Feb 23rd, 2013

We were glad when Ubisoft revealed that the new action game Watch Dogs will be coming to the Wii U later this year. And we’ve already got the official box art of the game, which looks pretty cool. Watch Dogs is a futuristic open-world action-adventure game with focus on hacking and surveillance, and was first unveiled at E3 2012. The game is set in a future Chicago, where players assume the role of a hacker who uses his skills to solve various missions and objectives.

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  • it looks awesome!!!!

    •  Oh boy…

      • mikeloveswiiu

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        • Zelly Jeffers

          Every time. People fall for it every time. All you have to do is NOT reply to him. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

          •  Tell us what the PROBLEM is.  You responded so how can you school the rest?  Besides, it was not a ‘trolling’ comment., you just don’t like it.

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          • david daniel wharton camacho

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          • NkoSekirei

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          • MadCrain

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          • MadCrain

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          • david daniel wharton camacho


          • Anthony K Aurelia

            No, Bojangles or Popeyes

          • audi lover

            You have the right to comment just like any one else its just a shame its confrontational, constructive comments are always welcome in a community, its a just a shame yours are always negative

          •  Negative (POV) comments are constructive comments. All positive comments are false comments and they do not help right the wrongs, they only help to think that the wrongs are right so there is never any change.

          • But Donaald, how is there anything wrong with someone expressing their excitement for a game that looks genuinely good? 

          •  There is nothing wrong with that at all.  There is also nothing wrong with my expressing the fact that there is nothing special about the box art.  It is the same pic we have seen before on a Wii U pack.  I am not telling people to not like it, I am only adding MY two cents like they added theirs.

          • david daniel wharton camacho

             there is no sense to harrase donaald right now… and its true its the same box art than the other consoles just with the wii u banner on top

          • Alienfish

            Does it make you feel powerful or smart to confront and essentially put down someone else’s opinion? You ARE being confrontational and DEconstructive in your reply, there is no denying that. If you want to post your own opinion and add your two cents then don’t reply, make your own post. I’m not saying that being confrontational is bad, I’m just pointing out that your justification and classification of what you did is incorrect.

          • audi lover

            Your opinion is fine it dosent make it the truth, your obviously intelligent but I guess all positive comments are false there your own words

          •  Nintendo should listen to people like me then they would not be having the trouble that they find themselves in right now.  When all people do is call the announcement if a new game “Awesome,” a new box cover “awesome” or Nintendo building a new lunch room in it’s building “awesome,” that is taking things too far and it does not help things.  It make Nintendo think that they are doing the right thing while sales say otherwise.  If they would listen to people like me, then they could correct what they do wrong.

          • NkoSekirei

             nobody is gonna listen to u troll u dont post much positive comments on here mostly troll comments

        • Zelly Jeffers

          So, as I was saying, don’t reply to his comments and perhaps he’ll bugger off. 😉

          •  I agree donny is old news and he has run out of steam

          • Nintedward

            Litteraly , his parents will no longer buy him any games off Steam , lol…

          •  hahah that was good and it’s true ..We all know hold old this poser really is but who cares We love our Wii U and ps4 can wait 600 dollars is a joke even 400 ..Parents or even alot of people will buy wii u at 350 before paying that high of a price

      • Stop failing 

      • NkoSekirei

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      • who wants to team up and troll donald? because apparently he’s very jugdemental of my comments. this box art is wicked and everyone else on here knows that…..except donald.

        • DK_Hadouken

          I point out his errors when I can, but honestly he was just getting a rise out of you. You just let him succeed. Be better then Donaald.

          • Jeremy Thompson

            telling someone that is what creates quite a few problems because they actually do think they’re better which creates people like josh from what i read about his comments that is, but really no ones better then anyone and i find donald funny because he is trying and succeds at getting a rise out of you. But some make a good point i do myself hear alot of people saying awesome every single time which isnt bad in some cases but they do get bad enough where nintendo just farts and waves it towards you they say awesome or next gen, nintendo needs motivation to improve so they get better like i want ty for your time sapte…

        •  i already defeat the clown he’s old news

          •  Only in your mind you defeated me.  Only in your mind…

          • mikeloveswiiu


          •  Agreed

          •  Don.

          •  Like i said your defeated not only by me but by other Wii U gamers you attack ..your on notice boy

          •  I can only be defeated with facts, not because you think so.  Others made stronger arguments that you even attempted to make.

          • Again your in denial donny you can tell in your wording

          • NkoSekirei

             u got no facts u douche do us all a favor and stfu and go play hide under ur bridge

          • bizzy gie

            Isn’t it a coincidence that ALL your comments keep getting approximately 3 likes? Hmmm….

          •  It means that I have 3 OBJECTIVE fans.  Is it a coincidence that anything kissing Nintendo’s ass get’s 10 or more likes?

          • david daniel wharton camacho

             this is being an ass, you can insult him now.

          • david daniel wharton camacho

             ass again

          • T

            You’re a person who goes on a Nintendo website and trolls Nintendo fans, when you could be spending doing something productive, or spending times with these special thing called “friends~”. I think you lose no matter what…

          •  Awww…

          • NkoSekirei

             ignore this idiot

      • Nintedward

        Was that necessary ? The guy likes the box art , maybe he just likes seeing a triple A game on the Wiiu ? So what ? go to £$%^ing PS4daily.com you mentally deranged twat.

