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Wii U launch
There’s no denying that the launch is incredibly important to any new console: especially those who bring more to the table than just more power. Nintendo’s Wii U will not only bring more power, but an innovative controller as well, making it possible for all sorts of different games, just like the original Wii did years ago. Here are 5 things Nintendo must get right with the Wii U launch:

Wii U Price

Since the Wii U won’t be that much more powerful than current gen consoles (around 50% more powerful), it will directly compete with the Xbox 360 and PS3. Nintendo needs to price the console aggressively — $250 would be ideal, and some industry analysts think it needs to be even cheaper, at $199, for Nintendo to compete.

First party Wii U lineup

With the Wii, Nintendo had astrong first party launch lineup led by Zelda: Twilight Princess. For the Wii U, we’ll need something just as big: at least a Mario game, or a new Zelda — something that can get Nintendo fans excited about the new console.

Third party Wii U titles

The third party lineup for the Wii launch in 2006 was abysmal, and those titles that were released, like Red Steel and Excite Truck, were disappointing. This time, Nintendo needs the support of third parties who can bring their biggest titles to the Wii U. Ubisoft has already announced that Assassin’s Creed 3 will be coming to the Wii U, and we’ll need Activision and EA’s support as well to bring hardcore titles like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor.

Wii U availability

The Wii was out of stock for almost a whole year worldwide after its launch. Nintendo never seemed to have enough units to meet demand, which ultimately caused some gamers to just give up and get an Xbox 360 or PS3. This time, Nintendo needs to meet the demand for the console — if the demand is there.

Strong marketing campaign

Nintendo needs a strong ad campaign that shows just how different the Wii U is from the other consoles, and how innovative it is, especially compared to Kinect and Move. There’s no denying that the Nintendo Wii U needs to sell well, and for that, the best way is always to drum up excitement for the new hardware.

Did we leave anything out? What else do you think is important for the Wii U launch? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Slacker

    Nintendo must have a strong Online or it will fail

    • notaslacker

      your comment+ your name= huge douchbag alert going crazy

    • deSSy2724

      Thats true….. Online feauture is one of the most important things for any console and future.

    • Omastar^_^

      I agree I personally likee nintendo but the wii wasn’t exactly at its best when it came to online :Long and annoying friend codes that you have to memorize. I have had a wii since 2008 and I still don’t know my wii friend code. Gamer tag like 360 or playstation i don’t recall was it a “username”.?.. was obviously popular.

  • alienfish

    I know this is only aesthetic, but I really think launching with multiple colors would benefit people’s outlook of the console, even if those colors are only black and white. Why doesn’t anyone mention Pikmin 3 in any newer articles? That game is going to be a serious piece at E3, I can almost guarantee it. Then think about how cool it would be to have DLC for a Pikmin game. Completely new levels could be added to make the game literally endless. I also can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the graphics since the first game made my jaw drop when I saw it in the early 2000’s.

    Another point is that WiiU is only 50% more powerful on paper. The Power7 processor alone is going to blow the other consoles away even if it is only clocked at 3GHz. It’s just like Intel’s Sandy Bridge quad cores being better than AMD’s new eight core. Really though, I hope they beef it up even more than it already is. I’d be all over that.

  • sam

    wiiu will at most be 4 times more powerful than 360 and its pricing is most likely going to be between 300-400 dollars, wich I think is decent

  • Johnny Bravo

    This may sound petty, but I wouldn’t want another white console. It goes against my home decor. We need both white and black units. Also, Mario Kart would be AMAZING if it were bundled into the syste.

    • RT

      face plates?

    • Your mom

      Yeah I plan to be at midnight release and I got a blue wii for christmas so white would look a little odd with a blue wii, a black GameCube and a black flat screen. So I hope they at least put out black at launch.

