Feb 20th, 2013

In the wake of all this PS4 news, Ubisoft released an official statement confirming the highly anticipated Watch Dogs for the Wii U. Good news for Nintendo fans on a day dominated by Sony.

As demonstrated onstage today at PlayStation Meeting 2013, Watch_Dogs’ ambitious scope illustrates that Ubisoft is once again at the forefront of new technologies, giving freedom to development teams to create unprecedented entertainment experiences. Development of Watch_Dogs is being led by Ubisoft Montreal, with support from Ubisoft’s Bucharest, Paris, Quebec and Reflections studios. Receiving more than 83 awards and nominations at E3 2012 where it was first announced, Watch_Dogs blends cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated game design into a realistic, living open world.

In Watch_Dogs, players will experience the realities of living in our fully connected society, where individuals and corporations are at risk of exposure by our ever-increasing reliance on networks and technology.

Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and control almost every element of the city. Aiden will be able to tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control systems such as traffic lights or public transportation to stop a chase, and more. The city of Chicago is now the ultimate weapon.

“Ubisoft has a strong history of supporting new technologies with unique and creative offerings,” said Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer, Ubisoft. “The power and capability of the PS4 allows the Watch_Dogs team to further push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible in interactive entertainment.”

Watch_Dogs will be available on PS4 at launch, along with its release on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the Wii U™ system from Nintendo and Windows PC.

Finally official confirmation! Even though this is Sony’s day, many Nintendo fans are sure to be excited over this great news. We also got to see a brand new trailer today at the Sony event which you can watch here. Go ahead and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

[via Joystiq]

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  • Edgar Robles

    Woo! Watch_Dogs, f*** yeah!

  •  Nice!  But still angry about Ray..  GTA V being delayed till September.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    This game looks AMAZING to say the least

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    Yes! I was hoping this game would come to the Wii U! Just imagine how it could use the Gamepad….

  • B. Adriano

    As I’ve stated before…I hope the gamepad isn’t used for cheap gimmicks like in past multi-platform ports. This is a game where technology plays a great part. The players should be able to utilize the gamepad as it was part of the player’s arsenal, like you can’t play without it. I don’t want to see it being used just as an inventory screen or just a map. Have it make calls, write messages, input codes, scan faces, slice, dice, everything, etc.

    •  That was a problem with 3rd party developers with the Wii.  Nintendo and a few got it right but many churned out crap and that crap was the stereotype to the trolls hating on the console without ever playing some of the great games made for it.

      I hope Nintendo learns from this mistake and works with the 3rd party developers to make sure they do it right for the most part.

      All that being said the same flaws happen with the Kinect and PlayStation move too but the trolls seem to be silent on that.   I have the Kinect and some games are fun to play that way but many are poorly done.

      • swic11

         sad thing is, Nintendo “tried” to work with more 3rd party developers but the lack of sales to this point is making them worry.  Can’t really blame them, but Nintendo will pump out their franchises to boost hardware sales.

    • bizzy gie

      Draw to hack, Use the inner camera for face detection, NFC interaction, use that mystery port at the bottom of the GamePad for xyz. Not even the PS4 could do that.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Oh yeah The gamepad would work very well with this game. This game has my interest

  • For all the Sony Drones and the Xbots this shows that a next gen game is coming to the Wii U proving that it is next gen (as if they thought it wasn’t earlier)

    •  Wait to see how it holds up first.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Was thinking that same thing. It’s nice that it’s coming to the Wii U, but how well and how good will the quality of the game be? Gameplay and graphically of course. Guess we’ll see.

        • zajac1661

          I guess it will share alot of 3rd party titles, but with the WiiU a bit downscaled on graphics. None the less, the GPU is quite ok, and i really look forward to the future of the 3 consoles.

          • NkoSekirei

             their not gonna be down scaled dude they just need to take their time to tapped the full potential of the wii u not like the ports we go wen the system launched cause they didnt had the time

          • zajac1661

            I don’t think you understand. This is not critisism of current ports. I point at  Future PS4 and new Xbox 3rd party titles being scaled down for the WiiU. It is a certain fact. The Jaguar Cpu architecture is mainly going to be used as a transport to the GPGPU. Compared to the other 8Core systems, it will require a bit of downscaling.
            What i want to say is, that it is a good thing with the WiiU running future 3rd party titles, even though it most certainly is going to be a bit on the lesser side, when comparing.  The first Wii, really had no ability to enter that market, and i personally thought there were too long between games, when it had it’s foot outside of the wide software market.

