Oct 1st, 2014


Chalk this one up to weirdness that I just couldn’t help but share. We know Nintendo has always strived to make quality products, but according to a research project by Iowa State University, they created the best pedometer available to consumers in the Pokewalker. The study tested several consumer pedometers on the market, including more expensive options that are tailored specifically for fitness instead of being a gaming accessory, as is the Pokewalker.

Researchers were shocked to discover just how well the Pokewalker did among test subjects on a treadmill walking at four different speeds. The test group included 22 children and eight adults and was the most accurate of all the products tested. According to lead professor Lorraine Lanningham-Foster, aside from being an accessory for a popular game, the Pokewalker could be used to research how children walk.

In comparing all those measures, the Pokéwalker did very well. It’s very accurate and precise. So as a tool that can be used to actually change behavior and a child can use to truly understand and learn about how much they’re walking, it could be a good tool.

While the Pokewalker only worked with the Nintendo DS version of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, a more recent product that uses the same pedometer technology is the Wii Fit Meter that can be used with Wii Fit U. Studies like this just go to show that while Nintendo does produce fitness related products that are tailored around having fun while using them, there’s an actual health benefit to it as well.

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