Jun 18th, 2013

NintendoUK’s YouTube account has released a trailer showing off what’s different in the upcoming New Super Luigi U. The substantial piece of DLC is being released June 20th on the eShop, while North American Nintendo fans will have to wait until August 25th for that sweet green boxed version. This trailer also does a good job of showcasing Nabbit’s play-style as great for newcomers, since he doesn’t take damage from any enemies.

Will you be picking this up once it’s available in the eShop, or will you be getting the standalone boxed edition for that super cute green box? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • jjd_87

    It comes out on the 20th as DLC world wide. (19th in Japan)

  • KnuckleS

    Am I the only one thinking Nabbit is a bad idea? Why not have another toad as playable characters and the option for every one to use nabbit? New Super Luigi U becomes basically a 3-player game for me..

    • Fred

      I don’t care how they work the details, but having Nabbit works GREAT for me. I have 2 young kids and they loved playing Mario U with me, but the older of the 2 is getting too good to do boost mode without getting bored, but she isn’t good enough yet to take on the full challenge. Here she can play as Nabbit and only have to worry about not falling while my son does boost mode and I can be Luigi and my wife toad. It’s GREAT for us!

      I’m downloading it on thursday!!!

    • Wayne Beck

      Honestly, my Girlfriend’s Mother loves to play this game with her younger Daughter, but she(the mother) just is not very good at video games. I think the Nabbit Character is an Ingenious way to allow non-gamers to get in on the action and not just feel frustrated or like they are letting everyone down.

      • KnuckleS

        I agree, this is a good way to introduce non-gamers to the games, and it is a nice feature at its root. however, they’re implementing at the expense of others. They could very well have added nabbit as a 5th character or given the option for each player to be Nabbit.

        Being forced to play as Nabbit as an experimented player breaks the game for everyone playing.

        • Wayne Beck

          Nabbit isn’t really being forced on people. It’s only required if you have Four Player, which almost never happens, and no one wants to use the Boost Mode.

  • Fred

    Really was all that time you spent worth it. I have no problem with you buying a ps4 if that’s what you prefer, but I really like Nintendo’s games and I can’t get them on a playstation so last gen I owned a Wii and PS3 and so far I own a Wii U and haven’t decided if I’ll get a PS4. But you don’t have to be like that we can all have our different preferences.

  • John Andalora

    Wow! A side scrolling game where individuals have a limited amount of time to get to the end of the level by overcoming obstacles based on the original Super Mario Bros.
    That’s completely different than a side scrolling game where individuals have a limited amount of time to get to the end of the level by overcoming obstacles ilbased on the original Super Mario Bros.!

    • david jarman

      I take it you never finished nsmbu. From what I saw a lot of the later levels are redesigned. If its not for you then its not for you, but I’m getting cause I love being Luigi when he has his abilities. There are more games coming out with dates confirmed, however judging from your other posts you don’t care.

      • John Andalora

        I did.
        It only took a couple of hours.

        And, as you’ve probably read, the other games don’t interest me for this exact reason.
        It feels like just the same game over and over.
        And i’m sick of that.

        • david jarman

          Name one game that hasn’t been done and is fresh and new.

          • John Andalora

            original Super Mario Bros?
            Pokemon Red/Blue?
            Super Mario 64?

          • Noteak

            is it just me or does the “Only 100 seconds per level” show you nintendo got lazy and made levels shorter

          • John Andalora

            So true.
            I remember when Nintendo games used to be a challenge.
            Now i blow through it with 70 more lives and an empty feeling.

          • david jarman

            The levels are not shorter. You have less time to complete it.

          • david jarman

            Those aren’t fresh and new moron.

          • Personwhoisaguy

            You needn’t insult his intelligence for answering your not very well defined challenge. Those games were fresh and new at the time of their release, much like how manners will seem to you one day when you hopefully find them. As for me, I’m as excited as anyone for a new Mario themed side-scroller, and I reserve this excitement hardly expecting it to revolutionize the 2-D platformer or even deviate significantly from the formula. But then again, I don’t expect the new pizza place in town to revolutionize the way I look at pizza, nor do I expect my new plunger to revolutionize the way I unclog poop from my toilet. There’s just something about jumping back into the game I loved as a kid but with new levels and a fresh coat of paint that will sustain me through as many 2-D Marios as Nintendo wants to throw at me…especially if they’re throwing it at me in a cool green case.

          • david jarman

            If he’s tired of nintendo then maybe he should post it on ign or a non fansite. He never post anything positive and he never thinks about the community he is in. Nintendo doesn’t come here to read, the fans do.