        • Adam Baker

          gameplay of course.

          the graphics aren’t a factor anymore n if they still are then hey thats you. Whats most important is the dynamic uses of the gamepad and how entertaining the game will be on Wii U. Not to mention true miiverse integration. Those factors (not graphics) will make the Wii U version stand out. besides, its obvious this game will look better on PS4 but im sure all versions will look good, only time’ll tell tho

      • Jay

        LOL!!! What a change of position from this moron!! lol

        Last month it was “PS4 gonna blow Wii U graphics outta teh water Son!!”

        lol what a clown.

        •  The PS4 still blows the Wii U out of the water, but it is not too far removed from the PS3 from what they have shown (except Knack and Capcom) so far.  Maybe I missed the video of the Wii U version of Watch Dogs.

          • Those were only pre-rendered trailers though, not in-game footage.

          • Adam Baker

            naa killzone was realtime and it looked good although it didn’t look too different from past Killzone games or any other fps but hey it WAS real time and DID look very impressive

          • NkoSekirei

             yea right dude keep dreaming

    • Well it’s also coming out for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Does that make them next gen also? I’m curious to see where the Wii U version falls in comparison to all the other versions.

      • Jay

        Um ya.  The Wii U can handle the same level of graphics engines as PS4 (Unreal 4 etc) so you will see them using most, if not all the same assets on Wii U as you’ll see on PS4.  Jesus, a small handful of games are shown on PS4 and everybody assumes it’s PS3 vs Wii all over again. Freaking Vanquish looks nearly as good as Killzone on PS4 and none of these lazy ports, NFS MW aside, showcase the Wii U’s potential.  Those ports were from a CPU heavy console, and didn’t utilize the GPGPU.  E3 is going to showcase some REAL Wii U games and these “only PS3 graphics on Wii U” crap will die.  

        • Sydney Ultrasyd

           I hope you are right ! After playing a few games and watching the PS4 presentation, I doubt the Wii U can display the same graphics…
          But OK, so far it was all lazy ports right, and I have in mind the Zelda Tech Demo, it was pretty good looking too.

          • Destiny64

            have seen only the beginning of PS4.

        • It may not be PS3 vs. Wii all over again, but the PS4 is certainly more powerful than the Wii U. The specs for the Wii U were officially announced and they weren’t nearly as powerful as the PS4’s. But I do agree with you when you say that no one seems to want to take full advantage of the Wii U. It can handle much more than the PS3, I think, but not as much as the PS4. It doesn’t matter really. Nintendo has always gotten by because of their amazing first party line up. No matter how powerful the PS4 is, it’ll never have a Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Yoshi, Fire Emblem, Kirby, etc. on it. Nintendo has proven over and over again that graphics are not what makes a game good. 

          • Billy_Perry

            Woah, did I miss the point when Sony actually gave the details of their new console? they literally only said that it has 8gb of ram, custom GPU (Which could mean anything), an 8 core cpu with X86 architecture (Again, nothing about actual speed or anything like that, and finally just mentioning that it has a hardrive. Sony haven’t said shit about the specs, we literally only know the ram, personally, I accept that the PS4 will probably be more powerful that Wii U, but don’t dogmatically state that it is without actually having the official specs to hand, which by the way, we still aren’t 100% sure about for the Wii U. Chill Whinston, Sony didn’t say shit about specs. :] 

          • Adam Baker

            we know this tho, the ps4 is also using a gpu centric console (like wiiu) and their gpu handles tasks normally assigned to the cpu. And just as Nintendo said, will be a very dev friendly console. So from that info its easy to conclude that development of games for wiiu n ps4 could use the same code rather than use the archaic design of the ps3 n 360 which were cpu centric systems.

            pretty soon you’ll see games on Wii U that come close to ps4 but devs just have to get used to the gpgpu. The Wii U isnt just barely past this gen and I’m confident future games will show that.

            This isnt a Wii to PS3 gap its more of a PS2 to original Xbox gap. PS4, clearly better looking but on the same plane with Wii U

          • Jeez man, calm down. I wasn’t bashing on Nintendo. No need to get so butt hurt.

