            nintendo published it and im sure it was their job to get it to stores. thats two games this year that were late and i hope it doesnt start happening with all games released by nintendo or they should put someone else in charge of that department.

          • Elem187

            Correct… They ended up getting more preorders than they expected so they had to quickly print off more copies.

            I’m interested to see the NPD data next week for Lego City U…. Did Nintendo only print off a million or so copies not thinking it would sell or the game just do gangbusters? Sounds like the latter.

          • R0D1MUSPRIME

            I downloaded mine at 4AM on the 18th from the eshop.

      • Thing is, I don’t think it will be fine unless Nintendo steps it up. Whenever I ask my friends if they’ll buy a Wii U, I get mumbled no’s and lame excuses. I’ve had them tell me that “It doesn’t have good games” “I don’t like the Wii” “I’m just waiting for the PS4” “It doesn’t play black ops”and when I told them it did “It’s in worse quality” and when i said that it’s the same, maybe even better “Whatever, I’m not gonna buy it”. It’s incredibly frustrating and Nintendo has to show them that no, this is not the Wii, It’s brand new and it can do all the things your existing console can do and more.

        • Elem187

          “hey friend, say are you going to buy that game console that has no big games yet? No?? OH NO ITS DOOOOOOOOOOOOMED”

    • Pattonfiend67
      • Saul Rivera

        Nice to read something positive haha..not like this article which was just the same as the article they posted like 3 days ago…

        We all know by now how bad Wii U is selling…a constant reminder is getting annoying…it’s not like every other system didn’t have their problems when they first launched and it’ll take more than this to doom Nintendo…especially if they don’t seem worried at all

    • GermGerm

      Seriously! More like when will people wake up to their own issues!? Nintendo isn’t “completely in the dark as to what’s going on”, WE are. How much do we really know about what is going on at Nintendo? Are you really so stupid as to think they aren’t doing ANYTHING about the problem? They are just sitting around watching their company sink? I guess I really don’t know, but I have a pretty good feeling that is not the case. Why are people so stupid to think they understand how to run a billion dollar company more than the company does? If you know something they don’t then maybe you should stop spending so much time surfing the web and get a real job as some kind of entrepreneur or something. I am so tired of hearing that people think they know more about what is going on with the Wii U than Nintendo does. Get a clue.

      • Michael Workman

        Look, dude. There is also such a thing as blind faith. I’m sure they are working on something, but if they did anything that mattered, we’d hear about it. They need to announce something big, and now. Regardless of what you think Nintendo might be doing behind the scenes, they need to do something publicly.

        • GermGerm

          Uh when you are backed up by as much money as they are you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. So no, you are wrong, dude. Nintendo has always been quiet about what they are doing. I like that about them. When we had the Nintendo Direct in January everyone was all stoked to see what was happening to Wii U later this year and how it might just be okay after all! Now, everyone is freaking out again. Gee whiz people, calm down. They know what they are doing.

          • Michael Workman

            I agree. I think that Nintendo being quiet usually helps build anticipation, but you can’t look at how badly Wii U is selling and just say it’s Nintendo doing their thing. Even when Wii came out, we’d at least see a few commercials here and there. With Wii U, nothing. I have not seen a single commercial that I haven’t looked up. I’m not one of those people who think Nintendo is just going to go completely under, but I’m definitely a concerned customer. If Wii U doesn’t sell, it might get to the point where third parties stop caring about it. I just want the best return for my investment and that can only happen if Wii U starts selling. If stores are trying to get rid of them that much, it’s not a good sign. I think the author is right about the announcements about ps4 and xbox720 overshadowing anything Wii U related at e3. Sure, I’ll tune in for Nintendo. So will everyone else here, but a lot of people will just want to see what sony and microsoft are up to. The point is, Wii U needs to sell more than it is to stay relevant.

          • GermGerm

            I have seen commercials on TV. Several of them.

          • GermGerm

            So you really think that Nintendo doesn’t know how the Wii U is selling? You really truly believe that they aren’t planning something, or working on something that is going to fix the problem? You really think you know more about this industry than they do?

          • no one is saying that. But when a publically traded company receives this much criticism, whether deservedor not, the first step should be to hold a press event and outline a plan or announce some big news. Partially to redirect the conversation, but more importantly to build investor confidence. As a gamer you might like their mysterious ways, but i can tell you an investor or share holder will not. Nintendo is playing a dangerous game with both investors and gamers and it’s this type of thing that has caused a lot of the industry to label nintendo as arrogant. Call it marching to a different beat but share holders will only take so much before the board is forced to take action

          • finally someone with brains that comments, where have you guys been while I thought i was alone ><

          • WiiUltra

            I think the problem is people feel too entitled to everything these days. Nothing is ever enough for them. Its only been 4 months, I mean seriously, is the sky falling? Haha.

          • GermGerm

            I know! 4 months yesterday! It’s stupid.

        • Elem187

          Apparently you have never paid to attention to how Nintendo operates… They are the most secretive company in the video gaming world.
          Thats how they have always operated. They never really announce anything big until its only a week or so away. The Jan Nintendo Direct was a one off shot to calm peoples nerves that things are going on behind the scenes…. sometimes I think these articles are intentionally pushed out to try and get Nintendo in a panic so they have something new to write about……. I’m not the least bit worried about the company. They have so much money coming out of every orifice that they will be around for the next 50 years. Nintendo has been known to completely support a console all by themselves just fine. No matter what happens on the sales front, we will still get some of the best exclusives in the console market. thats always a guarantee, I could careless if they come in 1st or 3rd place.

      • LopsidedPasta

        Lol, tell that to sony. Their billion dollar company really knows how to *snicker* run themselves. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAyeahright

      • Elem187

        Thats the thing. The people freaking out over nothing have no idea whats going on behind closed doors…
        Look, we have PAX East happening this weekend and Nintendo will be out there revealing some new things, we still have a 3rd party Nintendo Wii U direct coming and of course the biggie is E3.
        Can we stop with the DOOOOOOMED articles until after next holiday??? If the system is still struggiling by January, then we can toss the console into the same death pile the Vita is sitting in…. Until then its just sensationalism.

    • LonDonE247

      iam so glad about this article, hell iam as big a nintendo fanboy as the next man, but enough is enough, iwata needs to go, iam sorry but i am a core gamer,an since iwata took the helm, nintendo has moved more an more away from core gamers,yes they still cater to us, but the main focus is casual players,an that is bullshit,i felt let down by the wii, not because it wasnt a great console, it was, but it was too far behind the competition, the wii u should have been what they released back then when the wii launched,regardless, how on earth did nintendo screw up the 1year head start they had on the competition so bad? pikmin is not a core mainstream title, we needed a mario 3d game at launch to show what the gamepad was all about, an to show everyone what nintendo could achieve with a hd console, instead we get a rehashed, asset re-used 2d mario game,an then 4 months after launch, still nothing, WTF? an third party support, is a joke,so far none of the big mainstream 3rd party titles have been launched on wii u, hell i have not played a game on my wii u since the first week of its launch, an after spending over £450 on it at launch, iam fuming, lucky for me i game on an own all platforms, so my ps3 an pc, an 360 have kept me busy, but thats no excuse.

      An then months on, an still no virtual console up an running,just what have they been doing over in Japan the last few years? the wii support finished ages ago, the last big game we got was skyward sword, which any nintendo fanboy will know was rushed, an was a linear, dungeon recycling mess, an then on top of that the o.s is slow, clunky an so far behind the times with regards to online, i mean what the hell the damn wii u dont even come with a ethernet port, LMAO! how can it be a serious online console without one, wi fi is garbage an unreliable, an so downloading full games or playing a serious online game via wi fi is a joke,an to top it off they dont even include a hardrive, nintendo expects the wii u buyer to go out an buy so many more extra bits just to bring the system up to spec with the competition,hell they couldn’t even be bothered to include a dolby codec, an so the sound output options are a joke, just play super mario galaxy on the wii u, then on the wii, an you will notice the difference straight away,! my sony bravia is dolby 5.1,but because nintendo cheaped out, i cant play my wii u in surround mode, only stereo,unless i buy or own a surround amp,yet another thing i have to buy to get the max enjoyment out of my wii u,EPIC FAIL!!!! while the 7 year old ps3 an 360 support near enough all formats of audio!

      No dvd playback, no cd playback, no blue ray playback, remind me again why its so expensive? i dont for one minute believe Nintendo when they say the are selling wii u at a loss, they never have sold hardware at a loss, an wont start now,i mean come on, why on earth isnt the virtual console up an running at launch, with every snes, nes gameboy,ds, gamecube, wii, title up for download? even the up scaling it does for wii games is laughable, project dolphin on my pc, made by bedroom hackers an programmers, runs wii games in re rendered 1080p with anti aliasing, an makes wii games look stunning, but no, nintendo were to damn lazy an cheap, an so the wii u just stretches the wii games, to 1080p, but still renders it in 480p,an so it doesnt look any better then my original wii, in 480p via component, letting my stop of the range sony bravia up scale, an its looks awesome! iam tired of all the b.s Nintendo are doing, an the retarded fanboys dont face up to reality an speak up, Nintendo is abusing the fanbase, an its not on,they have more then enough money, to sort out all the problems, an should have not released wii u in its current state!

    • DaPlebster

      Ehh.. just wait for the new super smash i’ll be buying my Wii U then ;D

    • Glen Bradford

      Did you expect Wii U Daily to telly you all the good news about the Wii U? Nintendo is not doing a good job and I was a big Nintendo fan and still am but only up till the N64 any system after the N64 as need very bad

    • greengecko007

      Nintendo will be fine, because they know how to take criticism (unlike most of the people on this site). Nintendo themselves has admitted to the launch period hasn’t been great. I’ve yet to see them do anything about it, but I’m confident they can turn it around. It’s been done before and it can be done again.

    • paddle008

      Don’t expect anything big to happen until E3, Nintendo has to keep all big information there so that they can go up against the other two 8th generation systems, they aren’t going to give everything out in the middle of March.

      Just wait until June before you get so upset, I doubt anything big will happen until then. SERIOUSLY, WAIT UNTIL JUNE!

  • Laud

    I think I’ve already explained what they’re doing, this article is full of shit. =

    What’s the point of marketing when their OS isn’t running smooth and they don’t have many titles out? They’re waiting for the right time to market which I’m predicting is late June.

    This must be your first time witnessing a console launch, Author, because you clearly have no idea what you’re saying.

    (Edit: Also, why the hell would they market when there’s no competition yet?)

    • Laud

      We can’t all be blind fanboys and we aren’t. The console has it’s problems but they are problems that get fixed with time.

      Nintendo is working on updates and you SHOULD know that they keep quiet about games that are being worked on.

      If you didn’t know that then you don’t deserve to be an author on this website, sorry.

      • Laud

        “…The the fact is that Nintendo is making one blunder after another, and if they continue this way, the Wii U will likely be the last Nintendo home console….”

        Yeah, uh, you do realize that they have enough money to flop a dozen more times right? Last home console my ass.

        Also, what’s up with your proof reading skills? You probably didn’t bother checking the article and wrote straight through it because there was obviously no research done.

        • Laud

          Seriously at this point I’m considering launching a Youtube channel so I can report news and talk about these things. >_>

          • AlwaysTiim

            Do it!

          • Gregory Edcius

            seriously first most wanted reviews are coming in and this is what he’s waisting his time with

          • Gregory Edcius

            wait a minute i’m downvoted on a wii u site for pointing out a new most wanted game what the fuck is happening here

          • gobrowniesgo

            Thats could be all the jealous sony fan boys doing it..But that game is awesome! l got it tues..


          • DK_Hadouken

            Jump on it! Jump on it!

          • D.M.T

            You OWNED the author. Yes launch a Youtube channel. I will subscribe for sure

          • WiiUltra

            I’m with you on that Laud. I would watch all your Youtube videos.

          • Adrian

            I like how you are farming for upvotes by breaking your response into parts so the same people can keep upvoting you ;).

          • Laud

            I hardly care about upvotes when I already have over 2000.

            I have that on my name so people check my upvotes and see that I have over 2000 and am not a fake or a copy. Whether or not the majority agree with me doesn’t matter because I say what I believe.

          • Sturm Davenport

            i would subscribe

      • Fred

        I prefer for them to keep quiet until it’s almost time to release the game. Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends being postponed has only frusterated me.

      • Michael

        It’s one thing to keep games secret, but how about releasing them in a timely manner? Saying that these issues “just take time” IS NOT acceptable. I’ve always seen that Nintendo’s motto is always strive for the best, and that’s not what I’m seeing from them currently. We’re not gonna get 3D Mario, Zelda, or Mario Kart until after ONE WHOLE YEAR after launch. There’s no reason to defend that. Constructive criticism man

        • Laud

          One whole year after launch? It’s only been 4 months and Nintendo has already said playable demos of the new 3D Mario and Mario kart will be at E3. As well as screenshots for Smash Bros. and Zelda.

          You are getting 3d mario, mario kart, and Zelda in one year because Wind Waker is coming out sometime in September. >_>

          • sdmac200600

            wind waker is a port from the gamecube to hold us off till the next zelda which, if they have to hold us off with a port, it won’t be coming out soon. just because there is a playable demo at e3 does not constitute it being finished. and if it was finished, it would come out holiday 2013. a whole year after the wii u launch………..if not then, then probably a month of 2 before the wii u launch which is still basically a full year

    • So Nintendo should do nothing for four months while retailers bail and developers refuse to port their games to the system and stock prices plummet…?

      • Laud

        Nintendo is doing a ton of things at once, they’re updating the OS, all of their dev teams are working on 1st party games and we’re getting virtual console sometime in Spring.


        Sony’s PS3 launch dropped their credit rating to JUNK status. Stock prices low or high, that didn’t kill off the PS3.

        • Fred

          Agreed! They’re not sitting around doing nothing.

        • greengecko007

          A quick google search will tell you that is false. Their credit status was delcared junk last year because they’re electronics department was failing. Not only was the ps3 not launched last year, but electronics includes TVs, Computers, Laptops and Displays screens. If you think that the PS3 was the sole reason for this you are even more a lunatic than I thought.

          • Laud

            No, it’s not the only reason for it but it’s the biggest reason for it.

            The PS3 destroyed them and their stock but guess what? They made a come back.

            I’m arguing that no matter the stock, a console can and will live on if the company sees a future in it.

          • greengecko007

            Once again… ps3 came out 7 years ago. Sony’s credit was declared junk status LAST YEAR. It’s not uncommon for stock to drop when new products launch (investors cash in on stock to make money and not risk anything) but the ps3 launch had nothing at all to do with Sony’s credit mishap LAST YEAR.

            Nintendo is my favorite video game company, but I don’t defend them blindly with facts I just make up.

        • sdmac200600

          sony’s stock didn’t start to go junk status til the vita launch bro

    • Tecpedz94


    • [000]

      The entire article was pessimistically biased, and didn’t even analyze the whole situation. It was no better than the ridiculous “Nintendo is Doomed” predictions from the infamous Michael Pachter.

      • greengecko007

        Then what is the whole situation?

      • Revolution5268

        well said

        • [000]

          Thank you. I like it when things get right to the point.

    • Ian Rahn

      You are the biggest fanboy man. You never look at anything objectively. You only argue on your emotions. If you knew ANYTHING about business you would know Nintendo is killing itself. Stock is all that matters. If no one is paying money for Nintendo to create products then the business will die out. Just think about what you post before you say things.

      • Laud


        My points can’t be argued against so you resort to telling me I’m just arguing with my emotions?

        This is most likely your first time witnessing a console launch as well…

        Nothing needs to be said then, because nothing will change your mind.

        Tip: Look back at previous launches.

        • Ian Rahn

          This is not my first launch. A launch of a console is supposed to drive the market not bring it down 20 percent. Literally if this were not a video game company they would just discontinue a product that wastes as much money as it does

          • Laud

            When the PS3 launched and their stock plummeted everyone thought they were out for the count but they made it back and managed to surpass the Xbox.

            The Wii U while not doing fantastic isn’t “Burning in flames” or anything. It’s a decent launch that everyone thinks is getting worse because they’re comparing it with last gen consoles.

          • Rye Rugovac

            You forgot a comma after The Wii U and after fantastic.
            But besides my whole Grammar Nazism, I don’t agree with you… but I kinda do. My dad owns a restaurant, and despite him not knowing video game business, HE STILL KNOWS BUSINESS. My point being that if this happened at my dads restaurant, he would figure out a way to increase stocks (commercials, handing out flyers, promoting, etc.)… but a restaurant business is different from a video game business. That being said, Nintendo could still pop out some commercials. I mean, I haven’t seen a Wii U commercial since November, heck, they’re doing commercials for the already booming 3DS. Though we can’t make assumptions that they’re hiding their cards, we can still assume that they need to go pop out some marketing! All we can do is wait… but we have to see the glass as half full, not half empty, then we could go and “predict” said future for Nintendo.

          • jay

            actually, considering NSMB U sales, Nintendo should be making a profit VERY soon. It would be ludicrous to discontinue the product lol!! I mean the vita is killing the entire sony company AND THEY HAVEN’t EVEN Discontinued it!!

          • greengecko007

            The Vita is not killing Sony any more than the Wii U is killing Nintendo. Take off the fanboy glasses and realize that Sony is much more than a videogame company.

        • greengecko007

          Arrogance in its purest form. Your points can and have been argued against. I see you still haven’t responded to Michael who asked why the OS wasn’t running smooth to begin with. No answers?

    • LopsidedPasta

      Dude, if they don’t market, then people will buy the first console that catches their eye like the ps4. If they already have a wii u, they are less likely to be drawn to Microsoft or Sony. Business 101

      • Michael Workman

        This comment needs more attention. Simple, but way more factual than most other comments I’ve seen.

        • LopsidedPasta

          haha, thanks. I kind of get that a lot…

    • Easter_egg27

      I think you have just 50% of reason.
      Most of people here are nintendo fans or wii u owners.
      But we do have to recognize that wii u is not selling well.
      I know nintendo is working their asses out, but we don´t see nothing.
      I am really expecting nintendo to show a nintendo direct soon, the situation isn´t the better and I see just a pair of games announced for april.
      A new nintendo direct would be welcome.
      We can´t be fanboys forever, we must recognize that nintendo needs to do anything quickly.
      Do you really think the way to sell more units is to be quiet until June?
      And do you think nintendo is only repairing th OS?

    • Michael

      Why is the OS not smooth in the first place? You’re making excuses

    • Only a few are true gamers

      Well like you man im sticking with wii u. I have no desire to buy any sony console and all they do is copy..Look at there camera..Kinect anyone or there dick on a stick controller..

  • AlwaysTiim

    why can’t just ppl wait? a console does not have the best games out in the beggining. after the summer nobody is gonna talk about wii u like they do now. i mean just you wait and see. nintendo is not stupid

    • Michael Workman

      People ARE waiting. That’s the problem. Nobody’s buying now because there are not many good games.

      • Ya Boii K

        exactly nintendo needs to show or release some new games

  • jeffp3456

    So what you are saying is that lack of interest in the Wii U drives lack of interest in the web site Wii U Daily?

  • David

    Well written and to the point.

  • Woah…. Calm the hell down John… I am not sure how you expect things to change overnight. There has been some progress in the terms of marketing and some new games and commercials that have come out. Nintendo is not going to reveal some of these top titles before E3 just like Microsoft and Sony are not doing the same. I know the Wii U is out already compared to the consoles from Microsoft and Sony but there is a reason why they have E3. If you follow your own site you right for you will see some new games have been confirmed or at the very least confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt that were questionable or not known about just a couple weeks ago.

    I suggest you take something to relax yourself and breath. Maybe go play some Nintendo Land to get your mind off your frustration

  • The article is right on. Nintendo may be usually coy about what games are upcoming, but that’s probably a REALLY bad idea right now. They have bungled this launch severely to an almost Dreamcastian level and both the people who make games for the machine and the people who sell the machine are looking to get out. Nintendo doesn’t have the luxury of waiting for E3, when most people will be far more interested in the new machines from Sony and Microsoft than seeing what the new Mario Kart looks like. I have a Wii u and I’ll probably hold on to it a little longer, but Nintendo and its fans need to be honest with themselves: the Wii u, right now today, is going down in flames.