  • Andrew

    Yeah, everyone is just guessing at the WiiU’s power, which is why there is no agreement on what it actually is Every site lists 10 different things. Maybe it’s one of the various numbers listed (I’ve now heard 50% more power than 360, exactly the same or worse than 360, 2x as powerful as a 360, or 20% less powerful than then next Xbox, which is supposedly 6x as powerful as a 360… sigh.), but guessing and pretending you know when NO ONE DOES (Nintendo seems to be keeping the final specs secret from 3rd party developers, as well, meting out new dev kit iterations with modified specs every few months…) is dumb and tiresome. Just wait and see, like everyone else. And a Zelda launch title? It’ll have been 1 year since the last Zelda, and I keep seeing people saying it’s coming day one. Okay… Mario, I could see, given the last console entry was from 2011, but only if they rush it.

    • alienfish

      It will be more powerful than current gen. You are right when you say we don’t know how much more powerful, but I think ‘noticeably better’ might be a good way to put it. I believe it will be more than what most people think it will be simply because of the statement from Fumihiko Yasuda:

      “It’s very easy to develop for. We’re finding it very similar to develop for Wii U as for the Xbox 360 and PS3. …They’ve asked us what we would like to see from the hardware, and when we give them feedback we can see that they’re definitely listening to it and making changes. The hardware is still constantly changing.”

      Developers are going to ask for more power, therefore I don’t think it would be too unreasonable to speculate the WiiU’s power being greater than anything we’ve heard to date. Developers looking to develop for WiiU are likely people that have been developing for PS3/360 the past five years and are going to look for something more than what they are currently working with. For this reason I also believe that analog triggers and cL/cR buttons are on the way too (like L3/R3 on PS3). Nintendo would be stupid not to deliver on that since they have already said that they are going to be targeting core gamers this time around.

      Nintendo has a shot at making WiiU the only console that people need, if they muck it up this time I don’t know If I’ll be able to trust them to deliver for someone like me ever again. Underpowering their system would kill them off entirely.

    • notaslacker

      they ae not going to release a zelda game until aroung 2016 or 2017. think about it. wind waker was relesed in 2002. 4 years later twilight princess was relesed in 2006. and 5 years later skyward sword was relesed in 2011. so it would make scence to wait 5 or mabey even 6 years before the next game.

      • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

        I did hear a quote at one point where they mentioned that they want to speed up the zelda releases. Still, I’m thinking ’14 or ’15. Holiday launch, of course

        • Your mom

          What up with name? It’s weird, besides you can use weapons on epona.

      • Your mom

        Your kidding me right… That’s real dumb for such a long wait besides next Nintendo console would be rumored a lot by then.

      • McHammer

        you know that the skyward sword was done a long time before it was released, nintendo wanted to wait to the 25 anniversary of the zelda franchise.
        i think the new zelda game is available at the launch of wii u

      • GB Oracle

        No. All of those games that you mentioned (excluding Skyward Sword) came out at console release dates: GameCube, Wii and you forgot about the DS titles. Then Skyward Sword came out for the 25th Anniversary. It would easily make plenty of sense for Nintendo to bring out a new Zelda game.

  • angel

    I think that the first party game for the launch of Wii U will be, along with Pikmin 3, the Retro Studios new project, c’mon, since Donkey Kong Country Returns we don’t know ANYTHING from Retro, we just know that they helped in the Mario Kart 7 development, but i’m sure that they’re doing a new game for the Wii U early launch, a new Metroid HD?, a new Star Fox or an F-Zero?, a new Zelda?, or a new IP?, i don’t know in what they are working, but i’m totally sure that Retro it’s doing something big for the Wii U, and that gets me happy 😀

  • jojo

    200$ to compete? 50% more powerful than this gens consoles? Clearly you have been listening to too many Sony fanboys. Anyway all the Wii U needs is HD, strong online and 3rd party support then all they need to do is what they have already been doing and Nintendo will be just fine. Although I would like them to bring back Star Fox, F-zero, Mother, etc….

  • Guest

    I get the feeling Pikmin 3 will be the first party launch title this round. Personally, I don’t expect to see a price tag above $350 or below $250.

  • Prime

    250$ Huh??? Ps3 came out at 500$ what’s wrong with asking 450$ from a counsle that will demolish the ps3??? An 199$ WTF kinda site is this??? The 3ds came out at 250$ so why would there home counsle be anywhere near that low balling number, the tech they bought to make the wii u, is at-least 180$ per unit already to make the wii u, so how would they even cut a profit???