        • I think you’re missing my point.  Nick Penta stated that Watch Dogs (a “Next Gen” game) coming to the Wii U proves that it’s a next gen system.  I pointed out that the game is also coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360, so by that logic those are also next gen systems. 

          I’m personally not worried as to whether or not the Wii U can match the PS4 or new Xbox graphically.   As long as the system isn’t ignored by third party devs, I’ll be happy.  I don’t mind getting slightly watered down visuals as long as the core game is still enjoyable and as feature packed as the other versions. I dealt with it on the PS2, and that worked out just fine for me.  In fact, it worked out OK for A LOT of other people too.

          But if the Wii U is treated like the Wii by the development community, I’ll have to buy one of the new systems… and that’s not something I really want to do.  That’s not to say that I won’t be picking up a PS4 when the price comes down a couple years down the road, but I would love for the Wii U to be my main console for as long as possible. 

          But Watch Dogs is an interesting game in that it’s coming out for last gen and next gen at the same time.  When you have all the PS/Xbox fanboys complaining that the U is last gen hardware masquerading as a next gen system and Nintendo fanboys saying that it’s on pretty much equal footing with the new systems, we have a game that CAN show just where the U stands TO SOME EXTENT. 
          *Multiplatform games are hardly an indication of what a console can achieve.

          If it looks just like the PS4/720 version, the PS4/720 crowd will shut up.  For like a day.  Then I’m sure they’ll say Watch Dogs isn’t a good indication of what their systems can handle.  🙂

          But if it looks just like the PS3 version, They’ll have a field day with it and the Nintendo crowd will accuse Ubi of being lazy and vow to never buy a game from Ubi again 🙂 

          When it does release and it’s just a shade less stunning than the PS4 version but a clear improvement over the PS3/360, I’ll be satisfied.  And I think a lot of other Nintendo fans will be also.  But I still won’t get it. 

          Because, well… Rayman…

        • I loved Vanquish, amazing gameplay and great graphics.

        • NkoSekirei

          nintendo president iwata and unreal did confirm that wii u games and system support  unreal engine 4 and run on it too

      • Destiny64

        down the toilet

      • NkoSekirei

         no cause 360 and ps3 run on 2006 to 2007 specs while the wii u runs on 2011 specs

    • RetroSquid


      Sorry, I just feel the need to post this if anyone ever mentiones WiiU and “Next Gen” in the same sentence, even in a positive light. 🙂

      • andrewjcole

        It is next gen, RetroSquid. This video shows no proof.

        • RoadyMike

          Did you even watch it dude?
          I did.Twice.Months ago.I KNOW you didn’t watch it nor see the reason why Squid shared this vid

    • NkoSekirei

       dont forget that developers havent fully tapped wii u s full power and well see that in coming games especially monoliths new game/could be xenoblade 2 which the trailer we saw of it had amazing graphics and running on 1080p resolutions

  • I hope the Wii U version is based off the PC and not the aged consoles. 

    •  Oh this is on PC?  I might download now then.

      • Letha1Rage

        Someone get out the pesticide he is back

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          He does it cause it’s not hard to get a rise out of people here. Don’t take it so serious.

          • Letha1Rage

            My comment was not meant to be taken literally but as a joke if you think using pesticide on humans is normal behavior I recommend you go see a doctor.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I know that very well thank you very much. What does using pesticides have to do with the fact that I said he likes to occasionally troll? No one took your comment literally like it’s an insult. You’re the one who apparently needs a doctor if you thought that. 

          • Letha1Rage

            Sorry I must have misunderstood your comment I thought you were telling me not to take his comments seriously which I wasn’t

          •  I’ll speak for myself thank you.  I comment like anyone else.  I see people love my comments when I say that the PS4 was not truly mind blowing but hate every put down I make for Nintendo.

          • andrewjcole

            I do agree with your PS4 statement. 

          • david daniel wharton camacho

             finally some one who admits the ps4 was nothing new nor impressing at all, wait to see how microsoft rules e3 for its console and nintendo for its games 🙂

          •  Sadly, Nintendo won’t be ruling shit because this Wii U is selling so poorly and so slowly that it may be gone before they get to an E3.

