Jul 4th, 2012

Wii U Daily teaserDear readers, Nintendo fans, and everyone else,

Here at Wii U Daily, we’re working hard on a major redesign of the site, with a brand new look and lots of new features (including a forum, finally!). We’re currently putting the finishing touches on the site, and we’re wondering if you guys have any suggestions/ideas/features you’d like to see? We’d appreciate any other feedback you might have as well, so fire away!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. And stay tuned for the brand new Wii U Daily in a week or two. And yes, the image above is a teaser for the new site 😉

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  • Adam

    The only thing that is not out yet, Cost and Date!

  • Smurfman256

    Some IdeaMan would be nice.

  • Darksasuke75

    I would just like to see you guys staying on top of things with all the news and info. Everything is great I just hope it stays daily even when Nintendo is quiet.

  • WeYou

    Will there be weekly polls?

  • big smoke

    Actual news would be great. Not “well we pestered Mr iwata again and no release date.” ……..ok. 2. Leave site open. I don’t want to give my whole life story away to talk about Wii u. 3. Still make images copyable. U got great pics. Give the site a Wii u feel.

  • LordFenix

    would love if u guys would make a Official and Rumor section. i mean yes i like reading about both… but sucks when i see the title and go OMG… and then read the post and come to find out its only a rumor

  • Roo México

    Estaría bien que re diseñaran y organizaran algunas de la noticias por temas. 🙂

    I would like to see another view… i mean… could be a new redisign for the differents topics that are in here. 🙂

  • joe

    When the wii you comes out have a wii u console give away contest that would be awesome.
    keep the good work up you guys are the best wii u info website im happy with the work

    • Agree

      I agree. Giving away a free wii u will drum up a lot of visits to your site. It is just good business and will get you a lot of free press. This is of course assuming that wiiudaily is in the black and not operating in the red currently.

    • 3rd.Disciple

      ALSO AGREE!!! Giving out pro controllers, games & accessories could not hurt I’m sure…
      But keep up the good work, the teaser was a nice addition as well as “Google+”. My circles just got a lil bigger, (a lot)… I do feel that fans of wiiudaily.com have valid points & opinions, as well as the staff. I hope & pray that Nintendo, Regganator & Shiggy (Miyamoto san) takes note of this & possibly implementing some of it…
      Lets be Tril (tru+real), Samus had a birthday / anniversary & I would love a historia book or game like Link had. Also, a Wii U Link game would be Gr8!!! Samus & Link need love 2…
      Keep up the GR8 work wiiudaily.com STAFF, Thanxz 4 everything, U Kick @$$…

    • 3rd.Disciple

      Also, this is a haven for all things Nintendo, I would hate to see fanboi after fanboi post hate or something negative with the intention of getting something free or motivated by a prize!!!
      Quality should not suffer for the sake of quantity… An affliction many site suffer with, but not wiiudaily.com

  • Firebro

    Have like a poll for each topic like this one. Like for example for the wii u online
    Is it a good idea for Nintendo network to be free
    A Yes
    B No

  • jat

    You should have like a daily or weekly question, in which we could vote for certain options and then show the results the next day

  • Leeroy

    Yes finally

  • Marcus

    You should have like a daily or weekly question, wich game is better and if Nintendo plans to shoot more information about gamepad. because I have understood that the tablet may not bear games, if has a processor as powerful as the wiiU .and if the wiiU could catch up to the level of the next xbox 720 or ps4?

  • bob

    user accounts would be nice.

    • Madara

      Why? I think the current setup is fun and good enough. Who doesn’t like anonymity and keeping all personal information: name, age, birthday to themselves?

      • bob

        i mean on the forums. it is more organized and can be moderated more easily.

  • Bryan

    All I want is compatibility for mobile devices!

  • Dennis

    User accounts, weekly polls, rumor section all great ideas.. but i’m really feeling mobile compatibilities. It would be great not to have to run to my laptop..
    all in all good job, love the site

  • Kard

    Links to websites!

  • Silent

    Info on gamepad we still don’t know if u can use more then one, price and release date for the aussie market or any info for the aussie fans

  • Sikora

    Forums? I’m all over that.
    There should be a “Rumor Mill” Page that talks about… rumors.
    Can’t wait.

