Jun 2nd, 2015

If you’ve played a match of Splatoon, you know that at the end of the round, Judd the Cat comes out to weigh in on which team was able to splatter the most ink across the map in the given time. You’ll notice that Judd always seems to fill the meter up to about 20% or so for regular matches, then he completes it by filling in the actual percentage. But how correct is that information?

One streamer set out to find out by filling a lobby full of people who agreed not to splat a single bit of ink for the entire three minutes of the match. The result is pretty interesting. It seems like matches in Splatoon definitely can’t end up in a tie and that Judd the Cat is the final decision-maker. Still, this really shouldn’t be a problem for most matches, unless it comes down to a hair of a percent.

Have you had any close call matches since the game launched last week?

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