  • Martijn Plasmans

    Stop with the negative articles and just buy and play games. Like Lego City, Need for Speed Most Wanted and Pikmin 3. Nintendo decides when they want to attack to mass market and overall market with big games.

    • jims66

      Good write up , I Have been a Nintendo fanboi for 25 years , I was there right from the beginning , and I have enjoyed every console including the Game cube , the problem I see is the lack of a console selling Titles , the 64 was launched with Mario 64 a massive game , it was a console selling game that people wanted to play , the Game Cube had issues but was still a good console .

      Then came the Wii , for the first time ever we had a cheap affordable console for everyone , it sold millions and nearly everyone i know has one , now we have the wii U , which to be fair is over priced in my opinion but never the less a very good console , but we have very few games to play , what the wii U needs is Mario Kart or Mario 3D , games that will get people buying the console ., I’m pretty certain Nintendo will be alright in the long run, i hope so because i love Nintendo and if they ever went under that would be a sad day for gaming as a whole , I do believe though everything will be A OK once e3 has been and gone .

      • If nintendo falls the entire gaming industry falls, because if Nintendo has no new innovation, both Sony and Microsoft can’t (ab)use nintendo’s innovation any longer. With that said, and I know haters won’t like this, but if they take of their pink glasses they know it’s true, everything nintendo invents is first laughed at by the competition, and later they just (ab)use it theirselves.

        Now I do agree that the Author here looks very black and white in this article but in a way I tend to agree, for me as N fan I really see no reason as of why to buy a WiiU at this time. Monster Hunter 3U and Lego city and ZombiU will be worth it, and for the confirmed (but unreleased games) I only see 2(maybe 3) worthwhile games Bayonetta 2, X and probably Watchdogs. Zelda WWHD, yoshi’s yarn and Pikmin3 simply won’t pull it of for me. Read well as I say “won’t pull it for ME” will pull it for others but not for me.

        Now the fanboys should should also take off the pink glasses though. Truth is WiiU just isn’t doing as expected, reasons for it have been said more then once by many others. But honestly WiiU IS getting a LOT of negative publicity from media. And for games of which we read “is is NOT coming to WiiU” is the majority compared to the words we read “is coming to WiiU” that too does not help at all, I’m glad though that Ubi really supports WiiU, and that Square is also coming with support, now Square be a good boy and bring us FFXIII and FFXIII-2 it can probably fit on one WiiU disc anyway.

        Edit: I forgot Rayman, that makes 4 to buy upcoming games.
        As for WiiU it would have been better to launch it just before or after e3, they should have used the extra few months to make the OS working properly as well as getting some 1st party games ready for the launch itself. They launched about 6-8 months to soon, but I suppose the stagnating gaming industry caused it. So they rushed and made mistakes on which they now pay a price…

  • Le_Mental

    Great article! 100% agree. Like I always said, the Wii U is a generation behind. They should have released something like that in 2006 instead of the Wii we know… Who will buy a Wii U? Only someone who only owns a Wii.

    • Laud

      How could this be released in 2006 if the hardware is from 2010?

      I think you’re asking a little to much of Nintendo.

      You’re asking them to create a time machine.

      • Fred

        Laud is right back in 2006 this would have been more expensive than the PS3 was!

      • sithWiiU

        You’re being too literal, & you’re being so because you know he’s right.

      • Le_Mental

        No… Why Microsoft and Sony were able to? I say that, instead of releasing the Wii (power similar to GC), they should have released something like the Wii U, HD and all. Then, they would have been in the race… and they would have released something more like the PS4 last november.

    • Fred

      “Who will buy a Wii U? Only someone who owns a Wii” Do you realize that’s like 100 million people?

      • sithWiiU

        Y only 20% of that were actual gamers, not non gamers in for Wii Fit.

        • Fred

          What’s so bad about that? I know plenty of people that never played video games until the Wii and now they really enjoy them. Nintendo made money and they were able to use that money to make more games for gamers. Sounds like a Win-Win to me!

      • Le_Mental

        I was mentionning people who ONLY have a Wii. But you have a point that it’s still a lot of people…

    • buckxn

      i bought one… and i have a wii, ps3, and xbox360. see, im what you call a gamer. i dont like/dislike things due to the name on the box.

    • Robknoxious1

      Not true @Le_Mental. I just bought a Wii U a couple of weeks ago and I own Wii and a Xbox 360. I’ve owned at least two and as many as four systems during a generation since the 16 bit days. This gen however, I may just stick with Nintendo.

      • Le_Mental

        Why would you buy a Wii U then? To play The New Super Mario Mario Bros Wii U?!

        • Robknoxious1

          What if I did? I crack up over much of the negative comments over the “New” Mario series from fans of other consoles and even from some Nintendo fans. Have you played it? It’s a very good game. Some people act like having now a total of four New SMB games is just waaaay to much (really it’s only the second on home consoles and I’m not much into handhelds). Somehow it’s okay to have EIGHT Call of Duty games in a single generation but one New SMB on Wii and one on Wii U is out of line and somehow unworthy.

          But no, it wasn’t the only reason.

          • Le_Mental

            You have it there! It’s the same thing for COD. Lack of originality. Come on game companies, bring new stuff, new ideas! They are doing Super Mario World over and over again. Bring us a new 3D Mario game!

          • Robknoxious1

            Two things. First – Some people (a LOT of people) enjoy 2D platformers. Those people got zero Mario 2D (true) platformers (not counting the RPG-esque Paper Marios) on home consoles for two generations (N64 and Game Cube), and just one on the Wii. You’re asking for a 3D Mario and there was one on N64, one on Game Cube and two on the Wii. As a side note do you realize that the 2D NSMBWii sold more than both 3D Mario games and both Zelda games on the Wii all combined? Right now the install base isn’t big enough to have big numbers for this NSMB game but watch, it will definitely be a long term seller on Wii U.

            Second, they’ve already announced a new 3D Mario game so no worries. I’m looking forward to it as well.

            Really I decided to go for the Wii U now versus waiting right after the February Nintendo Direct. A new Xeno game? Heck yeah. Game boy Advance games coming to Virtual Console? Sign me up. Classic games for 30 cents each for the next few months? Great.Plus I enjoy many of the other Nintendo IP’s that are no doubt coming to Wii U in the future.

            To be clear I’m not knocking the other consoles. I think they’re great. I’m just more of a Nintendo guy.

          • Le_Mental

            NSMB games sell more because kids and grandparents can play it and also because they can play it with all the family… not because it’s better than the 3D Mario games. GameBoy Advance?! Meh. The Wii U virtual console should have GameCube games, period. They make me laugh when they release NES games on Wii U and 3DS virtual consoles…

  • Barters

    Seriously, I can see why some are getting so uptight about the Wii U. I’m a huge fan of the console and have faith., don’t worry about that.

    I feel as though our current western society with its “I want everything now” attitude is not completely understood by Nintendo. Japan is a different place entirely with different culture etc etc. I can see they are missing a step.

    Laud, you raise good points that make sense. Though in today’s market, did those decisions by Nintendo work out 100%? Who knows what they are thinking?

    If we get all those 3rd prty titles that can run on the system at E3 though, it would certainly take the wind out of the console reveals. Though I’m thinking that won’t happen.

    • Laud

      Nintendo has a lot of secrets and websites like these hate secrets because they don’t have enough to write about so what they do is they write ridiculous controversial crap that only exists to create ad revenue for the website.

      Nintendo has strict NDA with 3rd party games, you won’t hear about them existing until a few months before they’re released.

      • Barters

        True. I starting to get over wiiU daily. I come here for Wii U news, not Wii U bashing. This is the second article in consecutive weeks with similar intent.

  • Ian Rahn

    This article is so correct. I bought a Wii U and sold it on craigslist when I discovered I was going to have to wait over a year to play any game I was interested in playing. People defending the WII U are just defending their waste of money at the store. I look on this website every single day to see if there is any reason to buy a WII U again. Every day tells me that selling my WII U on craigslist for full price was the best decision I made. I guess I will just stick to xbox 360.

  • HydePark1980

    This industry wants to dump everything on Nintendo, the only thing these guys are guilty of is not having more first party games available at launch. If Sony and MS went through the same thing it would just get written off as a rough start for them.

    This article makes no mention of developers part in all of this, they’re not exactly lining up to support the system. With each passing week they keep coming up with all these ridiculous excuses as to why they can’t support the system. So Nintendo has to rely on it’s own merits and games which take time to happen, but in today’s industry that’s difficult especially when dealing with spoiled gamers. Nobody wants to say it but I will “we’re all a bunch of spoiled gamers” and we’ve evolved with the “me, me, I, I attitude.

    It’s true that our wallets are what support this industry and we demand to be heard, but Nintendo helped build this industry into what it is today. So as gamers we need to learn our goddamn place and wait until Nintendo is ready to show us their hand and where they’re heading next. After all when it comes to Nintendo releasing news about games, when has it never been worth the wait?

    • greengecko007

      The same thing would happen to Microsoft and Sony if they did this. But Sony has already shown a handful of first party titles while Nintendo has released 1? Not counting Nintendo Land.

      • Robknoxious1

        Why would you not count Nintendo Land? It’s great. Well I may be spoiled because the multiplayer is where the game really shines and I usually have two or three people I can play it with.

        Plus showing is not the same as releasing.

  • andrewjcole

    4 games out today and one yesterday! Keep ’em coming and Wii U will have no problem selling.

    • Fred

      Agreed!!! Hopefully Game and Wario is sooner than we think!!!

      • Ian Rahn

        Why do you care about Wario?

        • Guest

          Why do you care that he cares about Wario?
          Why do I care that you care that he cares about Wario?

          • Maxime Haché

            Nice weird answer?

          • Guest

            An answer within a question of a question.

        • andrewjcole

          He can care about any game he wants to!

      • Michael Workman

        Yeah, I’m with Ian. Nobody would buy Wii U to play Wario.

    • sithWiiU

      4 games? Lego, MH, NFS & what’s the 4th? Do you really think thatMs going to help Wii U sales? Those are not system sellers.

      • bizzy gie

        The Walking Dead: SI troll.

        • Michael Workman

          For the love of God, not everybody who disagrees is a troll. He didn’t know the fourth game. And he’s right, those are not system sellers.

          • bizzy gie

            If you actually knew this ignorant tool before jumping into a conversation in which you were not being addressed by ANY means, you’d know he doesn’t own a Wii U and ONLY posts negative comments on this website.

          • Adam Porter

            so monster hunter isn’t a system seller??? eh it is if it exclusive to only one system and it is btw. 2 reasons i bought the wiiU zelda and monster hunter, but now i’m seriously starting to doubt that we will even see the new zelda on the wiiU

          • greengecko007

            Monster hunter isn’t a system seller for most people. It’s not nearly as popular outside Japan.

            We’ll see a new Zelda eventually, but it’s a shame that they are pushing a remake of a Zelda faster.

      • gobrowniesgo

        Why don’t you go and try to find MH3 and NFSMWU..I bet you won’t find em except for online. MH3 did move systems. too bad you can’t play it cause it’s awesome..

  • Dylan

    Now is not the time for Nintendo to panic (though they should be very nervous). That would be a bit short-sighted. If things still look bad at the end of the year with Wii Fit U, Pokemon Rumble, Game and Wario, Pikmin 3, Wii U Party, Wind Waker (HD), Yarn Yoshi, Mario Kart, and a 3D Mario, THEN they should panic–big time. But they still have time to put all that stuff out before the crucial holiday season when it will really matter.

    Patience is a virtue they say. If Nintendo acted as rashly as you advocate in such a crucial time as this, then I would be worrying.

    • Zorbo85

      LOL every game u just mentioned apart from one are all from nintendo!!!
      They said that they want to bring the core gamer back and 3rd party?BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Human_Fatality

    This article is a joke. What did me reading that accomplish? What am I now informed of that I wasn’t before. Aren’t we the fans? Aren’t we supposed to stick with Nintendo even when things don’t look so good? I’m not out of touch with the reality of the situation. I just honestly believe nintendo makes the most quality software and that is why they will be just fine. Pikmin 3 and Windwaker? That’s all you think the Wii u is worth? Granted that is quite a bit of worth but come on. Injustice in April. On the gamepad. Resident Evil Revelations on the gamepad in May. Truly unique and exclusive features. Who knows what else they’ll announced at e3. People who have wii u’s and dont feel like they have any good games really need to calm down and get a copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Right now they’re making more 3ds games than I can afford to buy. The author of this article thinks this websites userbase is nothing more than a bunch of blind fanboys. Stupid pointless article. Shouldn’t the writers on the Wii U daily at least have a little faith in the console? I guess its easier just to shoot it down like everyone else.

    • Ian Rahn

      Or that he is actually acknowledging what is happening.

      • Human_Fatality

        Hahah you don’t know anything about Nintendo dude. Come and talk to me when you beat skyward sword on hero mode.

        • Shadriczo

          I have, U mad bro?

          • Human_Fatality

            Dat Demise

          • Shadriczo

            Demise Hero Mode battle was the shiz!

    • So true, man. That’s what a real fan (not a biased fanboy) sounds like.

    • val berger

      If there are that many fans just denying that the WiiU is in a bad condition (marketing-wise) then I think it’s OK to shout stuff like that out. Those games and features you mentioned are cool, that’s true, but they’ll hardly sell more hardware and that’s what the system would really need. I guess, there’s a chance, Nintendo could still change the fate, everyone seems to foresee these days, but it really has become a chance and not a sure thing and that’s frightening and it makes ppl nervous. Especially ppl who already bought the system. You don’t wanna see a system you own fail. You obviously don’t wanna see Nintendo fail. And by writing articles like this, it’s the voice of the fans, shouting toward Nintendo that they FUCKING GOT TO DO ANYTHING. The thing is, if you don’t shout it out like that, no one will notice it. Look at the response to that article. If it would really be that wrong, it wouldn’t have that many replies as ppl just would ignore it. Even if WiiU Daily would be totally wrong about that, it still wouldn’t make things worse. The best thing about critique is, that it almost always gives someone a chance to make things better and if no one would complain and just not buy the system, Nintendo would really have a problem. feedback gives them an idea, what to improve and the more feedback about a certain failure they get, the bigger the chance, they’ll react, so goddammit, if fans can’t handle such critique, then go to mama and cry, but here it’s very welcome as I am totally sick of users like Laud, who act as if Nintendo woud still be the most successful company in the world and there would be nothing to fear. ever. it’s bullshit. wake up and realize that Nintendo made mistakes and the WiiU is suffering major problems. Of course, a real flop wouldn’t really hurt Nintendo as they got enough money to throw out a few other consoles until they somehow create something that works. still it’s a shame, that they messed it up with a console which is as great as the WiiU. It’s an amazing system with so much potential and I would just hate it to see it fall.

      • Human_Fatality

        Honestly all I see this article as is another author kicking the Wii u while it’s down. I mean it certainly isn’t helping the Wii u move any more units. People need to give the dang thing some air. I don’t see how a solid game line up wouldn’t increase sales. It’s crappy feedback. There are many more things the author needs to aknowledge here. Worldwide the wii u is well on the way of hitting their sales goal of 4 million. So while here in the states the sales are dismal, its actually on track. There are 50+ titles I know of that I want on the Wii u. Not on the ps4 with its crazy ass cloud gaming and streaming support and it’s weird little vital connection thing. Or on the Xbox720 with its crazy kinect hyjinks. I think those things sound great and all but I think simplicity is the basis of life and I simply want to play them on the pad! I want to play them with the ease of having my weapon loadout right in front of me or with the map and quests constantly displayed. I wanna play some nosplit local multiplayer. And I have a feeling that all gamers are gonna want that same stuff. All the Wii u has done is progress and innovate. Often times that is not something that easily hits the mainstream. I say give it time instead of just spreading more negative information about it on the internet like everyone else. All its gonna do is discourage people from buying them. Honestly a Wii u fansite saying things like, “Iwatta should step down” or whatever is honestly garbage. I’d love to see this author try and run a billion dollar company. All he seems to be capable of is just doing what everyone else is doing and writing that supernegative Wii u doomed article like everyone else.

    • Zorbo85

      nintendo and the wii u are a joke!!!the article tells the TRUTH!!! Yet fanboys cannot handle this and make up lame excuses to why the wii us is not failing!!!

      • Human_Fatality

        What are you even doing here man? Every comment you post is just LOL Wii sucks Nintendo sucks blah blah blah how about you say something worth reading.

  • Rafael Saldana

    I don’t see a reason to worry, the wii was the best selling system in total numbers in the last gen, look what happened to the 3DS, isn’t it outselling the crappy Vita like 100 3DS’s for every Vita sold haha

  • Rafael Saldana

    Wait till they announce the price for the other systems and people will be running to get a wii U just like what happened when they announced the price of the Vita compared to the 3DS and look at all the support the handheld is getting now

  • Trader-PT

    Sure, Wii U has a lot of problems right now.
    But the same happened in the first 6 months of many console releases in these last years.

    I believe Nintendo is trying to get more titles and new OS updates until it unleashes it’s marketing campaign.They seem to be saving money and strength to really start competing a couple of months before the next xbox and ps4 get released.

  • Robknoxious1

    “We can’t just be blind fanboys all the time, proclaim that everything is fine” I’m sorry but I find this amusing. Why can’t we be “blind fanboys”? What difference will it make? The only thing we can do as individuals is either buy or refuse to buy Nintendo products. Whether we are clueless optimists or raging pessimists makes no difference.

    Nintendo is keenly aware of what’s happening with Wii U and I’m sure they’re doing what they feel makes the most sense business-wise. The console has only been out four months. I’m not panicking.

    • greengecko007

      Fanboyism gets on everyones nerves. I would like to read an article on the internet without a console war starting. This is true with all fanboys though not just Nintendo fans.

      • Robknoxious1

        Well that’s a good point but I guess I was thinking about being a “fanboy” in the way I handle being a Nintendo fan. Basically I like what I like and don’t feel the need to trash the other consoles. I prefer Nintendo but still own a 360 and while I’m probably going Wii U exclusive this new generation, if I had money to burn (gonna have kids tuition to pay in a few years) I’d probably get all the consoles.

  • This article is full of nonsense.the wiiu is in a slump yes but nintendo csnt just make games overnight and why market it now with a slow os and few bog games.

    I was hoping today woild be a nintdoomed less day as we got 4 awesome games this week and more coming in the next few months. You should be ashamed of yoir self powting such an article today of all day.s

  • Shadriczo

    Even if the PS4’s price is revealed in E3 2013, what would sony fans say about the game itself?. -example-….. “Ps4 Price range between $600$800 this will hurt hundreds of thousands of PS gamers if not set to the perfect price tag..” “Sonyfanatics & consumers woe on the spec saying it’s outdated and not the latest cause it’s the same design as a PC’s.” & “Stocks plummet to bout 30-48% due to lack of sales, and funding’s for the next 3-4 months”

    So let’s not get started there people….cause this will put others on the brink of war. Console Wars that is..

  • Marius Valasinas

    Nintendo should advertise console more. Though they might just be waiting for the right time to strike competitors. The biggest titles are on the way with many more still to be anounced. My only issues now with Wii U are technical (like freezing every now and then or like “connection unstable”)

  • Mario

    Oh Nintendo. Please get better.

  • Old McGroin

    @ author John Kinsley

    I feel your anger and share it.

  • Angelo Ricardo

    Nintendo Wii U is a great console but Nintendo just ignore the market of games and the modern game profile.

    Wii U success steps

    Improve SO software, faster loads, stability.

    Improve Miiverse (maybe conected with facebook or twitter).

    Include cross game chat.

    Achievement support even if it be just for non Nintendo games.

    Nintendo has a lot exclusives, and that´s important, Nintendo managers just have to understand that they´re too conservative.