          • david daniel wharton camacho

             ok now you are an ass again ¬¬
            dude it cant go, its the 6 years rule of nintendo, plus first party titles havnt beeen announced yet but told they where working on…
            zelda : new (working)
            mario : 3d scrolling new (working)
            yoshi : 2d side scrolling new (working)

            and spect more like donkey kong/kirby/kid icarus/pokemon to be announced this e3

          •  I’ll stick with the ass title since I am only an ass when I put Nintendo down, but a saint when I am not impressed by Sony.

            Games and systems get canceled you know.  Many times games may be in development for a system that switched to another system for various reasons.  Besides, it’s the same old, expected games from Nintendo which have passed their time for greatness.

            I don’t want to hear about what they sold because they did not have any cultural impact at all and were sold because they are usually the only good games on Nintendo’s systems.

          • NkoSekirei

             ur always an @$$ and thats wat u will always be

          • david daniel wharton camacho

             ok now you are not an ass, you stopped being negative againts nintendo in a way,
            about what you said, the only console that was released and canceled/shut down was the virtual boy and t was because it caused zeisures on the people!

            and yes mario is getting old but all the other titles arent, they still come up strong and yes even if they are what is holding up nintendo they are the only reason im getting the wii u ^u^

      • Jay

        hey moron what happened to

        “PS4 graphicks will BLOW Wii U outta the water Son!!1”

        •  You have it quoted as if I wrote that, son.  Even with that weak display Sony had, those graphics WERE much better than the Wii U including that Zelda mock up they showed before the system was set to release.

          • NkoSekirei

             shut it dude even though ps4 and 720 will run on 2012 specs and wii u runs on 2011 specs it doesnt matter cause wii u will have more games and support then ps4 and 720 will ever have

          • RoadyMike

            Just No,haha
            The PS4 and 720 will,without a doubt,have more support that the Wii U.How much?It doesn’t matter.Wii U still has support and will definitely get more and better support than last gen,but not as much as the other 2 will get
            Saddening I know,but true.Sorry

          • Adam Baker

            agreed. they’ll get more 3rd party support no doubt but if those multiplats are more of the same (guns, military, gore, dark, brown-grey, dude-bro, gloomy, taking themselves too seriously/overly cinematic games) is that such a bad thing for Wii U?

            Don’t get me wrong I love some 3rd party games but i’m tired of the same ol same. The Wii U is a unique system n I believe it should receive unique 3rd party games. not unlike Wii with gems like Madworld, Okami or No More Heroes or underrated gems like Zak n Wiki, Battallion Wars or Sin n punishment.

            Those kind of games are far more appreciated to me on Wii U than getting Assassins Creed, CoD, Battlefield, generic military fps or Uncharted/gears/mass effect clones. Of course thats jus me tho I can understand why many Wii U owners would love to have those games but being a multi console owner it wouldn’t matter to me anyway. I can get the games that don’t come on PS3 or PS4.

            IDK i just miss the great days of gaming when it was all about fun and excitement. These days negativity seems to be glorified and the games aren’t as unique as they used to be.

          • david daniel wharton camacho

             sony sucks, dude, nintendo has so many 1st party titles that instantly puts them in number 2* some times even 1*
            yes they made bad desicions but they can and will fix it once all their “signature” titles come to the wii u with the new experience and graphics its capable of.
            sony has no 1st party nor “signature” titles that makes them worthy of our money

          • RoadyMike

            Sucks?HA!No way dude.I’ve been a fan of the playstation since the PS1and I can tell you right now,if you can keep an open mind,they DO have some games worthwhile
            Don’t sound like a fanboy.I hate those closed minded idiots…

          • Adam Baker

            you haven’t seen the garden tech demo yet have you? The PS4 graphics are better than whats on wiiu currently, but im not convinced the ps4 is leaps and bounds better graphics wise as a system. better, yes blow wiiu out of the water like ps3 compared to wii? no. not at all. besides its all about the games n both wiiu n ps4 will have those in the future. Remember to have fun with videogames n not take them as seriously.

            theyre for your leisure not your drama.

    • Watch_Dog

      If that’s true, then they’ll certainly do the same for the PlayStation 4 and the Next Xbox as well as the Wii U.
      On another note, ever since E3 2012,  this has been my most anticipated Video-Game. This game is truly fascinating.

      • Destiny64

        10fps for Wii-U    

        •  faggot

          • BellsGhost

            Go suck a dick faggot.  You like it up the ass too, and you enjoy sucking. 