          • John Andalora

            I used them to prove a point.
            Nintendo used to make a ton of new games, that not only set the standard for future games, but also made game-changing advances.
            You wanted modern games that were new? You should have specified.

            My first choice would be Spec Ops: The Line.
            Made in 2012 by a group called Yager Development.
            And, wow. That game is amazing.
            It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played in my life.
            It’s story was the most compelling and disturbing story for any shooter, and it is the only game to have made me cry.

            If you want a fresh game, go play that.

        • ChiwawaBoi

          you’ve got a pont there. I beat it in 2 days. and I WASNT rushing through it. I actually beat bowser the FIRST time. (believe it or not) and the whole time I ws playing, I never found myself getting excited from beatng levels. I love mario, but his ‘New’ super mario bros series is getting old and boring. 🙁

          • John Andalora

            I believe all of that.
            I even had the same lack of excitement in beating the levels too.
            After Bowser i asked myself “what did i accomplish?”

            I got more excitement out of the first level of Shadow of the Colossus than I did from NSMBU.

          • ChiwawaBoi

            exactly. NSMB games are fun, but dont have much lasting appeal. I bet everyone is excited for NSLU, but lets face it: its only gonna last us a few days or so, then we’ll put it up on the collection. im getting the physical copy, only because the case is green, and it’ll look good on a shelf. I already know that the gameplay will be short, but atleast it gives about a week of entertainment.

          • John Andalora

            I think i’m just going to skip on this one.
            While it might be a nice diversion for a day or two, i’d rather have some games that give me a feeling of accomplishment and sense that i actually defeated a difficult objective.

          • ChiwawaBoi

            me too. i’ll end up getting it eventually. on a rainy day, maybe.

          • Fred

            Can you say X? After I saw the trailer back in January I looked into what it was and I’m embarrassed to say I had no idea what Xenoblade is. Luckily that’s fixed, and I own and am playing through Xenoblade now so that I can play what I assume is the sequel (X) next year.

          • John Andalora

            I’ve heard things, and i’ll definitely have to give it a further look.
            It does sound fun.
            However, since the main subject is NSLU, i’m just going to say i pass on that game.

          • Fred

            And there’s nothing wrong with you passing on that game. If
            you’re satisfied with the amount of that type of content you’ve already played
            then why would you pay $20 or $30 to play more of it. The truth is one of the
            reasons we keep getting more games like this is because people keep buying them
            so they assume we want more (in my case I do want more but there’s no problem
            with you wanting something different) I’d guess if Metroid Prime and Xenoblade
            sold more then we’d get more like that and if the sequels didn’t sell then they’d
            do more new content.

            However, I must strongly recommend you give Xenoblade a try it’s a lot of fun and unlike anything I’ve ever played.

          • John Andalora

            I’ll look into Xenoblade. Thanks!

        • Aaron Kempkes

          With all of the star coins and secret levels????

          • John Andalora


            8 worlds was boring and tedious enough.

            I did collect all of the star coins of the first World though, but that wasn’t difficult.

            After completing everything from the Wii version, and not having a lot of fun with the Wii U version, I just didn’t care to go back again and grab all the extras.

        • Levi Johansen

          It cannot have taken you a couple of hours unless you used shortcuts, it is simply impossible.

          You should play through the game the real way, going through all the stages in order. Also, there are plenty of hidden levels.

          The game is short though, it took me 9 hours to complete. It is also too easy compared to all the others in the series. I am therefore very excited about the Luigi game, because it is much harder and adds another 6-12 hours of gameplay (probably).

          There are still secrets to find and star-levels to beat, and the challenge mode and multiplayer never ends. I love Super Mario Bros and having Nabbit will make it easy to play this with even the smalles of siblings.

          • John Andalora

            People don’t seem to believe that I played the 8 worlds, beating the Nabbit on multiple occasions and going through extra levels for more items, in only a matter of a couple of hours.

            As for challenge levels and star coins, I started playing those, but got bored after I had beaten the main game. I thought the game was very boring, and after having completed the entire Wii version, I didn’t feel a need to complete the extra stuff in the Wii U version.

            And, I’ve said it multiple times, I couldn’t get friends to play Multiplayer. They all were bored of the game after a never ending multiplayer from the Wii version. They would play an hour or so every now and again, but only to play with the gamepad and slow people down.

          • Levi Johansen

            Then I guess you are not aware that “a couple of hours” means exactely 2 hours. That would be a world record!!