    Sony and Microsoft learned a lot from Nintendo, it´s time to Nintendo pay attention in market.

    • that guy

      all you said about the OS is actually going to get fixed in April.

  • Justin McCarthy

    so monster hunter 3 ultimate is not an upcoming game to look forward too??

    • GermGerm

      Nope cause it’s out now 🙂

  • wober2

    I think it hurts when you see someone you love really in pain. This is what this article reminds me of. What confuses me is that isnt Nintendo of America incharge of marketing here in the states? Is it not their fault that they have been advertising exclusively to kids and “non-gamers”? I feel like us nintendo fans go out of our way to help bring games to the consoles.

    btw: support kickstarter wiiu games so we can have some more games… I have been pushing “Another Castle” where I can it is so close to success and I would love to see it reach its stretch goals.

  • Mario

    Enough! We need to spread the word about the WiiU. Remember, there are people who don’t even know that it exist. Tell your friends! Tell your friends! Tell your friends’s friends! Tell your relatives! Tell it to everyone on Facebook and Twitter and other social websites. Nintendo might not do anything. But WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • An Uknow

    Shut up wiiudaily and your whining, never happy. Its all i hear on gaming sites nintendo sales doing this nintendo not doing that, this site is a joke.
    Quality takes time you should know that having written this article.
    Not forgetting the fact your slagging off a company that has been carrying the industry for nearly three decades. I think they know more about what they need to do than you do.

  • JuleyJules

    With new games out now Nintendo does need to step up the advertising on tv with new better ads for all games plus announce a new nintendo direct for march as that generates excitement too. It has been good to see lots of new game announcements this week from several developers. I too didn’t expect this on wii u daily.

  • Pattonfiend67

    Hey author, quit being dumb and educate yourself:

    • ahahha only you wiitards are excited for those games

  • I too never expected an article like this here. Sounds that the author is personally annoyed with Nintendo and wants to talk dirty about them. As other guys noticed, this article is full of shit and the guy who wrote this has NO ideia of what he’s saying. And the cherry of the cake is the “Nintendo’s last console, Nintendo doomed” bullshit. Oh, man, here on WiiUDaily? On the site that I visit since it was created? Man, those consumers nowadays are complicated…

    • greengecko007

      Try reading again. He didn’t say that it would be Nintendo’s last console. He only said it could if it doesn’t do well. I’m sure you can see how obvious that is.

  • Wayne Beck

    I can’t believe this trash is being posted on this website. If I wanted to read unsubstantiated sludge from no nothing pundits, I would read every other website out there.

    There is 0 Chance Nintendo will ever get out of the Console Game. Unlike Sony and Microsoft who have been hemorrhaging money on their consoles, Nintendo has always been profitable. Even the GameCube was highly profitable for Nintendo.

    Sales of the Wii U are already on the Upswing. Despite the fact that the numbers being reference are not official numbers and merely estimates from people who have access to some, not all, of the sales numbers. People keep saying NPD said NPD said. NPD did not release numbers. On top of that, sources inside NPD have said the January numbers were wrong. Is the console selling phenomenally? No, but that does not mean it is flopping either. Even with two months supposedly under 100k in sales, in just the US, the Wii U is still out pacing every console except the Wii.

    If you want to look at what is really going on, wait 9 Months, when Sony and Microsoft release their new consoles to a whopping 1.5 million sale.

    • wober2

      I love my wiiu but I do feel like Nintendo is not trying so hard on the wiiu right now either. I am sure they will push harder but I fear Nintendo of America are the ones out of touch. Reggie press conferences makes it seem like they still want non-gamer audience mean while japan gets dragon quest x :-/

  • jhkjhkjh

    suck a dick, john kinsley

  • Maxime Haché

    Nintendo is waiting to show their games at E3 cause we all know there is going to be huge announcements by sony and microsoft, so nintendo need to have big announcements left for E3! They can’t just reveal all there E3 content 3 months early because in 3 months everybody will forget at E3 and will be amazed by sony and microsoft! And that goes the same for advertising they are waiting for competitors to announce their stuff cause if not, gamers will be like (Ohh well… I should wait to see what microsoft as for me!) and then when microsoft will finaly announce they will fell nintendo stuff is outdated! And for Mr Iwata… well… calm down man. We know you are disapointed like us and I know you made a lot of articles here but… as nintendo fans… we can’t do much then support… we must let them do their things and hope for best!

  • X3Charlie

    I understand what the author is saying but I rather Nintendo hold back and then unleash a steady supply of games month after month. Unfortunately I do feel Nintendo won’t be able to take adventure of it’s 1 year advantage, but they shouldn’t advertise until they have decent selection of games out or soon to be out.

  • Wii U Daily is irritating me right now. But also, I think it is mental for you to say that MS and PS announcing their consoles will overshadow the Wii U.

    Nintendo is going to announce several unknown games to us. Several exclusive titles. As well, they are going to have PLAYABLE DEMOS of the new 3D Mario and the new Mario Kart. We also get more news on WIND WAKER HD ONE OF THE HIGHEST CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED GAMES OF ALL TIME as well as a new installment in the Smash Brothers series, okay. This isn’t shovelware stuff. Nintendo is showing off the cream of the crop. System sellers. And a lot of them. People leaving and watching the Nintendo presentation will be thinking about how they can get a new Nintendo system for $350 with all the OS bugs worked out, a huge array of first party games and third party games, and more amazing first party titles to come.

    And those who leaving and watching the MS and PS presentations will be thinking about how they can soon get a new system with a $1000 graphics update and with only five or so known games to come. Sure, they’ll catch up, but it’ll take time.

    Look, I’m not what people call a “Nintendrone” or anything like that. In fact, I’d like to get a PS4 when it goes down in price and gets some games. And I can see the painting on the wall when it’s there. But this is a timimg game and Nintendo is going for perfect timing to drop a hype bomb at this years E3. And what’s to follow? Ads upon ads upon ads to get the word out on their perfected OS and the amazing first party titles, all available for Christmas.

    Nintendo isn’t stupid okay, they’ve been doing this and staying top dog since the eighties. They’ve gone through all this stuff before and know what they’re doing. Put in some faith, be patient, and wait for E3 people. Thanks you, and just to clarify to the people that’ll surely come after me, yes, I like Nintendo. But I also like PS and MS, meaning that I don’t suffer from your typical fanboyism.

  • RedChu

    I don’t understand why people jump on the Nintendo is doomed train so early. The Wii U’s been out for 5 months, which is hardly enough time to foresee any failure. Give Nintendo enough time to work things out: they can’t procure games out of thin air, nor can they control what third-parties do. A slow start != the end of Nintendo consoles, just as a slow start for a Microsoft or Sony console doesn’t mean it’ll be their last, either.

    The Wii U needs games to sell more consoles – a price drop may help move them, but they will sell once there are titles actually worth buying a Wii U for. It might not be the next Wii as far as sales go, but unless something I cannot foresee happening happens, the Wii U will not be the end of Nintendo (or at least its home consoles).

    Nintendo is the gaming industry’s punching bag. They could surprise everyone and come out with the most powerful game console ever, but people around the industry would still find fault in it.

  • sdmac200600

    Well this article will actually show us who the blind fanboys are and who are people who actually see nintendo is doing very very bad right now.

  • mchelski

    I have read the article and I respectly disagree. First, the stocks issues, few hours ago I read in this same website that EA stocks rise 7% for changing their CEO, that means, stocks are bound to change a lot for no real good reason.
    Second, I agree with nintendo in not doing any hype, and my reason is, WiiU must not be compare with previews generations consoles, When PS4 and NextBox came out will be the time to do so.
    Third, nintendo probably is not taking the front, if I was Iwata I would play the UNDERDOG. If rumors are true, MS and PS4 will be, like this generation, almost twins in their library, while, nintendo will be again unique. So, the whole idea is, Chose between the twins and a WiiU.
    Last, Nintendo stronghold is japan, not US or western world in general, and let’s be sincere, we are kinda hysterical with acceptance and what the media say or do. So far, 3DS should have fail and did not, it started with poor sales and now is, at least, great. A console generation has about 6 years, so, be patient for a little longer.

  • bizzy gie

    What’s with the bar over his eyes? Pfffft. We ALL know who that is.

    • GermGerm

      blindfold maybe?

  • Saleh Sbeiti

    Nintendo Land
    Mario Bros U
    Need For Speed
    Ninja Gaiden 3
    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
    Scribblenauts Unlimited
    Zen Pinball 2
    Mario Kart U
    3D Mario
    Wind Waker
    New Zelda
    Pokemon Rumble U
    Wii Fit U
    Wii Party
    Rayman Legends
    Pikmin 3
    Epic Mickey 2
    Lego City
    New Yoshi
    Zombi U
    Spider Man
    Ballon Fight

    Now repeat after me: Wii U doesn’t have any games.

    • Michael

      I’d say that the most important out of that list are 3D Mario, Mario Kart, New Yoshi, and New Zelda…Guess what those have in common? They’re not out yet and we have no idea when. Actually, we know it’ll be AT LEAST 6 months….That’s half a year. How does Nintendo think that the Wii U will sell due to those games when they don’t exist yet for customers to play?

      • NintendoNoob

        They probably want to put a lot of quality into it. That’s why it took Skyward Sword 5 years to develop

  • Squid

    Nintendo doesn’t deserve to fail.

  • david jarman

    Actually nintendo stocks are up. I believe it was ign that posted an article about it like three days ago.

    • GermGerm

      I think that was EA’s stocks. Am I wrong?

      • david jarman

        At the time of the article nintendo stocks went up over 13.50 about a 1 and half weeks ago.

  • like I said in this video Nintendo will pick up this Christmas. Wiiu will dominate.

  • Ya Boii K

    I ll be the first to admit i m a huge Nintendo fan like i ve always been. But there are times when we have to pay attention to what s in front of us. I got wii u for christmas with cod bo2 and truthfully the only other game i m interested in is ac3. i don t know if it beacuse of the boss or something but nintendo is using what the others used in 2008. only now they decide that people sick of friend codes, that we need to be able to commincate with other gamers, that consoles aren t just consoles but home entertainment centers. microsoft and sony tried smartphones and look. we can get ps games on phones we can get xbox live on phones. there was a ps phone. i always expected nintendo to be the first to do that. but did they or have they. no. microsoft and sony tried mobile gaming because hey were losing people to gaming on phones. they tried it and look how good it did that 3 years ago. nintendo s only finding out now that people like that and the only thing there giving us is using miiverse on phones. after that we won t see anything else nintendo on phones.nintendo needs to wake up and pay attention. the wii u could become the new gamecube.

    • audi lover

      Only true idiots play games on there phones actually ran a dickhead over the other day cause he steped out in to road while playing on his i-p, tryed blaming me to, so he got a smack in the mouth and a smashed phone for his troubles, twat should have been paying attention to the world and not his crappy I-p

      • dgallo911

        clearly, u were not driving fast enough lol

  • miguel

    remember how the 3ds was really bad at first, but then they release a bunch of games, and now its one of nintendo greatest consoles, they already have a huge game line up from summer to winter, and once the ps4 a the next xbox come out it wii have the same

    • Ya Boii K

      nintendo also gave us games maybe every month or so when 3ds came out

  • audi lover

    iwata needs dumping over a pier, the guy is a complete tool

    • Ya Boii K

      i kind of agree with you

  • Nathan Tull

    who let this idiot into wii u daily what a traitorist dog you piece of shit for god sakes if nintendo lays all there cards out this early with ps4 just around the corner they will have no steam to ride against sony. nintendo is saving there advertisement dollars and there start system sellers for this christmas when they do finnally play there jokers wild it will be over for sony have some comon sense you dumb ass nintendo is playing chess not checkers jeez hate these fake ass nintendo ppl

    • Ya Boii K

      but they could give us some stuff though right

      • Nathan Tull

        what nintendo needs too do is get some virtual console gc games out get the third party developers making games for wii u by reducing there licensing fees
        a price cut to the wii you would do wonders for its movement take the basic down to 249.99 and the deluxe down to 299.99 and the game bundled ones to 339.99 that would make the system extremely competitive also they just need to talk to us more thats it stop hiding behind bland infomercials called directs and really start talking to us but i understand what there doing they cant go full steam ahead till closer to e3 but its by no means over for nintendo

      • Nathan Tull

        i dont have a wii u currently but very soon ill be getting one the game i wanted just came out today and ill be getting me a wii u and a 3dsxl both with monster hunter 3 ultimate after that the rest of the gaming world can kiss my ass im nintendo for life thank god for a system that isnt just a multiplate circus act thats why nintendo is the best gaming company out they dont cater to the rest they only put out the best its up to the rest to accept the best peace

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    Nintendo is just waiting for Sony and Microsoft to release their consoles. Then the WiiU will take off just like the first Wii did. Just wait. This isn’t Nintendos first time around the block you know

  • Nathan Tull

    4 games droped today or did you forget that wii u daily 4 kick ass great games oh no its doom and gloom for nintendo fuck you wana be journalist keep your anti nintendo hate off this site if you feel this way you dont need to be here posting articles all your doing is feeding the fucking trolls on youtube

  • This is WiiUdaily?

  • Golden_Pantheon

    I’ve been writing these exact things for weeks now. I’ve been a Nintendo fan since the NES but I’m not a fanboy and I don’t have blinders on. The 3DS was a failure to launch and it was saved by Nintendo single handedly when they realize they can’t trust the 3rd parties to save their console. Then they went ahead and pulled off the EXACT same blunder with the Wii U as if it would be any different. However, Nintendo doesn’t have a relative monopoly in the home console market like it does with the handhelds, and development times for consoles are significantly higher and more costly , so it will take time and money to save the Wii U. Money, Nintendo has, time, I’m not so sure.

    A good portion of the general public has already given up on Wii U and others are waiting for more games THIS year, which, judging from the context during the latest Nintendo Direct, doesn’t seem realistic. I wish I’m wrong and there are several good games coming up for Wii U this year, but I can’t remain optimistic this time. I think it’s time for Iwata to get back to being a director and give the CEO position to someone else. I don’t want him to stop being at Nintendo however, although it might be impossible after taking the flak for the stock price drop and general failure of Nintendo to stay within relevancy lately on the home console market.

    I hope Nintendo survives this as they are the only genuine gaming company that makes consoles and games that don’t conform to the ‘modernization’ of everything (although it has reached them, but not fully) and they’re still around.

  • Mr. Nick

    The picture of Iwata with the black bar is a bit unnecessary I think. People might take this piece the wrong way.

  • huzaifa

    i dont have a wii u i want one bad i just know there will be a price drop by may so ill wait

    • Tobias Naustdal

      not unless the parts become cheeper…

  • Tobias Naustdal

    how did nintendo survive the virtual boy, the nintendo 64 and the gamecube if they were all such big failures?

    • Michael

      The issue at hand isn’t survival, it’s making the Wii U great. Shouldn’t have to wait until AFTER E3 to get 3D mario and major zelda game

      • Tobias Naustdal

        you know the games are comming, but if you want them sooner it will not be as good as you hoped if they rush it. it takes time for them to make the games… it’s not like a fifa game or cod…

        • Michael

          I didn’t say they should rush it. If games are taking too long to make with Nintendo’s standard quality, than they need to do something about that. Period. No excuses. Use some of that 19 billion in reserves to expand the teams and train more people.

          • So they can release with a buggy OS and when there is no competition? They are saving these games for when the other consoles launch so they can pull attention away from them.

      • No Zelda game has launched with the launch of a system. You could argue Twilight Princess but that was a Gamecube title.

  • Michael

    I have a feeling that they are silent right now because at this years E3 they’re going to announce a new Wii U model that’s powerful enough to get competent 3rd party support alongside the PS4.

    • GermGerm

      haha I doubt it….. but that would be pretty cool! And a little disappointing cause I already bought the other one…. hmmmm.

      • Michael

        What else could it mean? Why is there very little marketing? The system is selling poorly and they have more than enough money and assets to market the hell out of it….The lack of it makes me think that there could be some sort of big change in store at E3

  • huzaifa

    it isnt a failure its just sales down right now

    • Tobias Naustdal

      there is no game worth buying for the wii u right now. so i understand why the sales are so low. most of the games are published games and unknown kids games like Ben 10 Omniverse

  • Eli Valentin Villanueva

    Really people we have a lot to tal about the wii u, because it is already released. PS4 and xbox720 still in development, but any console is good. Just poor marketing, that can be fixed, i think

  • Tobias Naustdal

    i personally think that this article is really shallow… no real hard facts to support it, just personal thoughts.

  • angel

    nintendo is going to start their propaganda as soon as e3 is over. if u look at it in a business way it is pretty smart. people are stupid, they depend on the media for news and when this e3 is over and they see the wii u all over the place, along side with the ps4, they will think it is a new console that just came out this year and sony will feel the competition while they already had a head start. knowing people they will not know the hardware but will be more amuse about the gamepad a nd its features and the price of the wii u compare to the ps4. it is also more likely they will be showing off the Wii U’s graphics and compare it with ps4 and the average costumer wont notice the difference and buy the Wii U for the price, gamepad/compatible with numchuck, graphics, and entertainment features like hulu, netflix, amazon, tvii, internet browsing, and its all free with subscription for those entertainment, do not forget u need to pay to watch netflix in xbox when u are already paying for it

  • Michael

    I just feel like they’re coasting WAY to long on the same line up of games. Do they think we’re all slow old people? We’ve known of Pikmin 3, 101, Luigi’s Mansion 2, etc. for a LONG time now. Release more games and release them FASTER. We all know that they have 19 BILLION in reserves. A small fraction of that could easily boost production.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE Nintendo fan, bought the Wii U day 1. I just hate seeing them going nowhere at the moment. I know they probably have big plans for E3, but that’s no excuse. Why arbitrarily wait until that expo to get serious with their currently low selling flagship console?

  • Dylan Groot

    Nintendo is not stupid. Mark my words, they will fucking blow us all away at E3. If not, I’ll eat my hat.

    • sithWiiU

      That’s what Nintendrones said about last years E3.

  • Nintendo will never learn and will keep doing business their own way. They are getting further and further behind this gen. They need to do something drastic and have a huge price drop.

  • Chris

    Nintendo won’t drop out any time soon.if I remember correctly nintendo
    themselves said if they die their creations will die with them. wii u
    was able to out sell both the 360 and ps3 in its first month
    combined.(people fail to mention this) About 5 months later they still
    have sold more than consoles than what ps3 and 360 did at their 5 month
    launch period. Nintendo has managed to sell this many without the
    advertising and first party games? How is that bad? Imagine the numbers
    if nintendo would advertise the damn thing to consumers showing the
    casual market why the wii u is different than the wii and how its not
    just a add on which most casuals think. Oh and how are you comparing the
    sales of a console that just came out to sales of consoles that have
    been out for 7+ years! By the way Nintendo needs more first party games
    to sell more. Look at where the 3DS is now. 30 million! And I remember
    everyone was saying nintendo needed 3rd party games to sell now its that
    they need 1st party games rofl. They always needed 1st party titles to
    begin with not 3rd party games. It only takes one game for a console to
    sell people. Every console has a rocky start. The reason why wii took
    off was because of the motion gaming. The gamepad hasn’t caught on quite
    yet. It might not until they show those games using the toy figures and
    stuff. Kids will want their parents to buy this fast. I want a wii u for 1st party games i dont care about 3rd party games that why I will get one. I have a ps3 for my 3rd party games. Haters can keep on hating.

  • great deku tree

    The article has already answered it’s own question about why Nintendo are not putting out advertisements and so on, they don’t have their best games out there. only some fun games to show off the wii u’s new features or else ports from existing consoles such as assassins’ creed. This is exactly why I haven’t bothered getting a wii u yet. once all the great games start coming out like lego city, mariokart, zelda, smash bros and so on then Ninetendo will bounce right back up and that’s just with it’s own games there will be other great games as well I’m sure.