        •  Oh, you’re hilarious (not)

          • Destiny64

            I am a realist! which is quite different.
            contrary to you

          • bizzy gie

            If 10fps is realistic for you, then you’re a moron.

          • david daniel wharton camacho

             dude, the video shown in e3 was 1080p so its capable of it too ¬¬

          • david daniel wharton camacho

            Launch: Fall or November 2012Included items: Wii U Console, Wii U tablet
            controller, controller stylus pen, HDMI cable, component, S-video and
            composite cables, Wii U sensor bar, USB charger cable for controllerDisc: Nintendo-designed high capacity, 25GB discVideo support: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i.Audio support: six (6) channel audio support via HDMIMemory storage: internal Flash memory + SD card expansion slots + USB memory supportInternal flash memory storage: 8 GB (rumored)
            Backwards compatibility: compatible with Wii game discs. Via Wii U Virtual Console downloads: GameCube, N64, NEs, SNES, and others. Ports: 4X USB ports (2 front + 2 rear), HDMI 1.4 output, Video-out, Sensor-bar port.Online connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n onlyLaunch price: $299 (rumored)Estimated launch game lineup: 15-20 first and third party games.

        • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

          hahaha, I hope not, the developers must adapt the games not only port.

      • Zombie_Andrew

        Well Need for Speed: Most Wanted is using high-ed PC visuals. It includes better textures, lighting, reflections, tessellation and more all running smoothly at 720p and 30 frames. Something that the PS3 and Xbox 360 would have failed to achieve at that resolution or frame rate. So if Ubisoft actually put effort in and actually not port a 360 version game over, and work with the PC’s settings we could be getting the game looking almost identical to the PS4 version, but at at lower resolution and framerate.

        However it looks like if any ports of next gen games get ported for Wii U it does look like we are stuck at 720p and 30 frames, with maybe more loading times than its competitors.  But I’m happy with that so long as the gamepad gets used properly and not as a gimmick 🙂 

    • Mark Thom


    • Letha1Rage

      I hate to say it but although I believe the wii u is ahead of current gen consoles I dont think it will be up to speed with next gen consoles so I think it will most likely be an enhanced version of the ps3 or xbox 360 which honestly doesn’t bother me because I buy nintendo consoles because of gameplay and I buy xbox and playstation for great graphics but I truly hope I am wrong and watch dogs on the wii u becomes the definitive version.

      • NkoSekirei

         ah really cause wat reggie said that wii u can actually compete against 720 and ps4

        • Letha1Rage

          Oh really well sorry to break your heart but the specs for the xbox 720 and ps4 havent been released we have slight ideas of the ps4 specs and some rumors about both but we don’t have enough to be saying who can compete with who yet.

          • NkoSekirei

             dude the onyl specs they can possibly use is 2011 and 2012 tech plain and simple

        • BellsGhost

          Course he said that.

    • its easier the PC version being a console port, like it became ordinary nowadays 

    • BellsGhost

      Lol.  Itll be based off PS4, and Wii u will look like crap cause Wii U sucks.

  • Zelly Jeffers

    Glad it’s finally confirmed before my panties got moist for nothing!

    •  If I was there they would not be moist for nothing!

      • EvanescentHero

        Mmmmm. tasty sexual harrassment.

        •  Only on the job virgin/gay.

          • EvanescentHero

             Erroneous on all counts.
            “Sexual harassment is bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors…Harassment can include “sexual harassment” or unwelcome sexual advances,
            requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a
            sexual nature.” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_harassment
            It does go on from there to say that where there are laws in place they tend not to prohibit anything outside of the workplace; however, doing it outside of the workplace doesn’t make it okay, and doesn’t mean you’re suddenly not doing so anymore.

            Furthermore, not that it’s any of your business, but I’ll have been with my girlfriend for two years in April and we have a very active sex life. I don’t expect you to believe me, but that’s the simple truth.

          •  What you just pasted is about work place sexual harassment – the only kind. At my job it says the same thing.  If you are on the job and can SH or if you go to lunch and are on the job and if you see the person outside of the job.  Of course that is to cover their butts.  To harass, you have to do something at least twice.

          • EvanescentHero

             Assuming that’s true, it still doesn’t make that okay, just because the law doesn’t outright prevent it.

      • Jay

        yeah typical Gamerscore loser.

        •  Geek gamers know nothing about getting pussy.