            But I’ll believe you did it in 5-6 hours.
            You can beat it in 2 hours though, but not while going through all the leveles (except the secret ones of course).

          • John Andalora

            Sorry. My mistake.
            Yeah. It wasn’t a “couple of hours” like 2 hours, but it was about 5-6 “couple of hours”.

            Wasn’t fun, though.

    • Rolando Belber

      If you don’t want to play games that uses the same concept as other games then this game is not for you. But with that mentality most games are not for you.
      This game is for fans of the series or fan of Luigi.

      • John Andalora

        Great sequels and games work off their predecessors by adding completely revolutionary concepts and giving people something well thought out and unique.
        Slightly new level designs don’t change the game. It’s just rehashing the same things.

        I’m a fan of Nintendo’s innovative and unique games (Super Mario 64, Pokemon Yellow, Super Smash Bros, Mario Party, Pokemon Snap) because of what a completely different and amazing experience it was.
        A true gift to fans would be more of those unique games, not all the re-hashing and re-doing of games over and over and over.

        • david jarman

          Really? Name one game. I bet I can tell you game that has done it. You talked about the ps4 having games you are interested, but I hate to tell you that those games have the same game mechanics that a lot of games have already done. The only difference is graphics. Don’t even say the story looks interesting cause a lot of those stories have been told by someone else in some form or fashion. You knew what the line up was for the wii u to begin with and you bought it just to bitch. Dude, seriously. You’re not a fan so leave. You only post negative thoughts. You bitch that its all the same and when they do something different you then bitch that you’re not interested in it. Well, you know what?! You say the same shit like every other troll just a different candy coating of shit to cover it, but regardless it’s still the same old shit and you post only when it’s something easy for you to bitch about.

          • John Andalora

            How about the first Super Mario Bros?
            That had to have come from somewhere, and it was AN ORIGINAL GAME.

            Mechanics? Yeah, there are a lot of shooter games and games that require you to move with the left stick or D-pad, but that doesn’t mean the game can’t be different in other mechanics, or what you have to do, or how you overcome a certain obstacle.
            Watch Dogs is different from something like Bully by what you have to do, how you do it, and STORY. They are free roaming third person games, but they aren’t the same damn game.
            The difference between that and NSMBU and NSLU is that NSLU is a copy and paste of the same thing with a graphics update and a few new jumps.
            That’s freaking boring.

            I’ve bought the last couple of Nintendo consoles cause i thought they’d be fun. I’ve had fun with every other console but this one. I had fun because they dared to have some deviation from the past.
            I’m not psychic. I had no idea they’d make NSLU, Mario Kart 8, SSBU, new Donkey Kong, etc.

            Only possible new thing is Wonderful 101, and i probably will pick that up.
            But, other than that, nothing i think is worth my time and money.
            If you like it, good for you.
            I don’t.

          • Wayne Beck

            Is this a Joke? It’s frickin DLC man.. D. L. C. Downloadable Content. It’s not a New Game. It’s an Add On. Please Note the Part where they said “For People who do Not own Super Mario Bros. U, we will release a Retail Version.” It’s not supposed to be a new game. It’s just more levels for people who like the game. WTF are you bitching about? When is the last time a Developer released an Add-on for a Game that was the size of the Entire Original game, let alone released it for a Third of the Price of the Original Game?

          • John Andalora

            I’m bitching about how i don’t want it because it’s the same stuff i didn’t like from the first game, has nothing interesting to add, and looks just as boring as the game it’s based off of.

            I rather that Nintendo spend more time on making new games than on cheap DLC for a cheap game.

          • Rolando Belber

            So why don’t you ignore the post of the games your not interested in and stop giving people reasons to hate you.

          • John Andalora

            Because I feel that I have a right to express my opinion on a post concerning what Nintendo is doing, and explain why i don’t agree.

            I mean, there are people who agree with me. I’m not alone in my distaste for this game.

            I don’t care if people here hate me. Go ahead and hate me. I won’t lose sleep over it.

          • Rolando Belber

            In that case I don’t know why others waste their time with you. With that said I feel pity for you and I won’t bother you with your arrogance.

          • John Andalora


          • Fred
          • John Andalora

            Sounds like fun. I’ll have to look into it a bit more.

          • david jarman

            Nope, deus ex has a similarity with hacking to get info mix that with a little gta and a splash of of every other third person shooter that requires you to take cover, duck, roll, jump dive and gun. Sometimes it’s about refining whats already’ve been done. Whatever happen to a game just being fun? Even when people said to you that it is coming on the wii u you then said it would better on the ps4. I’m not talking about Luigi anymore. I’m talking about you just being here to bash the wii u when a lot of us here are excited about the new games and who we have so call fans that hate everything even when the game is new and different.