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    I feel as if they need to get the Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U, and Game & Wario release dates out ASAP. Announce a price cut. Maybe take the deluxe model down to $250 or at least $300. Put more advertising out. Especially for the first party titles but also for Ubisoft’s titles as well. Sell Wind Waker HD for $39.99. Make a bundle for the upcoming Zelda game. Announce previously unannounced titles at E3. First AND third party. Create a new IP… one that will rival the likes of Halo and Uncharted. And for god sake’s release the damn software updates.

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      One thing I also want to know is what do people mean when they say the Wii U is doomed? Do they mean that it will never sell as much as the PS4 or Nextbox? Do you mean that it won’t get good games? Do they mean it will be discontinued? There are several interpretations to “doomed” and I would like to know the exact meaning.

  • Michael

    To all the people getting “offended” by this article: Ever hear of constructive criticism? It’s a GOOD thing. At the heart of ALL corporations, even Nintendo, the primary goal is to make a profit. Waiting until E3 to actually start trying isn’t an excuse, and doesn’t do themselves any good.

    We all here may love Nintendo unconditionally, but the average consumer doesn’t. They’ll buy a Wii U if it’s worth it to THEM. Is that happening? No, it’s not, and that’s a fact. Sales are low and in the business world there’s NEVER an excuse for that, especially when there’s nothing being publicly done about it.

    Oh, it’ll do better when the great games are released? Well then where are they? Some of them should have been released already. Oh, they’re hammering out the OS issues? Maybe that should have mostly been taken care of pre-launch. Where’s the 3DS miiverse? Or smart phone mii verse?

  • Michael Jurado

    pshh i’m not worried not even a little bit

    • dgallo911

      im guessing you havnt bought a wii u then lol

      • Michael Jurado

        no i got one 2 weeks ago and have like 12 games to play hence why i’m not worried and 6 games that i want to buy but i dont have enough money not to mention 4 other games i want but havent been released yet

        • dgallo911

          if you have that many to play then you have either travelled back in time with them or the only other console you own is a wii

        • sithWiiU

          U obviously never owned a PS360. Enoying your ports?

  • wober2

    I do hope that iwata stays on he really seems like the most down to earth sympathetic ceo. I like that he apologizes and says it just will need a bit more time. But I really have a hard time liking Reggie.

    Nintendo has been very transparent about problems thus far. They need more games and I really wish NoA would really try hard to at least push the indie game market into the eshop. Nintendo should be funding those kickstarter games to bring more value to the console.

  • antiform

    The author comes off biased or irrationally angry for some reason. If you think nintendo is doing something wrong, than tell us what you would have them do. Dont accuse them of stupidity when you cant name a single solution yourself. Besides its pretty obvious that when the big games come out the system will pick up. So contrary to what you stated, if nintendo waits things will get better. They are working to get high quality games out for us; this is their plan. What other plan could they have? “Get a free cookie with every nintendo purchase”? This is exactly what happened with the 3DS. No games, people calling failure. And then the games came out and we alll know what happened.

    • dgallo911

      The “cookie” is an additional game + controller in the new bundles and a big fuck you to all early adopters – regarding the DS, refer to my comment listed above….

  • kyuubikid213

    I know we have to look at every aspect of the Wii U, good and bad, but this is ridiculous. I’m going back to Nintendo Life. At least there they actually look at the Nintendo Directs that list the Wii U.

  • Silent

    How did John Kinsley get a job here? Seriously it is all depressing articles.

    • sithWiiU

      He’s better than Ashley King. She’s like Audrey Drake from IGN, a Nintendrone & it really shows. She’s also unprofessional.

      • Silent

        Ashley King writes more positive articles. If you dont like her GTFO

  • Silent

    Oh so when the ps3 launched it was total amazement and the ps3’s were flying off the shelves right?

    • Zorbo85

      The ps3 launched at 600 bucks 6 years ago!!!!!!the wii u price at launch was 299 or 350 bucks massive difference!!!!

      • Robknoxious1

        True but the unemployment percentage now is also about double what it was then. Also a massive difference.

  • Seeing how today is perhaps the biggest day for Wii U so far in 2013, this editorial couldn’t have come at a later time. Such an afterthought with MH3U, LEGO City Undercover, NFS:MW and more coming out today.

    • sithWiiU

      Cause we all know a niche game, a. Lego game, & a port are system sellers.

      • Never said they were. I’m saying this editorial would of been more appropriate had it been posted before this week.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    if WIIU daily posted an article like this you things are dismal lol

  • Matt Jarvis

    Look, the article is just being honest. Let us all take a step back for a moment here. The Wii U is a great concept but Nintendo need to advertise it more. You can’t sell something that no one knows is out there. That is just common sense. I do not think the console is doomed by any stretch of the imagination, but things need to be done and fast other wise it could be on dodgy ground. It is not about fanboys, or being blind, it is about being realistic and Nintendo need to get the message out there that Wii U is a class console that is innovative and has original games, not just hundreds of first person shooters that are frankly un original and dull. Keep the faith, but also keep perspective.

    • Rye Rugovac

      “Look, the article is just being honest.”…
      Honest, yes. Pessimistic, EXTRAORDINARILY YES!
      Sure, John is trying to make a point but, his pessimism just overshadows what he’s trying to bring across.
      And as for you John… is a cup with half of it drunk half empty, or half full?
      Riddle me that, and I can see just how much bias this one article has.

    • sithWiiU

      Innovative original games? How many rehases of Zelda & Mario do Nintendo have?

  • Nintendude

    The comments are crazy on this article.

    • Nintendude

      Comments section, I mean.

  • Nicolas Dorion

    Ok so I bought the wii u… and nintendo hasn’t done anything yet to make me still interested. Sure, I will buy the new zelda, new SSBB and the new 3D mario when it comes out. But right now, since I bought the wii u, i’ve been playing more on my old wii.

    • Matt Jarvis

      and there lies a good point. wii was creative but wii u has to prove itself, but if no sod knows it exists, not enough people will buy it. And that would be disastrous. We must just assume that nintendo know what they are doing. Lets hope so eh?

    • Nathan Tull

      you do realize how stupid you sound now right your wii games will play just fine on wii u and upscaled at that too 1080p jesus what a fucking moron

  • NatT96™

    Get a new home menu UI for the Wii U that does not look cheesy…just my opinion
    MiiVerse is amazing though.

  • jcnba28

    Hey guys sign and share this petition for SEGA to re-release the original Bayonetta on the Wii U eShop:

  • Ibi Salmon

    I’m really glad that you guys wrote this article. This shows that this site isn’t the fanboy site most people claim it to be and are willing to point out when there’s a problem.

    • Revolution5268

      um you do realize they did this for hits not for you

      • Ibi Salmon

        Doesn’t matter. This shows that they aren’t blind to Nintendo’s faults and are willing to show them a little tough love.

  • Sidney Majurie

    What a time to post this article. It’s like they want to kill
    potential momentum and enthusiasm for the games we are getting. Need for
    Speed MWU is a true next gen game as far as consoles go. Should usher
    in the beginning of the next gen experience.

    people are crying that all Wii U has is ports… then they cry Wii U
    isn’t getting more ports. Make up your damn minds! Anybody remember the
    N64 launch? 2 Damn games for months! I don’t like these new wave-never
    satisfied-HD era “gamers,” or the gaming media that so woefully serves
    this “community.”

  • AAAkabob

    “retailers are clearing inventory” *source to another of his own editorial*

    Scumbag John?

  • AAAkabob

    Also, I guess this guy has never heard of Wonderful 101, gtfo John

  • Yes, kudos to wii U Daily writing an objective article here. Actually, Nintendo’s core, long-term problems don’t have much to do with the hardware itself or the lack of games. I agree, adding new, must-have games will help but the core problem is the longer-term, now irreversible trend of “Gamer Nation”shifting enough of its time to mobile, casual gaming to where it will fundamentally impact Nintendo’s business. Nintendo’s head is completely buried in the sand when it comes to the mobile/app/tablet gaming revolution. This feels a lot like when Nokia and RIM started to see fundamental sales and demand problems and they remained in denial and now their survival is fundamentally questioned.

    No, hard core gamers and consoles, the true core of “Gamer Nation”, aren’t going away but the console glory days are over. Not sure if you all noticed that the CEO of Electronic Arts resigned today. And that Activision / Blizzard is ramping up its mobile / app gaming products and distribution *hard* (Call of Duty was #1 in the App Store not long ago). And Sony has just invested and continues to invest a ton of money and resources to take the broader PS4 platform to mobile platforms

    If you have younger brothers or sisters (say between the ages of 8 and 13) ask them if they are more stoked to buy a PS4 or a Samsung Galaxy 4. Are they more stoked to pay $90 for the next kill game or are they addicted to Snapchat and Instagram?

    The issue is not whether Nintendo can continue to sell product nor is the issue whether there will be demand for their product. The issue is, given the transformative mobile revolution now underway, can they sell enough product, as is, to maintain an ongoing, sustainable business? That’s a different question.

    But, the interesting part is when you look at the Nintendo platform and their software, it’s *perfect* for emerging mobile, casual gaming platforms and users and they can then truly focus on the high-margin software business and bring the Wii “platform” to virtually to billions of mobile devices while still making Wii consoles for the hard core gamers. Or, Nintendo, build the coolest tablet on the planet aimed at kids and teenagers with gaming at its core but with online access, app stores, chat, etc..and all the other stuff kids want to do on a tablet.

    A Gamecube? Really?

    Nintendo can flourish in this new world and I hope they do! But they don’t have years to figure it out. They have 1 year. Maybe. Ask RIM and Nokia about how fast things change.

  • Orange Lada

    Okay, as a guy who runs companies, I’d like to suggest you kindly get a grip, John.

    Let me tell you exactly why Nintendo is reacting as they should …… at this time.

    1) There isn’t content yet. Marketing without the content is throwing money away.
    2) Sales aren’t going to get better in this fiscal period. Hold off till next fiscal year to show increasing earnings.
    3) Fighting against PS4 and Xbox720 is pointless (since it isn’t in the market) but there is a huge market waiting to see what these boxes are, what they will deliver, and what they COST.
    4) We aren’t in “buying season:

    What this boils down to is keeping your powder dry, and shooting when it matters.

    The “fanboys” are getting over anxious.

  • Superstick98

    What issue is there? I don’t mind waiting for the games. I know Nintendo is doing everything they can to make their games as best as they can. Wii U hasn’t even been out that long. I assume the reason Nintendo isn’t advertising is because they are waiting for all the GOOD stuff to come out. Just like they advertised Lego City Undercover. Would you want to keep seeing an advertisement about Family Party 30 Great Games? Of course not. Just you wait and see. The Wii U will dominate this year. We already have AWESOME third party games like Sonic Racing and Assassin’s Creed 3. Wii U isn’t dead. It’s only getting started. (F.Y.I Lego City Undercover, Need For Speed Most Wanted U, Monster Hunter Ultimate, The Croods Prehistoric Party (bleh..), and The Year Of Luigi Coummunities, and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct communities have been added.

    • Aiddon

      because a lot of gamers act like borderline drug addicts. Seriously, they act like if they don’t get a new game every week they’ll go into withdrawal

      • Zorbo85

        LOL no when you are PROMISED pikmin 3 and rayman at launch especially after last years E3 and you got zero, then you find out that rayman is finsihed for wii u but is now being delayed for 7 months so it can be released on xbox and ps3 is PATHETIC!!!
        3rd party have no faith in the wii u and why should they, to price the wii u at 350 bucks when you can get a ps3 for 150 bucks with hundreds of games is hillarious!!

        • Aiddon

          -looks at the nearly fifty comments on thread. Then holds up a doll- Tell me where Mario touched you. Was it the ego? This might explain your borderline sociopathic behavior

  • tronic307

    The sales figures suggest that even die hard Nintendo fans are taking a wait and see approach with Wii U. If a Nintendo console is not an insta-buy for fans, something has got to be amiss.

    I watched E3 2011 with a friend who’d been playing Nintendo games all his life and even he could not tell if he was seeing a console or a peripheral. I argued the bird demo, he said it wasn’t mind-blowing. I owed him money, so I bought him a Wii U. I think he plays it more than I do. I sometimes wonder if the good games will arrive before he can sell it.

    This is the third time Nintendo used essentially the same processor architecture and the second time they’ve used the Wii name, a brand that went hyper-viral in 2006 to the point of universal saturation. From its inception that bizarre name lit up new pathways in the collective mind, yet those same nerve bundles have become so desensitized that they may now long for oblivion.

    This is the saga of the rise and fall of the Wii brand, a meteoric parabola set in motion that fateful day in November when I got to shake Reggie’s hand in Times Square, and from that moment, the Wii took off at warp speed, shattering the stratosphere, hang-time, bullet-time, triumphantly reaching for the ripcord only to grasp at thin air.

    And I can do nothing but witness the free-fall in abject horror.

  • Retailers aren’t the only ones to be rid of Wii U consoles, but devs have no interest.

  • Does anyone remember Iwata saying “There are a lot of third party developers with games for Wii U, but I cannot announce them here” sometime around valentines day? come on guys, all the support is at E3. all ya gotta do is listen to the directs

  • Adrian

    The article is making good points, but I also think the writer is overstepping his area of expertise with his claims. Especially bringing up a change in CEO. Unless you have insider info at nintendo, you really know nothing.

  • MetroidZero

    1 Letter and 1 Number:


  • Justin Gray

    Right now I am sitting here about to open up my new Monster Hunter and play it and then I am going to do that every day for a couple months or so. I am so excited about the Shin Megami Tensie Fire Emblem crossover and the new Xenoblade sequel I am beside myself. When these, a Metroid or whatever Retro is working on, Mario 3D, Windwaker, Pikmin, ect. hit the shelves people will be picking up the system in greater numbers.

  • Mortalcon

    think WiiUDaily made a good point. You people need to calm down and
    stop with the fanboyism. Nintendo did great at the start 3mill consoles
    sold in 45 days.

    But the fact of the matter is, there really isn’t much to draw in the casual gamer, or even
    the hardcore gamer. I hope since the CEO of EA just stepped down will
    change the relationship between Nintendo and EA, that might solve some

    truth is, there is to much fanboyism and people are forgetting about
    the market side of things. I have hardly seen any real amazing Nintendo
    commercials… I don’t see posters, the ads on youtube are weak..
    Everytime I walk into a EB or Gamestop I notice the Wii U game section
    is a small rectangle of games.

    I own a Wii U and I love it and I use it so often, but things like the freezing issue still happened even after the updates.

    Wii U pad gimmick won’t sell as well as the Wii mote because the pad
    isn’t something that can relate to everyone, nor is it “new” to kids
    these days.

    play Darksiders 2 and my god there are so many times when I enter a new
    or old section and the game stops in its track to fucking load… There
    are many glaring issues and if you choose to ignore them and not demand
    better from Nintendo, then how are you committing any help without
    communicating what is wrong.

    Please give Nintendo more feed back instead of just ridding the hype train.

    much of a change will those major system updates make? Will it be
    enough? Will it make people see the Wii U as a potential console to own?
    Those games, are they
    worth it? Can’t I already play maybe 1 or 2 of them already own on my
    current consoles? Are any of these great games everyone is hoping for,
    shown any signs of life? Am I only to rely on 1st party titles on the
    Wii U? Or can I play all the 3rd parties games coming out in the near

    These are the kind of things many people acknowledge.
    Row 4 isn’t coming to the Wii U. What does that mean about GTA? Will
    the fire between EA and Big N finally stop so I, as a Big N veteran can
    finally try a battlefield game?..

    can Square Enix really offer for Big N, I heard about a AAA title, but
    no knews. So maybe I should just wait till the Wii U price drop.
    I wish I could play my 3DS games on my Wii U/TV, or use Miiverse on my 3ds…
    Why would Nintendo release a console that has so many issues…

    see, it’s all about perspective. And the direction people are taking,
    is away from Wii U. Of course the Wii U will sell big when the first
    party titles are out, but how long is that exactly? It’s obvious
    Nintendo underestimated the time it took to make HD games, and they are
    paying for that.

    I’m bored with my Wii U, I enjoy the games and Miiverse but other then
    that, I just browse the internet with it. When I saw the Wii U I thought
    I could do so much more with it.
    Where are all my customizable options? How is the Wii U as stated by Reggie “Just for U” ??
    can’t change the color of my backgrounds, I can’t add any wallpapers, I
    can’t add music to play in the background of my games, I can’t share
    links on Miiverse, I can’t have voice chat openly while playing any of
    my games, I feel like there’s nothing really new about the Wii U. Other
    then how the Wii U Pad works and where the hell is the trophy systems so
    my brain will release some endorphins.

    List of games/Ips:
    Super Mario Universe
    Star Fox Wii U
    Legend of Zelda Wii U
    Metroid Wii U
    Pokemon Wii U(various)
    Kid Icarus Wii U
    Pikimin 3
    Wonderful 101
    Yoshi Land
    Mario Kart
    Super Smash Brothers
    Punch Out
    Golden Sun
    Dragon Quest
    Luigi’s Mansion(Potentially on the Wii U)
    Xenoblade Chronicles
    Pandora’s Tower
    Baten Kaitos
    Fire Emblem
    Shin Megami x Fire Emblem Wii U
    Animal Crossing
    Paper Mario
    Donkey Kong
    Earth Bound
    Mario Party
    Mario Tennis

  • Uhhhh this website is embarrassing to read now, the quality of writing has really gone down

  • yamiryuu_zero

    It’s weird to see Nintendo acting that way right now.After all the Nintendo Directs, the first year of the 3DS and all those decades of experience, seeing Nintendo making silly mistakes like not advertising their product is just inexcusable! We all want the Wii U to succeed, and much more Nintendo consoles to come, but right now, it seems like they just don’t care anymore…

  • Papito Bonito

    clearly anyone can write articles nowdays
    but thanks god the wiiu has sold more than 3 millions and nintendo is making great games and great effort and people talking like they know about nintendo when you don’t know nothing another michale patcher paid by microsoft just because we see the wiiudaily lol it does not mean nothing related to nintendo it is just a fanboy writing against nintendo and bunch of shit crap is so popular now days with so called gaming journalists lol but you are nobody such as michael patcher there is a dog closed who is the dog?

  • Papito Bonito

    how this is a failure nintendo has not released a big IP game already, just wait for smash bros most gamers are just waiting for games, they just care for games as most of my friends they all want smash bros universe and games are what make the system sell, how dare you talked about iwata thanks to iwata we have the best portable sold ever best game sold ever and best system sold ever, fanboys lol

  • Holyfire

    It wouldn’t be fanboyism to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt. I think the lack of sdvertising is just cost saving. Its how Nintendo always was. Frugal. Saving their dollars advertising dollars at least until the competition gets closer. If anything, maybe it was a premature launch, shoulda waited till Feb or something.
    But this article indirectly made a point as to why WiiU has a major one up on PS4/720. The public can’t afford new systems now. PS4/720 will cost far more (factoring new peripherals etc.) making bigger losses still for Sony n M’soft. With most ppl buying PS3/360s now, how are they gonna sell their units?, how are they going to convince current gen customers to lash out mega dollars 12 months after buying current gen gear

  • nintendo don’t need to do anything major until they see what the competition has to offer, yes a few new games would be lovely…as far as i know, the only thing sony have shown is a control pad which isn’t anything special and microsoft never really produce anything spectacular consolewise anyway. i’m sure the constructive criticism from everyone will be taken on board though.

  • Thank you for publicly making this an issue!! Love this article. Im a huge nintendo fan and, as a fan, I want to show my disappreciation of what has transpired with this era’s home console. Im a fan who actually want’s to play GOOD games! Not games that show you how the console works…rediculous.

  • dasfd

    EVERYONE REST YOUR GOD DAM MOUTHS! Nintendo said there working on A a new zelda B a new mario 3d game C a new mario cart D a new Unannouced game E New WWHD, F METROID DU!!! Now Calm your god dam tits til E3 OK this is ridiculous the reason Nintendo ant working on 3rd party is because there working on there armada of 1st party dumasses!!!!! + There soon AKA the demos from E3 of mario cart and Mario 3d and WWHD!

