May 10th, 2013

If you’re eager to see what Ubisoft is up to with Watch Dogs, here’s six minutes of footage that shows off gameplay better than the trailer and previews we’ve seen so far. The hacking certainly looks interesting and the environments are gorgeous, despite this being from the PlayStation version of the game. As a side note, if you’ve played GTA or FarCry 3, you’ll notice the similar over-world minimap and objectives.

The game is scheduled to come out November 19th in America and November 22nd in Europe. Let us know if you’ll be picking up Watch Dogs in the comments below!

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  • DarkNite14

    Ashley, i would like to play an online match with you..??

    • I played Injustice in a live stream a couple weeks ago. I plan on doing other events like that soon. 🙂

  • Zombie Boy

    This just gets better and better! Roll on November…

  • XelaFury

    Strong canditate for Videogame Of The Year!

  • Super Buu

    Looks more interesting than GTA V if you ask me.

    • I agree. I haven’t gotten into a GTA game past Vice City. GTA San Andreas and IV was interesting, but the social mechanics killed the game for me. I mean I really have to work out a character to keep them from getting fat? C’mon.

    • Johny

      yeah looks much more fresh and unique than GTA V. San Andreas was the last GTA i truly enjoyed

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Looks great. To bad the Wii U version wont come anywhere close to this graphics quality. But the game might be funny anyways.

  • Kamon

    So I can stalk a random person off the street if I wanted? Personal life and everything?

    • Yep, looks that way! It’s supposed to have emergent storytelling where you can watch people and stop crimes as they’re happening.

    • At the start of the game, I’ll choose one person, and stalk them for as long as possible

      • Kamon

        >:] That’s my plan.

  • Nintedward

    Helpful fact – Did you know the reason this game is called ‘Watch Dogs’ is because of the term given to a certain type of Police officer ? For example you could be the NYPD’s Leading Watch Dog.

    The game doesn’t just have a silly name about watching dogs or being watched by dogs after all 😉

    • Ravyu

      That explains Sleeping Dogs

  • Michael Jurado

    honestly i rather play lego city or saints row 4. GTA V has a HUGE slot to fill if it’s to overcome its competitors and personally i highly doubt they will suceed.

  • I’ll be picking it up, come on let’s support the third party games so we can get the same treatment as the other consoles.

    • sonyntendo

      like nintendo extremists blasted ubisoft for rayman?

  • incoherent1

    Can’t wait to see footage taken from the Wii U version of this, and curious to see how it compares to the other consoles in terms of graphics — I’m hoping they don’t just port the same version as 360 & PS3, but instead bump the graphics to make it somewhere between the 360/PS3 and PS4 versions. Ubi has done a great job supporting the Wii U, so if any 3rd party will go above & beyond, I feel like it’s them.

  • The Clockwork Being

    SO GETTING THIS. I’m getting almost every third party game that comes from Ubisoft except for Rayman as I will save up for Wind Waker HD and Mario Kart. Sorry Ubi. But still I might get Rayman Legends later. I cant forget that I still have to take care of my precious 3DS when I get it

    • sonyntendo


  • Leo

    I will definitely! It looks very cool!

  • Linskarmo

    This looks very interesting. I’m intrigued.

  • PachterStation

    From seeing vids and shots, still don’t see what the fuss is. Seems most talk is about the PS4 version which will probably have more bells and whistles. Not sure if the Xbox 720 version will be on par with the PS4 version, but I can’t see this being pulled off on the Wii U, unless sales fly out into space.

  • Ace J

    this looks too damn fresh to pass up. definitely going to cop this game

  • Jason Setley

    Thanks for the Tease PS4 footage, glad I come to WiiUdaily for my PS4 news

    • CyanideInsanity

      So? This is just to show off gameplay. The game will play the same on all platforms, so it doesn’t matter which its shown on.

      • discuss

        Except when the Wii U version is lower in quality.

        • CyanideInsanity

          Since when does graphics quality determine how the game plays?

          • discuss

            It alters the look and feel of a game. Basically it means objects and effects get removed in a toned-down version.

    • Johny

      is a new gameplay of a game that is coming to wii u. whats your problem.
      when they release a trailer of some game, they dont release like… 5 trailers for every platform. it doesnt matter what platform the game is on the gameplay footage. its the same game -.-

  • Adrian Brown

    I already have 4 games that I must buy for my Wii U, Zelda WW HD, Injustice, Duck Tales and Watch Dogs, that’s not even including the new games at E3. In the meantime, I wil keep playing the HUGE MH3U and play online with Sonic ASRT. I don’t now why people keep complaining about the Wii U.

    • NkoSekirei

      did u guys hear about insomanic ceo says wii u is current gen i find that a load of $hit how does a ceo even come up with that ridiculous statement while many other developers have said wii u is next gen it seems ceos dont know jack or even know how specs work besides jumping into their money pile

      • Half of the game devs/publishers seem to forget that any new console regardless of it’s power is technically next gen. The game companies need to rid there companies of ignorant people like the ceo at Insomniac or demote them from any high ranking level of the company as it hurt’s a companies image when one of the figureheads of a company talks out there ass.

    • i don’t know if ur the RPG kinda guy but if so u forgot the game Monolith has in development and Metroid

      • Adrian Brown

        I am not, but I really enjoyed Xenoblade so you’re right, it’s an interesting new game. If they show a new Metroid made by Retro, I would need to work extra hours 🙂

  • LopsidedPasta

    Tt should make a lego game like this. “Lego City Undercover 2 The Other Side”!

  • This may be the GTA alternative I have been waiting for. I agree with @overlordror:disqus because after GTA3 and Vice City the series got boring and repetitive to me. Maybe GTA V will change that but I will have to see it to believe it.

    I will have to try and sneak this game into my video game budget this fall but with Mario 3D and Mario Kart rumored to be out this fall along with games like Batman Arkham Origins I may need to work a few extra side jobs for my video game budget.

  • Zelly Jeffers

    Gimme! Was absolutely thrilled when this was finally confirmed for Wii U. I can’t wait.

  • sonyntendo

    the hypocrisy on this site is off the charts