          • John Andalora

            Now you’re just grabbing for straws.
            Deus Ex hacking was merely for XP and items, was its own minigame, and while helpful, not 100% vital for moving on.
            Watch Dogs hacking is vital to the game objective, as you pinpoint and track individuals and their locations, use cameras to get people where they need to go, and can use the environment around you to pursue your target and stop people from inhibiting your work.
            The only possible similarity is the fact that both are called “hacking.”
            You haven’t played a good 3rd person to show you that similar mechanics isn’t the same as “same game.”

            Go play Spec Ops: The Line and you’ll see what i mean.

            As for Watch Dogs on PS4, there’s actually more content on PS4 version than on any version. It shows it on the box of the PS4.
            That’s why i want it for PS4 and not Wii U.

            And finally, what i say is my opiniom on the matter, just as what you say is yours. Some people may not like it, but that doesn’t mean that others don’t, or that one of us is weong.
            If you don’t like what i have to say, just downvote it and move on. But don’t make a big deal about how i only say things that you don’t like.
            Because, as you can see, some people agree with me (6 right now on this post,) and your opinion is no better than mine, or anyone elses.

          • Cameron

            No love for Pikmin?

            You sir, just broke my heart…

          • John Andalora

            Not a fan of Pikmin to begin with.
            Imbut, i know that’s just me.

          • Personwhoisaguy

            I don’t see why someone should have to have to be actively deep-throating the Wii-U in order to earn the right to post on one of its fan forums. I would say the fact that he purchased the console, rather than holding out for the new X-Box, makes him at bare minimum worthy of the opportunity to vent his frustrations in a forum of fellow (also possibly frustrated) gamers. I’m sure John can defend himself just fine without my my two cents, and If my comments in this thread are unwelcome I will refrain, but it is the hostility in your comments (David) that make me apprehensive about whether this is a place where I can feel comfortable freely voicing my own opinions.

          • John Andalora

            Thank you.

          • david jarman

            That’s because this hostility has been going on not just this thread. It’s one thing to say something constructive critism, but to just constantly bash and its not just him, but with the level of troll that have just pissed me of who have said more hostile things then I have and it’s funny they always appear around the same time.
            By the way this is wii u fansite and I’m not the only person he has pissed off over time. If you want to post then post but respectful of the community.

    • Adam Fox

      With the sales of Call of Duty games, it appears that ALOT of people like the same ole stuff in every game……but i prefer it in Mario games….err…Luigi in this case

      • John Andalora

        Is that what you want?
        The recycling of gameplay over and over and over just because some people will buy it?
        I hold a low regard for COD because it brings nothing new to the table, and by your comment i’m doubting you have positive marks about it.
        Do you want Nintendo to do the same thing COD does? Do you?

    • Clel

      Wow! An FPS game where you have infinite ammo and only have a certain number of players allowed and you have to defeat enemies by shooting at them! Wow! So original!

      • John Andalora

        Clearly you’ve only seen the COD side of shooters. The bad side that just has shooting as the focal point.

        Here’s a few modern FPS games that don’t just focus on “shootin da emeneee because they’re EVIL!!!!”

        Far Cry 3
        Fallout 3

        Now, those are sequels, but FC3 is more of just putting a famous title on a different game and is better than the first ones, and FO3 is just the best of the series. Both have shooting as a means to overcoming obstacles rather than the only point of the game.

        And, for an added bonus, here’s a TPS that I highly recommend, for it has one of the most amazing and powerful messages I’ve ever had in a video game ever:

        Spec Ops: The Line.

        • Cameron

          Some great FPSs stand in a sea of Counter-Strike/CoD/Battlefield clones. Just because some FPSs like to push the envelope, doesn’t mean they all do. Same goes for platformers, some are innovative and some are not.

          I respect that you don’t want this DLC for a game you dislike and that you think Nintendo can do better, but we could do without all the attack. Yeah, this DLC isn’t super innovative, and yeah the NSMB series is really easy, but it isn’t representative to Nintendo as a whole. The 3DS has seen some pretty innovative titles from Nintendo, like Kid Icarus Uprising, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Paper Mario Sticker Star, AC: New Leaf, and Fire Emblem Awakening. Nintendo is still bolstering innovation, just not on the Wii U. In my opinion I think they’re trying to play it safe with titles that appeal to the masses to boost sales before the new stuff comes out. The 3DS had a pretty big gap in innovation during its first year too, and now look where it is.