    • Steve

      You don’t seem to understand the situation at hand. The Wii U needs to drum up sales right now. Most of their agenda isn’t due to come to market for at least 5 more months. And I’m throwing this out there: that is a huge gap.

      To add to that, Sony’s Playstation 4’s release is slowly approaching. Not that it is a threat right now, but why wait until it becomes one?

      Another issue is attracting third parties, an issue that haunted the original Wii. Now, I’m going to ask you this: how do you expect to attract third parties if your product has poor sales? Third parties will be attracted to platforms with high demand…” If many people own this platform, we can make more money because its a bigger market”.

      In short, history is repeating itself. Nintendo has an opportunity to be ahead of its competition, and get a great competitive advantage, but they are neglecting this opportunity. And who knows how long before the opportunity is gone.

    • Zorbo85

      LOL what a load of cack!!!we all new that the mario games were coming!!pikmin 3 was supposed to be a launch title and so was rayman after being so hyped at last years E3 then what happened?

  • Aiddon

    uh, Nintendo IS aware of what’s going on, but certain things are out of their hands.

    People say a price cut is needed. Not gonna happen, not until we finally see what the price of the PS4 and Nextbox are gonna be. They did this with the 3DS, but it also made me realize just how impatient gamers are. They couldn’t wait until August? Really? Are gamers THAT badly in need of entertainment that they might go into withdrawal symptoms if they don’t have anything to play for a week?

    People cry for games. Well, it seems 3rd parties once again decided to drag their knuckles on this and have failed to create content for the system, usually only vaguely justifying why. As for 1st party stuff, it’ll come but you can’t expect Nintendo of all people to churn out titles like a factory-production line. GAMES TAKE TIME.

    And seriously, have Iwata resign? That would be the DUMBEST freaking move from a business standpoint. Before Iwata was in his position the company was at its worst and he vouched for the DS and the Wii which proved to be so damn successful that Nintendo beat the CRAP out of Sony and Microsoft in terms of profits and expansion.

    In conclusion, stop freaking out, it’s utterly EMBARRASSING.

  • fireheartis1

    Only an idiot would say Iwata needs to step aside. He’s one of the greatest minds in the video game industry. Yes Nintendo needs to move their butts and get some news about the Wii U out there, and get some more games out there for sure. Heck there are more games coming out than Pikimin 3 and Wind Waker HD though people. Monster Hunter Ultimate, Lego City Under Cover, WatchDogs, Bayonnetta, and Need for Speed Most Wanted U come to mind. Nintendo does how ever need to get some advertisement out for the Wii U. If not it could be true that it could be the last Nintendo console, but I don’t think Iwata stepping aside will fix this whole situation people. Don’t forget he created the GameCube, Wii, and Wii U.

  • fireheartis1

    Oh ya another thing don’t forget Nintendo was dealing with some dude who sued them for a couple of months now. This could be one reason Nintendo hasn’t been able to advertise their newest system. I’m sure most of their focus was trying to win the law suit even though they lost. This would make it were they have to regroup and start all over again with their plan for advertisment. It’s not that they are sitting back on their butt’s going along for the ride like this article said. Dealing with this kind of situation would most certainly put everything on hault.

    • dgallo911

      another bullshit excuse…..seriously you fanboys really need to wake up and smell the coffee….

  • WiiWii

    New Need for Speed for Wii U is $29.99 + free shipping on EA Origin Store.

    • dgallo911

      That is hilarious…..not only does EA restrict the amount of titles being released on the Wii U but they have undercut every retailers price by a decent margin lol

  • John Madsen

    nice job great article

  • Alan Deangelo

    Have more faith guys Nintendo has a lot of nice titles coming. Think Super Smash Brothers Meteoroid Zelda and third party games like Resident Evil Revelations among many others the Wii u will be fine don’t believe the hype.

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Well if the day nintendo is no more i will retire as a gamer

    • dgallo911

      enjoy 2013 then cause at this rate it will be your last….

      • Only a few are true gamers

        I don’t see this being the end man..I see the same thing happening to ps4 ..Just to high priced 600 dollars is not worth it

        • dgallo911

          im just being a smart ass, but nintendo better get their shit together as they are setting themselves up for a massive fall at the moment

          • Only a few are true gamers

            I hope not i really love nintendo but once a zelda game comes out it’s party time

    • kevin

      I agree, I’ve only owned Nintendo machines and don’t care to have anything else.

  • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

    I dont know if on Nintendo are making the things right, but I can see that they clearly are waiting… For what? I don’t know, but they are using that strategy

  • trainerblack

    wii u is not going to succeed if articles like this is on a wii u website. people come on the net to answer question. We have enough people criticising the wii u, so for a wii u site to say oh management need to stand down they not making great moves will only do more harm the good. because some potential buyers will think hmmm if that’s what im hearing everwere i should wait till later & that’s were the sales go till later. instead of pointing fingers since its a slow news day we should talk about what games will be great for wii u, its potential with miiverse how the gamepad changes how we play the games on different consoles, not this. & iwata have done more good then bad so for that comment brings shame. i think miyamoto should stand down because zelda is not out fast enough see-_- my point. lets wait till a year past to give a opinion like a person should stand down.

  • jrockjesse

    I do Agree that nintendo needs to use better marketing techniques, but I disagree with a bit you have had to say, the price is not to high, people spent 600$ on PS3’s at launch and 400$ + on a xbox 360 at launch, so whats so wrong with the wii u price? For nintendo to announce great games before E3 would be a mistake there would be nothing to show at E3 it would in fact not get lost in the rest of the game news from E3, because true gamers like myself watch all the E3 conferences, and dont lose info from one due to the other, by the way do you see sony or Microsoft announcing all their big games before E3…didn’t think so, as matter of fact nintendo has a few games to look forward, Wind waker HD, Pikmin 3, Yoshi yarn, bayonetta 2, dragon quest x, game & wario, pokemon rumble U, and X, not to mention the games we know are in development, like mario kart u, smash bros. u, Zelda U, 3D mario U, and many more, when these games start rolling out the sales will increase, Video game consoles are no stranger to slow starts, Atari, Snes, PS3, Every PSP every, Gamecube, ETC. and By the way, nintendo’s stocks went up by 6% upon the announcement of the PS4 so we can;t just say its nintendo, its that people know what’s gonna be the future, and PS4 is not the future, the only thing nintendo needs to fix its sales is 1. better marketing and 2. cool new games which we will be seeing come this E3.

  • thedeciderU

    oh no! where is donaald?!

  • if they hire me, money money money money.

  • Chris Kattner

    “But at times like these, we have to put our fanboy hats aside and look at things objectively.” Ummm why do “we” have to do that? its not like any of us can do anything about it (i’m not going to buy a second wiiU just to help out) “our” only job is to play the games we want. Pondering Nintendo’s business decisions objectively is only useful if you work for Nintendo.

  • michael546k

    ReviewTechUSA anyone?

  • theruck242

    poor article. no new facts. just confusion of the writer

  • Glen Bradford

    I have played on he Xbox and Xbox 360 for over 10 years, I have made lots of friends playing online games, I have over a 100 games I have downloaded, I have enjoyed 100s of very good games I trust Xbox to keep bringing out good games. In this time I have seen how the wii sold 100 million systems to people who have all stopped playing the wii, 100 million wii systems sold and none of them are being played on much? The WiiU is now out 7 years later with a system that is not much better than what we already have, with few games, the games that are coming out are not as good as the games coming out for the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Is Nintendo going to replace the 100+ games I have downloaded on to my hard drive over the years? No PS gamer or Xbox gamer is going to change brands to get a WiiU

  • disqus_wpR5ZhGWtu

    If this article was written by someone in the comment section, the fanboys would be screaming troll.

    It’s good to see this site isn’t totally one-eyed. I am also a passionate Nintendo fan and I have been equally dissapointed with Nintendo. But every comment I have written that doesn’t praise them, has been canned by blind fanboys. Nintendo will only change their ways if you vote with your wallet. That is the only language they truely understand. Don’t rush out and buy WiiU games just because there’s nothing else available.

    People keep talking about Pikmin… The game has been finished for ages and was meant to be a launch title. It’s not being delayed so they can upscale it to 1080p or include online features, no, it’s being delayed because they haven’t got any games to release.

    Everyone on this site paid out on Ubisoft for not having Rayman as an exclusive. How about getting upset at Nintendo and not promoting their console. Aside from them being tight asses, they haven’t promoted the Wii U because they have nothing to promote!

    I’m loving my original Wii and 360 at the moment. Just picked up Forza Horizon and Doom 3 BFG edition. Both games cost me under $100 from JB. Why would I spend $400+ on a new console with 1 minigame and $90 a game for software I can get on current gen platforms that don’t have framerate issues. Big deal, you can play it in bed for under 2hrs or use the touchscreen as a map in games. Not worth it people!

  • This article is weirdly timed. 5 Wii U games are out this week.

  • DragonSilths

    Who the fuck wrote this eye sore? If I ever find you I will rip out your eyes, drag your ass to Nintendo’s HQ and let Iwata and Miyamoto have their way with you.

  • Levi Johansen

    Nintendo certainly will not quit now, as previously stated by many reporters. Nintendo has enough money to continue practically forever.

    They are definitely saving all their cards for E3, so that they’ll be able to compete in the AUTUMN and slightly ruin the sales of PS4 and the neXtbox. This seems to more important to them, than to sell consoles now.

    Selling consoles now will generate many unsatisfied buyers, because there are so few games. Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends were supposed to be launch titles, and they are yet to be found.

    Developers won’t commit to the Wii U until it sells better, so they WILL COMMIT this fall, and as of next year we will be seeing alot of games for the Wii U, but in the meantime, people will be reading story after story about games NOT comming to the Wii U, and this is the only advertising there is, because Nintendo isn’t advertising.

    This seems to be a very bad plan by nintendo, but everything WILL be allright, and by next year, the Wii U will be doing fine.

    Nintendo is loosing alot of costumers to Sony and Microsoft rigth now – which is why they are planning a GREAT event for E3, to make a comeback, in terms of sales, after the summer.

  • DragonSilths

    People dont get it. ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE EVERYONE. Nintendo has worked their ass off yes they keep secrets thats what they always do. Learn to have some fucking patience I will wait 65 years for Smash Bros if I have to. We as gamers DONT NEED TO GIVE A FUCK ABOUT SALES NUMBERS. Yes they are important, TO STOCK HOLDERS. My god people. Nintendo is fine, not great with Wii U currently but fine. People honestly think the PS4 or Xbox 720 sales will be any better…wake up you delusional troglodytes.

  • Juhis815

    Eh, I wouldn’t be bloody surprised if they would announce the games at E3 even if Sony and Microsoft are doing things differently, for instance.

  • dgrizy

    I’m a huge Nintendo fan and I agree with this

  • Adam Porter

    look we all know this already, they need to advertise the console. my fear is why they aren’t advertising it, i’m seriously questioning if the WiiU will even have a 3 or 4 year lifespan, they may have realized that they are once again a generation behind and now want to catch up and bring the next nintendo console out quickly.

    we aren’t looking at a console that is GOING to flop, it HAS flopped and i think nintendo had realized that was going to be a strong possibility for a long time now, and are now in damage control.

  • djvalbnc

    As a true nintendo fan i owned every console and never owned or supported sony or microsoft. I can fully enjoy all third party games in full HD on my nintendo and i am very happy about this. I just don’t care what the others had before or not. At the moment I am playing Trine 2, AC 3, COD and Mario. It’s okay to wait for a good Zelda and other nintendo games. Meanwhile there are enough other games for me, but I understand well that someone who owns PS/360 has no point to buy a wiiU at the moment.

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Actually the Wii U has outsold the PS3 and 360 during their launch within the same time period.

  • Martijn Plasmans

    I remeber buying my xbox 360 in 2005 and there where also not too much good games during the launch period. NIntendo just doesnt want to get al the good games out right now so they get outshined once the PS4 and next xbox arrive.

  • noah13

    Nintendo has lot to offer, they haven’t touch the limits of the console.
    NFC, camera, control pad screen and speed

  • Coval83

    Shigeru Miyamoto for a leader! I think that Nintendo will show us after E3 that is strong even when Wii U sales look bad. Just wait untill true games annouce… But to be honest… Mr. Iwata doesn’t look convincing… Miyamoto has a passion… He’s bulid actually that company and he know’s what its bad and what’s good for Ninty…

  • Nintendo is a niche company, and has been that way since the mid 90s. They were lucky with the Wii, but I think the general perception of the Wii U is that it’s just an upgraded Wii to catch up with the PS3 and 360, with another new controller. Something like this was at least a year too late in its release, and with the announcement of PS4 and soon to be Xbox successor, I fear the Wii U may be doomed a similar fate of Sega’s final system, the Dreamcast. It’s fine to be a niche gaming company, but they made some critical mistakes with the Wii U that they are going to have serious problems correcting if they intend for the Wii U to last through the next console cycle.

  • KoolAidMan735

    What Nintendo needs done is advertising, more third party support (even if they are begging on their hands and knees), and need to realize that just a little bit of support isn’t enough. They’re giving us a box of chocolates with only half the chocolates left. They need to negotiate with people like EA and Silver fish and all the other 3rd parties and get every single bit of support we deserve, and not only that, but they have to find a way to make the game a better experience, and I don’t mean the diversity of the control schemes -.-

  • Ben Vangenechten

    Oh please, you can’t release games that aren’t finished yet. And if they did it would take weeks to make discs etc. Right now it has a hard time but those are changing.
    Iwata should only GTFO if the Wii U still keeps selling this bad for a year or so.
    Also, shooting all their big announced games right now would mean they have nothing for E3, that would mean gamers would look over them for sure. I would say they could tease a bit but its way to early for that. Just wait another month. I’m sure the sales will have risen thanks to Monster hunter, Need for speed and Lego city.

    • Ben Vangenechten

      They could give ore info about highly anticipated games like Pikmin and the Wonderful 101 and all the others i forgot.

  • Abdul-Azeez Azeez

    “If Microsoft or Sony were making the same blunders with their consoles, we would be laughing and mocking them right now” i really wouldn’t and i haven’t because that’s what fan boys do true gamers follow games no matter what box they come on we heard all this doom and gloom business b4 it already known the WiiU didn’t sell well in January and February but how quickly we forget the 3Ds is printing money and how the Wii U at launch outsold the Ps3 and 360 but 2 months of admittedly horrific sales and Nintendo last console Wii U is fail I’ expected a little more faith from i site devoted to the WiiU. I agree Nintendo need to get their act together but to automatically assume the have no plan is just plan stupid this article sounds verbatim of what Pachter says

  • Jonathan Baker

    What you people have to understand is that this is not a news site with real journalists, this is more akin to a blog. Like many of you, I don’t have high journalistic standards for this site and you shouldn’t either.

    This article consists of little more than hyperbole and is a thinly veiled attempt at trying to garner more traffic to their site. For example, down 20%? I’m not sure where they get that figure but from the Wii U’s launch it’s more like 15% (with an upward trend as of late). The author writes like everyone is trying to get rid of their Wii Us when it’s really only Costco in the US that has cut its price and some retailers in Europe. These are the same people that keep saying Corre is calling for a price cut of the Wii U when the interview says something different.

    My main point being, don’t hold these bloggers to any sort of journalistic standards.

  • Matt

    John Kinsley……you shouldn’t be writing for this or any other Nintendo source. You’re not helping the brand or offering anything that is useful by writing an article like this.

    • kevin

      Yes he is. ignoring everything is the worst thing to do. Its funny to see all these fanboy that would rather put their head in the sand and ignore everything.

      50k a month is a machine doing nothing. That is just people buying a machine to buy something new. Impulse purchases get these kind of rating. At this rate you will might break 1mill/year. That is a dead machine, 3rd party will not make games. if it doesn’t change this year, you will see 3rd party games drop next year and almost vanish.

      • Robknoxious1

        You do realize that Wii U has sold more units globally at four months in than the PS3 or Xbox 360 did after their first four months don’t you? People seem to have short memories or just choose to ignore stuff like that.

      • Ravyu

        ignoring everything is the worst thing to do


  • wiiu4life

    Oh wow this article is lame there are games releasing between now and E3 also there are many indie offerings. What people don’t understand is nintendo is not in a position to release a ton of games right now they need to come out swinging at E3. They have to have projects that will steal the thunder of the other manufacturers. E3 in itself is still the mecca of game system advertisement If you can go in there and come out on top you leave people waiting. Pikman 3 will drop right before E3 and then 101 right after. Bayonetta might be right after also I think there will be surprises. I think Nintendo will be alright they’ll have about 5 games announced at E3 that will have people in aw.

  • nuttyriv3r

    Wow, rough write-up, guys. Hardest to stomach? Ousting Iwata. Everything about this guy is exactly what the gaming industry needs to hold onto. He needs to stay. I think you will find stubborn patriarchs in the Board (maybe even Miyamoto) that hold more responsibility for this disaster than Iwata. I think there needs to be a shakeup in Nintendo of America, though.

    They could spend more dollars on marketing, but like the 3DS…there’s just no games yet – there’s nothing to market beyond what they’ve already spent millions trying to show folks. This week’s release of games has been so refreshing for the console. There’s been nothing for 3 months. Hoping a steady flow continues.

    I think a great surprise home run would be an announcement for a platform that distributes DS games to the Wii U in the Virtual Console. DS sales must be coming to its end as well…so it wouldn’t cannibalize sales. It would give life and energy to the system while they spend their eternity making their next triple A in-house games.

  • BraveBold

    LoL All the recent releases has been like this, slowly start

    At least the author could wait for E3 and then if he steel was unhapy, then he could write this article

    This all article is more sensationalist then it´s objective and real

  • Zorbo85

    LMFAO!!!! best article ever on wii u!!!!
    Finally they see what i have been saying since wii u launch that nintendo are doing nothing to promote it and no reports on any different huge games in store apart from the usual mario games!!!
    The reason the wii u was released was to get a head start on sony and microsoft, so whay are nintendo showing zero marketing?in 3 months time when the world will see the new xbox and sony consoles the wii u will be nothing.
    The wii marketing was brilliant and for some pathetic reason the wii u has nothing, i think the reason that nintendo are saying nothing is that they do not know what to do which is hillarious for a company that been in the game for nearly 30 years!!
    I have said it before and i will say it again the wii u was rushed and should have been shown to the world at E3 this year with heaps of games to show it off.
    If nintendo really wanted to get such a head start then they should have priced the wii u at 250 bucks just like patcher said to get them selling like hoy cakes and get a good head start on the next gen.
    The wii u has only sold 3 million and in 3 months time it is E3, with no big games coming for another 6 months the wii u is in serious trouble.
    If you look at how popular the ds and wii were it as mainly due to the fact that they were half the price of rival consoles and handhelds.
    The wii launched with a free copy of wii sports and a zelda game, the wii u launches with a re do of mario bros on the wii!!LMFAO.

  • Revolution5268

    “Perhaps it’s time for Mr. Iwata to step aside and let someone else
    steer the ship. We’re certainly not the first to suggest this.”

    You got to be joking, of all the stupid things this site does calling him out is by far the worst. You do guys realize that he has turn nintendo into profit ever since wii and DS came out. Also the first two months in the year ARE ALWAYS SLOW SALES so expect thing thing next year. Oh you should also know nintendo does not release garbage games just because you are butthut that you can’t wait for the game to release, listen sony did that look what happen to ps3 games from Sony. Oh since when are you worry about them making profit, nintendo said they can survive without profit till 2050-2072 i have no idea why are you talking about.

    I hate when this site pull bullshit moves for hits like Patcher and bullshit butthurt articles.

    • Zorbo85

      Patcher was right the wii u should have been launched at 250 bucks with a new wii sports game bundled in!!!
      And why is calling out iwata the wrong thing to do?he is the one that decides on 3rd party games, launch titles!!
      Why do u think he took a 50 percent paycut after the 3ds launch failure and no one else at nintendo did?coz he was RESPONSIBLE!!!