          • Adam Baker

            ppl who talk about getting pussy and brag on a videogame site with a fake Avatar that isnt a real pic of yourself know absolutely NOTHING about getting pussy and are likely insecure about it.

  • I saw the demo and the game LOOKED good (remember Nintendo people, it’s about gameplay, not graphics!), but play wise, it looked pretty boring.  GTA excels because it looks good and it is FUN!  It is serious but humorous at the same time.  We will see how the biters do, but they can never match the original.

    • uPadWatcher

      Hey Donny… $599.99

      •  I don’t recall them talking price.

      • swic11

         rumored price is said to be $429 and $529, same rumors that outed the social play of the ps4, so I am gonna think thats pretty close

    • EvanescentHero

       I dunno, I thought it looked like a lot of fun. Which is why I’m interested: the gameplay looks quite enjoyable. The nice graphics are just a bonus. Hey, you just said so yourself.

      Also, I don’t find GTA to be fun. Hopefully my opinion is still valid.

      •  You cannot tell how it plays until you play it.

        • EvanescentHero

           You’re right, I technically have no idea how well the game handles, how good the controls are, or even what buttons are involved. But I’ve seen two gameplay trailers thus far, and the gameplay looks fun to me.

          Of course, by your logic, you can’t claim that it looked boring either, since you cannot tell how it plays until you play it.

          •  Some people just hate to be wrong…  I can tell if it looks boring from having seen it in action, but that does not mean that it would be in use.  You claimed to be able to tell that the gameplay looks enjoyable without playing it – impossible.

          • EvanescentHero

            Fine, if you want to get into semantics, having seen it in action, I can tell the game looks fun to me. Perhaps it’ll end up being a chore to play due to crappy controls or something, but the concept of the game and the videos I’ve seen of the game running appeal to me.

      • The game looks like fun to me as well, and worth buying most likely, whether it’s on the WiiU, PS4, Xbox720 or PC. Honestly I think this game won’t do well on PS360, as the Graphics will be downscaled a lot for these systems, and probably the cpu’s will have a hard time running this title.

        Maybe it was just me but from the trailer linked in the article (looked up a better quality trailer which did play at atleast 720P instead of 480i) the game seemed to having problems with framerate a lot, likely just because it’s an early demo and it’ll be fixed on the final game. Gameplay looks like fun but only time will tell how it really plays and feels, graphics are good but not über (didn’t expect that either though) nevertheless this game could work although to me also gameplay seemed somewhat slow paced.

    • Tbh, I have to agree with you. From what I’ve seen you can do some interesting stuff, but the gameplay looks a little slow. Walk around, hack device, something happens, walk around, rinse and repeat. There was one shooting section that looked interesting. Won’t be able to tell until its released though…

      • swic11

         I thought the same thing when I saw it at E3 last year…. I’m sure there will be more too it.  Well, more like I hope anyway.

    • WiiUltra

      You’re right about that Don. But remember, fun is %100 an opinion. You love GTA but some people might like this better.

    • Genesect4ssb4

      Donald, keep this up and ill give you a medal for not tro!lling

  • MetroidZero

    The GPGPU just winked at Ubisoft.

    • swic11

       PS4 has a gpugpu as well, or something equivalent to it

  • Bobby Bany

    um . . . the wii u was just hanging on a cliff for me . . . watch dogs just gave it a hand getting up
    with this and 1st party games we r unstoppable
    oh . . . except for like ps4 and xbox 720

    • WiiUltra

      Relax man, its only 3 months old. Games will come, you just have to be patient.

  • Guhtere

    Probably the Wii U version won’t have the same graphics as PS4, but I have a Wii U, and I probably won’t have a PS4 by the end of the year since it will probably cost a lot, so I guess I’ll buy the Wii U version.

    • Jay

      Dude, this isn’t PS3 vs Wii again.  Yes the PS4 is more powerful than the Wii U, but in the same capacity that the PS3 was more powerful than the 360.  Mark my words, the Wii U version will look almost identical.  Both systems can utilize the same graphics engines, unlike the Wii not being able to run graphics engines used on PS3, like Unreal Engine 3. The Wii U can handle all the newest graphics engines, including Unreal 4/Unity 4/Cry Engine 3/Frostbite 2.  Just because none of the PORTED 360 games look like Killzone on PS4, doesn’t mean Wii U can’t handle the graphics of something like Killzone 4.  The only game built from scratch on the Wii U so far is Zombi U, but that started out as a 360 game, and was built on an early developer kit, not final specs.  Not a single game on the Wii U now, is even using anywhere near 50% of the Wii U’s power.  Iwata has stated this.