    Zelda as a first line up canidate??? Didnt we just have a zelda months ago? It’ll take a year an a half at-least, to brain storm another good zelda game for the wii u.

    3rd party’s??? Why worry so much about thing’s they have to split the cash with??? When that’s how nintendo has been so succsesfull at doing, keeping to there own brand game’s, look at the vita, if monster hunter decide’s to jumb brand’s, then sony is screwed. While Mario, Zelda, Donkey kong, Metroid Ect Ect have Nintendo with 100% profit, no need splitting the cake.

    Availiability??? It would be better to be sold out than not even sell good, sony an microsoft havent sold out because there number’s in sale’s combined still didnt match the wii’s overall sale’s head count, so I dont know where your going with that.

    Marketing campaign is a no brainer, mario an pokemon are already all over the place, so getting the new’s out there will be easier than taking candy from a baby.

    An I agree with yayha, what kinda site is this??? Are you a elemantary kid or are you a sony drone in disguise? Wii u having every single bit of tech as late as 2010 as in Pc chip’s Radeon, ect ect is safly estimated at 10x the power over ps3 an 360, having that aiding newer tech an invation’s of other’s is going to blow away the old gen’s of 2006, hense look at the year gap, that’s 6 year’s of newer tech, 1 year newer tech would do, but were talking possibly 7 year’s, htf is it suppose to be equal??? You forget, this is nintendo, the franchise of Pokemon alone, can keep them alive for the next 10 year’s. Unless your a noob or just a nintendo hater, let’s recap how much just Pokemon bank’s…
    -Pokemon Game’s, yearly billion dollar company.
    -Pokemon Movie’s, yearly billion dollar company.
    -Pokemon Trading card’s, yearly billion dollar company.
    -Pokemon Doll’s/Toy’s/Clothing line, yearly billion dollar company.
    -Pokemon T.V Serie’s, yearly billion dollar company.
    -Pokemon is licensed an owned by Nintendo so that’s a 100% Profit.
    That’s just one game, XD nintendo isint going anywhere.
    An the wii U is gona rock hard, not a dought in my mind, who know’s what the U stand’s for??? there was nintendo than super-nintendo, so maybe the wii could stand for Ultra as in wii Ultra, or Wii Universe, or Wii ultimate…who know’s? All I know is, I’m getting one…

    • u said alot and i somewhat agree withyou nintendo isnt goning anywhere for a long while and with the wii u coming its going about a another billon something $$$$. the nintendo company has alot of money why not use the latest technology it would cost more money but hey better for the player(playerz)

    • ZER0C00L

      No your wrong.

      • ZER0C00L

        But yes Nintendo isnt going anywhere. Posting this from my PS3.

  • Freak3000

    They need to hit online gaming really hard. So many titles come to mind that would make Nintendo awesome to play online, like Mario Kart, or Metriod. I would love if they remade the Pokemon series and made a online version of Pokemon Stadium for this system.

  • david6

    Stop the presses and change everything. Completly start over from scratch and wait.

    • david6

      which they would have to do anyways after ps4 and xbox720 comes out.

      • Steventelation

        can people stop calling the next generation M and S systems names that they dont even know? nobody but M and S know the power of their next gen. consoles or any facts about them.

  • Ares

    Clayton Cristenson’s scheme is over, he is the plague of nintendo. And Reg should not follow him. His tricks dont work twice. People are not unprogressed fools. Now its Ares scheme, that is to WIN! Get to work, your not a stubborn ass put a pure bread horse. GET TO WORK!!!! You have one month to show!

  • Ares

    Stupid reggie fil con artist. This is a console war, and war is not a time to be just average.

  • logan7699

    1. need a hard drive..
    2. on-line to match Competitors
    3. first party games every month for the 6 months
    4. allow me to transfer all virtual games i bought on my wii
    5 change the name… from the WiiU to the N. U. (Nintendo Universe)
    6. third party support making the NU versions best with controls..interfaces
    7. get blizzard games on the NU..
    8. make sure the system can use two controllers tablets
    9. send games overseas no more “xenoblade” waits
    10. web browsing enabling “smart TV” apps…

    • Your mom

      You kept saying NU and it’s officially wii u.