  • Zorbo85

    To price the wii u at 350 bucks with a rehash of mario bros game for the wii?and another bunch of dire from ubisoft in zombie u was suicide!!!
    The wii launched with a free copy of wii sports which was a brilliant game that showed what the wii was all about and a zelda game.
    The wii u should have launched with a new wii u sports title and pikmin 3 but instead pikim gets delayed, ryaman gets delayed and they give us nintendo land?LMFAO!!!

    • Revolution5268

      nintendo never release a game that is not completed, they are not fuking sony.

    • Revolution5268

      “ryaman gets delayed and they give us nintendo land?”
      um that game belongs to ubisoft.

  • FackMaaii

    This article pretty much sums up what some of us on the site has said about the Wii U. But of course people would consider us trolls, thinking that the Wii U wasn’t in danger. Who’s the real trolls here?

    • Zorbo85

      LOL of course the wii u is danger, the wii was doomed when they prices it at 350 bucks said pikmin was not a launch title and stupidly gave ubsisoft 3rd party launch titles………… which they delayed rayman by 7 months!!!
      Developers can see the wii u is in trouble but nintendo cannot!!to stay silent is showing that they lost the plot and the only think that will save it will be a huge price cut just like they did to the 3ds!!!

  • Zorbo85

    It is hillarious how you all bash patcher but the funny thing is is that this time he was 100 percent right.
    He said the wii u was rushed….true
    He said that the wii u should have been priced at 250 bucks to sell like hot cakes….100 percent true!!
    He said that nintendo should have bundled a free game with the wii u like they did the wii…..true
    He said that a rehash of a mario bros games with just better graphics as their big launch title was a joke…true!!
    He also said after what happened to pikmin that nintendo should have had a new f zero or metroid game at launch……true!!!
    You are all just gutted as nintendo has well and truly messed up with the wii u!!!

  • ICHI

    I feel, or rather am hoping a lot of effort and money is going into their e3 showing. Its been stated many times on many sites that ps4 is a fine iteration but nothing to set the world on fire with so Nintendo need to have something which will preempt and beat Microsoft’s announcement this summer. What’s the point of marketing to gamers when everyone is waiting to see what’s on offer from the other next gen consoles? Once everything is known then ninty can find their niche to market outside of the competition.

    • Zorbo85

      LOL the ps4 was not even shown so what you talking about?the ps4 and new xbox are 10 times more powerful than the wii u.
      If sony and microsoft launch at 400 bucks then the wii u will be dead!!!
      The wii u should have been priced at 250 bucks to get a huge start on the next gen, to sell 3.3 million in 4 months is hillarious!!!
      By comparison the wii sold 6 million in its first 3 months!!!!

      • ICHI

        Did you read what I wrote? I said it was a fine iteration, just nothing spectacular, who gives a flying fuck if Sony have shown the shell for all its bits or not, its got PC bits in it doing PC things but the GPU and the ram are small or outdated compared to PC. Its nothing special, it doesn’t have a niche to distance itself from the even more popular than it was last gen PC. Nintendo does but I think it needs to see where Microsoft are aiming their big guns to effectively advertise Wii u as a separate entity. What you said was just some crazy bollocks about numbers which mean nothing 3-4 months into a consoles life 🙂

  • Clairvius

    Nintendo is ganna pick it up in the next year once all the game companies start making games for new gen and not having almost finished current gen games and going hey should we put in more work and port this to the wii u or drop it like it is new games are springing up and nintendo is finally putting M rated games out there like the walking dead game i just got not too bad im thinking E3 will surprise alot of people its also a good time to keep your big guns hidden no need for sony and Microsoft to get a few free ideas i got one on launch enjoyed every game i purchased i feel like i got my moneys worth even if no more games where made that being said i do still play my gamecube 🙂

    • Zorbo85

      LOL next year?after the 3ds launch failure nintendo should have learnt but they did not!!
      The wii u was rushed and it has backfired on nintendo big time!!

      • Clairvius

        I don’t agree you can’t post any judgement on a company based on a handheld all handheld sales are crap just ask sony they just plain can’t compete with a cellphone or tablet i hate to admit it but the era of the handheld is over there just like cartridge games and dvd porn all on the brink of extinction its not the companies failure or bad product its the lack of demand i wouldn’t be surprised if nintendo didn’t start licensing some of there handheld games to apple monkeyball style they would make more money

  • Zorbo85

    LOL poor nintendo i feel another huge price drop coming before E3 and another ambassador program coming!!

    • djvalbnc

      As a true nintendo fan i owned every console and never owned or
      supported sony or microsoft. I can fully enjoy all third party games in
      full HD on my nintendo and i am very happy about this. I just don’t care
      what the others had before or not. At the moment I am playing Trine 2,
      AC 3, COD and Mario. It’s okay to wait for a good Zelda and other
      nintendo games. Meanwhile there are enough other games for me, but I
      understand well that someone who owns PS/360 has no point to buy a wiiU
      at the moment. Fact is that Wii U got enormous potential! I’m pretty shure that they re just holding back to surprise everyone this summer! It can’t be that they make the same mistake as with the 3DS !

      • Zorbo85

        LOL of course they have made the same mistake as the 3ds, the 3ds was priced to high with abysmal launch titles and then only a huge price drop to go along with the release of big games saved it!!
        The wii u was also priced to high and launched with abysmal games but even worse is that pikmin was delayed and rayman lost its exclusivity and also delayed for 7 months!!

        • djvalbnc

          honestly you are right but imagine all the people who are waiting for mariokart smashbros zelda and many other classic franchises!! this will increase sales alot!!!

          there is no doubt that the console is awesome!!! do u own it? if not, believe me !!!

          • Zorbo85

            Yes I do own one but the main reason i did was to play pikmin and rayman at launch…………… find out that they both have been delayed by 7 months with no new big games till after E3!!!

            Yes I know that super smah bros and mario games are coming with zelda but they not till the holiday season.Nintendo needs to bring out big games in between all this waiting.

            With no huge games out for the wii u people thinking of buying one will now wait till E3 to see what microsoft and sony release to decide which is bad news for nintendo!!

          • djvalbnc

            of course the delays are not cool! honestly i don’t care about all this sales n stuff because i bought it and i enjoy it alot…but i do care anywys because i want the console to survive and i want to share my great experience on the wii u with other people !!! i want it to be a great community. If i think that theyre working on a zelda since 2006 it is really worth waiting 1 or 2 more years. the game will be enormous and awesome!

          • djvalbnc

            dont worry pikmin coming soon..!

  • nuttyriv3r

    Additionally, it really sucks to grow up. All the grown-ups talk about sales, units pushed, retail fallout, stock percentages, yet the voice that I think Nintendo has always worked for is not heard on the internet or in newspapers. That is the voice of the children. I hope Nintendo never dies because of their ability to capture the essence of what keeps children in awe. The entire industry and beyond apparently wants that to be extinguished. I hope it never is. If you want to argue Skylanders isn’t a Nintendo game. To say that Nintendo’s efforts haven’t led to the spawn of Skylanders and it’s ensuing success is to neglect reason.

    in millions (2011 and 2012 combined) source: vgchartz
    Nintendo : 4.92
    XBox: 1.71
    Sony: 1.25

    Kids still play Wii. Kill the Wii, and let’s hope Wii U sales goes up!

  • Paul Wright

    Quite honestly I dont give a S- for these doom articles.
    They said the same thing for the 3ds, and look where it is now.
    They said the same thing for the Wii, and look where it is now.
    They said the same thing for the DS, and look where it is now.
    They said the same thing about the ps3, and look where it is now.
    They said the same thing about the 360, and look where it is now.

    THERE IS A REASON YOU ARE NOT A COOPERATE SALES STRATEGIST. I actually have a memory that goes back further than a year, and do you know what I remember? All of the above, WITH THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF HATE, hearing “oh this system will fail” “oh this system has bugs. it will fail” Not just nintendo, I had a 360 at launch and we had no games at launch and a buggy system. We stuck with it, and now its one of the best out there.

    Another thing, nintendo in the dark? I forgot the part where my Wii U went from freezing 5 times a day, to 0 times a week.

    Seriously, This is not news, This is a really shitty opinion. I can get my news somewhere else.

    • djvalbnc

      totally agree with youre comments especially with the bugs!

    • djvalbnc

      I am totally enjoying my wii u with several games, and we gonna recieve samshbros mario 3d and zelda anyway so fuck it 😀 this will rock man all this BIG GAMES IN HD QUALITY WITH THAT FUCKING AWESOME TABLET CONTROLLER! i am so looking forward

      • Paul Wright

        Thanks for the support. Im just trying to be voice of reason here. Here is some real news:

        Its 3/20 and Where is PUNCH OUT!?

    • djvalbnc

      and i forogt about martio kart, mario party rayman and many many others..!!

    • sithWiiU

      Your opinion is hitty blind Nintendrone. Nintendrones annoy me so much. They’re so dumb & hypocritical.

  • SoulSighter

    Everyone needs to stop losing faith in the foreground, when everything that Nintendo is doing is happening is in the background. It’ll emerge eventually, if it’s not better by the end of this year then theres a huge issue and we can make our doom statements. Though, I highly doubt it’ll take that long for them to catch traction.

  • Zorbo85

    LOL at peeps saying give it time………..the wii u is selling less per month that what the ps3 did in its 3 months after launch and that was priced at 600 bucks!!!
    When will nintendo learn to stop giving ubisoft 3rd party rights and launch a console with a mario and zelda game to keep everyone happy for 6 months until the next big game comes along!!

  • Zorbo85

    The fact is, is that if nintendo launched at 250 bucks and had pikmin 3, rayman and a wii sports game bundled at launch then nintendo would not be in this postion of utter embarassment!!!

  • Zorbo85

    LOL to the people saying the wii u will not get a price drop are you serious?the price drop single handedly saved the 3ds bacon!!
    Funny the vita has been selling 10k for 16 months in japan then once it has a price drop it shoots up to 110k!!!!

  • Zorbo85

    another main issue is that nintendo did not take in to account how long it takes to make a 1080p game and is why mario was a 720p launch game and why pikmin is delayed!!!

    sorry to say this but the next xbox and sony will end the wii u!!

    • djvalbnc

      i think it wont because like i said before the console is good and there are too many people waiting for mario kart smashbros and zelda. nintendo CANNOT die.

  • Ben Vangenechten

    Except pikmin Wii U owners have nothing to look forward to.
    WRONG, i’m looking out for Lego city, Bit trip runner 2, The wonderful 101, cloud-berry kingdom and all the famicom vc promotion games.

    But there is also Monster hunter and other games other people are interested in coming so there is enough to look forward to until E3 we keep forgetting about so don’t doom it so much. Yes, past months were worthless for Wii U owners but its going to be allright. There were a couple of hard months but i’m sure that times is past.

  • Zorbo85

    LOL now deus ex has just been announced for wii u….wow the original was released back in 2011 so why bring it to the wii u?pointless!!
    Developers should be making NEW games not rehashes of year old games ie batman arkham etc.
    It seems that developers have no faith in the wii u hence why rayman was cancelled and brought to other systems!!
    Once again it is up to nintendo big guns to save the day!!3rd party support was abysmal for wii and even worse for wii u.
    Nintendo should drop companies like ubisoft and other rubbish 3rd party and just stick to themselves and capcom!!

  • sonicfan1373

    “When Will Nintendo Wakeup to the Wii U issues?”

    Through Spring and Summer – System update will be released to address loading times and various other menu issues.

    June E3: Nintendo will announced a slew of new games for Wii U including Mario Kart U, Mario 3D, they will show Zelda: WW, Pokemon Snap U (these games will be released by holiday), and they will show the new Super Smash Bros (which will most likely come next year, but it would still build hype amongst gamers).

    Mid-August – Mid-October: Nintendo will cut the price of the Wii U by $50 hence positioning the basic model at $249 (the Nintendo price point for home consoles). They will then offer new value bundles (one of which will surely include New Super Mario Bros U)

    Mid-September – Early-October: the system will be re-advertised in a less confusing manner, which will show people that the Wii U is not a tablet or a tablet add-on for a Wii, but that it is a new console with new games (and by this time it will have many unique exclusives to actually boast about).

    Early November (Holiday sales rush): the Wii U problem will be solved and the console will sell in high amounts. The vast majority people will no longer complain about lack of software or slow system menu load times.

    How can I predict this? Because the N64, GC 3DS, DS, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, and PS3 all had the same problem and the companies behind these products addressed the problems with similar solutions as stated above in fact in almost the same time frame (the time frame for GC and PS3 were different though).

    A few months of bad sales is not the end of Wii U, Nintendo’s consoles business, or Nintendo as a company (Nintendo did not end when N64, GC, 3DS, and DS under performed during their launch). If bad sales continue after Nintendo has taken the above steps in a similar time frame then there is something to worry about.

    Also, for those who are sick of the doom and gloom articles. These articles will continue until sales start to pick up in between late-August and mid-fall. The worst will come on the month of E3 when the other next-gen systems are announced and people will start relating specs and power to console success. Do not take them too seriously, as they are written by short-sighted analysts and journalists who have not really been paying attention to the industry in the last 15 years in a manner in which they observe sales data in correlation to the company’s actions in relation to company profitability.

    • Zorbo85

      LMFAO!!!!so your saying it will take nintendo a year to tell people that it is simply not an add on for the wii but a brand new console?and you wonder why the wii u is selling like cack?LOL.
      All nintendo had to do was release an advert which said EXACTLY what the wii u was all about but no the marketing has once again been abysmal!!!
      And you keep saying when nintendo big games come….u are forgetting one huge thing at E3 sony and microsoft will show new consoles that will be available by xmas, if they launch at 400 bucks then why would anyone pay 350 bucks for a wii u with 6 year old graphics when for an extra 50 bucks thay get a truly next gen console with new features and is 10 times more powerful than ps3 was?
      The wii u is dead just accept it!!

      • sonicfan1373

        People said that about 3DS when the PS Vita was announced. Same thing about DS when PSP was announced. And about Wii when PS3 and 360 were announced.

        Also, why would Nintendo advertise the Wii U now when it has few worth while games. People will buy the system (Nintendo will make a loss on each system), they will have no games to buy, they will complain about loading times, and they will walk away with a lacklustre experience. By the Holidays, Nintendo will have fixed the loading problem, brought in a bunch of games, and fixed the price problem.

        Also, do you honestly think that the PS4 and its modified laptop APU is 10X more powerful than the PS3; if you look at AMD’s high-end desktop CPUs and APUs (I am not even talking about their laptop APUs) and you compare the benchmarks to the benchmarks done on the PS3 (the PS3s benchmarks are supposed to be higher by the way because the benchmark software can only run on two of the Cell’s cores and has limited access to the PS3s GPU) you will realize that the PS4 is theoretically only about 2X-3X more powerful than the PS3. Sony has also mentioned that like the PS3, the PS4 will only be able to run games at up-to 1080P. I can build you a computer right now that will be more powerful than the PS4 at a reasonably low price.

        Also, the Wii U is using a modified GPU from 2010, if you bother reading any developer logs (like from the people who developed Need For Speed U) and looking at some comparisons of a good ported Wii U game, you will realize that the Wii U is more graphically powerful than the current consoles. You might also benefit from reading some of the information posted by hackers, who have found (based on die shots of the Wii U’s GPU) that it is around 1.5X-2X as powerful as the Xbox 360s GPU and that 30% of the chip is custom and thus they do not actually what it does or how powerful it is.

        Also, based on their conference Sony is launching with about 3-4 exclusives for the system (much like how the Wii U launched); the other games are ports from existing gen that run better on PCs anyways (Diablo III, Watch Dogs [which Ubisoft said was made for PC first]) (again this is much like the Wii U launch). Furthermore, do you honestly think that the PS4 (which is still a more powerful system than Wii U, just not by as much as you think) and its high-res motion camera, and its new controller will all sell for just $400? If that is indeed the case (which I doubt) then Sony will be taking a deep loss on each unit, in which case (like the PS3) they will wait before mass advertising the system to the general public just so that they have more software available to offset the loss.

        Wii U is not dead and I will beat you based on the reasons I outlined above that it will outsell the other next-gen systems this year.

        • Zorbo85

          LMFAO thanx for the life story!!!
          You are missing the point, wii u at 350 bucks and only a little bit more powerful than the 6 year old ps3 is pathetic!!!
          sony and microsoft will luanch at around 400 bucks to shift units, sony will never make the same mistake they did with the ps3 launching at 600 bucks!!
          So again my point why would anyone spend 350 bucks on a wii u that is a little bit more powerful than a 6 year old console when for 50 bucks more they can own a truly next gen system?

          • sonicfan1373

            If you bothered reading my post you will see how I predict Nintendo will drop the price of the Wii U by the time the others launch. Also, why did more people by the less powerful SNES as opposed to the more powerful Genesis, or the less powerful PS1 as opposed to the more powerful Saturn and N64, or the less powerful PS2 as opposed to the more powerful Gamecube and Xbox, or the less powerful Wii as opposed to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Maybe most people who buy consoles do not buy them for specs but they buy them for the low and price and games.

          • Zorbo85

            LMFAO!! the reason the snes was better than the genesis was due to how many exclusives went to the snes ie streetighter 2 etc,yes that game did eventually go to the genesis but buy that time the war was already won.
            It is GAMES and the price of a console that defies its life cycle!!!
            The wii was 250 bucks cheaper than the ps3 and came with a free game wii sports plus it was a whole new way of how to play games and is why it easily beat both ps3 and xbox on life time sales!!
            ALso the wii launched with a zelda game to keep people happy!!
            The wii u launch was pathetic, get promised pikmin 3 and rayman only to be told they are being delayed!!
            The wii u has zero killer games and will not get any till the holidays when all the mario games arrive.
            So i ask you who will wait that long to buy a wii u when they will have the choice of a true next gen system by then?
            The wii u is dead so go and cry!!!

          • sonicfan1373

            People waited that long to get a 3DS even if PS Vita came out around the same time the major titles were released. Nintendo will surely offer some bundles by the holiday to entice people to get the system.

          • sonicfan1373

            Wii U will be priced below $299 and $350 by the holidays and it will have top notch games by that point. Even if Sony’s next-system is priced at $400 (it will probably be priced higher) who will buy that system when it will not come bundled with any games, only have 3-4 exclusives at launch (much like the Wii U at launch) with everything else being ports of current gen that run better on the PC anyways (like Diablo 3, and Watch_Dogs, again Wii U had this problem at its launch). Unlike Wii U PS4 is not backwards compatible with PS3 games, so people will have even less reason to buy it at its expensive launch price. Also, I can build you an inexpensive PC right now that will beat the PS4 and its low-end modified notebook APU, the PS4 is not powerful compared to PCs right now; anyone who wants a powerful system to game on will just build a PC and run Steam on it. If by “true next-gen” you are talking about graphics then the PS4 is already a loser when compared to todays PCs.

          • sonicfan1373

            If you bothered reading my post you will realize that I predicted that Nintendo will reduce the price of the system by the time the other consoles are released.
            Also, why did more people buy the less powerful SNES as opposed to the more powerful Genesis, or the less powerful PS1 as opposed to the more powerful Saturn and N64, or the less powerful PS2 as opposed to the more powerful Gamecube and Xbox, or the less powerful Wii as opposed to the more powerful PS3 and Xbox 360? Maybe most gamers care more about software and a lower price (which the Wii U will most likely have by the end of the year) than specs.

  • Why are people worried if the Nintendo sold less last month and less the other month. The point is if Nintendo is not worried then there is nothing to worry about. Also they keep mentioning sales only happening in the US. Please list facts of total consoles sold all over the world. Nintendo will get new IP’s and will reveal them at E3. Point blank. Please start talking about what the system can do instead of talking about pointless jargon of statistical numbers of sales. Lets move on people! Nothing to see.