          • John Andalora

            Yeah, there is a sea of mediocrity among shooters, but some know how to really push the envelope on what is conventional.

            As for Nintendo, it’s things like MK8, SSBU, NSLU, Wind Waker HD, 3D Mario Land, and all the other remakes and redos that bother me right now.

            It seems to be a majority of games for the coming year.

            As for 3DS and games, remember that it was the innovative games that added a lot more to the original and actually added more to the actual game that boosted the sales. It wasn’t through making the same games with slight changes: it was that the original games were jumping points for something amazing with different challenges and brand new possibilities that got people interested in something new.

            If Wii U wants any kind of positive sales, they should start the innovation sooner rather than later.

          • Cameron

            I agree, the Wii U really could use some innovative titles to spike up sales, but I wouldn’t say it’s completely lacking innovation. MK8 and DKC: Tropical Freeze will bring forth new concepts to their respective series. So will Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and Bayonetta 2. Even NSM 3D World and SSB 3DS/Wii U might. I mean, we’re really counting our chickens before they hatch here. We’re claiming games are unoriginal and uninspired before they’re even out and ready for judgement. People really like to judge things before they’ve even had proper time to assess and make proper judgement.

            As for new IPs, it’s a field Nintendo has had trouble crossing since the days of the N64, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo sequels are bad. A good example is the Zelda series as a whole, every game tweaks the series so it’s still a fun, refreshing experience. Even the Ocarina 3Ds remake was still a blast, and I expect the same level of greatness from the Wind Waker remake.

            Out of this E3 I didn’t see much innovation or games that peaked my interest across the board. Not from Nintendo, Sony, MS, EA, Ubi, Sega, nobody really. I can count the games I’m truly excited for from this year’s E3 on one hand, and none of those games made me jump up and say “I need it!”. So I wouldn’t really call out Nintendo specifically for being uninspired this year. My only happy and excited moment during the whole week was finally getting some hands on time with Pikmin 3, a game I’ve been waiting over 7 and a half years for.

          • John Andalora

            I’m basing my observations on what we’ve seen from past games, like all the other Mario Karts and SSB, and from the other DKC and 3DML. I’m just not really seeing big leaps and bounds that would indicate that this new one will be a marvel to the series.

            Now, Nintendo has some good sequels. I won’t deny that. But, their recent sequels just were okay. Paper Mario was awesome, and Thousand year door and Super PM were decent too. But the newest was just meh.
            Same with NSMB. First for DS and Wii were cool. 2 and U were just not that exciting.
            Nintendo can do good sequels, but their recents just aren’t striking a chord for me.

            And, yeah, not everyone does massive innovation, but some games at least think outside the box. I’m excited for the Thief (since i didn’t have PC for the originals, it’s new), Watch Dogs, Evil Within, Knack, and The Witness as a few. They aren’t the pinnacles of completely different, but they got new stories, new mechanics, new obstacles, and new challenges that games of the past didn’t have.
            I’m not denying that other companies aren’t all being 100% innovative, but as you’d agree, that doesn’t mean Nintendo isn’t without fault either.

          • Cameron

            Yeah, I’d say the industry as a whole has been lacking in innovation recently, but there are always a few gems to look forward to like Watch_Dogs, The Witness, Pikmin 3, and the like.

          • John Andalora

            I do hope things change soon.
            Otherwise we might as well make our own games and just play those.

          • david jarman

            Then get list because this a “wii u” fansite not an asshole convention. Just cause you don’t find any of the games interesting doesnt mean shit cause its interesting to us. You only target the obvious easy thing to bitch but when there is different game with different elements you then go on the whole interested in it bitch. You’re fucking troll trying to play it off like you’re not one but you’re just here to irritate us cause you know we don’t share the same views as you. Maybe if its just one or two things it wouldn’t matter you bitch about everything. The way you talk it actually sounds like you with nintendo was just like everyone else while we here that are nintendo fans love the fact that nintendo isn’t like everyone else. So stop trying to be like wolves in sheepskin clothing and just get the fuck cause its plain and obvious that’s all you are going to do is bitch and moan and ruin everyone else’s excitement.

          • John Andalora

            Boo hoo!
            Cry some more!
            IF you don’t like what I have to say, then just ignore me.
            For if I truly am a troll, then wouldn’t I thrive off the fact that I annoy people like you, and get you so riled up about nothing? Wouldn’t my main purpose be to bother and annoy as many people as possible?