    • Mike

      You should just stick to MS/Sony, they can shovel out shitty 1st party titles every 6 months (Fable, Resistance: Burning Skies, etc.).

      • Nintendo Defender #1

        go to hell, please. really what Sony fan boy goes to a Nintendo site without being worried bout the competition

        • Mike

          Did you just accuse me of Nintendo hating? Read my comment again, please, it was meant to be insulting towards MS/Sony 1st party titles.

  • DvdXploitr

    Nintendo gets alot of bad rep for being a “kiddie console”…but I got a feeling with games like Assassins Creed 3, Killer Freaks from Outer Space, and Darksiders 2 being launch titles with a Mature rating, that may change people’s perspective.

    I just hope they don’t get carried away with the DLC garbage that is on the Xbox360 and the PS3 systems. If the game content is on the disk, don’t make users pay 99 cents or whatever to “unlock” it…that’s stupid…whatever happened to the days of PLAYING the game to unlock content..This is how I remember things….not PAYING to use alternate characters or costumes. Imagine if older games like Super Mario World required you to pay for different colored Yoshi’s and that’s what some of the DLC is like now…paying for different color palettes or costumes. Adding characters is fine, but don’t make it so obvious (100kb download size) that the content is already on the disk….also……

    FOCUS ON GAMING….Nintendo did a good job focusing on gaming on the Wii, even if there was alot of shovelware……I don’t care about having FaceBook, Twitter, Skype, etc on a game console….I don’t care if it can’t play movies….if you can afford a game console, you can afford a DVD player or Blu-Ray player. (yea, I know that is just one more device to plug in and connect to a TV, but TVs are well equipped these days!)

    Do not take forever and a day to release Mario or Zelda titles…..When the NES came out in the US, it came with Mario…when the SNES came out, so did Super Mario World…When N64 came out, so did Super Mario 64….when GameCube came out, that’s when it got a little sloppy….GameCube got Luigi’s Mansion which I can barely count as a Mario game….Wii was out for almost a year before we got Super Mario Galaxy…..just please Nintendo, give us a Mario game from the start like you used to (and no, Virtual Console games don’t count b/c it’s not an ORIGINAL Mario game, its a re-release)

    • God Bless Nintendo

      Also to those unaware they WILL be releasing a Mario game from the start, New Super Mario Bros. U and they will be coming out with a Wario game. But with the new Luigi’s Mansion I do hope they make one for the Wii U, as they failed to with the Wii.

  • james braseton

    hi there no hard drive takes ps3 30 minutes too install and play just 1 game hard drive ps3 is soo slow i realy dont want hard drive in a game console i never use my ps3 in past 3 years

    • Mike

      You can plug in a external hard drive, as long as it’s USB. Or you can plug in SD cards, or USB’s.

  • Leeroy

    For al worried about wii u online don’t worry. It and 3ds will have Nintendo network which I think will be better than psn and xbl because Nintendo has had six years to take good qualities from it and drop the bad qualities. And about dlc Nintendo has said that they will have it but not go crazy and rip you off like some other people. The 3ds actually does have Nintendo network in it for those wondering. It’s not completely finished so they haven’t realeased it yet. Kid Icarus and Mario kart run on it. Plus I do think they need to come out with multiple colors. I want red

  • David

    “Nintendo must have a strong Online or it will fail”
    -Actually, its online is pretty good. The one that really needs to have free online is the xbox360. $60/year for live is insane, that’s why ill never buy xbox live.
    atleast for game play minimum. The “premium” or whatever it wants to offer separate is apart, but if your buying a game to play online on whatever console, the game creator should pay for the online servers and not us in my perspective.

  • tred

    It (the wiiu) needs a strong online mode at least three colors and needs to be fast and have cool games or else it will fall

    • Mike

      It won’t fail, Asia will prevent it from failling. And also it has a good online, they had 6 years to look at the online of all the other platforms. And, it’s fucking Nintendo, ”cool games” shouldn’t be a demand, that’s just normal for Nintendo.


    WII U will do just fine if Madden13 and Blackops2, come out for launch .