        •  YOU are mentally deranged for getting bent out of shape because I am not paid to promote Nintendo, only the truth.  I will check out that site though.  Maybe i’ll post to both!

          • Nintedward

            Stop trolling and grow up. Nintendo is in a league of its own now.

            You should be worrying about What Microsoft is doing.
            Nintendo have their own game to play , they don’t even care about Sony or Microsoft anymore.

          • Johnny Star


          • WiiUltra

            Oh so you get paid for “the truth”. That explains everything.

          • david daniel wharton camacho

             ass again

          • Chris Kattner

            You get paid to promote the truth? Sweet deal!

            …Who signs the checks?

          • NkoSekirei

             ur a retard

        • Jeremy Thompson

          lol always find it funny when someones called a twat, but im sure you know wii u daily creators make ps4 daily too i believe least the link to it is always on the site for me

          •  Who cares sony boy go visit there then jerms

    • WiiUltra

      Why is everyone arguing? DId I miss something? Its just a picture.

    • it looks so awesome and legit, I must say it once more, with feeling. It is AWESOME!!!!

    • Destiny64

      the title is final?
      or be a new version entitled learn how to cook with watch dogs 🙂

      sure that you nintendari of the new generation are strong.and nice to be fucked by iwata?

  • Quincy Scott

    Good lord, Best box art i’ve seen so far.

    •  Nothing special about this.

      •  It’s because it’s coming to Wii U and your not happy about that are you well deal with it man it’s coming and this is a great day for Wii U

        •  If that’s what I felt, then I would have written that.

          •  Truth hurts!..Just saying

          • NkoSekirei

             take u stupid posts sommewhere else

          • david daniel wharton camacho

             people r just being stupid right now by insulting him, he stated the truth its an ordinary box art just like the others

      • [000]

        It may just be box art, but… actually you’re right. This is just box art. Slow news day. But it still is a nice cover. You don’t have to be so apathetic.

      • SYates

        Seriously, can’t one of the admin just do something about “Donaald” already?

        • mralloverit

          Unless he’s openly harassing people every time he gets on, which I don’t see him doing, The admins won’t do anything.

          • SYates


        •  The problem is, if you ban one just because you don’t like what they have to say (the TRUTH), then you have to ban everyone else because you may not like what they write.  If you don’t like it, ignore it!  If you cannot ignore it, then you must be paid to shut it down.

          • Srpg2ishere

            Wassup? 🙂

            Donaald how are you today? :3

          • TrueWiiMaster

             Dude, there’s nothing true about most of your posts.  Most of them are subjective, and so can’t be true, or are just plain wrong.  Someone whose opinion is almost always against Nintendo, but still goes to Nintendo fan sites to share his biased anti-Nintendo opinion, i.e. you, is what is known as a troll.  It’s a common practice to block trolls, because they serve little purpose other than annoying non-trolls.

          •  Where is it written that I must post only positive things about Nintendo or whatever you want me to post?

          • TrueWiiMaster

             There is no such requirement, of course. It just makes you a troll to go to a Nintendo fan site and bash Nintendo.  If you want to bash Nintendo and not be a troll, try IGN (forums, not Nintendo articles) or non-Nintendo sites.

          •  I don’t run from fights.  I go to the source and ‘bash’ or, address my concerns, not running and telling it to some other parties.  I used to love Nintendo, now I address what they have done wrong.  I did not want Sega to get out of the hardware biz, but Nintendo does need to let it go.  MS and Sony have too much money for them to deal with.

          • TrueWiiMaster

             I didn’t say you did.  You do, however, look for fights.  Just like at the top of this page, where some guy just said he though the cover looked awesome.  You just had to say something demeaning/condescending, even though there was absolutely no reason to do so, other than trolling that is.

            “now I address what they have done wrong”
            Correction, what YOU think they’ve done wrong.  Most of the time your complaints are extremely subjective, and significantly biased.

            Sony and Microsoft are obviously much bigger than Nintendo, but in case you hadn’t noticed, Nintendo’s been doing pretty well these last few generations.  Sure, the N64 sold well under the SNES, but it sold better than the Genesis before it, or the Xbox after it.  The Gamecube didn’t sell too well, but it was still just behind the Xbox, and most people don’t consider Microsoft’s first foray into consoles a failure.  And of course, the Wii outsold everyone.  And Nintendo completely dominates the portable market every gen.  In other words, Nintendo’s been competing with these powerhouses for over ten years (almost twenty for Sony) and they’re still here, and they’re still competing.  Why should they leave the hardware business while they have the best selling current portable, and are coming off the best selling console of last gen?  Honestly, I think Microsoft should leave, integrating Xbox with Windows (I think that’ll happen eventually anyway).  In fact, I expect Nintendo to be the most lasting of the three.

          •  This is why I come on here – to battle the BS/propaganda.  YOU are paid to write positive things, not me.  You guys (liars) always jump from one thing to the next to attempt to make a point when you know if you stayed on subject, you have no argument.

            Where did you get the idea that the N64 sold more than the Genesis and why does that matter?  It did not sell more than the Playstation which is what is was competing with!  Your line about the GC is some trick word crap.  We know it did not sell well and it sold less than the Xbox – a system that came out after the GC, so of course it is not a failure as it was the only real challenger to Sony.

            Of course the Wii was a novelty item with no staying power.  It outsold everyone, but not to those people who matter enough to have kept the system alive.  The Wii was Nintendo’s last generation, but the Wii was not a last (present) generation system, it was an older one.  So I wish that you people would stop it with that!  Even this Wii U is a current generation system and not a next generation system.