            I don’t wish Nintendo was like everyone else.
            I wish they were more like their old selves, where new games were aplenty and always set the standard rather than just riding on the conventions of mediocrity with what they’ve already done just to get sales.

          • Clel

            Sequels doesn’t mean anything when it comes to quality.
            For example, the Godfather is a great movie (at least most people think so). And… so is the sequel! Just because there’s a new installment does not make for a bad game.

            However, I, too, would like to see a new IP from Nintendo. I’m excited about their next games, but I think it would be nice.

            I can understand that you’re not very happy about what they’re doing, since they’re playing it so safe and there are plenty more sequels to go. I can respect that. See ya!

          • John Andalora

            People sometimes complain about how I want fresh games, but like sequels of games over the originals.

            Take care!

        • Clel

          Well there, they’re a genre. A genre, and there can be zillions of the same genre of a game and still be great.
          I would also like to point out that New Super Luigi U is not a game–it’s DLC.

          • John Andalora

            A genre you insulted because too many people nowadays think of “shooter” to mean Call of Duty or Battlefield.
            And, yeah, there can be great games, but the great games are great because they actually they doing something different and unique. The same genre doesn’t mean the same game, and while all the repeated and boring COD games will one day be extinct from our memory because they are like popcorn movies, the games that dared to take new steps rather than to repeat the old thing will remain deep in our minds and inspire others to make even better games.
            Stand-alone DLC is no less of a game when you try to redesign all of the levels for one character, and Nintendo is wasting their time on something i didn’t like the original for.
            They could be doing so much more than making some boring DLC for an already dated and cheap game.

    • Luca Invernizzi

      I was going to downvote you… but come one… you are right, and sarcasm always win me. Get my like, use it wisely.

      Anyway… I think Nintendo rewrote the super mario 2D games on console as a multiplayer experience. They are really easy, but they get incredibly fun when you can play the co-op.

      Platform players needs to search somewhere else for a challange, sadly, but that is ok for me.

      • John Andalora

        I’ll treat that like with the respect and dignity it deserves.

        As for the game, it does seem like it’s meant for more players, but i don’t have too many people who’d want to play. Most of them played NSMB for Wii and didn’t care to play the new version with me.
        They also didn’t like how the most difficult obstacle in the game wa your friends jumping on top of you and then dying before they could save you.

        • Luca Invernizzi

          Mmm Don’t know…

          I played it on the Wii and at the end I was like… “Are you kidding me?” and I switched to Donkey Kong (Far more interesting as a 2D platform).

          Then I meet a couple of friends at a small party and we started play just to kill some time after midnight… Geez… we stayed like 3 hours replaying most of the game: trying to be the first one at the end but also trying to get al the big coins, or just killing one each other. From that moment on it just became one of game we enjoy the most as a multiplayer.

          This version also have a character that help that lame friend that just can’t keep up with the others. XD

          Same reason I think I will enjoy that 3D Mario a lot…

          • John Andalora

            Our friends had a lot of fun playing it with each other, but as time grew on we all just kind of stopped playing it when it was done.
            So, the Wii U one was just me. Some people played it for a bit, but not for much other than putting blocks in front of people with the game pad.

          • david jarman

            You know what! I’m gonna apologize to you. I’m sorry I’m attacking you. I don’t even know why I’m attacking. I guess I was still seeing red from another forum who personnel attacked me at a personnel level, but I’ve calm down.

          • John Andalora

            Well, I haven’t always said the nicest things either. So, I’m sorry for any personal insults or attacks that I said to you. They weren’t justified, and I should’ve just kept my tongue on those.

          • david jarman

            Yeah, same here man. You do have valid points and at one point I felt like was argueing myself,lol! I have those games you mention and I do like them. I guess I over appreciate nintendo sometimes cause I look at them as the innocent child of lost youth kinda like I do with Sony from the late 90’s and Sega.
            I just feel like gaming is just going to a dark place and I love nintendo for trying to not to go there.

          • John Andalora

            And I admit that I do have respect for Nintendo for not being like EA or Activision. Nintendo at least puts thought into their games, and at least makes something different instead of just making things like the sports games and say it’s amazing.

            But I guess that’s why I hold them to such a high standard. I know they can make something amazing because they’ve done so many amazing things in the past. Even games that were just okay from Nintendo’s standard were still amazing games in comparison to everyone else. And they’ve got some interesting things for the Wii U, but to be honest I’ve recently had a bit of a falling out with some of Nintendo’s series like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and New Super Mario Bros because I’ve played the old ones for countless hours.

