Oct 7th, 2015


Nintendo’s Miiverse community is a pretty unique feature among consoles, as no other console manages to bring its fans together quite as well with individual communities for games and events. Despite this, Miiverse has been something of a red-headed step-child as of late. We still don’t have an official Android or iOS app as promised and as of late, Nintendo seems keen on focusing on the web version.

The web version of Miiverse got an overhaul that updates some of the features, including showcasing new content and posts that are getting very popular. In that vein, the update seeks to make Miiverse more like Nintendo reddit, as you can see what’s popular on the site just by visiting the front page.

Perhaps the biggest change though, is that Nintendo has incorporated adverts into the web version. According to the announcement post, no ads will be shown on the Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS apps, but if you access Miiverse from your computer, prepare to see them.

How do you feel about Nintendo placing ads inside their online community?

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