            Nintendo has been trying to compete with the power houses for ten years and has come up short each time.  Now with the Wii U, it is a complete flop that has not sold enough to get a return on it’s investment or to even make publishers want to develop games for it unless Nintendo paid them.  Nintendo should get out of the console biz and stick to handhelds and software.  Of course you want MS to leave – they are running things now.  Nintendo should leave sine they no longer know what they are doing.

          • TrueWiiMaster

            I’m not paid for any of my posts.  It would be awesome if I was, but I’m not.  I’m just honest.

            Maybe some people you’ve talked to sidestep a lot, but that’s a pretty bad generalization to make.  It’s also a bit ironic because sidestepping tends to be more common among anti-Nintendo trolls.

            VGChartz.  I don’t know if it’s accurate though.

            It matters because the only way to say a system sold well or sold poorly is to compare it to other systems’ sales.  Everyone knows the N64 was far outsold by the PS1, but compared to sales of other hardware, it was far from a failure.

            Uh, no.  The Xbox sold only a couple million more than the Gamecube.  If the Gamecube was a failure sales-wise, that would have to apply to the Xbox too.  And the Xbox was competing with Sony too.

            The Wii was a 5th gen console, like it or not.  It outsold the other 5th gen consoles by a wide margin.  It had the best scoring exclusives all gen, and the best selling games of any platform.  It won gen 5.  Get over it.

            The Wii U is stronger than any current gen hardware.  What’s more, its build seems more in line with other next gen hardware (the PS4) than with current gen hardware (they both use GPGPU’s and single threading, out of order processing).  They also both have a greater focus on social features.

            Coming up short?  That’s what you call a lead of 25 million units?  Weird.

            The Wii U’s sales are down mostly because of the lack of games, especially 1st party games.  Even so, the Wii U has sold more units in its first 3 months than the PS3 or 360 did (about 25% more than the 360 and over 30% more than the PS3).  If you write it off as a failure, you’re writing the PS3 and 360 off as bigger failures.

            I don’t specifically  WANT Microsoft to leave.  I just think they will, and probably should.  Of the three hardware developers, none are more poised to integrate with the growing PC market than Microsoft.  Besides that, they aren’t “running things”.  They have no portable whatsoever, their home console is close to being overtaken by the PS3, is already behind the Wii of course, and they’ve yet to show anything new.

          •  You compare a system’s sales to systems in the same generation, not some older system from another time period.  The only sales to compare the N64 to is the PS of the Sega Saturn.  The Saturn did not last long, so the N64 wins second place by default!  It was so far away from the PS that you cannot even say that it was able to compete.

            The Xbox was a NEW system by a NEW player in the world of videogames.  Nintendo had long been established with a certain level of achievement which to be judged.  The fact that the Xbox sold more than the GC and was late to the game says a lot.  The GC failed compared to Nintedo’s former success.  The Xbox was a success because it sold more than Nintendo and was new to the game.  That is a hard thing to do.

            The Wii was a new generation for NINTENDO, but it was of the PS generation spec wise.  It sold what it did for what it was.  That is like saying the Rubik’s Cube was better than all other toys because it sold everywhere!  It was something totally different from everything else, so you cannot compare.  The Wii was not a current game system and it won nothing because it did not bring Nintendo back.  The Wii came and went while the other two are still here.  They also do not have to leave right now either.

            The Wii U, as everyone says, is what the Wii should have been.  If it had been, then you would have never heard complaints about the graphics and lack of power.  Now, Nintendo play’s catch up before the race has even started.  The games were not the Wii U’s only downfall, it was a bad plan from the start.  It is over for the Wii U.  My advice would be for owners to Ebay it!  You also cannot compare what the other two did ti what the Wii U us not doing.  The other two did not have new, more powerful systems on their way…

            I think I want Nintendo to leave.  They have continued to stick with their business model of baby games and no one wants that, not even the babies!  Now on Xbox Live, I hear little kids playing on it with adult games.  Little cute games are not doing it for them, they want what they see older people playing.  Nintendo has failed to realize this and it is over for them.  They should stick to handhelds and software.

          • TrueWiiMaster

            “You compare a system’s sales to systems in the same generation, not some older system from another time period”
            “The GC failed compared to Nintedo’s former success”
            Make up you mind.  Compared to the Xbox and Dreamcast, two systems from its gen, the Gamecube was not a failure.  It’s only a failure when you compare it to old systems, which you specifically said not to do.

            I never said the Wii was the best system of gen 5.  I said it won gen 5, and it did.  A Nintendo system won the 5th generation.  It happened, get over it.  Oh, and about “The Wii came and went while the other two are still here.  They also do not have to leave right now either”.  The Wii lasted only one year less than the PS3, which is being replaced this year.

            The Wii U is significantly stronger than either current gen system, and uses newer technology.  It couldn’t have happened back in  2006.  If something like it had been released, it wouldn’t have had a touch screen, it would have been much weaker, and it would have been much more expensive.  What’s more, we wouldn’t have awesome games like Mario Galaxy, Skyward Sword, etc.

            “The other two did not have new, more powerful systems on their way”
            Yeah, that really makes it more like the PS2.  In fact, the gap between the PS2 and Xbox is fairly comparable to the gap between the Wii U and PS4.  I wonder how the PS2 did…

            Your advice is not good advice.  Selling the Wii U now would mean missing some of the best games this generation will get.