            I know Nintendo is a very good game developer with a lot of amazing potential, and their franchises have brought me so much joy in the past. I’m just being over critical of Nintendo cause I love them so much. And while I know people are excited for Mario Kart and New Super Luigi and Super Smash Bros, and while I know there are some interesting games coming for Wii U, I just wish Nintendo would try their luck with some more new ideas. I want that same feeling of awe and excitement I got when I first saw and experienced the original games like Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Snap, and even Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.
            Nintendo does so many awesome things. I know they can do more. And I really want to see that.

    • Neilandio

      What were you expecting? it’s a DLC after all.

      • John Andalora

        I’m just wishing Nintendo would spend their time on something different.
        People constantly tell me that “Making a game takes a long time, so we should be patient about it and wait for the great games to come out!”

        But, when Nintendo keeps focusing their time and effort on DLC and remakes that don’t change or add massive substantial changes for things I either didn’t like or loved but don’t care to play again, that just bothers me. I’m sick and tired of NSMB games. I don’t care to play another, so a new part already bores me.
        And, I don’t think stand-alone DLC should be treated as any less of a game than the original release. Anything that asks for my money for an unconnected game should be treated and judged like any other game.

    • Levi Johansen

      I see what you’re saying, but Nintendo sold 30 million of the game on Wii, they’ll probalby sell just as many on Wii U.

      I love the series, and I want it to continue, with new powerups, challenge modes and multiplayer awesomeness. I’ll be playing Super Mario Bros until the day I die.

      Nintendo is continuing this series because there is a big demand for it. It is outselling CoD for a reason, it’s because people want it – not because it is the best thing ever, but it doesn’t need to be.

      People want the game, so do I and Nintendo complies as usual.

      Making fun of it is just stupid and I can just as easily do the same for games like CoD, which are all exactely the same, no change, just more of the same. But that’s what some people want and I respect that because I feel the same way for Super Mario Bros.

      • John Andalora

        Where in any of my arguments have I ever said I love COD, or that I even respect COD?

        People keep telling me that they could make fun of COD and make the same remarks, but I don’t like COD for the same reason I don’t like the NSMBU series.

        Minimal changes between games, just a couple of cheap additions, and nothing but a short game for mild entertainment.

        I would put a wager that the success of the NSMB Wii version was that it was the first game of NSMB to have 4 player coop play, NSMB was fresh with only the DS version before it, and that the Wii was a very widely sold console by the time NSMB was released. I doubt it’s because people want to keep playing the same game over and over.

        As an example, NSMB DS sold 30 million, and so did Wii, but NSMB2 sold about 6 million, and NSMBU sold 2.15 so far.
        I know that 3DS and Wii U have less sales than DS and Wii, but I think that the fact that people didn’t go out and buy a 3DS or Wii U for these games might show that this isn’t necessarily the game “everyone wants.”

        • Levi Johansen

          I don’t like CoD either, but I do respect it.

          Both CoD and Super Mario Bros will keep going as long as they sell.

          If the latest edition of Super Mario Bros sells poorly, then it’ll be the last one for some time atleast.

          • John Andalora

            I find no respect for video games that don’t at least try to put out something different.
            I used to like COD, but Black Ops was my last game before I was just tired of it.

            We’ll have to see how this NSMBU sells, and see if it makes enough for Nintendo to remake it again.

  • Nintendofreak

    wtf is wumy… does anyone know?

  • Jack5221

    As much as I want to own this Thursday, Im waiting until July to get the Hardcopy 😛

    • Zombie Boy

      Yep, me too. Why? Look at it, man, it’s GREEN!!!

    • Fred

      Is it really worth the extra $10 for a green case? I know collectors love that stuff, but for me it’s just another case/disc to try and keep my kids from touching I’m downloading it!

      • Jack5221

        To me it is! Im in love with the box art! 😀 Also, the CD version will take up significantly less space than downloading it to your console.

        • Fred

          It won’t take up less space for me. My drawers in my entertainment center are completely filled with DVDs Blu-Rays Wii games, PS3 games 3D Blu-Rays and regrettably Wii U games (the only regret is that I own discs instead of digital copies). While my physical space is completely filled I have a 2TB hard drive plugged into my Wii U so digital space is not an issue for me. I own discs of Nintendo Land, Scribblenauts, and Tank Tank Tank and the rest of my Wii U games are digital and in 2 days Luigi U will be on there too.

          However don’t get me wrong I have no problem with you wanting the disc/case I’m just not in the same position.