    • Sikora

      Oh wait, you guys already have a Rumor Section… 😆

  • Alienfish

    In general, I like what I see here and love the simplicity of the site. I visit every day and love it when I see something that another site didn’t have and get to read it exclusively here. Keep it simple and keep it up!

    • ChubbiestLamb6

      I agree with pretty much all of this. It’s great to be able to come here and see something new pretty much every day, and without having to navigate through any sort of forum->subforum->subsubforum organization. I’m super excited about the Wii U, so it’s great to be able to read SOMETHING, even if it’s just a little update like “still no news on ____” because it’s super frustrating to check other sites and see that the last update was what I already read six days ago when I’m trying to get my Wii U news fix -_-

  • LOLPole

    Mobile version, please!

  • Nintengoth

    I love this site i have come on it every day since it launched and i love it, cant wait to see the new site, all i really wanted is a forum to talk prop with other folks on here 🙂
    more updates on the console itself and the controllers reallys, keep up the good work WiiU Daily!!!

  • Isaac_Triplex

    anything relevant to Wii U … 😀

  • slim jim

    Put the wii u game info

    • bob

      sorry but your name reminded me of samjam, if you know what i mean

  • Man

    UMmm a trailor section and a ideaman and questions and Bagels!!!!

  • Loz fan

    Will wii u zapper come in black?

  • Lovin.It

    Provide an option to temporarily go back to this look. It’s not that I don’t like that little sliver of what it’ll look like. In fact, I’m looking forward to it. But there’s something I’ll miss about this look… also, it would be great if there were a mobile-friendly version. Even better, have the full site somehow be ready for smaller screens! Keep up the great work! 😀

  • Britton

    When a release date is revealed you should put a “countdown” clock on the main page. Also a chat board and a way to weed out Nintendo haters.

  • UPad

    Make a Message Board for Wii U discussion.

  • shadowfan2z

    Update all the Wii U information and games.

  • j

    a tumblr

  • Your mom

    I would like you to put some 3ds action in like a section or somethimg

  • someshet

    yea accounts on wiiudaily and w/ profile pics too since of the normal one u guys have for me and everyone else

  • Marq

    There’s nothing I can really complain about with this site. It has become one of my go-to sites in the past few months for Nintendo news.

    I’d say consider using Disqus for user accounts. That way, those who want to have user accounts can get their way, and those of us who don’t want to register or login every time to leave a comment get their way too.

  • Raul

    Polls for users. That would be great.

  • Nekine

    The forum will be great! Please,make user accounts for it,of course,and lots of support to it.I’ll be one of the firsts to register!

  • Non-Specific Action Figure

    Show us Wii U news like 4 times a day! Im tired of old news 🙁

  • ConCity Soldier

    Let’s get some polls on here Daily.

  • Rodrigo Costa

    One specific area for fans ideas

  • TheMaddMan

    An app! An app!

  • TheMaddMan

    And I want to know what third parties are doing with the console. No more of “*blank* is interested in the Wii U!


    yes i doent really like the —- is interested and sees pausabilitys but i do think this sight is good the way it is but id like polls

  • Good Ideas

    Do a weekly ‘What we want to see on wii u’ and show how the controls would work ect.
    e.g. Zelda Wii U – using clawshot, playing online, motionplus ect.
    e.g.2 Mario Kart – gamepad shows behind view, tilt controls?

  • ConCity Soldier

    Wii U Daily needs to do game reviews & allow users to also review those games in a separate section. Users should be able to rate those games with stars or a rating number also like Gamespot does. Of course this won’t take effect until after the Wii U releases. Like what I said before their should be daily or weekly polls. A neat add on would be mini games, but that may be pushing it huh haha.

  • Colton

    An interactive walkthrough of the controller & console.

  • 009soulmaster

    Perhaps Half-Weekly Polls that ask people questions in games in gerneral such as “Would you perfer buying games at the store or download them to your console?”

  • Ilias

    New games and rumors!!!
    And of course the release date .

    • Ovni384

      and price

  • TheImaj

    Mobile site!