            Oh man. That last paragraph was hilarious.  Do you know what the best selling game this gen is (on any one platform)?  Not counting pack-in games, it’s Mario Kart Wii.  Followed by New Super Mario Bros Wii.  They sold a combined total of over 60 million.

            Part two of what makes the paragraph funny is that you claim Nintendo makes “baby games” that babies don’t like.  You admit that the “babies” play “adult” games instead.  Do you even listen to yourself?  What you just described is a reversal of what you meant.  You said Nintendo doesn’t appeal to “babies”, but Xbox does.  Awesome.

            Part three of what makes that paragraph funny is that you’re on a Nintendo fan site.  There are hundreds (at least) of adult Nintendo fans on here, including myself.  We like the games Nintendo makes, meaning they aren’t “baby” games.  What’s more, adult critics like the games.  Your point is so busted it’s beyond recognition.

          • Jeremy Thompson

            the word troll is abused so much and now used abusively in the gameing community towards people they dislike or has a differential

          • TrueWiiMaster

             It is abused, but to be fair, there are also far more trolls nowadays, especially against Nintendo.  People like Donaald, who go to a Nintendo article just to bash Nintendo and its fans, or to post Nintendo’s going to die off, etc.

      • NkoSekirei

         ignore this fool

      • DK_Hadouken

         Another vague response to get a rise of us. Nice try. Not good enough, Donaald. Do a better job. Here’s a suggestion. Since you’re not a “Troll” post that remark in other site that mainly covers another platform. How about PS4Daily? Go. C’mon… You can do it. Who’s a good boy? Huh? Who’s a good boy? I got a Beggin’ Strip for you!

        •  I was not trying to get a rise out of anyone, I just posted.  Did you see the post?  There was nothing written that should have given anyone a rise.  It should be looked at as a passing comment, but when people are paid to post positive things, they view anything as negative.

          • SoulSilverZero


          • david daniel wharton camacho

             seriously dudes he did not say anything for this…

          • DK_Hadouken

             He did. There’s no doubt about it. He’s been doing this for  a while now.

            I know he’s intelligent. But it’s wasted. With posts and replies meant to get at you. We’ve had it.

          • DK_Hadouken

             Way to ignore that I also stated that it was vague. It could be taken the way you say, if you had posted it as a comment to the article. As a matter of fact, it was a reply towards someone’s excitement and glee towards a good cover.

            “Oh, boy…”

            There’s the comment. Where are there facts there? It reads annoyed to me. Like you were rolling your eyes.

            Did you know if he already saw the cover before without the Wii U plastered on it?

            You seriously have a disdain towards Nintendo. But don’t take it out towards their fans.

            I don’t like Justin Bieber’s music. As a matter of fact I think it’s horrible. I prefer Coheed & Cambria. They’re my favorite (See what I did there?). But when in the hell am I bashing his fans? When in the hell are they bashing me?

            To each his own…
            But with respect.

            My reply. Was it deliberately meant to insult you and belittle you? Yes. Why? Because that’s what you DID.

            An eye for an eye.

            Show respect by voicing your opinion on the topic and the topic alone. In turn, we’ll do the same.

            I can not speak for dillhole’s though. No matter what, there will always be a dillhole. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are not exempt from this plague.

          •  I can go along with the comment being equivalent to rolling ones eyes, but I can’t do that?  How is that bashing the ‘fans?’  Bashing fans would be addressing their love for Nintendo, not making comments with my thoughts about something.  If I see something from Nintendo that blows my mind, I ‘ll write that too.  Of course I will be applauded as the new Jesus if I did…

            Besides, I do question how many people on here are actual fans as opposed to paid posters…

          • DK_Hadouken

            Like I said. It would’ve been completely different if you posted it as a regular comment or agreed with someone else. I’d actually be on your side and state that you did nothing wrong, if you had done that.

            The best thing would’ve been to be clearer and not sound like you are being an ass. I’ve seen others post their dislike and it’s okay, but they had a better way of going about it.

            If you wrote saying something was good about Nintendo, others will indeed agree, but they will not applaud you one bit.

            The “APPLAUDERS” are the dillholes of which I speak of. You know the one’s no matter what platform are easily swayed regarding a good comment on what they favor.

            Paid posters? Seriously, Man. If that was a position you once held or know of someone who has done or is doing so, then I can see why. But honestly. The freakin’ console has moved a considerable amount of units (not the amount they expected). It’s safe to assume that a good amount of those visit or post on this site. Some even do so from the Wii U’s browser.

            Take all of it into consideration.

            This in turn will lesson the need to defend yourself.

          •  This is what I mean.  57,000 units in a month is not a good amount, it is almost like selling nothing.  Until the fall gets here, those numbers will surly decline to literally nothing.  By the time the Fall gets here and more games are released, no new buyers will be interested.  You will have PS4, Xbox and GTA V.  That’s a no-win for Nintendo.

          • Jeremy Thompson

            donald statement is a good one any fool would know what he means now lets see how many intelligent replys we get or maybe just get whats considerd to be a troll today responses

          • None For jerms You don’t scare me troll boy and Let me ask you if you hate Wii U why comment on this channel really? But drones like yourself jerms can’t resist doing it and it’s a shame we have people like you in this world but this will be my last response i give you because people like you don’t matter…This channel is about Wii U not ps4… Just saying!

