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Watch Dogs is a third person open-world action game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It features a fully hackable Chicago that protagonist Aidan Pierce can tap into at any time by hacking into the Central Operating System (CtOS) of the city. Pierce is a vigilante capable of mass destruction or extreme subtlety, depending on how the character chooses to play him. Some hacking features include the ability to control mass transit, ATMs, security kiosks, cell phone networks and other major parts of every day life.

Watch Dogs Overview

Watch Dogs takes place in a futuristic version of Chicago, Illinois, where everything electronic in the city is operated using one big supercomputer. The player is able to utilize the supercomputer by hacking into it to disable, enable, or otherwise turn every day situations into their favor. The game is an open world action game and will feature a story-line and multi-player co-operative modes.

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