      • swic11

         pretty sure its been proven that 360 is more powerful than ps3, but I agree, the graphics will be marginally better 8gigs of ram or not.  Wii U is no powerhouse by any means, but the graphics will be pretty enough for us Nintendo gamers

        • Adam Baker

          when and where has it been proven that the 360 is more powerful than ps3?

        • BellsGhost

          What a stupid Nintendrone.

    • Adam Baker

      The ps4 version will look better but it may not be by as much as you think. besides, get it because your gonna enjoy it dont get it solely for graphics.

  • mikeloveswiiu

    i cant wait to buy this on wii u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MasterPpv

    Easily the best part of E3 last year. Love this news.

  • EvanescentHero

     Ahhh, good. I’ll be picking this up when the price drops.

    I sincerely hope Ubisoft makes good use of the GamePad. Considering the main tool of the game is a phone, presumably a touch screen one, it seems like a natural way to incorporate the GamePad. Tossing a map on there and doing nothing more would be boring.

  • Lev M

    YES, ubisoft took away rayman but they’ve blessed us with some WAY better


    I’m sure the PS4 version and the Wii U version will look the same, if anything the PS4 might look slightly better. Nothing extremely noticeable. It’s not gonna be like Call of Duty on XBOX360/PS3 vs Call of Duty on Wii. It will still look good, and if Ubisoft feels like being smart, gameplay may be better with the Wii U’s gamepad.

    • ConCity Soldier


    • swic11

       not to be that guy… I am a huge Nintendo fan, but the ps4 is compatible with vita day 1 which compensates for the gamepad.

      • Adam Baker

        the Vita is also over $200 and is only an optional peripheral which means not every PS4 owner will have one and devs may not put much effort into a crossplay feature.

        ALL Wii U owners are guaranteed to have a gamepad and its functionalities can be fully taken advantage of without the gamble of not knowing whether your consumer base has all of the products to use in tandem with the game. That fact will stay with Sony unless they bundle Vita’s with the PS4 in the future (EXPENSIVE!)

        Don’t get me wrong I think its a great feature for the PS4 and I’m getting a PS4 regardless but as a customer I dont wanna spend more than I have to and if the Wii U can provide the same experience (maybe even better imo) for cheaper, why invest in crossplay for PS4?


        True. Who knows what will happen. I plan on getting the Wii U version for multiple reasons regardless. And yes, Vita will be out and compatible with PS4 on day one, but we still need to consider the fact that Sony has not released a PS4 price-tag, nor have they released a release date, as of yet. And to add to that, Sony has said nothing about PS4 and Vita playing games together in ways similar to that of ZombiU on Wii U, all they have confirmed is that you can play entire PS4 games on Vita. That being said, Sony would be dumb not to add that feature(even though I’d prefer that Sony didn’t copy everyone…can’t ask for too much :/ ).

    • Not slightly, BUT much BETTER! 🙂 Look please at the specs, please! I own both Wii U and PS3, and I am in this game business for a long time knowing all the specs of Wii U and PS4 beeing IT Professional all this is must. SO, Cole, be assured, Wii U will be a crap compared to PS4 Version, BUT wait and see it for yourselves! 🙂

      • NkoSekirei

         yea right dude maybe by 1 year ahead on specs but nothing much about it but wii u will have more games and support under it belt even after ps4 comes out


        Yes, wait and see.

      • Adam Baker

        wait and see. besides, isn’t about how enjoyable the game will be on the systems? Why all this tech/specs talk?

    • BellsGhost

      Itll look way better.

  • Rob Lucci

    E3 is looking good for Nintendo this year.