          •  Thank you brother.

          • Nintedward

            The Wiiu sold over 300K worldwide in January bro , Slo but not disasterous. Fortunately it got off to a very strong start at launch.

          •  I don’t live worldwide, I live in the US where it sold only 57,000.  You guys use the weak publicist trick of talking total sales when worldwide sales don’t count, only per nation sales count as to how it is doing in each nation.

            This is the same thing they (you?) use when movies flop in the US and make only $8,000,000 in it run.  They won’t say that it made $8M in the US, they will say it made $30M worldwide.  It still flopped in the US.  So while people like you concentrate on inflated numbers, I will concentrate of real numbers.

            I swear, Nintendo should have waited, but I guess they did not want to have to reveal their specs, so they jumped first.

          •  Well donny who made you an expert of Wii U when you down it at every turn so again all i see is a troll who must really inside love nintendo and just to afraid to show it..Donny stop hiding the truth or why troll nintendo…Got to wonder..Flip Flop daily donny it’s not working for you

          • Jeremy Thompson

            well put now instead of arguing with him dont ignore him because lets face it thats just rude man, but start a postive debate about the subject if you must comment back.

        • Anthony K Aurelia

          dogs don’t know it’s not bacon..

        •  hahahahaha That was good

      • Nintendude

        I think Donaald is getting bored of us.

      • uPadWatcher

        U mad Donny… and why the hell are you liking yourself, ho?

        •  You should know that you cannot like yourself on here.

          • Nintedward

            Your comment has 1 like , so evidently you can.

          •  It now has 4 and no you cannot.

        •  Donny will always be in denial and so let him talk in the end Wii U is just the better fun console and he thinks calling Wii U or it’s fans names makes him a real man

      • fireheartis1

        He look I just noticed something on the box art.  That’s Donaald Standing under the train about to be smashed by it by the hacker.  Man what a great day it is to see a moron troll get smashed by the train.  Man Donaald it must suck for you to know that your days of trolling are numbered, and for all the people who are tired of your trolling rejoice.  The train will soon end it all thanks hacker.

        • Vincent shaun

           Are u guys seriously harrasing this guy because he said the boxart is nothing special?
          i don’t think it’s anything special either. It’s Game art with the wiiu logo slapped on it. What’s so great about that? The art is great, yes, but the wiiu box-art is no beter then pr ps360 versions!

          • fireheartis1

            No we’re not harrasing him because he said the boxart sucks.  We’re just simply trolling him just like he has been trolling this webside since it’s creation.  We can’t help that Donaald is a major troll and deserves to be trolled back.  Rather he’s being serious or not he has been putting the Wii U and Wii U buyers down since day one.  It’s not cool and maybe by trolling him he will fianally shut up and stop messing with people like myself who love the Wii U.

      • david daniel wharton camacho

         not an ass and actually truth

  • kikkelipissi

    I’m really looking forward this!

  • kjhkjhdfg

    this website sucks…nothing but nintendo fanboys

    •  Well too bad go find a sony website then troll and this is for you


        Lol. It’s funny cuz the people that made Wii U Daily also made PS4 Daily.

        • Jeremy Thompson

          yeah and i seen a link to it on wii u daily. But you’ll always find biasd opinions on both sites and some are wachli *cough* josh *cough* 😉 . Like someone else mentioned we should hope both do well so it drives each other to push to its limits and produce better products. Im writing this from my wii u so you know who Im rooting for but… doesnt mean i cant or shouldnt purchase another console.

          •  Well don’t hate man..If you want ps4daily then go to that channel  this is for wii u chat and really dude get over yourself and if you don’t like what i have to say “cough jeremy”cough..Well then to bad im free to speak what i want and yes i am a nintendo fanboy and that will not change no more then you will with the ps4 but have fun paying 500 or 600 dollars

        •  Good for you..Then that would be a great site for the sony drones to go and talk there wii u hate there

          • We prefer to be called Sony fans thank you very much. 
            Also, ignore the morons pretending they are fans of the Playstation because they clearly don’t know what gaming stands for. 

          • I was talking about the sony troll drones on this site. They think there real gamers by trolling people who dont agree there way and i agree im really done debate with these posers now as sony go i not a sony fan but i do respect what you like so no hate there now if the ps4 is 400 to 600 ill pass too much for a video game console and alot of people will agree. When christmas comes around people even parents are going to go with the wii u. Lots of people lost jobs and are going to go for the better deal

          • Yeah, I agree with you there but Sony is looking at making the price affordable for the fans but at the same time make a profit off the console. I love my Wii U but I love my PS3 even more but not by much but I do believe Sony and Nintendo will be the big guys this gen. 

            I love Sony to death and the fact that they are taking are complaints to heart and are a fixing the problems, I can’t wait to get my PS4 because I’ve already preordered the console and I’ll be hoping to play that and my Wii U as well because both are amazing systems. 

          •  Cool But again to me im not ready to pay that much for a console that will have few games to start and plus been burned by them 3 times before but you never know im waiting for microsoft has to offer before i even think about getting ps4

      • Ken


        •  Jeremy Thompson is a poser and who cares what he thinks he just wishes he was a real gamer

    • Dominic Coradazzi

      …Well what were you expecting?

    • They do have a sister site called PS4 daily, and soon probably Xbox daily aswel, maybe go check there instead?

