Feb 26th, 2015

As we gear up toward the release of Xenoblade Chronicles X, developer Monolith Soft has been more forthcoming with details surrounding the battle system in their upcoming game. According to new information released on Twitter today, director Koh Kojima has stated that the weather will have an impact on the outcome of battles in the game. According to him, this was a natural progression from having different monsters appear.

The idea of having a different monsters appear in the fields at day and night was already a feature in Xenoblade Chronicles. In Xenoblade Chronicles X, we have also made it so that weather affects the battles.”

“It isn’t just a visual effect, but is fully featured in battle tactics. Tuning the weather change cycle was fairly hard work, though…”

So not only will you have to think about the tactics you plan on using in battle before entering it, but you’ll also need to make sure you’re not fighting in weather conditions that could hinder your party.

Does this new information make you even more excited for Xenoblade Chronicles X?

Thanks uPadWatcher!

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