  • Jeffrey Debris

    I can’t wait! This game has me excited ever since I saw the first gameplay footage from last E3! 🙂

  • Johny

    SWEET ! thats awesome news 😀 … and it will look pretty sweet since it wont be just a 360 and ps3 port, and rather probably cut down version of pc/ps4 😛 cant wait.. i was really hoping for watchdogs to come to wii u. Its good for us fans, AND for such one of highly anticipated 3rd party game to come to wii u, its very good thing for the system 🙂

  • Guys, guys! The PS4 version will look just the same as the Wii U version?? NO WAY! I’m in this game business for a long time and know the specs of Wii U, I own it and I love it. BUT I also own a PS3 and I will even buy a PS4 of course. The Wii U has only 1 Gig Memory for Games, PS4 will have at least 7 Gig (1 goes for OS), 7 GDDR5 memory, not 1 Gig GDD3 like the Wii U, not to mention the GPU, the Wii U GPU is something between PS3 and PS4, and the CPU of the Wii U is nothing but a joke compared to PS4 CPU. NOW YOU’ GOT THE PICTURE? Now you know why the Wii U version will never look the same as the PS4 version. I expect it to be the 3th best, after PS4, XBOX720. Since the Wii U is stronger/better, than PS3&XBOX360.

    • lol at 3th best. I think that made my day. Also you’re in what game business? How do you know the OS will only use 1 gb? I get what you’re saying, but you are just making assumptions here. Do I think the PS4 is more powerful? Well obviously it is, but do we know anything about actual clock speeds or anything yet? NO…..

       My 3 year old gaming laptop has better specs than what the PS4 released but oh well it will still be a good system.

      •  3  years old gaming laptop, aham, what are the specs of your laptop? 12 GIG Mem (GDDR5), 8 top CPU, a highend graphic card, even better tha 9000 AMD Series? You have to top the PS4 specs for about +30, 40 % Perdormance, to be on the same level 🙂 Stop spreading jokes, please! Thanks! 🙂

    • swic11

       If you are in this business, then you will also note that when Nintendo Fully Optimizes the OS for the U, there will be more memory for games.  Now I realize its not 8gigs, but still 1/2 gig is still something to note.

  • zajac1661

    Perfect title to add to the future game collection. I really look forward to see, how it manages the new game engine they throw into it.

  • Zombie_Andrew

    I hope they do what they do with Need for Speed and use PC settings, even if they aren’t max settings.

    • BellsGhost

      Wii U NFS sucks.

  • Scott Duperree

    I would much rather play this game than Rayman Legends.  Way to go Ubisoft.  I would appreciate an option to filter out the language though, or I will be passing on this one too.

  • JuleyJules

    I’m not sure about this game but it’s great news for Wii U.  However, I read this morning that it launches on PS4 first then other systems later.  That would not be smart for Ubisoft to do after this Rayman Legends mess.  Hopefully they launch on the same day.  For me I’ll have to see more about it before I decide. No matter what happens though getting confirmation of this game can only be good in the long run for Nintendo. Other games will follow too!

  • ahahah the nintendo fanboys are saying that this game will be the same on nextgen as on the Crap U. Sorry but the nextgen version will blow away the little wii u version. RIP Little N

  • Srpg2ishere

    I love the wii u’s controls though.. I get that the ps4 has great graphics and all bug unless the controller can do some good stuff then I  might just get it for Wii U instead. Besides I eally like the way music plays everytime you turn on a game. XD

    • Srpg2ishere

      Sorry for the bad grammar btw. X(

    • swic11

       Vita is compatible day 1 for the PS4, Sort of Sony’s way of tipping its hat and/or saying F U to Nintendo

    • Adam Baker

      imagine true miiverse implementation to add with what the gamepad offers. true immersion and fun

  • Tablet could be used as a map to locate objectives and items. 

  • Seth S. Scott

    SO excited this is finally confirmed! 

  • Michael Jurado

    Zzzzzzzz BORING!!!! i have a dislike for games that use generic cut outs of real life people its like pshh where is your style where is your art skills LAME pass

  • audi lover

    Power of ps4 what is this numbty on about, may be for the home console but my intel i7 power pc pisses all over any amd architecture any day of the week

  • Mr. Nidoking

    It looks pretty impressive.  Kind of reminds me of a TV show called Person of Interest, good show.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    Let’s hope it’s not a lazy port.

  • Rafael Saldana

    Already pre ordered, should be really good

  • MetroidZero

    Let’s be hopeful:

    PS4 Version will look great.
    Wii U Version will look greater than what people had originally hoped. 

    • BellsGhost


  • Tecpedz94

    Yeah the game is being made in my city lol like always…..

  • zerooooo

    Can’t wait to play this

  • Waluigi Dogs