  • Zorbo85

    Also the wii has sold 100 million, nintendo stupidly thought that as the wii was so popular that they could release a new version but a huge price tag on it and most of the wii owners would go out and buy the wii u….WRONG!!
    Nintendo had the same thought with the 3ds the ds sold 150 million, they put a huge price tag on the 3ds thinking every ds owner would rush out and buy one when it backfired so badly that after 6 months nintendo dropped the price by 80 bucks!!!
    Nintendo are stupid releasing new products with zero marketing expecting every nintendo fan to fork out abysmal prices for a console with utter cack games!!!

    • *facepalm* are you retarded..

      • Zorbo85

        Erm you are thinking that the wii u is doing fine!!!LOL.
        Is any wonder developers are cancelling games and putting them on the ps3 and xbox instead of the wii u?
        Why would developers waste time putting games on a console with a 3 million fan base when they can put it on xbox and ps3 and have a combined 150 million fan base!!
        Fact is every developer thought the wii u would sell like hot cakes and so did ubisoft and why they delayed rayman for 7 months and said they were bringing it to xbox and ps3!!
        The most hillarious part is that rayman for wii u was finsihed yet ubisoft are scared to release it in case of bad reviews!!!!
        Goes to show you they have no faith in the wii u just like all 3rd party!!!

  • Zorbo85

    I cannot wait till E3 when nintendo show off rehashes of the same mario and mari kart games we have seen for the last 20 years and sony and microsoft will be showing off new consoles!!!
    After E3 the wii u will be irrelevant!!!

    • You’re a 12-year-old with nothing better to do than trolling like this, aren’t you?

      • Zorbo85

        errm no your the 22 year old virgin with no life get it right!!!
        Just as your hero nintendo and its wii u are screwed go and cry to your momma!!!

  • Zorbo85

    LOL the best rated wii u games are need for speed and a rehash of monster hunter tri!!!

  • FilipiCn

    I’ll keep supporting the Big N. I paid R$1500 brazilian money, about US$750 for my Wii U deluxe. And I do not regreat. It’s is very fun machine. We have to wait, the next gen is just beginning. After finish AC3 and ZombieU, batman will be the next eshop download.

  • DemonRoach

    I just want a new CEO. Iwata is a good person, but we need someone with a fresh vision. Nintendo has the assets to make a huge impact, they just need need some new visionaries to push the company.

    • Zorbo85

      Exactly they need to make new games not keep pushing out rehashes of the same mario and mario kart games we always see every year!!!

  • Matt

    Why has my comment been deleted? If you don’t like to hear what the readers have to say about this article, which none of us want to see; then don’t write it in the first place. You keep deleting, I’LL KEEP POSTING.

  • Matt


  • Zorbo85

    LOL at nintendo after the disaster of the 3ds launch i really thought that nintendo had learned their lesson…………..then what do they go and do?price their new console at a ridiculous 350 bucks with zero games and then wonder why it is not selling well?
    The wii u should have been prices at 250 bucks plain and simple and came bundled with a new wii sports game and nintendo would not be in this terrible position!!!

  • Zorbo85

    Wii u launch at 350 bucks when it is only a little bit more powerful than the 6 year old ps3?LMFAO!!!!!
    Wii u is the 3ds all over again,priced way to high, rubbish games and ubisoft screwing nintendo over again!!
    I see a price drop before E3

  • I was hoping for a article like this…….. finally, I know allot of u are really supportive over Nintendo but when times are like now u can’t keep supporting someone who keeps stiff arming u all the time. I have been a Nintendo follower every since Colleco-Vision where Myamoto put Donkey Kong & Cubert on. I’m just fed up to the point I might be selling my Wii U while I can still get a decent value for it. Nintendo has plenty of money but time & time again the stiff arm, weaker system the cheap rout. What happened to all the promises about 3rd party support 2 e3’s ago none have come to be as well as every game from 2 e3’s ago are still not out, heck Pikmin has been pushed back to next yr now everything else is on hold out of the blue. So it’s like I just dumped $400 down the toilet & flushed it. The 80’s way of managing is gone this system was suppose to bring back 3rd parties & core gamers hasn’t happened….. I’m fed up as u all can tell. I’m heading to the competition sorry. Especially since Nintendo is ignoring the current situation. I agree Iowata step down, join ur buddy @ EA.

    • Zorbo85

      Thankyou finally someone else agrees with this article and the fact that nintendo are doing NOTHING to promote the wii u!!

  • Zorbo85

    BLU_J has hit the nail on the head……where are ALL the 3rd party games that nintendo promised at last years E3?the big game from last years E3 rayman has now been delayed and is now also heading for xbox and ps3!!!
    Nintendo said that to get the core gamer that they would be using more 3rd party support and bringing out loads of new games……what a load of tosh!!!
    3rd party is non existent with games being cancelled and pushed back due to poor sales of the wii u!!!
    Nintendo should have never given ubisoft launch game rights again as they screwed up the 3ds launch as well.
    Nintendo should have launched the wii u with a brand new mario game ……not a rehash of mario bros on the wii!!!
    PS4 and new xbox will destroy the wii u!!!

    • Dude, if you don’t like the Wii U that much, why are you here polluting the comments with your clear disdain for it? No need to bring that “fanboy” attitude here, man. By the way, I wouldn’t be celebrating about PS4 and the next Xbox too soon–the PS4 is looking to cost about $600+ and the new Xbox is looking to support always-online gaming with no support for used games.

      • Zorbo85

        LMFAO yeah of course sony will price the ps4 at 600 bucks just like they did the ps3 which made the console struggle to sell for 2 years!!!

        • Simple economics is on my side. You don’t produce a much higher piece of technology (of its kind, that is) without a much higher price to cover costs of heavy profit losses as initial investments.

          • sithWiiU

            That’s why Wii U is making a profit? Oh that’s right! Every Wii U sold is a loss! Your own simple ecomics backfired on you.

      • sithWiiU

        PS4 wont cost 600 dollars. I remember before they announced the price on Wii U, Nintendrones everywhere were saying Nintendo will only charge 300 dollars, & Wii U games would be 50 dollars… lol! You Nintendrones were wrong before, you’re wrong now. PS4 will NOT cost 600 dollars, & if you believe it will, you’re an idiot.

  • Zorbo85

    66000 units sold in feb!!!

  • Zorbo85

    Nintendo on wii u……………….we want to bring back the core gamer and 3rd parties……..Biggest lie in the history of video games!!!!

  • Thank you for having the courage enough to be honest. I’ve been saying much of this for months on various Wii U news sites, saying it just as reasonable and honest as this, and all I get it tons of “fanboy” disapproval.

    Nintendo has some of the best and most loyal fans around, but they also bear some of the most annoying and blindly-optimistic fans this side of gaming–fans which we can safely call “fanboys.”

    That’s one of the chief differences between fans and “fanboys.” Fans will admit where there’s trouble to address–“fanboys” will accuse you of making trouble for addressing trouble. “Fanboys” will ignore true signs of trouble with what they like, and then look for someone to blame when things they love fall down. And then they mock at other products that undergo the same kinds of signs of trouble. Such insincerity…

    I only hope some people out there will actually listen to this rational article, because it’s dead-on. People need to be more honest in considering the reality about what they love–and not just with gaming.

    Though, I don’t think it’s necessary for Iwata to step down just for them to make some better changes. While a change in leadership could bring positive changes, I’d be horrible if someone without vision took the helm at Nintendo and completely changed Nintendo into something we wouldn’t like, like seeing Nintendo games in the App Store. {shudder}

    If Nintendo became anything close to being Microsoft or Sony, I’d quit console gaming forever. I think they just need to sit down with their current staff and just say, “Games. We need more games. If we make more solid first-party titles, we’ll attract more solid third-party titles.”

    • Zorbo85

      EXACTLY like you just said REAL fans will know when nintendo is wrong and want them to address the issues asap.
      Fanboys who just like nintendo as they sold 100 million wii consoles laff off that nintendo is in trouble and who keep saying nintendo is quiet as they are waiting for E3 just….LMFAO!!!

    • Though, I seriously, seriously think some people are getting their hopes up too high about PS4 and the next Xbox.

      Word from some analysts is that the PS4 is looking to cost $600+, and to be honest, the PS4 has to cost that much, just to accommodate for the heavy initial profit loss Sony is investing into PS4, and the heavy profit loss they have already been losing with PS Vita. It’s no accident that they’re using Vita to promote PS4–they need each other to help Sony justify their insanely-high profit losses going into them.

      And there’s still no confirmation as to whether PS4 will play used games–they’ve only stated “…used games can play on PS4.” But “can” is not “will,” and Sony’s got a history of saying one thing but resulting with another. If they don’t support used games and allowing you to share a game with a friend, you can kiss a considerable amount of their market goodbye.

      Also, people everywhere seem to be ignoring the growing concern of rising game development costs in gaming today. I seriously doubt that most PS4 games will look significantly different than PS3, simply because it’ll cost a developer way too much money to keep on developing all their PS4 games that way.

      You’ll likely only see a relative few PS4 games developed to a point that significantly outshines the PS3, while most other PS4 games will simply look and play like slightly-better PS3 games. That experience might not be enough to convince someone to spend $600+ on a mere gaming console–not in this modern economy, where many college graduates have degrees but no jobs.

      Word is that Microsoft’s looking to employ an always-online system for all their games, meaning you have to be online all the time just to play your games, and further meaning they won’t support used games. Microsoft will most likely release a console that’s much stronger than Wii U, but more affordable than PS4.

      If they do, then most “Xbox 720” won’t look significantly better than current-gen consoles. They’ll likely be just enough to compete with PS4’s lower-end games. In other words, for those kinds of gamers concerned with horsepower and whatnot, the next Xbox might not be as big a deal as they’d hope.

      So, don’t celebrate too soon, Sony and Microsoft fans. Console gaming in general’s in trouble–largely self-afflicted. ALL THREE major companies have some issues to resolve. Nintendo’s going to hesitate themselves to death, Microsoft’s going to close themselves to death, and Sony’s going to strain themselves to death.

      • Zorbo85

        LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the ps4 will be 600 bucks?BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
        You clearly do not know anything sony has said that they will NEVER make the same mistake that they did with the ps3 launching at 600 bucks which made it not sell for 2 years till price drop!!!

        • CCM

          $499 – 549 for the deluxe SKU and probably $399 – $449 for the lower-end model is what I’ve been hearing.

        • You clearly fail to remember who Sony is. They’ll say one thing and then result with another. But I’m not taking my own word for it–there are several analysts out there who also–just looking at manufacturing costs alone–are predicting a $600+ price. It’s just simple economics–the 8GB of GDDR5 and customized GPU (among other features, like the inclusion of its built-in sensor technology) is going to cost them.

          One mere spokesperson can’t just claim what the price isn’t going to be–they’ve got to go through a whole team of engineers and manufacturing deals that help determine its price. We’re not looking at a $400 console with PS4. It’s cutting-edge modified tech (for a console, that is) going to launch pretty expensive. And even a $500 price would still be too high for gamers in this economy.

          • sithWiiU

            How old are you? The only reason why PS3 cowt 600 bucks is because it was also a blu ray player. At the time, a cheap devouted blu ray player cost 1000 bucks. PS3 was a blu ray player AND a game console.

          • The reason why PS3 cost 600 bucks is because PS3 used Blu-ray as its media of choice for its games, necessary for catering to the game media’s larger size, and so it doubled as a Blu-ray player.

            This was also a way for Sony to capitalize on the prospects of Blu-ray movies, but the sheer reason why Blu-ray was even included in PS3 was to allow it to use Blu-ray discs as its main game media. Sony took a heavy profit loss in PS3 to do it, and that’s why it cost $600 rather than $1000.

            The PS3 also had a then-six-year-old GPU modified as its GPU and only 256MB of RAM, which allowed Sony to devote more on the cost of the Blu-ray format. The PS3 was designed to be low-costs everywhere else BUT its Blu-ray drive.

            The PS4 will be sporting 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, an 8-core processor, a modified GPU capable of handling almost 2 teraflops of information, Blu-ray drive (which, while is much less expensive now, still contributes to manufacturing cost), a depth-sensing PS4 Camera, and a newly-designed controller with touchpad and depth sense (which, again, may not be the most expensive thing, but it still a considerable contribution to PS4’s overall manufacturing costs).

            You can’t even get a PC with 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and 8-core processor for less than $500–if you do, it’s not something with a monitor. PCs are typically cheaper to manufacture than consoles initially are, because market expectations are much higher and in demand for PCs–prices for PC production just aren’t the same for gaming console production, esp. since most consoles feature modified versions of their memory and GPUs to be more console-efficient.

            And let’s not forget that Sony has to take a profit loss to invest in manufacturing the PS4–chances are, if PS2, PS3 and PS Vita are any indications, the profit loss is big so that they can price the console what they will price it.

            This is how companies can afford mass production of their products–they take a profit loss on a risk that they’ll make it back at a set price over time. It took Sony like five years to see their first profit from PS3, they lose billions last year on all their electronics overall, and they’re still suffering greatly from the initial profit loss they put into Vita, so I wouldn’t think they’ll price the PS4 too much below $500, to help recoup losses.

            It’s not unreasonable to see how PS4 might cost around $500-$600 at launch. Apparently, I am not alone in this prediction. Google around–some analysts are guessing around $500, even $600. And if you read my last sentence, I said that even $500, for most people, would still be too much.

            And don’t insult me–nothing in my first statement merits your insult of “How old are you?” If anyone is childish here, it’s you.

  • Zorbo85

    Hey brian lockett everyone on here apart from a few people including me have said that nintendo is in serious trouble with everyone other person saying no the wii u is not in trouble!!
    The wii us in serious trouble, 350 bucks launch price,rushed console, a mario rehash as their big launch title, pikmin 3 delayed,rayman aslo delayed and lost its exclusivity,3rd party non existent and you wonder why the wii u is failing?

  • Zorbo85

    LOL this guy has the decency to write a decent article that states the truth and the state of the wii u and nintendo and silly fanboys cannot handle it!!!
    Wake up nintendo has screwed up with the wii u and its launch….get over it!!!

  • Nintendo isnt even trying, Its freakin scary.

  • Joey Perez

    this is just an anti nintendo article.. kind of sad being this is supposed to be a credible website that is no just posting opinions rather than facts.
    I for one have know wii u is awesome and would never post a negative article on a company just out of frustration or spite that is bad marketing and without sources being listed is all false and this my friends is how rumors are started… hmmm i’m a graphic/web designer maybe i should create a pro wii u forum in fact a pro gaming forum with no biased opinions instead a place where all gamers can come voice out or suggest things or just talk instead of hate n hate or be negative..
    who would come check it out if i took time to create it? bye wii u daily
    and hello to wiiulately
    not saying ill do it i donno if you all would come. but thats how this article makes me feel… wii u and nintendo obviousely are waiting for their bigger ips and system update before they come hard.. also comparing nintendo to its own past sales is a joke .. the only true number would be if you looked at ps3 and xbox 360 during its first 3/4 months.. and if you did so im sure so much negativity would not be here… pfffft grrrrr dayyyuuummm

  • Matt Jarvis

    It is clear that some people here are missing the point of the article. It was clearly written to get people talking and arguing over the best console, the death of the wii u etc etc, and it has worked. Everyone will have there own opinions on nintendo, but the fact is that nintendo have failed so far to market the console properly and they do need to react quickly, otherwise the console will become quickly obsolete. Reacting quickly though does not mean that they should react without thought. The console has potential without any doubt, but without selling the console to enough people, the third parties will not commit to it. Need for speed clearly shows just how good the wii u is and could be, but it needs to reach a wider audience or it will fall flat which would be a shame. The PS4 has got gamers talking, but the initial games mentioned are hardly awe inspiring, so it will be interesting to see how things pan out. Whatever happens, gamers will always be divided on which console is best, but at the end of the day as long as you, the gamer is happy with what you have, then quit frankly, who cares?

  • Zorbo85

    This article is stating that nintendo’s marketing has been abysmal and that nintendo are not doing enough with the news of big new games on the way which is 100 percent true!!!
    the ps3 launched at 600 bucks 6 years ago and was why ps3 failed to sell really well,the wii u is just over half that price and is failing even worse!!

    • Matt Jarvis

      lets us not also forget that we are now in poor financial times and people do not just go out and buy consoles at will. ps vita is a good system, i had one, but it just isnt good enough to establish itself in the current climate. Nintendo need to move quickly as i said, but the race is only just beginning and there is a long way to go yet.

  • OMEGA48

    Things Nintendo should do to help with the WiiU sales:

    1. Get MarioKart and the 3D Mario game out soon announcing details at E3.

    2. Offer both Game Boy Advance and Gamecube games on the virtual console.

    3. Majora’s Mask HD?

    4. Info for the new S,ash Bros.

    5. Info for new Zelda.

    I think this would help them the most.

  • Look does the Wii U have issues? From what im hearing(dont own one yet) yes, yes it does. But when we break down the issues to there core we find multiple things that are the problem with the Wii U’s problems. Whether it be poor/low system sales, long menu loading times, low third party support, small game library etc. Many of the things i just listed are not fully within Nintendo’s control. Let us adress all the things listed instead of putting the FULL blame on Nintendo.

    Low system sales are 99.99% entirely based on lack of software. Now some of this is Nintendo’s fault for not preparing more launch games to cover for lack of games but this almost entirely resting on 3rd party developers not wishing to support a brand new system or some other reason publishers/devs give for not realeasing more games to the Wii U.

    Long menu load times and similar system issues are entirely Nintendo’s fault for not having the bugs worked out by the time of launch. But really what console has launched without a few system bugs? These issues are being worked on and should be receiving patches soon, cause you cant just magically fix things over night that are this complex.

    The only decent reason a person could give for low 3rd party support is lack of console users/buyers. But the fact that publishers don’t wish to invest in something based on a low amount of users is rather silly seeing as in order for people to want to buy something their needs to be a big enough library of games to entice people to buy the system and in turn support the games.

    Remember people that if a publisher like Activision or EA or Ubisoft or any of the other publishers don’t want to support a console based on specs that is on them not Nintendo. If EA is handed a dev kit from Nintendo that they are fully capable of making a game for it is on them regardless of the specs of the system. The excuse that it isn’t “Next Gen” due to its lower power than the ps4 is a flat out excuse seeing as graphics power don’t make a console sell any better or make a console next gen. I mean look at the PS Vita it was said that it would overshadow the 3ds with its high-end specs. A year later we have a handheld that is outselling the PS Vita by leaps and bounds and is struggling to pump out games due to low sales.

    So all in all the fate of the Wii U does not rest soley on Nintendo’s shoulders.

    • I meant the PS Vita is struggling to pump out games.

    • gobrowniesgo

      Umm..Most of that is fixed. l’m typing on my Gpad. l don’t get freezes, l only had one hard freeze and it was Activisions fault for sending a corrupted patch. The load times are down to 5 secs. if that.. game load times very but most are fast.. the only thing that is lackingat the moment is 3rd party titles. l’m sure MH3 n NFSMW has changed that..

      • Like I said I don’t actually own a Wii U yet so I cant speak from experience but I was more or less pointing to the amount of load time from app to app and from game to the Wii U menu it takes. Hell if those aren’t a problem anymore then all the more reason to get a Wii U(system bugs usually stop people from buying consoles early on). And I agree that MH3 and NFSMW has probably and or probably will change the current lack of 3rd party titles. Hopefully it attracts more people to buy a Wii U which will make publishers see the Wii U more profitable.

        So im curious cause I might be getting a Wii U soon (got to get a job first) is it worth it in your opinion to buy right now? Or should I maybe hold off a bit for more games?

        • gobrowniesgo

          Transition from game to Wii U menu takes maybe ten secs. Sometimes you will get hung up in miiverse but you can always exit n go back in and that takes like 5 sec..Netflix takes about 30 sec. to load. but exits fast. and like l said games all vary in load times..l have slow internet too. so lf you have a faster connection it will prob move faster going from app to’s definitely not a deal breaker. l have a 360 and it took alittle getting used to the button layouts on the U. The gamepad has short battery life but comes with a power cord that plugs in to the wall. The pro controller lasts like 4x as long as a play n charge kit for xbx and 90% of games use it.. You can use anything from the wii.(l skipped that).and thats about it..besides the U spoiled me n it’s hard to play xbx anymore..

