Jan 29th, 2014


If you’re looking for a new game to pick up, you might enjoy knowing that several of Warner Bros. Interactive’s titles are on sale in the Nintendo eShop. Currently you can pick up Batman: Arkham Origins, Scribblenauts Unmasked, and Injustice: Gods Among Us for $40 each, or Lego Batman 2, Hot Wheels: World’s Best Driver, and Scribblenauts Unlimited for $20.

There’s no end date for the sale, so if you’re keen on picking up one of these titles I’d do so quickly.

  • JB

    Injustice needs to come down a bit lower before I bite. Isn’t it missing some DLC or something?

    • Shota

      you can download injustice dlc on the eshop

      • JB

        Yeah I know that. Did it get *all* the DLC the others got? Though I suppose not having all it is not going to break the game one way or another… Lol

        • Shota

          it has everything. all characters dlc packs.

          • Doctors Tardis

            It’s still missing some skin packs. But why would you get it on wii u and buy dlc when you can get it on any other system with all the dlc included on the disk? Because Wii U didn’t get the “ultimate edition” even at $40 I can’t recommend it at all.

          • Shota

            hmm true

          • tronic307

            I heard it was gimped somehow. And third parties then have the audacity to wonder why these games sell like 20k on the Wii U?

        • Brad

          The only thing the Wii U version doesn’t have is online play. I have crap bandwidth so this was not a real concern of mine,

          • Geoffrey Tasker

            Someone lied to you. Who in the world told you it doesn’t have online? Because it sureLy does my friend it also had all the dlc characters it does not have every costume

          • Guest

            Oops, I thought I was commenting about Arkham Origins not Injustice which yes does have online multiplayer.

          • Brad

            Oops, Sorry. I thought I was commenting about Arkham Origins not Injustice which indeed does have online multiplayer. 🙂

        • TheWichi

          All the people here are wrong here is what the Wii U versión is missing…
          Private matchs in online (yo cant play with Friends only random people)
          Two DLC characters:
          Martian man hunter
          as for skins goes I think the Arrow one for Green arrow but im sure there is more

    • Doctors Tardis

      You’re better of getting it on literally any other system and getting the complete edition.

      • JB

        That’s what I was juggling in my mind… I know the PS4 version is on the horizon (or Is it already out?) and I may opt for that one.

      • Shota

        that’s the best choice

    • Ducked

      Actually is has DLC on the Wii U

  • Nate

    Anyone know the download sizes for the two Batman games?

  • Derek

    I dislike downloading games. You will be able to find theses for much cheaper in a physical form a year from now.

  • Frankie

    Batman Origins is average, do not waste $40 on it.

  • Fred

    Thanks Ashley, looks like I’ll finally get Lego Batman!!! Maybe Scribblenauts Unlimited too.

  • Shy Guy

    Scribblenauts Unlimited is on sale for $20 on the Nintendo eShop? That’s odd because I just looked it up on Amazon, Best Buy, and Target and they are offering physical copies of the game for the same price. If $20 is the sale price on the Nintendo eShop, how much were they trying to charge before? o.O

  • Agent721

    Arkham Origins Wii U is $37 on Amazon. When you’re done, you can trade it in to lower the cost even more & you’ll spare yourself hard drive space to boot.

  • jrob23

    Lego Batman 2 is $19.99 and Arkham Origins $39.99 at Best Buy. I’d rather get the physical copy personally.

    • Brad

      This is also the case on Amazon except Arkham Origins is currently $36.32.I’m a physical copy guy myself.

      • tronic307

        I double dipped for SM3DW: It released on the eShop at midnight and I just couldn’t hold out until my physical copy arrived. I have plenty of sealed physical copies because of this.

    • Ducked

      I’d pass on Lego Batman 2, it’s a sloppy port in my opinion. You can’t use the Pro Controller, or the Classic controller. And the game looks kinda rough, the PS3 version looked better. Unless you like playing with the Wii remote.

  • BIG Franky

    is monster hunter still $20?

    • tom

      I down- loaded it this morning! What a great price!!

  • Josiah Parsons

    If you have not yet played it, this is a GREAT deal on ScribbleNauts Unlimited. Go buy it now!

  • Justin Carlson

    Digital downloads are a way for publishers to make a lot more money off of the games. So until the digital version is a lot cheaper than the physical I’m only buying hard copies.

    Let’s see… With digital there is no retail store taking a cut, There is no disc and case and case insert and manual to print. There is no product to ship. And nobody can sell a used copy so everyone has to buy new. So please tell me why digital versions are the same price or MORE than physical ones?

    • FoxMulder900

      I agree that digital should be a little cheaper since it cuts out the middle man, but by the same token I would much rather my money go directly to the developer instead of GameStop or WalMart taking a cut!

      • jrob23

        I’m not sure the developer gets more in this case. I believe the publisher alone gets a bigger piece of the pie because they pay for the overhead on physical games.

      • Shy Guy

        Not only does it cut out the middle man but it cuts out the storage media, which is why I still don’t get why a series of files downloaded directly to a hard drive cost as much as a physical copy. If they want to do it that way at least give customers the added value of being able to purchase a physical copy, register it with their account, then be able to save the contents of the disc or download the digital copy to their mass storage device. That way not only can I enjoy the benefits of digital distribution, but I also get the benefits of having a physical copy for my archive that will be there years from now for me to enjoy as well.

    • Rinslowe

      We decide our own value then let our purchase decisions do the talking. Arguably it’s a lot more convenient for some to go download vs the cost as you put it.
      Overall though, yeah I think Digital Download prices could be a bit more centered in reality, lol.
      But for me at least – downloads are the way to go.

  • Simon Stevens

    Loved Scribblenaughts 🙂

  • RyuNoHadouken

    i wouldnt pay more than ten bucks for any of these titles

  • Dark-Link73

    Huh. So I wrote a comment and it got deleted. Interesting.

  • Kenshin0011

    Nintendo DS games announced for Wii U virtual console

    Mario Kart 8 to release in May

    Iwata admits Gamepad is Wii U’s current weakness

    On demand service to come across Nintendo devices and be linked to your Nintendo Network ID

    Nintendo to license it’s first party franchises to other devs to make games (on Nintendo hardware)

  • John Madsen

    love arkham origins and even better you don’t need the online multiplayer

  • Donaald

    Most of those games are good, Batman AO is a festival of glitches.