  • Emily Horton

    I think Nabbit kind of spoils the game play…

    • kenny Johnson

      You don’t have kids, do you? Nabbit is an AWESOME addition. My 6 year old (and I) get frustrated trying to play together. This is a perfect solution for us to play co-op.

      • Emily Horton

        No, I don’t have kids, I’m 19.

    • Fred

      Don’t use him if you don’t want to. It’s just like the white leaf on Super Mario 3D land. I never needed it so I never got it, but it makes it so that the younger kids will actually have a shot at beating the game and not get stuck in the 2nd world.

      • KnuckleS

        As soon as you want to play 4 players, one of them HAS to be nabbit….

        • Fred

          First of all, are you sure? Second of all, I can see that being a problem if you have 4 experienced gamers, but when I play 4 player anything we always have at least 1 person that’s sub par (even it they can do things maybe they’re just annoyingly slow) and he’ll work for them.

          If you’re sure that’s how it works (and if you are I’d like to see where you learned this cause I enjoy reading more details about the game) then yea that does take away from it when 4 players of the same skill level get together and I’m sorry to hear that.

  • NintendoNoob

    Why only in 2013? I know it’s for the year of Luigi but they would sell more if it was still being sold in 2014 and so on.

    • Fred

      What makes you think they’ll quit selling it next year?

      • Well the video itself says the hardcopy will only be available in 2013, atleast according Nintendo.co.uk in this video, I assume the dlc will be available also in 2014 and so on though.

  • XxLitning_StrikerxX

    I just wish Luigi saves Daisy instead of Peach (I dont want to save the same princess all over again)

    • Levi Johansen

      He is saving Mario, so Mario is not a playable character in 4-player mode; instead there is Nabbit.

      • XxLitning_StrikerxX

        Levi how do you know mario is’nt playing? my theory is maybe because it the year of luigi.

        • Levi Johansen

          I think they have said so before, in the Nintendo Direct where they first showed the game, I cannot remember which one it is.

          Also, maybe I have mixed it up with “Mario’s Missing” on the SNES…

          • thedeciderU

            with the announcement of this game they confirmed mario is not a playable character and does not appear in the adventure.

          • Levi Johansen

            OK. But we don’t know who Luigi is trying to save.

            I hope it is Daisy, we rarely see her in anything other than Multiplayer games.

          • XxLitning_StrikerxX

            yeah me too.I just see her in mario party games and thats it -_-

    • Ratatat

      I just wish they did something different or at least flesh out the same ‘save princess peach’ stuff like Sunshine did.

  • everyone

    I love the platforming in these games so much but man, I get so pissed playing multiplayer in some of these levels. Good for Luigi though. I await his frantic fluttering legs that help him jump higher.

  • Stephen Davis

    I just wished they would have changed the music =D

  • Smartass2

    It’s not enough for me to get.

  • A SNES Day Off

    The physical version is £26.99 on Amazon, so that’s a no brainer for me. Obviously the convenience of the DLC and it’s lower pricing is very attractive, but since most owners will already have NSMB-U on disc anyway, having the unique packaging and physical ownership is an attractive option.

  • ludist210

    My wife and daughter gave me a $50 eShop card for Father’s Day, and I had $5 as part of the DDP that I redeemed in the Wii U eShop…so downloading it on Thursday. Ten dollars cheaper too.

  • mralloverit

    I think I’ll get both. I’ll just leave the physical copy sealed on the shelf. I got this strange feeling it’s gonna be like Xenoblade Chronicles and the Metroid Prime Trilogy when the physical copy ceases production.

  • andré

    nooooo! why! nintendo! i cant buy new super luigi u . becuase of the time limit.
    its set to 100 sec per level. i thought mario u was to little time to explore, and that was 400 sec per level. in mario 64 , its no time there, whyyy!!!

  • iceazeama

    the difference this time is that luigi gets to fuck the princess.

    • sd

      Have you never considered that luigi doesn’t want her, why do you think nabbit runs so fast….

    • ElCharlo

      Luigi goes for Daisy

  • JJS3


  • Johny

    can you get a download version too if you dont have the NSMBU ?
    im actually thinking of getting this 😀 it looks good ! and THAT is how dlc SHOULD be made 😛

  • andré

    100 sec timer ruins the game

  • devmiles

    it feels a bit as a quick money maker but i will check the game out

  • John Raybell

    Im just glad its cheap, because its more of the same stuff, and will go even faster with those fucking 100sec time limits 🙁

    I hate how lately nintendo is trying to convince people that they are doing new and fresh stuff, when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Why this cookie cutter crap, NINTENDO YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDN’T DO THIS, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ARE YOU DOING IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!