    • Super Buu

      What were you expecting  when you came to a pro Nintendo website?

    • … Okay you just did the impossible… you actually made a micro-organize seem more smarter than you… I don’t understand how that could be possible there you are, you are as dumb as dumb can get -_- 

    • NkoSekirei

      gtfo troll i hear ur troll mom calling for u

    • its called wiiudaily. NOT hate on Nintendo daily.

      • Well man there are always going to be a few fanboys who hate wii u when they know it will always out sell there console and it all comes down to price 600 ps4 or wii u 350 ..most of the time they go with the cheaper console and the looks of the game is not enough any more people want new and nothing really shown on the ps4 ..All they have is new is video recording which i would rather do myself and where is the really new stuff a copied kinect and kinda copy of wii u controller  so nothing really new to me

    • NintendoNoob

       You just earned 1,000 retard points

      • Jimmy D. Fugate

        Hahaha I love this comment  🙂

    • D.M.T

      No shit Captain Obvious. This a Wii U website, not a Gaystation or Shitbox site. 

      • Gaystation? *sigh* you are one of the many reasons why Sony and Microsoft fans attack you guys the most -_- 

        I’m a Sony fan and I love the Playstation but at least I gave the Wii U an chance and I’m loving it, same goes for the Xbox 360… though I ended up selling. 

        Don’t judge a console that you haven’t played 

        • D.M.T

          I’m just trolling the troll dumbass. Sony and Microsoft fanboys have NO REASON to attack Nintendo fans. They only attack because they are insecure little pricks who need to feel good about themselves.

          Stop defending assholes that are trolling on a Wii U website. You don’t see me trolling on PS4 daily or another Sony website.

          I’m not judging the PS4, i’m judging the Sony fanboys and Nintendo haters

          • Actually I’m not defending any trolls young sir, I am merely pointing out that not all fans of the Playstation are trolling morons like yourself. 

          • D.M.T

            So now you’re accusing me of being a troll? Lol that’s funny. Trolls get what they deserve. You can’t expect me to be nice to Ninendo haters.

            Not every Sony fan is an asshole but every Sony fan on THIS website is an asshole, including you young sir. I suggest you talk to your fellow Sony fans and tell them to stop trolling on this website. This website is for Nintendo fans, not Sony fanboys.

          • BellsGhost

            Lol, you sound so stupid, it’s not even funny.  It’s actually quite pathetic.

          • D.M.T

            Funny you should say that because that’s exactly what i think of Sony and Microsoft fanboys. Pathetic human beings. They need to attack Nintendo fans to feel better about themselves.

          • BellsGhost

            You’re the dumbass.  You need to calm down and reliaze that it’s only games.  What?  Does Nintendo do it right in the rear for you?

          • D.M.T

            A gay-ish comment from a gay guy. No one was talking about that but now that you mentioned it, I bet 100 bucks that you walk around the house with a Dualshock controller up your ass. You also like to shove that PS Move down your throat don’t ya? 

            I’m calm, you’re the one who needs a chill pill.

          • That was priceless…That bell poser every time he opens his mouth he gets dumber and dumber..heck i quess that happens when you live on welfare and burning brain cells playing COD all day long and what you should have told him was to take nutsack ps move and shove it down his throat…again good comeback for that poser…thumbs up

        •  Well even though im not a huge sony fan i do agree calling the console gaystation is a kinda rough there just just making money like anyone else but i do agree with you on that but i did find one game i want for ps3 and thats god of war 4 i want that game

    • fireheartis1

      Um it’s a website about a Nintendo product moron.  Of course there’s going to a lot of “Nintendo fanboys”.  Come now if you don’t like the website stay off of it.  How come people can’t understand this simple concept my God.

  • One huge question for Ubisoft… The Wii U version will be based of what platform??? It better be the PC and not the aged old Xbox360 or PS3. 

    • Zombie_Andrew

      If Need for Speed Most Wanted can do it, then Watch_Dogs can do it too, although in order to achieve it, you’ll only get 720p and 30fps. If you can live with that like I can then that’s all well and good

      • Sacrifice having 1080p at 60fps for better textures, better lighting, better anti-aliasing and better polygons?… sounds like a deal to me 🙂 

        720p isn’t actually that bad and 30fps is decent for a game  

  • andrewjcole

    Haha. They all hove smartphones. 

  • Well looks like a few trolls don’t like the fact we are getting this awesome game and the best version might i add. Well trolls get over it. It’s coming…end of story

    • Anthony K Aurelia

      I’ve read it’ll be the same across all platforms…

      •  Yeah but the Wii U will be the best version

        • Enigma

           I’m pretty sure that the PC will be the best version, like always.

          • Of corse the pc will be but the wii u game will come from the pc version again the best for consoles anyways

          • Chris Kattner

            How do you know this?

          • Because i know ps3 and xbox cant do 1080p…So there you go any qwestions?

          • azac13

            its also on PS4 though.

          •  yeah but im not getting a ps4 so Wii U will be just fine for me

          • azac13

            I am getting PS4 but I am getting this game on my Wii U. I was just saying that PS4 can handle the pc version/1080p. But if the gamepad is used in the ways its is perfect for this game then I would consider the Wii U version the definitive version.

          •  True

          • So will the PS4 version. All platforms will have the best version. 

          •  Maybe but im not a sony fan so i just want the game

        • BellsGhost


          • Meh!

