Mar 31st, 2012

Wii U Daily
Wii U Daily is quickly growing to one of the top sites and communities for all things Wii U. As you can see, we’ve just launched our brand new design, and we would love to get your input and thoughts on it!

We’ll be ramping up our coverage of the new console here on Wii U Daily in the next weeks and months, as more and more details on the new Nintendo console are revealed. If you have any thoughts, use the comments section to let us know. Alternately, you can always email the staff as well.

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  • alienfish

    I love the chronology that this site has going on. When I first found it a few months ago I went through almost every article from the beginning. At first glance, I’m loving the new design, and am pleased to see that it seems to have kept everything from the old design and made it better with the new one. Kudos and keep it up!

  • blub

    I really like your new design! This was a huge step!