          • Ok cool good to hear that there aren’t any problems with the OS! And yeah I am a fairly avid Xbox 360 gamer myself but have always loved Nintendo products much more. As of late I have been getting extremely bored with my Xbox so iv’e been playing my Wii a little bit more than usual. Only things that are holding me back from getting a Wii U is money and school otherwise I would get one today. Thanks for answering my question btw appreciate it.

        • gobrowniesgo

          lf you don’t have the $, l’d wait till you did. But l can tell you it’s going to take time to learn the button layout. And there is mainly ports out for it. l mean new Mario Bros. is fun. and sonic racing,Blops2,ME3,NFSMW and ac3 are better on the U. the online is free n there are no online has an awesome browser on the game pad. MH3 is good too..blew me away when l started playing it. very pretty. Just remember the games are coming and l hope we get some dlc. none for ME3 or Blops2..

  • TCar

    If people don’t know what the Wii U is. that is their issue. There is a ton of commercials and information out there to get people informed. In the day of the internet, how can someone not be informed on something they want to know about!

    • eieieeieieur

      Ton of commercials and information? No. And Nintendo is not trying to sell to people who want the Wii U, they don’t have to.

      Ideally they want to advertise to non hardcore fans and those who might be interested if they knew it existed. Nintendo needs to go to them, not for them to go to Nintendo.

      • TCar

        I primarily am on the internet and see Wii U commercials on many websites I visit, granted that is tied to my browsing history. When I do watch TV, I see commercials for WII U games often enough. There is tons of information about the Wii U on 100’s of websites that if someone actually wanted to know something about this system, the info is at their fingertips.

        Nintendo can only do so much as far as advertising. However, they have hosted many Wii U parties, been on Fallon with the system, been in the news such as CNN, and other various daytime TV shows. What people don’t realize is that the Wii U is a new system, separate of the Wii. The reason most of the people whom bought the Wii aren’t getting the Wii U is simple; many of them were brand new to the market. They may not know what it means to upgrade. It’s only a matter of time before things pick up.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Honestly, I can see the light at the end of this dark, 4-month-long tunnel we’re starting to see some more system sellers approaching the horizon and we know that E3 is going to be majorly centered on games if Wii U makes it through spring safely, it’ll do great things

  • Teem Four Tress Too

    Appreciate the news. But as a nintendo fan, i am a bit sad that the wii u hasnt been selling very well. I think that the reason why the wii u wasnt selling very well is because of the lack of intresting games. During the wii u launch day, the only games that were avalible were mario, zombi u, assassins creed 3, ect. I would have to say that those arent a very good selection of games to begin with. If nintendo focused more on their francises than the 3rd party support, I think the wii u would have been a hit. Like why didnt nintendo give pikmin 3 to us on launch day? We were looking forward to that. But i will tell nintendo to STOP taking previous games and put them on the wii u, its a waste of time and a waste of money to begin with. FOCUS MORE ON THE MAIN FRANCISES NINTENDO!!!

  • Anybody want to buy my Wii U Deluxe? I have 3 games and a Wii U Pro Controller. I know better games will eventually come but I’m too busy to even get a chance to play them. I’m just looking to get $400 for everything at this point, if I can lol. Otherwise I’m going to just keep it. Not worth taking a huge loss. It can only get better if Ninentdo wakes up and gives more developers their SDK. Need For Speed looks great on this console.

  • My only thought, is that Nintendo has something so amazing coming soon that they know that when they announce it, everything will turn around. But, that is very unlikely. I really don’t understand what they’re doing. I wish they’d at least put some effort into selling the Wii U.

    • gobrowniesgo

      Yep it’s WW..n TLOZU..Would be awesome if we get new Metroid or Starfox..

  • Ugslick

    What do you want them to do? Their business model wont allow for a price cut, so ya they could market it, but I think theyd rather wait to market when they start putting some bigger releases on the system after summer. They are slaving away in the meantime to improve the OS and get those amazing Nintendo games we expect and love ready… so theyre doing all the right things, for the right reasons. Games will start wrapping up, and then there will be a huge flood of announcements and hype at E3, and then kick off the marketing. Sure the one thing they kind of risk leaving in limbo is retailers, but they all know games sell anyways, so theyll undoubtedly start picking up more stock once the games are coming out and sales start to increase.

    • gobrowniesgo

      I am not worried.When Nxtbx and ps4 comes out at 5-600, the Wii U’s price will look pretty good. Especially when the console selling games are released. l’m sure that MH3 moved some..

      • CCM

        Exactly. $450 minimum prices most likely for the “lower-end” SKUs, & probably $550 for the “deluxe” models of PS4 and neXbox. Couple that with $70 games, pay-to-play online, mandatory installs, no used games (potentially), Always-on DRM, spy cameras, ads up the wazoo, etc and the Wii U will suddenly seem a lot more attractive to a lot of people.

        • sithWiiU

          Wii U will awlays like like crap compared to the other 2. Who wants to buy a Wii U where no 3rd party games release? Only Nintendrones.

      • Ugslick

        Agreed. I just dont see the PS4 or Xbox selling very much in their eary days, I think theyll see the same situation as the Wii U, except they wont have as strong first 2 months, and they might not have as weak of a couple months we had with the Wii Us sales (because of lack of games) but itll be a comparable situation.. Im really expecting Nintendo to wow us at E3. I think theyll even be able to take the spotlight off of Microsoft and Sony, potentially.

        • gobrowniesgo

          yes! they will show up fully loaded and ready to go.

  • gobrowniesgo

    lt’s because they are in the mainstream.. lt’s like Libral media n Fox News..The underdog always wins.. They can talk all the shat they want. Just keep in mind the other 2 havta work before you can play on it! typed on my Wii U GamePad!

    • sithWiiU

      Lol! So instead of playing games on your Wii U, you’re spewing Nintendrone comments? That’s right! Wii U has no games2. Unless you’re a tool who only owned a Wii.

      • gobrowniesgo

        so l guess your last gen system sux because your on your cpu, trolling nintendo boards. Sounds like you want a Wii U, but your fanboy mindset is getting in the way..l play games all the time. But l do go on the web n read articles and other stuff. So what if l use my U to do it..

  • gobrowniesgo

    HAHAHAHA, The ps4 has outdated specs..What comes around goes around!! Theres an article on ps4daily that says Nvidia said that..

  • Wing Zero

    I don’t know why the rush this is Wii U first months not year you need to wait at least a year to see how it’s doing

  • TheLast

    Nintendo’s main issue is advertising, marketing, and audience targeting. Everything including games could come after that from a company’s perspective.

    • gobrowniesgo

      I think that they don’t want to advertise anything till right around E3, They want to be able to compete and they will come fully loaded..

  • nuttyriv3r

    You know it may take until the end of the Wii U’s life cycle for Nintendo to catch up with the aspects of other consoles that it has been missing. Technology that publishers expect to be included which create add-on sales which are a already part of the Xbox and PS3. With that said, I do agree that Nintendo was rushed to market due to investor pressure. The good news is that they’ve already unveiled their plans. It appears they’ve created an entirely new paradigm for their platforms and it will take a while for it all to pan out. I’m not sure if this is a console war article, but more of a concerned one that hopes for a more positive future for Nintendo home consoles which is something I am hoping for also.

    There’s a few things I like about Nintendo. The number one being that they are a gaming company. They aren’t an OS or office productivity company that commands the entire computing world. They aren’t a consumer electronics company that also publishes music and movies to the tune of billions of dollars of assets. They’re a gaming company. For gamers that has to be a good thing. I am hopeful that Nintendo will be able to continue to bring their ideas to the plate.

    The second thing I like about Nintendo piggybacks on the first thing. Nintendo is against two corporations that are in the business of global domination across several industries. It is rather undisputed (no matter how big Apple gets or how much Linux becomes more viable) that Microsoft’s software powers just about every business, government, and consumer computing needs. Are you at work? On a PC? Any Microsoft applications on there? Think any of these games are built with MS Visual C++? So what are they up to? Do you really want Nintendo to go where they are going? Microsoft needs as many systems in as many homes as possible because they are only going to make real money an advertising, and you will find that their next system will become an advertising multimedia box that also plays some pretty cool games. Be it that I might be paranoid, the concept of always on requirements for cameras staring at you for the purpose of observing behavior and matching that to an advertisement algorithm is a little beyond what I want while I play games. PS3 has promised prediction algorithms also. The global domination people who love money and power as much as you want Nintendo to aren’t about games in the boardroom. They’re really not making much money on them either. So they are about more about persuasion and more like control…forcing dollars out of you in other avenues. They want you to be the product.

    So I like Nintendo’s naivete. I like their secretive highly internal process. And I like their almost seemingly Japanese nature of sticking with tradition as long as possible. I don’t want them to sell out. And if that means low sales and muckraking, so be it. I’d rather see them die honorably.

    If this is about console wars, I think you will find the next generation will be mediocre and more of the same from all participants. The 1st world public has become apathetic and jaded. Nothing makes us happy. The nth generation will need transhumanism. Just ask Gabe Newell about that. If that doesn’t work…I guess it will be chemicals or soma if you will.

    • gobrowniesgo

      The other consoles have yet to be seen. And we don’t know the specs for the Wii U. Criterion says it pushes past the paper specs.

  • Fuzunga

    It just needs games. Doesn’t matter what else they do. It’s a game system marked as a game system. Microsoft can continue to sell Xboxes no matter what because they push multimedia so hard. Sony can keep selling consoles because they have tons of exclusive games. The Wii U has neither of those things right now. But once they start releasing Nintendo exclusives (I think, regardless of 3rd party support), they’ll do okay. The 3DS had a terrible start and look at it now that there’s GAMES.

    • CCM


    • I agree many people don’t grasp that a “Gaming Console” without a large solid selection of games won’t do well, but once their is a good amount of games the console will do much better.

  • CCM

    Step in and do something? How exactly should they do this? Price cuts too early in a consoles lifespan can give the public the illusion the system is failing and they are too desperate for sales. And while I realize this is common knowledge to the hardcore gamers like me and everyone else who comments on this site, we are the minority. The average person on the street would probably tell you they think the Wii U is selling like hotcakes.

    And it’s not like Iwata and Reggie can just crack the whip and demand the teams work faster to rush the games out to market. This is traditionally always a slow time sales-wise in the industry – the after Christmas to Spring period. I think a LOT of people are writing the Wii U off a bit too early. I know Nintendo is planning a HUGE E3. They have no other choice. $ony and Micro$haft are going to be creating a lot of noise and hype with all the details about their new powerhouse systems specs, games, pricing, release date etc.

    Nintendo knows that while it’s great the Wii U is their first HD console, it won’t be able to compete visually with the other 2. So what do they do? They open the floodgates and announce all the games we all expect and want. Seeing all these 1st party Nintendo franchises in HD with innovative new ways to play them using the GamePad will no doubt re-invigorate the system and get some of the buzz back on Nintendo’s side.

    • Ibi Salmon

      The average person also thinks that the Wii U is an add-on for the original Wii. That’s part of the problem. The average person has no idea what a Wii U actually is. A little more marketing would help tremendously. They can do that much at least.

      I hope Nintendo is planning a huge E3, and they address some of the issues as soon as they can. If they can’t fix a majority of the problems the Wii U has by the end of the year, it’ll get left in the dust as the PS4 and the next Xbox tower over it.

      They should have had some their well-known franchises ready for launch(not counting New Super Mario Bros. U). I guarantee you the Wii U would be selling a lot better if that was the case. Instead, the Wii U’s line up was mostly third-party games that, while good for the most part, aren’t exactly system sellers. And what’s surprising is that this is the same thing that happened with the 3DS. They even said they learned their lesson from that. Apparently they didn’t.

      At least Nintendo is talking with retailers about the Wii U’s price. That’s a start.

      To quote a comment from another website,”The Wii U can go in two directions: the way of the gamecube or the way of the 3DS.” Let’s hope it’s the latter and not the former.

      • CCM

        Yes I agree with you. They could definitely have more and quite frankly, better marketing. The problem is when you don’t have any real compelling games to market, it makes it tough to sell the product.

        Absolutely they should’ve had at least ONE of their major franchise games at launch. Metroid, Zelda or 3D Mario would’ve moved many more units by now.

        And as far as mass-market appeal, as much as Pikmin 3 looks really good, Pikmin is NOT one of the faces of Nintendo so I doubt it’ll move much hardware. Zelda Wind Waker is a great game, but then again it’s an HD remake of the most polarizing Zelda game in the franchise’s history so there again I’m not sure it’ll move much hardware.

        They have to have some surprises in store for E3 and hopefully they’ll announce some games for release THIS holiday season to bolster the exclusive lineup and take at least some of the thunder away from the 2 corporate giant’s next consoles.

        Yes I do remember when the 3DS wasn’t selling very well and it was for 2 reasons: (1) too high of a price and (2) no compelling games. Nintendo addressed both by dropping the price (dramatically – by $80) and releasing Super Mario 3D Land, StarFox 64 3D, Kid Icarus and Super Mario Kart quickly afterwards – and it worked. Completely turned it around. I too hope they can pull off the same thing with the Wii U.

        • Ibi Salmon

          They could at least differentiate the Wii U and the Wii so that people would know that it’s a different console.

          I hope we can be surprised at E3 in a good way. I’m crossing my fingers at this point.

          Come on, Nintendo! Give me a reason to buy a Wii U at its current price point!

  • RaShaun Forte

    A well written article, I feel the same way. It’s hard to see a beloved company that I grew up with struggle like this and it doesn’t help that they don’t seem to be doing anything about it. I just hope that they have something up their sleeves that’s gonna blow our minds because if not…

  • ReckoningReckoner

    “We can’t just be blind fanboys all the time, proclaim that everything is fine. Everything is not fine.”

    *reads comment section*

    *filled with blind fanboys*

    I like this website, but I dislike the Wii U daily community.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Me too, especially this Arthur Jarret guy… He’s a blind raging fanboy without any realistic view on the retail market. So annoying!

  • Orange Bagels

    It’s really not that complicated. All they need are GAMES and ADVERTISEMENT.
    But they don’t have that, and I don’t feel sorry for them. They should of known this. It’s their fault.

  • Elem187

    Good grief because Nintendo isn’t panicking means there are not developing a strategy?
    Way too much sensationalism on the part of the gaming media…. and at a Nintendo fan site is the last place I would expect people to freak out at.
    The system isn’t selling is because of software, nothing more, nothing less. When the big titles arrive, the sales will follow. Yes we had a great week with 4 new games, but none are going to move systems. Its the Zelda, the Yoshi, the Mario Karts that will move systems…. Nintendo’s hands are tied until the software comes out….. I believe they are holding on to finished titles until the next fiscal year starts anyways, so that way they can have a really bad quarter, but a 10 fold improvement at the start of the fiscal year.

  • Ray

    Why has this happened?

    Well theres a number of reasons for this.

    They over-estimated the popularity of tablets.
    They under estimated the importance of 3rd party support and decent launch titles.
    They don’t know how to market to Europe (just like Microsoft doesn’t know how to market to Japan).
    They over-estimated the number of fan boys they had.

    Its a series of miscalculation and incompetence.

    This is all centered around a console that is more or less as technologically powerful as the current Xbox 360 and PS3. All this is a one way road to disaster.

    I love Nintendo but i don’t really care, its about time they went 3rd party, and Nintendo have such a Japanese business model (which doesn’t work well for global markets). Problem with having a Japanese business model is that your ignorant and arrogant to the demands and the needs of your customers outside of Japan (they dont like listening to non Japanese idea’s)

    • Tablets are very popular and are edging in to PC and laptops territory more and more every year.
      They actually had from what ive seen on-line a large enough(for a consoles launch) amount of 3rd party games but many of the major planned ones went down with the EA/Nintendo relationship, Crysis 3 and many others. Really I don’t understand all this talk of “lack of 3rd party support” being the consoles problem. The Wii U has yes had some games canceled on it as well as had games skip it for console sales being low but really there are about the same amount of games from 3rd party and Nintendo that all the other consoles (Ps3, 360 and Wii) had at their launch.

      “This is all centered around a console that is more or less as technologically powerful as the current Xbox 360 and PS3. All this is a one way road to disaster.”

      How does a console that is slightly more powerful than the current gen consoles set it up for disaster? The Ps2 was much less powerful than the Gamecube and Xbox but did much better because it offered great games(plus a dvd player 😉 )
      Plus we still haven’t seen what the Wii U is capable of graphically, to early to call.

      The business model Nintendo has Japanese or non Japanese has worked and continues to work. Granted im not sure why Nintendo has had a hard time with Europe but I would think it’s as easy as advertising for American markets(aside from the multiple languages of Europe).But me being from the states I can tell you the advertisement for the Wii was really good, but has been lacking with the Wii U so maybe once E3 comes around European advertising will gets better.

  • jedmerrill

    I have about a dozen games for the Wii U and prefer it when any game comes out on multiple platforms. However, I would like to see them make more exclusives faster and communicate more than just the design vision. Most consoles can’t speak for themselves. The original Wii was an exception because it was so dramatically different, but most Americans who don’t read gaming magazines are going to look at the Wii U box and think it is some sort of handheld. I’ve enjoyed mine so far, but Nintendo has to do more than Sony to win this next gen. I haven’t exactly seen any games I want to PLAY from Sony, but I am sure they will bring their A game.

  • Okay, there has to be something wrong here. First, ppl are expecting way to much from Nintendo right now. I know these days everyone moves hard and fast, but the real damage comes from the negative mind set surrounding the Wii U.

    For example, if Nintendo spilled their secrets on all their upcoming plans and layed out years of strategy before us, it still wouldn’t change anything except our opinions. They still would be in this same situation, with the same launch, same sales etc. which would only pick up once their AAA games were released. The only difference is we’d know what’s going on, and ppl seem to just lose it when there isn’t a clear path ahead. At the same time, what I just mentioned would essentially be advertising of sorts, and brings me to the one major flaw Nintendo has made with the Wii U. Advertising.

    Poor name, poor marketing, poor communication to the mainstream market. Maybe even poor design, should have been shaped like an airplane.

    This is the major fault and sorely needs to be addressed. I think they should go as far as a name change and re branding, new outer shell design, the works.

    • I don’t think they need to re-name it Nintendo has done the same thing with the SNES(Super Nintendo Entertainment System vs the Nintendo Entertainment System) the only difference is they probably advertised it much more thus showing the public the difference. I agree they need to advertise more (much like the Wii) but they need to show the Hardcore games(Zombie-U and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate) to seperate people’s “kid friendly only” view of recent Nintendo systems, and show the friendly side as well but there must be massive emphasis on getting the core and hardcore to find intrest in what the Wii U has to offer. Enough of these cheesy commercials of actors acting like they are High as hell super excited to play the Wii U. Take apple commercials they get the point across without being too cheesy, Nintendo should do the same.

      But we should put our trust in Nintendo as they have always come through for there fans and obviously know what they are doing for being around as long as they have been.

  • Ravyu

    I’m very disappointed that you guys said Iwata should step down after what he has given us. Sure, he shouldn’t sit like a turd for the next 20 years or so, but to dismiss him for such a stupid reason. He’s done many great things for us. I will never give up my faith in this company, they are my only hope for gaming

  • Magnus Eriksson

    I agree with basically every point in this article. And it is so sad. How much time didnt Nintendo have on getting their biggest franchises out at launch? They basically launched it with the tech demos showed at E3-2011 and a New SMB game. They made it too easy for them. Then they tried to fill up the empty place with alot of ports that nobody wanted, me myself got AC3 and didnt get much out from it as it is really in medias res. ZombiU-game that did ok, but no more than that. A very few indie games. But where were Nintendos biggest? Not there and nowhere to see in the future. EVERY day I google for new news on Wii U and all you can read is about how disappointed everyone is. Thats not going to sell any more consoles. Nintendo have a huge task, and it seems as they dont care. They missed that boat and will not put more effort in the Wii U.