Jul 5th, 2015

Remember Project HAMMER for the Wii? That dark, gritty, awesome-looking game that was so unlike anything Nintendo had made before? Well, that game was in development for about 4 years, and Nintendo even showcased the game at several game events. But in the end, when the project was about 75% done, the whole thing was scrapped by Nintendo.

A new video, “Nintendo’s Project H.A.M.M.E.R: The Untold Story”, tells the complicated story of Project HAMMER and what happened to it. It also reveals the opening cinematic, which looked gorgeous and set the dark tone for the game.

The video has some interesting bits and details. For example, there were both Western and Japanese developers working on the title, and they often disagreed on what direction to take the game in. It’s also revealed that internally, the game had an actual title: “MachineX”.

It’s also interesting to see how Nintendo later changed the style of the game to something more colorful and approachable, and even changed the title to “Wii Crush”.

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