          • Take a look in the mirror bells. Calling people names drone does not suit you and you fail at trolling now if i want to troll you i could troll you off this website and you would never come back but im too old to fight with some 13 year old kid behind a computer but keep trying trooper one day someone might care

          • BellsGhost

            Arent you 13?  You defend Wii u so much.  Everyone knows Wii U is for kids and adults with mental promblems.  Oh!  Are you simply stupid?  That must be it.  Ohhhhhhhhhh, poor Nintendorone.

          • No im old enough i have two sons who are smarter then you little brain could understand so little boy i wonder when the last time your parents spared the rod

    • BellsGhost

      Nope, the PS4/Nextbox version will both be better than Wii U’s, and the Wii U version will be SLIGHLTY better than PS3/360.

      • Meh! I disagree but since i have friends who like ps3 im not going to down the console but ps4 is just not worth the price..I’ll wait a few years when they have enough games and can keep them selfs from being hacked My Wii U is more than enough for me noqw when steambox console or apple tv comes out then the real gaming begins i see in the future Wii U,steambox,Apple out lasting the others now you can disagree with me till your blue in the face ive been gaming a very long time and what is going on now is nothing new and for 600 dollars i can get a pc that can do better then ps4 …just saying

        • BellsGhost

          PS4 wont be 600 bucks.  350 is too much for the crappy kids toy Wii U.

  • It’s good to see the actual boxart for the wiiu on this title, but aren’t some people overreacting on it’s awesomness, I don’t want to be a jackass but the boxart will look the same on PS3/4 and Xbox360/720 and pc it’ll only have a different console specific logo and a pc specific logo 🙂

    As for the game itself I do agree I too hope it’ll be based on the pc version. As for why they come to the ps360, I can’t seem to figure out really, it’s likely from a business perspective. 

    I think the PS360 versions will have the lowest sales most likely, by the time this game comes the PS4 and 720 will be out aswell and I expect it to be a launch title on 720 aswell, maybe a handfull will buy it on PS360. But that’s my personal thoughts. I guess only time will tell.

    • Adam Porter

       seeing as there are many million ps360 owners out there who may want to buy the game, do you think that they will all just rush out and buy a ps4/720 just like that?? no, ps360 versions will outsell all the other next gen versions combined.

      • We’ll see as many ps fans allready saying they will get ps4 at launch with killzone 4 and watchdogs, while the console isn’t even released yet, personally I will not rush (don’t get me wrong I’m not a PS fanboy, besides the hardware in it will likely make it really expensive again) even if I wanted I simpy can’t afford a $550+ console, hell I can’t even afford a €400,- WiiU at the moment.

        But again according Dutch media site which Posted the ps4 reveal, only on that site in 3 hours 500+ ps fans allready States they WILL get it on ps4 so yes I stick to my statement that watchdogs will sell most copies on PS4, 720 and wiiu.
        Time will tell and if I’m wrong then, I’ll look back here and say well Adam you where right and I was wrong.

        Take in consideration that the current gen consoles lasted almost 8 years and the real hardcore ps360 fans are very eager for the next gen of those systems, they have been eagerly awaiting this the past 2 years so yes they will buy ps4/720 at launch.

        •  i will never get a playstation or xbox system at launch due to the simple history they have with console defects. I’ll wait a few years before i get one. Until then Wii U is my go to console for multiplats and after i get the ps4 i’ll go by a game by game basis. Prettier graphics does not mean it’ll be the version i get.

          •  i agree and they never have many games to start with and nothing i really want and i heard the games this time will be around 80 dollars a game not paying that

          • BellsGhost

            Typical troll.  It’s already been confirmed that PS4 games will cost 60 bucks.  Take your head out fo Nintendos butt.

          • Wow… I actually feel sorry for you. You want to troll SO bad, but you
            fail at it. Keep that helmet on, and don’t let all the rejection letters
            from the special Olympics get you down bro. Someday they’ll say you
            aren’t too retarded to join them! Keep reaching for the stars!
            and no im no troll im a Wii U fan Go troll someone who cares…Just saying

          • BellsGhost

            Wii U sucks.  Also, I am not trolling, simply stating truth and facts.

          • Yes you are trolling saying wii u sucks is not trolling? You cant be that dumb…wait yes you can and what facts? You are just some loser who lives on a welfare check and live in your parents basement while real workers like myself with a family of my own are paying your welfare..you are a disgrace to america

  • Can’t wait that’s what we want some good third party titles as well as the brilliant first party titles!

  • I’m buying this the first day it comes out. Thank you Ubisoft for putting this on WiiU.

    • NintendoNoob

       First thing Ubisoft did right in a while for Wii U

      • Anthony K Aurelia

        Zombie U??

        •  Awesome game and the other two won’t get it..thanks

          • BellsGhost

            They might.  Ubisoft said they’ll consider it./  Seeing as how Rayman and NG;RE is no longer Wii U exclsuive, there’s quite a chance it’ll happen.

          •  Well that’s fine they get a port of a Wii U game that’s kinda funny…but they won’t be able to get it to 1080p like the wii u can

          • BellsGhost

            It’ll look better than Wii U though.  Wii U sucks.

          • No it wont but thanks

  • Edward Rhoderick

    Can’t wait to see what they’re going to do with the Gamepad and this game.

  • Nintenjoe82

    i’m not gonna believe it’s real until i read the disappointing reviews :]

  • uPadWatcher

    Despite not adding the Nintendo Network label, this soon to be M-rated game cover art for the U looks pretty bad ass.