    • God Bless Nintendo

      There is a good chance of that as Nintendo has said the wii U will launch ‘holiday 2012’ so by the estimated wii U sales it safe to assume before or immediately after Thanksgiving. If I’m right that will coincide with or be right after C.O.D. comes out on Nov. 13. So they might not ‘call’ it a launch title but it basically will be.

  • Russell UK

    Well I am no gamer, but I would consider buying if it was marketed at the right price point (we get screwed in the UK on tech stuff – way way overpriced considering same tech as anywhere else in world) and would finally offer some decent gameplay- skyward sword ruined motion gaming for me, I have ms and I just couldn’t play well. Looked like I was a right fool twitchin’ and jerking the bloody wiimote and nun chuck about – maybe some form of disabled support? Sounds trivial and sad but I don’t have the physical skills I used to, but still love a wee bit of gaming. Would be nice for some console company to recognise there’s a market for the infirm.




    • name

      the controller can’t be played without the consle, if i understood nintendo correctly

  • Nintendo Defender #1

    Nintendo will win with this console

  • נגב

    wii u will be 5 times more poaerful.

    • Steventelation

      Mr. Asian Writing above me must be Satoru Iwata in disguise.

  • alex

    more turn based rpgs the wii did not have enough except opoona

  • ER!CK64


  • bob

    when ps4 and new xbox come out third party developers wont be able make the same games for the wiiu as ps4 as it wont have enough power.

    • random guy

      You do not know that for sure. Only reason why people think that is because the wii couldnt get third party titles,but that doesent mean the Wii u wont be as powerful. look at the 6th gen, ps2 wasnt as powerful compared to the gamecube yet exclusive third party title were put on it. It could turn out like the 6th gen were wii u will be the least powerful, but being able to still get games that were on the xbox.

  • Charles Fasano

    The Wii U needs to be able to play GameCube games for me to even consider buying it. Being able to play GameCube games was one of the prime deciding factors when I was deciding if I should buy the Wii or not. I still play my collection of GameCube games quite frequently and I have no desire to add another console to my already maxed out entertainment center. My entertainment center is already quite huge at about 6 feet long and 8 feet high.

    • Le person

      the wii u cannot play gamecube games but can play them only if downloaded from there eshop or something like that, also it plays games from the snes, nes, and other older consoles. theres an article about it. they are only available for download.

      • God Bless Nintendo

        I also enjoy gamecube games. Sadly my mom sold it at a garage sale, I still rue that day. Then I got ripped off at gamestop, 62 games for LITTERALLY 14 DOLLARS, I am NOT KIDDING. If I had not though I could have just played them on my Wii. 🙁

  • BananaPwnz

    Wii U is going to be sick! I cant wait for the next Mario 3d platforming game!
    For the N64 they had super Mario 64(my personal favorite). For the GameCube they had Super Mario Sunshine. And for the Wii they had Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. I cant imagine the possibilities what the Wii U is going to give us! GO NINTENDO!!!

  • Steventelation

    Nintendo should not bundle nintendoland with the Wii U because it will make a lot of hardcore gamers think it is too kiddish. There is too much misinformation in the world about the Wii U, and Nintendo should make it very obvious that it is more powerful that current gen.

    • God Bless Nintendo

      No way! Who cares about the image when were getting a free game with a console. Could you imagine not getting Wii Sports with your wii, getting it on Christmas and waiting for the stores to open in a few days? I mean I understand your point but with M rated games- Assasins Creed III, etc- nintendo will be changing their image anyway.

  • john nathan

    I think that they should make a game that betters the wii u rather than vice versa

  • CoolmanNintendoFan

    Nintendo needs to price it at maybe 170-130$. 200$ is WAY to much. If it ends up being anything like 200$ or higher, you ain’t gonna see me with a Wii U until the price is lowered to something I can AFFORD.

  • Wii u crazer

    What they should do about running out Is start producing them a month before launch day and keep making them so they don’t run out.

    • God Bless Nintendo

      They already are making them.

  • God Bless Nintendo

    First off they are already rolling them off the production belts and second it will probably be 200-330 dollars. Furthermore I am probably the only one of you who gave a comment with 0 spelling or grammatical errors.