    • Jon Turner

      I’m sure that’s just because it was just recently announced.  As the release date gets closer I’m sure they’ll patch that up.

  • Zelly Jeffers

    Yay! I’m so glad this is coming to Wii U. I found it interesting since I first saw video months ago. Definitely feel that open world games tend to be much more immersive and this looks like it’s shaping up to be huge and fun to explore.

  • This looks like a good game for Wii U!

  • Wonderful but wheres my Far cry 3 for Wii U? 🙁 I love the game but i dont want to buy it for PC, take my money but only for wii u ports!

    • BellsGhost

      Then why not buy it for PS3/360? 

  • D.M.T

    Sup people. I’m new here and i’m a happy Wii U owner. I can’t wait for Watch Dogs!!! Thank you Ubisoft. I can forgive you now for delaying Rayman Legends

  • John Sandoval

    Im getting this goddamned game.

  • jcnba28

    There’s no Nintendo Network logo on the cover, I thought there was multiplayer in this game?

    • Jon Turner

      They’ll probably fix that as the release date approaches.

  • yenly


  • I’m certainly excited for Watch Dogs.  Granted, I won’t be pumping it up and hype it up beyond expectations.  I hyped up Saints Row The Third and was dissapointed, but not as dissapointed as I was when I hyped up Aliens Colonial Marines.  Looks fresh and enjoyable for sure, but I’m not gonna bite myself in the ass with this one. 

  • Linskarmo

    It looks like an intriguing game. Very interesting idea, hopefully it pans out well.

  • bizzy gie

    Since the Wii U is getting Watch Dogs, there is absolutely 0% doubt in my mind WHATSOEVER that we WILL be getting GTA V for Wii U as well.

    • Jon Turner

      Rockstar DID say they were intrigued by WiiU, and GTAV is not coming to PS4 OR 720, so… yeah, there are chances.

    • BellsGhost

      Lol.  Stop kidding yourself.  Wii U wont be getting GTA5.  Get over it. 

      • Never say never troll stain

      • bizzy gie

        I saw your other comment. You suck at trolling. You’ll never be as annoying Donaald. Give up now while you’re behind.

  • sexigarro collective

    thumbs up if you wanna “donaald” out of this site….
    Please Wiiudaily, take this like a petition because’ there’s nothing contructive with that guy

    •  Even though this is a great idea he is free to what he thinks as we do now do i agree with him heck no but he is just as free to post what he wants as the next man  but does not mean we have to agree with the loon

  • ZanetheWise

    Will buy, if only because I love open world games and I don’t think Lego or Spiderman will scratch that itch.

    EDIT: Also, the gamepad seems made for this game, though it remains to be seen if Ubi will actually take advantage of it.

  • Justin Smith

    love how its rated RP…lol we all know its going to be a M rating “p

  • well this game should show the true power of the Wii U, we will see the difference between the new gen(Wii u) and the next gen(xbox 720,ps4)

    • Jon Turner

      I doubt there’ll be much difference, but either way, getting this on WiiU is a great asset.

    •  It’s not about SEEING a difference, it’s only about PLAYING the difference.  That’s what Nintendo always says.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Yeah, they do. That’s how they’ve always been, though. I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon unless they lose enough money on it.

        •  That is not how they do.  I have argued on here that Nintendo used to be one up in graphics before Sony and MS jumped into the game.  The NES was inferior to the Master System graphically, but everything else was better.  The SNES was the best graphically even taking the slowdown into play.  The N64 had advanced 3D features, just no meat on it.  The GC had it’s pluses, but after that, Nintendo could not compete any longer.

          • Adam Baker

            its not that they could not compete, Nintendo said themselves that better graphics wasn’t enough and they needed to provide new/better gameplay experiencences. which explains why wii n wiiu arent as powerful as the competition. however, that doesn’t mean they arent as fun which IS the most important aspect to gaming in my eyes. couldn’t give a damn about specs or graphics these days.

          •  Nintendo are a bunch of liars.  They only claimed that graphics were not everything because they knew they would not be able to compete and they knew they were going to sell a repackaged Gamecube called Wii.  THAT is the reason the Wii was not as powerful as the other two.  With the Wii U, Nintendo went cheap again and that is why it is behind.  How many different controllers do we need to play games?  It’s not as if we can get in the game you know.

  • Stop the pissing contest and spend more time playing games – This paid advertisement was brough to you by WHOGIVESAF**K

  • GoGlo 13

    cant wait 2 play this i wonder if u can drive cars

  • Ken

     This game should be fun.

  • EmilyAhn Wu

    I’m so going to buy this Day 1 Instantly.

  • Benmartin1974

    Id’ been considering getting a  wii u for some time. I read dozens of reviews and this one was the best http://search4reviews.net/ , I got my delivery last week and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure.

  • Looks cool now all we need is some gameplay

  • thedeciderU

    Can everyone commenting stop ruining this site? It’s the internet and people have opinions, and they take advantage of that from the safety of their anonymity to basically annoy/anger the s#$% out of each other. Let people say what they’re going to say and move on. 

    I’m not sure if i’m the only one, but all the fanboyism and trolling sucks. I enjoy video games made by all companies because i enjoy specific experiences. I read this articles on this site because I enjoy my Wii U and am looking forward to more games.

    The comments section used to be something more than bitching and moaning. Used to be…